Big Max Ch. 03

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Sophie woke Clara the way she’d promised. Teasing back the duvet, she saw her sleeping friend’s breasts rise and fall, her hair a halo of red curls against the white pillow. Sophie silently moved between her legs – Clara was asleep with them spread wide, perhaps dreaming of the events of the night before.

Sophie gazed at Clara’s pussy with its curly red mound above it, and soft lips pouting at her. If she was going to lick a pussy for the first time, this one was truly a beautiful one, she thought.

She could smell Clara’s cum. They had both gone to sleep sticky with each other and it had been a warm night, so Sophie was pretty sure that anyone entering the room would be hit by the scent of cunt, and she imagined Max wandering in.

Sophie kissed Clara’s lips gently, teasing them apart like petals with her tongue, and finding her friend wet between them. Clara stirred with a little smile as Sophie explored a clitoris with the tip of her tongue for the first time.

‘I’ve got a girl’s cunt juice in my mouth,’ Sophie thought to herself. It had an obscure, dark sweetness to it, she thought. Clara gave a little moan, looking down at Sophie between her legs.

“You’re beautiful, Sophie,” she said.

Sophie smiled happily with her mouth full, and slipped a finger into Clara’s wet snatch while she found a rhythm to lick to.

Clara played with her own tits, tweaking her nipples til they stood proud, and letting her hips undulate against her friend’s mouth and finger.

Sophie decided to give Clara a taste of her own medicine, and she withdrew her slippery finger from Clara’s cunt, and traced a little line down her perineum, then slid it into Clara’s twitching arsehole without saying a word.

“Ah! Sophie… Fuck… I don’t think you should…oh my God..”

Sophie enjoyed that Clara was undecided about whether she wanted that finger up her backside, but her body was bucking against it, working it further in, and her pussy seemed to be kissing Sophie back, wetly.

In fact, no sooner was Sophie’s digit all the way up Clara’s arse and she was exploring the feel of her friend’s inside tunnel, than Clara gave an orgasmic yelp and grabbed Sophie’s head with both hands. She was fucking hard against Sophie’s mouth, smearing the girl’s lips and chin with cum, and her insides were gripping Sophie’s finger so tightly that Sophie worried about it getting hurt. She stiffened it and pumped it in and out of Clara as she continued to come. She’d seen Max do her mum’s arse, she thought, but she’d like to see him shove his big dick up Clara’s and make her come like this.

Sophie kissed Clara with a smile and a slick of girly cum.

“Good morning, Clara,” she said.

“It most certainly is!” Clara panted.

“We’d better hurry though, or we’ll be late.”

“Breakfast then showers, I think,” Sophie announced with a mischievous look.

So they sat opposite Max eating cereal, both wearing skimpy pyjamas and scented with horny pussy, and watched him struggle to control his eyes. Sophie’s mum was showering, so Sophie made sure she did lots of unnecessary bending over and reaching for things, her bra-less tits and tight arse demanding attention.

Clara just stared at Max with lust, unnerving him. She’d seen his whopping cock, her look said, and seen him shove it up Louise’s arse and pretend it was her he was buggering. She was trying to communicate to him that that was more than fine by her.

“Urgh, Thursdays are such a pain in the arse,” she sighed, just to be able to say the phrase. Max nearly choked on his toast.

“Yeah, they’re a bit of a bugger,” Sophie agreed, sitting slightly too close beside Max and joining in the game. Could he smell Clara’s cum on her, she wondered.

Pushing her luck, she tried to take a slice of toast from his plate but he was too quick and grabbed her wrist tightly before she could retrieve it – Sophie squealed with delight. While Max was still growling at Sophie and holding her wrist, Clara deftly swooped a hand in and took the toast, taking a giant bite from it with a gloating grin.

“Hey, no ganging up on me!”

“You should be so lucky!” Louise breezed into the room looking glamorous and took the slice from Clara swiftly, eating all of it as Max made a swipe for her, swatting her on the backside.

“What a peaceful breakfast I’ve been having,” Max lamented. Sophie mimicked a tiny violin.

“Morning, Mum.”

“Morning, girls. Sleep ok?”

She leaned in to give Sophie a kiss on the cheek. Sophie watched her mum recognise the fragrance of Clara that she still wore, and then a moment later look surreptitiously between the two of them, as though reassessing what she had assumed to be an innocent friendship.

