Biggest That Will Fit In My Hole

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I didn’t want to be here. It was just bad luck, I know, but that didn’t improve my mood. I hate shopping for electronics. My husband normally takes care of this sort of thing, but this time I had to. Our TV had gone out last night and he had to leave town early this morning, so it just wasn’t possible for him to do it for me. Still I despised being here. Being a spoiled wife I don’t know a whole lot about electronics so I was afraid of making a bad choice. If I made a bad choice I would not only feel taken advantage of, but it would also disappoint my husband. I was out of place, unprepared and feeling pressured. But I couldn’t tolerate a whole week without my husband and without TV. So I had to do it, just had to.

I did at least have the foresight to measure the hole where the TV had to fit. Well, okay, to be honest my husband had the foresight to send me with my measurements. Did I mention I really don’t want to be here? As soon as I’m in the door a salesman approaches me. Of course. What could possibly make this experience worse? I won’t even get a chance to browse in peace. Now I have to deal with this guy. How annoying. But like I said, I have to be here. So fine, let’s just get it over with.

“I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.”

He had a very odd look on his face. What’s he thinking? Is he really that stupid? I need a TV and of course I’m looking for the biggest one that will fit. It makes perfect sense to me. Whoa, wait a second. What exactly did I just say? Did the words “I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole” actually just come out of my mouth? Uh oh, now I know why he has that look. And why my face feels hot. And my neck. And now the top of my breasts. Damn, I haven’t blushed this hard since, well, I can’t think at the moment so I don’t know when, okay?

Now I wish I hadn’t worn this particular outfit. It was for my husband. I like to send him off looking sexy so he remembers me that way while he’s gone. At least I had ditched the skirt for jeans before forcing myself to come here, but the heels were still sexy and my top was a hell of lot closer to scandalous than conservative. So my long, deep blush was clearly evident to the salesman eyeing me up and down. Ogling, really. Alright, he was devouring me with his eyes if you must know, and it was all my fault. I had dressed this way. I had come in here with a haughty attitude. And I had practically spit the words at him, “I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.”

“Right this way.”

As he led me through the store I thought perhaps he was going to let it slide. I’m so embarrassed. Humiliated, really. I can’t fucking believe I said that. “I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.” What the hell was I thinking? My blush just wouldn’t go away. My face, neck and breasts were still glowing with shame. If anything it may be getting worse as I realize now that my pussy is getting wet. Yeah, that’s the hole he thinks I’m referring to. Apparently it thinks so, too.

He leads me through a door into a sparsely furnished room. Wait a minute, we passed all the TVs. Why are we in here? There aren’t any TVs in here. Oh, wait. He doesn’t know I’m here for a TV since all I said was “I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.” There goes that blush again. Damn I wish that would stop, it’s embarrassing. And the gush, too. That’s even more embarrassing. I’m just glad he doesn’t know that now I’m glowing not only with shame but arousal, too.

“What did you say to me young lady?”

Young lady? He can’t be old enough to call me that. He can’t be that old, can he? He looks young, but I guess looks can be deceiving. He’s certainly confident enough. But still, who does he think he is calling me that? Damn it, stop blushing! Now I’m embarrassed, horny and angry! My face seems like bolu seks hikayeleri it may never look normal again it’s so hot. And of course my breasts are screaming for attention, too, as they glow and heave. Oh my, now I’m breathing hard, too.

“Young lady, repeat again what you said to me.”

Oh no, I can’t say it again. Once was too much already. It would be just too embarrassing. “You don’t understand.”

“I heard you perfectly clearly.”

“No, please, I didn’t… um… well, I did… it’s just… you don’t understand.”

“I understood you just fine. You’re the one who seems to be in need of a bit of correction.”

“I didn’t say what you think I said.”

“Our security recordings are quite clear. Would you like for me to play it back to you?”

“No, that won’t be necessary.”

“Then repeat it so I know we have no further misunderstanding.”

“I said, ‘I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.'”

“Wait here.”

Where was this going? There weren’t any chairs so I sat against the edge of the table to think. But in no time at all the door opened and he walked back in followed by another man in a security uniform.

“Whoa, now, hold on a minute.”

“I’d be careful what you say, young lady. Your mouth got you into this.”

“But you don’t understand.”

“Are we going to have that conversation again?”

