Big Easy Romp Ch. 02

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We awaken, starving in a reeking hotel room.

We order room service. While we wait we debate getting cleaned up, but we haven’t recovered and lay torpid in the beds. When we hear the knock I slide on some boxers and head to the door. We have ordered far too much of it, a decadent buffet that requires two carts to be delivered by a handsome pair of workers, a pretty blonde and an awestruck boy. They smile knowingly as they head into the room, which is still awash in the smell of sex. We are laying around making halfhearted attempts at modesty. I overtip the staff ridiculously and they depart, smiling, telling us to ring them specifically if we need further assistance.

Carl, Julie and I start uncovering and reviewing everything we’ve ordered. You complain that you’re too tired to eat, so Carl starts bringing food over to you. He’s popping sliced peaches into your mouth, faster than you can eat them. You moan, enjoying the sticky fluid dribbling down your chin and neck and the sweet peaches in your mouth. As you struggle with the huge mouthful, Carl begins sliding peach slices over your neck and breasts. He has suddenly lost interest in feeding you, entertaining himself by making your skin glisten. I come over and begin feeding you vegetables dipped in a Thai peanut sauce, and start dribbling sauce on your belly, rubbing it in with my fingers.

Julie pulls the sheet all the way off of you to join the game. She lifts your knees and dribbles honey on your thighs, watching its slow progress toward your waiting pussy. She takes a piece of peach from Carl, who is now starting to lick up the juice from your breasts, following the rivulets of juice around the sides and under your arms. She slides the peach around your pussy, which responds involuntarily. She takes the marinated peach and pops it into her mouth, grabbing another slice from the bowl. She slides it over your thighs, through the honey that has pooled at the sides of your crotch, and pushes it through the folds of your vulva, arriving on your clit. you enjoy the feeling of the peach slice sliding around your sensitive areas and moan with pleasure. As Julie moves her head down to suck the peach into her mouth without using her hands, I return from the food table with the melted butter from the shrimp plate. I begin to dribble it over your breasts and any place that hasn’t received enough attention.

Carl’s erection is now raging as he kneels next to you, and he starts moving into position by your mouth. I stop him and start pouring the butter on his dick. It’s just falling off and dripping onto your neck so I take his erection in my hand and smear the melted butter all around it and over his balls. He doesn’t look at me but his cock and balls twitch in response as you look on, amused. He gets within range and you begin cleaning off the melted butter, swirling his cock in your mouth, licking down the shaft, taking his nuts in your mouth.

I straddle your belly and lay my dick between your beautiful breasts. Starting under your arms, my hands slide up the sides of your breasts and press them together over my throbbing member. I begin to slide back and forth, feeling the peanut sauce on my ass and the melted butter everywhere else. My cock responds dramatically, straining to reach your pretty ear and throat which your hair has fallen back to reveal. As I slide between those fantastic breasts I watch you working Carl’s cock over, seeing what you do with your hand, your tongue, your teeth.

Julie is enjoying the complex medley of tastes at your throbbing pussy — honey, peach juice, girl juice and come from two boys — and she’s pushing your legs wide and high so she can dip her tongue into your leaking twat. she pushes two fingers in and hooks them upward, pressing against your g-spot as you squirm under her tongue.

Carl, watching this, is thrusting involuntarily. You release the head of his dick with a wet pop and begin just using your hand, alternately palming the glans and jacking the shaft. I start thrusting more violently and quickly, pulling on your nipples and letting them pop out of my fingers in their buttery slickness, then taking them again. He clearly approaches his climax as I ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar do, and I watch you take his head into your mouth at the last second and his muscles pump come visibly into your mouth. The amount, and force, is considerable, and as he pulls back I can see you try to manage the mighty mouthful. That’s all I can take and I rise up and move forward. You take my dick in your mouth as best you can as I add my jism to his. But the position is awkward and I am coming spastically, popping out of your mouth and spraying your face, neck, and chin.

Meanwhile Julie is riding you out as you squirm violently. She’s pushing her little fingers into you as deeply as she can. She is clamped onto your clit, swirling her tongue around it, and you are barely hanging on. Julie starts pressing against that special spot inside you — hard — and pulling your distended clitoris into her mouth. You explode at last, a great rippling shudder from head to foot.

We help you into the bathroom, where we have started a warm soapy bath for you in the giant tub in the hotel bathroom. As you lie back enjoying the fragrant bath, Carl takes a quick shower in the stand-up shower with which the room is also equipped. After he emerges, comically modest given the circumstances, I head in to see to the butter, peanut sauce, honey, peach juice, sweat and come that have made most of my body sticky.