‘Well,’ Sophie thought defiantly, ‘she was the one fantasising with Max about licking Clara’s pussy while he fucked her up the arse, so let her try and judge what we’ve been doing!’

Then she wondered instead if actually her mum was just turned on by the thought of them together. poker oyna

Clara was watching Louise, Sophie saw. Her mum looked glamorous and business like, she thought, and Clara was probably recalling her on all fours leaking cum out of her arse just hours previously, and marvelling at the contrast. Or perhaps she was thinking about licking her mum’s pussy, and wondering whether it tasted like Sophie’s.

“Right, shower time,” Sophie announced, leaving her cereal bowl on the side with a clatter.

While she soaped herself Sophie was thinking about how it had felt to squirt on Clara. She hurried to dry herself, aware that Clara still needed to shower or they would be late.

When she stepped into the hall, all was quiet. Louise and Max had already left, and Clara was nowhere to be seen. Sophie padded from room to room, and found her mum’s door ajar. Inside, Clara was on her mum’s bed, legs spread wide, fucking herself vigorously with a sizeable vibrator she had obviously taken from her mum’s open bedside drawer.

Sophie stood watching with her mouth open as her friend was coming in front of her, pounding her sloppy little pussy with her mum’s toy, and covering it in cream. Her eyes were on Sophie’s as she kept shoving it while she came.

“Look… what I … found…”

“You certainly did Clara – I see my tongue wasn’t enough for you this morning.”

“Well I was just exploring and then I found this, and I thought I’d try out being a horny slut like your mum.”

Clara pulled the toy out of her wet pussy with a slurp and both girls looked at how her cum was smeared on it.

“I should clean this.”

“No,” Sophie said emphatically, “put it back like that. They wanted you involved.”

“But now we really have to go or we’ll be late.”

“I still need a shower,” Clara protested.

“There’s no time, Clara, you just spent your shower time fucking yourself!”

“Sophie, if you recall, you squirted all over me last night – and I’ve come several times since then, I can’t go without washing.”

“Well, you should have thought of that before deciding to be a filthy slut today.” Sophie slapped Clara loudly on the arse chasing her out of her mum’s bedroom.

Clara hurriedly washed her face and got dressed, and they were out of the door together within five minutes of closing the sticky vibrator back in Louise’s bedside drawer. It occurred to Sophie too late that if her mum noticed that it had been used, her first assumption would be that her daughter, not Clara, had been making use of it.

Through the rest of the week, Sophie watched the recording of her mum’s arsefucking almost nightly, but kept herself from coming as she wanted to let Clara help her with that.

She continued to tease Max though, and orchestrated it on multiple occasions that when he went to shower after work, he would find a wet, sticky little thong of hers still in the bathroom, left behind accidentally.

They were just for him, and she’d retrieve them afterwards before her mum could find them. When she did, she would try hard to work out if they had moved. She alighted on the idea of placing a hair from her hairbrush across them in a specific way and checking if it was still there. Her pussy was wet while she carefully arranged this on a particularly cum-slicked tangled thong of pale pink.

Such a hot girly mess, she thought, looking at it, and her mind went to Clara’s crotch.

Sophie was wetter still when she went to retrieve them in the steamy room after Max had left it, her heart pounding. They had definitely moved! The hair was gone, and they lay differently.

‘I caught a big bear with my sticky little honey trap,’ she thought to herself, knowing now that her step dad was as horny for her little pussy as she was for his giant cock.

She wished she had a camera there too, to watch him find them and explore them, seeing how wet he had made her. Did it get him hard? How she wanted to feel that big dick of his in her mouth while he inhaled her scent from that nasty thong. Fuck, she was horny from thinking about it.

Sophie debated whether to watch the film again and make herself come. Instead, she found a skirt to wear, and skipped into the living room where Max was watching tv. She half jumped onto the armchair adjacent to the sofa he was on and brought her feet up on it. She made sure that if Max glanced her way he would be able to see her crotch with her knickers stretched across her leaky pussy. ‘His fault if he looks between his step daughter’s legs,’ Sophie tried to convince herself she was doing nothing wrong.

Max was watching a documentary about deforestation. Or at least, he had been watching it, until Sophie had bounded into the room in a flurry of blonde curls, and sat opposite him with her knickers exposed.

Now it was harder to follow what was happening. Sophie was glad she had done her own deforestation, and wondered if she was showing a wet patch through the fabric. Maybe she’d leave these for him to find. After a while canlı poker oyna her mum joined them, and Sophie slightly adjusted her position to something less brazen. Her mum didn’t need to know she was teasing Max with her wet little cunt.