I felt about three feet tall. The embarrassment and shame were bad enough, and I hung my head a bit. I also now realized that both these men were quite a lot larger than me. Escape wasn’t an option, we were going to have to talk this out. Clearly that wasn’t going to be easy from my position.

“Really, I mean it, you don’t understand.”

“We are not going to have that conversation again, young lady. Just tell the officer what you said to me.”

Not again?! I noticed I was shuffling my feet now and quit it. I also noticed that although the blush had finally gone away, the gush hadn’t. In fact I was concerned that it might show through my jeans soon. I needed to get out of this, but how?

“Say it.”

I looked from the salesman to the security guard and back. They both looked quite stern. Fine, I’ll take my scolding and get the hell out of here.

“I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.”

The salesman looked pleased. The security guard looked shocked. He couldn’t believe what had just come out of my mouth. Perhaps that hadn’t been the best avenue out of this situation. Now my blush was back. Damn it, my face was hot again. And my neck. And yes, my breasts were glowing again. Now the security guard’s eyes were appraising me, undressing me, ravishing me. I was gushing again, too. That made me blush that much harder. My breasts were now crimson, and both men clearly noticed. Their eyes were unabashedly where a proper lady would not let them linger, and their thoughts were clearly profane. I was obviously no lady since I not only didn’t move, but now my nipples decided to join the party. Through the heat of my blush they ached. They were hot and hard, and quite prominent despite my bra. I was mortified.

“Bend over the table.”

I don’t know what I was thinking, or even if I was thinking at all. I was glowing with humiliation and gushing with arousal. I knew what was coming, or at least thought I knew. As I turned and bent over the table I expected it. I anticipated it. Oh, I was eager for it. I guess I wanted it. Maybe I even needed it. I don’t know. Who cares. Just get on with it.

“Ah.” I gasped as the first smack landed on my bottom, more in shock than pain.

“Ow.” The second smack was considerably harder. This was no play spanking.

“Oh.” It was fast and fierce, but if it hurt I didn’t notice the pain. What I did notice was that now my bum was getting as warm as my face and breasts. And my cunt was getting wetter. Such an unladylike word, “cunt”, but my position was certainly not one any lady would be in.

“Ugh.” It was so bad, and so good. It was hard enough I had to spread my hands on the table and my feet on the floor to steady myself. Smack after smack, fast and furious. But it felt so good. I lost myself in the intense sensation. Then I found myself again. My back was arched, lifting my ass high. My hips were humping like I was being fucked, greeting each swat ecstatically. Then suddenly it stopped.

“Drop ’em.”

Oh my. Now apparently it was the security guard’s turn. Fear struck me. Surely a security guard spanks harder than a salesman. And he wanted me bare. Oh no. If I bared myself he would also see my seething gush of arousal.

“Do it.”

He wouldn’t be denied. But I couldn’t comply. It wasn’t for lack of trying, I was desperately trying to get my jeans down. But my fingers just wouldn’t cooperate. They were trembling with fear. They were quaking with lust, too. I couldn’t seem to get the button undone, then finally I had it. Now the zipper. Where’s the fucking zipper? Damn fingers! When finally the zipper was down my thumbs hooked into the waist of my jeans and I stopped. I was overcome. I was about to bare my most private things to two men whose names I didn’t even know. My blush was indescribable. I was drunk on a heady combination of shame and lust I had only fantasized. As I lowered my jeans below my cheeks I moaned. My body of it’s own accord resumed my previous position: hands and feet apart to brace me, back arched and ass high. I expected a smack. I waited for it. I wanted it. I yearned for it. What I got was a low whistle.

“Would you look at that? She really does want something big in that hole.”

My forehead thudded on the table as my head dropped. I’m surprised my face didn’t set fire to it I was burning so hot. To be ridiculed while I was already so debased, hot and wanting was beyond any humiliation I had ever even fantasized. Not only was my body bared, my carnal essence was, too. They could see everything. Everything!

“What the hell is going on here?!”

You wouldn’t think that after having your mind blown by realizing a level of degradation beyond your wildest imaginings that it could happen again. Certainly not immediately. The well dressed person standing in the doorway yelling had a name tag that said Store Manager. But what completely tore my guts out was that it was a woman. Submitting to such degradation with men I had at least imagined. This was… this was… really happening. My flush was complete. My entire body was alight with burning shame. My heart was pounding like never before. My breath, when I finally breathed again, came in desperate, panting gasps.

As my mind tried to wrap itself around my situation, it was quickly explained to the store manager in hushed tones. I didn’t catch much of it, but my words rang clearly to me again. “I’m looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.”