Julie creeps in soon afterward to join me, and soon you are listening to muffled moans and discreet sighs over the noise of the shower. As the bathroom fills with a sweet-smelling, sleepy steam, you languidly kick on the warm water and switch it to the handheld massaging shower head attached to the side of the tub. You adjust the settings and the angle and enjoy delightful pulsations under the bubbles in the bath. The noises from the shower increase in passion, and after a moment all is quiet.

We ease out of the shower, all smiles. We note your languid smile, and Julie says “That bath looks inviting!” You skootch up a bit and motion for her to join you. After you arrange your various legs and get settled in, you turn the massager around. Julie, with a startled gasp, begins to giggle, as do you. Activity beneath the bubbles increases discreetly as the boys settle down to eat in earnest.

Having both enjoyed your secret moment to a most suitable conclusion, you both emerge from the bathroom in the big robes from the room and sit down to pick at the remainder of the food. As Julie and I dress in fresh clothing we realize that you have brought none with you from your hotel. Shrugging, you abandon the ruined panties and pull on your clothes from before. We call downstairs for housekeeping and room service liquor. At about the same time as the horrified housekeeping staff begins to assess the state of the room, the charming lad from room service reappears with our drinks. He politely suggests that we open the French doors: “It’s a little… close in here…”

We retire, giggling, to the balcony to watch the usual stream of Bourbon Street revelers passing by, and pass the time pleasantly, drinking and chatting, waiting for the housekeeping staff to restore law and order to the room. A complete change of bedclothes and bath towels later, the staff hurries away, leaving us to our amusements.

We remain on the balcony, and as the liquor flows, our interactions with the passersby become more direct, enthusiastic. Predictably, they want you to show them your tits. Alone, you’re too shy, but you and Julie bolster one another’s courage and simultaneously gratify the crowd, to loud, appreciative cheers. The crowd’s adulation warms you, and soon you are flirting with them openly. A little crowd of dedicated new fans gathers, and soon you are showing them your bare backside, and teasing them brazenly.

As you are leaning over the wrought iron railing, Carl comes up behind you, lifts your dress, and slides his hand underneath. Your pussy has grown hot and wet with the excitement of the direct flirtation and he begins sliding his fingers around, exploring all those damp exciting places. He slides two fingers into you to see how you react, but you keep ankara götü büyük escortlar your cool, flirting with the crowd as if nothing were happening. Your hips betray you, however, and you start squirming a little. Your fans misinterpret this as a response to them, and their appreciation intensifies.

It is at this moment that Carl decides to lay claim to you. He rises, lowering his fly. He raises the back of your skirt, just enough to give him access but not enough to reveal anything more to the growing mass below. He slides himself into your soggy snatch smoothly, and Julie and I gasp in shocked delight. You grip the railing and push back on him, and your lips and eyes tell the crowd what is going on. The cheers become deafening, swirling in your heated brain, and you build a crisp rhythm that strains the ancient railing.

Julie and I take up a position right next to you, and soon we are matching your rhythm, seriously endangering the integrity of the railing. The crowd is going wild, shouting encouragements, but the din is increasingly distant in the woozy haze of pleasure.

Our friend from room service has let himself into the room after his insistent knocking went unheard over the din — he is registering a complaint from management. The complaint is completely ignored; Carl sees him and his eyes light up. “Perfect! I’m so glad you’re here. I need to get a shot of this from below!” He guides the befuddled boy behind you and persuades him to take his place. Carl zips up, grabs the camera, and dashes downstairs, out of the hotel and into the street.

Meanwhile, you are dimply aware of having changed partners. You cannot remember the boy’s name (Did you ever know it?) but he feels distinctly different. He’s still too bewildered to really meet your body’s rhythms and his cock is so fat it requires you to alter your position somewhat to one more comfortable. Eventually he gets over it and concentrates on the task at hand, and you find an agreeable interaction in time for Carl to elbow through the throng and get into position.

He takes shot after shot, and the attention from his camera quickens your pulse. As your climax arrives, you start gripping the kid’s fat little cock so tightly with the muscles deep within you that he doesn’t stand a chance. He barely disengages in time, spraying the back of your legs with his seed. He hastily assembles himself and mutters that this room’s gonna get him fired. He guides you in from the balcony, and you’re grateful as your knees are still rubbery.

At this moment, hotel security enters the room. They are relieved that he has pulled you back in from the balcony and check it to make sure nothing else inappropriate is occurring out there. Julie and I had long since finished by this time, and had returned to drinking and talking. The crowd dispersed after your little display, and Carl was presumably en route to the room. Satisfied, the security team administers a perfunctory warning and leaves. I tip the kid generously and he returns to his post, red-faced and still in shock.