Max was about to make space for Louise, but she sat in his lap before he could, and smiled at him when she found him hard.

Sophie watched her mum, who was wearing a velour tracksuit to signal that she definitely was not at work now, fidget on Max’s lap and was jealous of the bulge that would be pressing into her bottom – a bulge that Sophie felt she herself had earned.

Sophie’s phone buzzed against her hip, wedged between her and the armchair. It was a whatsapp from Clara. A photo of Clara’s wet fingertips, unmistakably covered in her cum, with the phrase ‘thinking of you’ and a blushing emoji. Sophie was blushing too as she looked at it with her screen angled away from her mum.

‘More!’ She replied.

The next image made her heart skip a beat. Clara’s plump pussy with lips parted and shining- she had clearly been pushing those fingers in there just seconds before.

She had a sudden urge to show it to Max and her mum, knowing how they felt about Clara. She kept it to herself and just wrote back, ‘yummy’ and then, ‘it’s Wednesday tomorrow’.

‘Can’t wait,’ came Clara’s reply. And then, ‘Show me yours?’

Sophie gave a wicked little smile. She left the room as abruptly as she had entered it, leaving her mum to pretend she wasn’t subtly grinding on Max’s cock in front of her daughter.

Sophie crept along the hall and into her mum’s room. She would go one better for Clara. She opened the drawer and took out her mum’s vibrator. It looked as though it had been cleaned since Clara had come on it, so perhaps her mum had too (although since she had the real thing, Sophie wondered why she needed it, but then remembered her mum liked a dick in each hole).

Sophie slinked silently off to the bathroom with the toy, clutching her phone. Once locked inside, she hitched the skirt up around her waist and pulled her knickers down, seeing the goo already gathered in them. In a bit of a hurry, and with her heart racing, she pushed the vibrator into her cunt and turned it on.

It felt incredible and her knees quaked. With her other hand she angled her phone towards the action and took a little video of the toy sliding in and out of her pussy, gathering cream on her lips. She wanted to scream and come, but instead she took it back out and played the video back, amazed how wet her pussy was on it, juicing up the big fake dick. She sent it to Clara, and then straight afterwards also sent a photo of the vibrator which once again was smeared with cream.

‘Omg you are so fucking hot, I’m so wet for you right now!!” came Clara’s reply.


‘Put it back like that,’ with a winking emoji.

Sophie considered it. If her mum went to use it now, she’d find it still slippery with her daughter’s cunt juice. Would Sophie get in trouble? Maybe they’d find it together, her mum and Max, and it would just mingle with their cum, or get used as lube to push it up her mum’s arse while they fantasized about Cain’s huge prick again.

Her horniness made the decision, and she pulled the knickers back up (they felt clammy) and sidled off down the hall to return the toy to its drawer. She took one last photo of it there, shining with its coating before closing it away and retreating.

She waited until she was back in the armchair in front of the others before sending that picture, enjoying the danger.

Max and Louise were squabbling about what to watch.

‘Dirty slut’ came Clara’s message with some smileys.

‘Takes one to know one.’

It took a lot of effort to avoid an orgasm that evening, as Sophie edged and thought about Clara. She checked her camera for action too but was disappointed – her mum had some work to do and was tapping away on her laptop, and Max was reading a book, although he was shirtless which was helping Sophie with her teasing of her clit.

‘That dude is built,’ was the way her slutty friend Ellie described him. Having tasted Clara now, Sophie briefly wondered about how Ellie’s desperate little cunt tasted, but decided she found Clara much sexier. Clara was classy – or at least until you got her turned on anyway.

The end of the next day finally arrived and as she changed for gymnastics she was thrilled to see Clara arrive, beaming at her.

There was no one else in the changing room and Clara surprised Sophie by kissing her full on the lips, lingeringly, and groping her tits as she did so, pulling her bra down to tweak her nipples and roll them.

They parted the kiss, both slightly breathless.

“That was for your messages,” Clara said.

“Glad you liked them. You started it.”

“Yep,” Clara giggled, “Now let’s go and get sweaty before we distract ourselves.”

They were working on the rings, and each girl looked at the other’s body flexing and contorting. internet casino The session was different to any previous one, as the whole thing had become a kind of prolonged and strenuous foreplay. Sophie knew Clara’s eyes were on her hungrily. At one point, for no reason other than ostensibly to do some stretching, she bent to touch her toes with straight legs and looked back at Clara staring openly at her arse.