“Proceed. I’ll be right back.”

Before I could comprehend what I’d heard the security guard was behind me again. Was this really going to continue? As the salesman grabbed my wrists I realized it was. My cunt convulsed. I don’t know if you’d call it an orgasm, but I felt it running down my legs just before the first smack. I was jolted. My mind wanted to know when the woman was coming back, and why, but my body refused to let it work. My ass was bare. My cunt was sopping. My wrists were held captive. And I was being spanked like I had always fantasized. I was euphoric. Dazed and confused, horny as hell, in a position that would’ve made me cum my brains out in a fantasy. I wanted to cum my brains out here and now. Very soon I would. Oh yes, hit me harder. My back arched again. My hips pumped lewdly. Almost there… and then it stopped.

She was back. Having your mind whipped from euphoria to despair is heart-rending in a way that’s incomprehensible unless you’ve experienced it. I was so emotionally drained I couldn’t move or speak. The clunk of the lock engaging ripped me from despair to fear. Gut-wrenching fear. What was she going to do? I tried desperately to see as she moved behind me, but having my wrists pinned prevented it. There was rustling, there was a quick sound like a zipper. Oh, please, she couldn’t be undressing, could she? No! As she stepped into view I was fascinated. Horrified, but fascinated. She was beautiful. And she was wearing a strapon. Not just a strapon, the strapon. A gargantuan dick any woman would yearn for.

“As you can see, I’ve got the biggest thing here. Let’s see if it will fit in your hole.”

She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. No, please wait! And then it touched me. It seemed so real. Not cold and hard like my dildo, but warm and soft. Well, soft but firm. Gently firm. And oh, so big! I only saw it briefly, but I knew there was no way that giant monster would ever fit in me. I may not be a lady, but I’m no whore, either. I may be wet and throbbing, but I’m not loose. I’m a… ugh! The pressure was intense. My dear pussy was wet like it had never been before, but the cock was just too huge. My cunt wanted desperately to be fucked, craved it, ached for it. Oh, did it ache. There was just no way. But it kept pushing, prodding. Slipping a little this way, sliding a little that way. That felt sooo good. Was it possible? Just maybe? Was it deeper than it was a moment ago? Could it be? Oh, it felt so wonderful. But surely it couldn’t. Maybe it was. No. Yes. Yes! YES!

It was sliding into me. Slowly, oh so very slowly. But it was. I was sure of it now. I was being impaled on a cock so huge it defied my comprehension. And it was so good. Huge, painfully huge, but oh so good. At some point I realized that my wrists were no longer pinned to the table. I had pinned my own hands to the table pushing back with everything I had. So full, yet I wanted more. I needed more. More, more! Oh it filled me so! Unbelievable, fantastic, maybe unbearable. When would it stop? How long was this thing? Just as I stopped pushing, knowing I could take no more, it bottomed out in me. I was panting like an animal, sweating and gasping. Then the pumping started. The pull out was agonizing, then the push back in was even more excruciating. Sublimely excruciating. Slow progressed to not so slow. Hands gripped my hips and not so slow became gratifyingly quicker. I was stretched so much that my clit felt like it was trying to burst from it’s sheath. It was hard, tortuously hard, but trying to be pulled flat by it’s sheath. And the fullness was incredible. I could feel it deep within me, but wide too. My hips hurt, not on the outside from the pressure of the grasping hands but on the inside from the pressure of that stupendous dick. I was in heaven.

I was moaning. I was thrashing. I was pounding the table with my fists. I was pushing back with all my might. Sweating and gasping. My whole body ached from the effort but begged for more. I was aghast at the pace I was now being fucked. Furious. Furious and hard, so very hard. Just don’t stop, don’t ever stop. Oh, here it comes. Just a little more… a little more… oh, just one more… I screamed. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My cunt was convulsing, throbbing with the effort of orgasm. But the muscles couldn’t contract. The dick buried in me was just too enormous and it hurt deeply. It hurt gloriously. The pain was stabbing, but dazzling. I squeezed my eyes shut and just rode it. I had never imagined such ecstasy.

I woke up in my car so I can only conclude that I must have passed out. As the fresh memory came rushing back to me I blushed deep crimson yet again. Then, of course, came the gush in my cunt. Ooh, that hurts. It hurts so good. So very good. My body may never be the same. My mind definitely won’t.

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