Carl returns and connects his camera to my Mac. We review the shots enthusiastically and Carl declares he wants some with him in the picture. I agree to lens the shoot with Julie’s assistance. Without delay, you drop to your knees, looking up at him as you undo his pants. His raging hard-on springs free, and knowing the camera lens is following you for Carl’s pleasure creates a torrid moisture between your legs. After a bit of fiddling with the lights in the room, Julie’s “assistance” consists of jacking my cock every time I hold still enough, as I’m shooting.

I snap hundreds of photos of you working the head, sliding down the shaft, teasing his balls, fingering his anus. I get macro shots of glistening pre-cum at the tip, I get shots from strange angles. I get shots of Carl’s face. This makes you delirious with hunger for his cock and you begin squirming your hips. Julie notices this, and abandons me to reach under your skirt and slide her hand into your soaking crotch.

You respond to this by sucking your husband’s dick so voraciously that he forces you to stop. That kind of come shot is not what ankara çıtır escortlar he wants. He stands you up and deftly disrobes you, throwing you forward onto the bed. He mounts you roughly, and I jump around the scene trying to get the best angles, my hard-on bobbing and flapping comically with my movements. Carl complains that your pussy feels different after that kid’s fat cock was in there, and you suggest with some desperation that he go in through the rear.

Julie is ready with the lube, which allows him to push all the way into you in one painful stroke. I’m snapping pictures as you cry out. I have photos of the head popping in, his dick disappearing into that forbidden passage, and some shots from in front of you both, your face a blend of agony and ecstasy and his a snarling mask of primitive manly lust.

Julie takes up a position behind you both and reaches between Carl’s legs. She strokes your pussy and tries to push her fingers in but the angle’s not right. So she pulls back and tickles Carl’s balls. She realizes she’s still holding the bottle of lube and applies it to a finger. She tickles your husband’s asshole and he jerks violently. As she slides her finger around his opening he begins to relax it. She pops her finger in and pushes it toward his prostate.

He groans and semen immediately begins squirting into you. He doesn’t slow down at all, in fact milking his prostate has given you additional lubrication with which to find a nice rhythm. I don’t really even know what I’m shooting any more so I set the camera down, lay on my back and slide in headfirst under my squatting wife. She obligingly sits on my face while she works your husband’s backside, and I am jacking myself almost involuntarily. I’m enjoying the nose-to-clit action so much, and I’m so supercharged by the spectacle that I shoot quickly, squirting myself and my wife’s back.

I take my wife’s hips and begin eating her in earnest when I hear Carl making the sounds I’ve grown so familiar with. I jump up and grab the camera; from this weird angle I can capture the force of his orgasm on his face, and his hand on your hip with the skin stretched as he pulls you to him, and your breasts swinging with the force. He begins to come, very obviously, and pulls out his cock and squirts your back and ass. As it subsides, Carl, panting, rubbs his cum into your skin.

You are still moaning and squirming, and you move onto the bed to finish yourself off. I am in place with the camera immediately, as your hands work up and down your soggy slit. With one hand you strain to enter where Carl just vacated. Julie and Carl help by holding your legs impossibly far apart and giving you and me the best access to the action.

Even with your yoga they’re stretching you a little too far, but the tension only adds to your mounting orgasm. You release noisily and as you cool down Julie returns to the bag from which she had gotten the lube. She retrieves her Hitachi Magic Wand and plugs it in by the nightstand, then settles in. You sit at the end of the bed, indian-style, so see how she uses it. She starts through sheets and blankets, but eventually these fall away. She’s whimpering and frigging herself rapidly with her other hand.

The broad visible expanse of the wand’s domed head begins to look inviting, and you uncross your legs. You approach her, legs first. You lay one stretched-sore leg across her thigh and tuck the other beneath her other thigh. Julie moves to accommodate you so that soon you are sharing the delicious and vigorous vibrations of the same Magic Wand. Leaning back on the bed in opposite directions, legs intertwined around this device, you take hold of the sheets in fistfuls and grind yourself against the vibrator, eliciting a great shuddering groan from Julie. The two of you thus entwined, your fingers find your pleasures. Carl, reclaiming the camera, takes dozens of pictures.

The strong vibrator acts quickly and you are coming in a matter of a few minutes. Your excitement brings Julie over the edge, and after the waves subside, she clicks the thing off and you both lay there, panting.

Finally, all of us have had enough. The Cialis hard-ons have subsided at last. Your pussies are still buzzing a bit, and you both imagine smoke rising from them, and giggle at the mental picture. We lay around for a few minutes, catching our breath. Once more into the shower for a quick rinsedown, back into clothes, and now it’s time for us all to go get a meal at someplace famous!

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