Big Sis Gets What… Ch. 02

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Big Sis Gets What She Needs Ch. 02

I stood there for a while after my good long fuck session with my brothers, their cum still seeping from my ass and my super sensitive pussy. I knew I had to have more of them. This could not stop, ever! It was the best I have ever had and to think it was my brothers who did this to me!

My legs were really week and sore from all of the kneeling and riding and grinding I had done so I went to the bathroom to clean up. I drew a warm bath and crawled in. I just soaked away letting my pussy and ass shrink back to normal. God was I in bliss!

After about a half an hour in the tub, I got out, wrapped my towel around me and headed straight to bed. I was so exhausted. I undid my towel and fell face first on my bed, instantly falling asleep. I had so many sexy dreams of all the fun me and my brothers could have. I guess I was moaning and grinding, cause the next thing I know, I hear someone whispering in my ear and licking my earlobe. I woke to hear my brother Jeff whispering in my ear how much he wanted me again and how hot and sexy I was. I was instantly aroused!

Jeff was grinding his massive cock on my ass and I was moaning so loud, I knew everyone in the world could hear me! The next thing I know, Jeff got up off of me and lifted my ass in the air, putting me in the doggy position. I finally got a look at the clock, and I had only been asleep for 2 hours!

Jeff spread my ass cheeks and starting licking my ass. I had never been rimmed before and oh my god it was so awesome! I had the deepest orgasm of my life! He was licking my asshole all over and darting his tongue in and out of my super sensitive asshole. I was moaning even louder now and grinding my asshole bursa escort bayanlar on his tongue for more. He then started pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my loosening asshole. He was so good at this; I knew this hadn’t been his first time at this. Soon his whole tongue was fucking my asshole and I had another massive orgasm. I had never had an anal orgasm before, but now I can say I have and wow are they good!

After sucking and fucking my ass for a good 30 minutes with his mouth, Jeff got up and grabbed some lube he had brought with him. He started pouring lube on my already wet asshole and starting putting a finger in my ass. My ass was already pretty wet from his saliva and already loosened up some from the previous ass fucking I got earlier from Hunter, and from him tongue fucking my ass, so his one finger slid in with great ease. Then I felt another finger. It got tighter, but I was still loose enough for him to finger fuck my ass with ease. Soon another finger went in my ass. Now it was getting tighter! He slowly inserted all three fingers and withdrew them slowly. He was really working my ass. He started to gain a rhythm on finger fucking my ass and I was in heaven. The next thing I know, he puts four fingers in my ass! I would have been even more shocked, but I knew I would need them because of his massive cock! It isn’t easy sticking a very thick 10 inch cock up such a small hole and I would need all the loosening I could get!

After about 10 minutes of having four of his thick fingers fucking my ass, hew withdrew them and poured lube into my wide open asshole. I felt the cool liquid pour into my ass and I quickly tightened my asshole to keep it bayan sarisin escort bursa all in. Jeff then applied even more lube to his massive cock and got up behind me preparing to fuck my tiny ass. I felt the head of his cock at my asshole and started loosing up my pucker to allow his cock to enter me. I felt his massive cock head pushing against my asshole. I let out a deep breath and totally relaxed my asshole. His cock started sliding in my asshole, and even though he had been loosening me up with his tongue and fingers, my asshole was still too tight for his long thick cock. I started grimacing in pain, but wouldn’t let it get to me. I laid my head against the bed, keeping my ass way high in the air. He slowly kept pushing his cock in my tight ass. Even though he was going slowly it hurt so badly! Thank god he used so much lube on me! Soon he had half of his 10 inches in me but I was still in pain. I actually started crying a little. I didn’t let him see me do this because I buried my head into the pillow.

The next thing I know, a massive orgasm overcomes me and my asshole just opens up to allow all 10 inches in me. I would have never believed he could have fit it all in me, but trust me, he did! I came again, this time more violently and my whole body shook. He started to slowly withdraw his cock and then he shoved it all back in. With all that lube he poured into my asshole, it was really squishy in my ass, almost like he was fucking my super wet pussy.

Now that my ass was loose enough, Jeff got into a slow rhythm and was really burying his cock deep in my ass. I started to rub my super sensitive swollen clit and I had another orgasm. I had such a bursa evi olan eskort big orgasm I fell onto my stomach onto the bed. One nice thing about having such a well hung brother, even though I fell flat onto the bed, his cock head was still in my ass! He lowered himself onto my back and was laying on me, just pounding away onto my ass. I felt his hand go under my stomach and he started to rub my clit for me. I bit my lip and came hard again. I didn’t know how many more orgasms my little body could take! I had so many already tonight, but I just kept having them.

Jeff then asked me if he could try something new. I told him, “Anything you want I’ll do it! Just don’t pull your cock out of my ass!”

He asked if I had a vibrator, and I told him I did, in my drawer right next to the bed. He reached over and grabbed it. He turned it on and then took it down below my stomach and inserted it in my super wet pussy. I had already been double teamed earlier by my brothers, but having something vibrate deep in my pussy sent me over the edge and I started shaking from another orgasm. This motivated Jeff and he started really fucking my ass with deep strokes. He was getting faster and faster with his thrusts and I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. I started bucking my ass up t his cock to get as much in as I could, even though I couldn’t buck much because he was lying on top of me. I had another huge orgasm and my ass clenched hard onto his thick cock. This sent him over the edge and he started biting my neck softly and thrust one more time deep into my ass. I felt his massive amounts of cum shoot so deep in my ass, I didn’t know if it would ever come out! I had never had cum shoot so deep and far into my ass!

We laid there for a bit until we both rolled onto our sides, still keeping his cock in my ass. Jeff cuddled with me until I fell asleep. I do remember his cock sliding out of my ass later that morning and I felt a trickle of cum and lube come out of my asshole. I didn’t care. I figured I’d clean my sheets tomorrow, if they didn’t have more plans for me!

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