By the time they reached the house the excitement had them in high spirits.

Max arrived not long after them, parking the giant pickup outside the front of the house and calling out his usual hello as he came through the door.

“Well hello, Max, and have we been a good boy today?”

Clara liked to baffle Max.

“Hello Clara, you strange young lady. I don’t know if we have, I suspect it’s not for me to say.”

“Right you are,” Clara said, “we should probably put it to committee.”

“Hi Soph, Clara’s being weird again.”

“I think you bring it out of her, really.”

All three paused at the image that conjured.

“Pizza night! Going for the usual, Max?”

The girls teased Max because he had the exact same pizza every week.

“No, might try something new tonight actually,” Max said, grinning.

“Really??” Both girls cried out together.

“No,” Max laughed, “I’ll stick with the best one.”

“You’re an adventurous old soul, aren’t you?” Sophie was leaning forwards over a kitchen chair, trying to point her cleavage his way.

“Less of the old, you! And anyway, I did my adventuring and that’s how I know this is the best one. No need to deviate now.”

“Yeah but a new one might have come along now, and you won’t know what you’re missing. Besides it’s fun to be a deviant.”

Clara’s fairly posh voice could sometimes sound like she was talking pure filth in almost any context when she wanted it to, Sophie noted with envy. Her cleavage was finding it hard to compete with Clara’s gift for innuendo. Max was enjoying both.

Louise came home.

“Mum’s back! Let’s order, I’m starving!”

“Hey girls, let me change quickly first. I’ll have that spicy one though if you want to go ahead and call, Max?”

“See, it’s not just me, she’s had that one loads,” Max defended himself.

“Yeah, but at least it’s spicy.” Clara was still pushing his buttons. Sophie noticed that since hearing her name in their bedroom, Clara was much more open with her flirting in front of Louise. ‘I want to fuck your boyfriend,’ was the message she was happy for Sophie’s mum to read loud and clear. Sophie wondered if she was giving off the same message. She did want Max’s dick in her, but now she quite wanted to see it in Clara too.

Louise reappeared, wearing remarkably little – a large t-shirt of Max’s with no bra, that hung like a short nightie, and only knickers with it. It was a stark contrast with the business clothes she’d stepped out of, and it was pretty clear she was trying to compete with the flirtatious younger girls for Max’s attention.

“Tough day, Mum?”

“And then some. Done with now though.” She kissed Max and he made sure his hands stayed respectably away from her near-naked lower half.

“Wow, you have a tattoo!” Clara exclaimed, her eyes on the symbol on Louise’s thigh.

“Oh yeah…long time ago…”

Sophie knew her mum had mixed feelings about it – probably it reminded her of decisions she’d made in the past that had included Sophie’s father. Still, it kind of suited her and was a hidden secret under all the suits and responsibility.

“Can I see? I really want one.”

“Sure.” Clara was already there, inspecting it closely. She even ran her fingertips over it, and Sophie’s eyes widened as she watched Clara gently touching her mum’s naked thigh, and saw Max forgetting to breathe as he watched as well. Louise was looking down at the girl bending close to her now moistening knickers, aware that the situation had escalated.

“Did it hurt much?”

“Yeah, a little. I was a bit drunk, if I’m honest. Don’t do that though, it’s a big decision.”

Clara stopped stroking the soft skin, and said

“Nice place for it though – it’s sexy. I’ve been wondering where to get mine…”

“Jeez, you two, get a room!” Sophie had to break the tension, it looked as though Max was about to come in his pants.

“What about you Max, do you like them?”

There was no stopping Clara now, she seemed on a mission to seduce them both.

Max was clearly choosing his reply carefully.

“I like them when you find them unexpectedly, you know. They can be a bit of a statement when they’re always on show and in your face, I think.”

“Right, no face tats. Gotcha.”

“I was thinking maybe here…” Clara pulled up her t-shirt and slightly pulled down the waistband of her tight jeans to indicate an area of smooth skin beside her hip bone. Both Max and Louise were looking carefully at what Clara was showing them. Any more millimetres lower, and her fiery little mound of trimmed hair would be visible. It was a fucking sexy move, Sophie thought, whether her tattoo story was true or not. Her friend was a master at this.

Max carefully said nothing, and Louise eventually said,

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