Bike Ride with My Daughter Ch. 01

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One day my wife, her brother & my daughter (Sowmya) went to my friends marriage function in periyakulam (a village in kerala) and returned late so I had to drop many relatives since only few of us had car. Around 8. 30pm we finished dropping all and was to take the last trip when my car blew, so my friend offered his bike the only thing other than a cycle, so we took it. My wife, her brother & my daughter was only the ones left so we got on My wife sat behind me with our daughter in her lap and her brother behind. We moved slowly since it was night & I did not know the way.

After jumping few gutters my wife complained that she could not hold Sowmya due to her silk saree. It was her brother who said to let Sowmya sit in the front. I was hesitant because due to her height I may not be able to see and moreover I was sitting on the tank & I may loose balance still it was more dangerous with my wife so I agreed Sowmya was delighted since she had ridden so many times. She jumped up and we moved on, but as I had guessed I couldn’t see the road clearly so I told her to lay back on me so that my view wont be blocked.

She moved back and lay on my chest, usually when she does this I move back to make space for her, but today there was no space. My man was jammed on her ass slowly my shameless cock began to bulge and I couldn’t hide it She too felt it for after some time she slowly brought back and pressed to see what it was. Now my cock jumped to 90 degrees I slowly opened the zip of my pants and letting out my john told her to get up a little bit for a adjustment and as she did so I slowly moved her skirt So when she sat it was on my dick I felt all heaven as her small uninvaded pussy on me.

I looked to the mirror to see if my wife was watching and got a shock of my life. I saw that her brother was pressing on to her bottoms and he was pressing her breast and both were trying not to be noticed I watched Ören Escort him trying to get his hand inside her blouse and pressing her nipples. I stopped the bike in the highway and both were frightened. I told them it was time to pee for we had a long journey in front of us. And I led Sowmya to the side she pulled her skirt up and pulling down her panties sat to urinate I pulled out my dick in front of her and began to rub to & fro.

She looked amazed, for she had seen my penis before but that was unknowingly and hence it was small, but now it was steady. I looked back & saw my wife & her brother still standing there shyly I told them there was no need to be shy otherwise maybe they may pee on the ride & moreover it was night, there was no one else though it was highway. She came near me followed by her brother and pulled up her saree and brought her underwear to her knees. I found her brothers eye on her ass as she sat to pee, he came near her and pulled out his man as if to pee but he was rubbing it my wife looked up and her face turned red she looked at me but I walked away as if nothing happened. We continued our journey. I again made my daughter sit on me and pressed on her bottoms.

Suddenly I saw a theatre and pulled in saying lets watch a movie. My wife declined but I was in no mood so we got 4 tickets and went in It was a English movie and had already began but still full we managed to get seats nearby but only 2 was empty other 2 were a little far but still in the same row I moved on with my daughter telling them to sit there After some time I found my wife coming to me She bend towards me and said she couldn’t sit there for some people were troubling her I said to her to go and sit there without troubling me and if anyone was patting her just take no notice.

She was stunned I saw my neighbor slowly raising his leg to her ass and she bet a hasty retreat I continued Escort Ören to watch the film, slowly some hot scenes came. The hero was trying to seduce her he slowly removed her dress and she was in her bra and undies, then he slowly kissed her as his hand ran to her spot pressing over the cloth and then he removed her bra to present her beautiful boobs I turned to my daughter and told her that I couldn’t get the ticket for her as it was full so she must sit on my lap till the ticket checker goes.

She got up and sat on my cock I was ready for her as she sat I opened my pants and as if trying to tell something in her ear I neared her and slowly moved her panties a bit so that her ass was out and pulled her to my lap I felt my rock go to the sponge and I almost ejaculated as her hot ass plunged in me I looked to my wife and found her moving as if bit by bees her sarees pallu was down and there were many hands on her including her brothers. One of them managed to get her breast out and was pressing it hard and trying to pinch her nipples I grabbed my daughters upcoming breast and pinched her nipple over her dress, then I led her out to the bathroom and told her to urinate she told that she did not want but I forced her to try and led her to the men’s bathroom and told her to go into one of the rooms but not to close the door since if the cleaner found a girl in men’s room we may have to give fine she believed me and I almost felt sorry for her but the evil was strong.

I watched her lift her skirt and pull her panties and sit. This time she was facing me and I saw her pussy split open it was a tight one hardly 1 fingers could enter. I slowly entered and said that the cleaner was coming and she was not to move since her bangles would make a sound and since if he looked he had to see a male pissing—– I opened my pants and took out my john and rubbed she looked at it confused Ören Escort Bayan I pulled back my skin and she viewed the pink head I neared her face and she looked away I slowly rubbed it on her cheek then told her to get up and look through the top to see if he was there she got up and was to about to pull up her panties when I swept her to the top she looked out now I could see her beautiful ass I brought her a little down and licked her ass she laughed and said ‘daddy’ you are tickling me but I paid no heed and continued then turned her to lick her pussy now she tried to close her leg but I forced in I could see her face changing from a girl to women in passion then I put her on the closet and pulled her hair she said ‘ahhhhhhhh’ and before she could finish it my cock was in her mouth ramming deep in her throat She was surprised and bit a little and my cock exploded like never before and I watched it all download to my little daughters mouth.

‘Hey it tastes like coconut juice’ she said & I replied ‘never talk with your mouth full’ and she swallowed it. My man was not yet down and I began to lick her pussy then spread her legs and inserted my dick in her it was a little weak so it went in with only a little trouble but as it began to grow she started to scream with pleasure I removed her dress and pressed her small breast and licked

Nibbling her nipples I rammed on deeper I pulled out and tried to re insert but it wouldn’t enter I then turned her wide opened her ass and began to lick her asshole then fingered it had and wide till it felt large then slowly inserted in it went smoothly and I fingered her pussy with one hand and pressed her boobs with the other I continued my ramming till I exploded in her then I fucked her mouth again and she sucked me dry.

We then returned to watch the film I looked at my wife she was almost naked and her hands were on 2 cocks ‘well that’s an improvement’ I thought and continued watching the film and the fingering of my daughter by my neighbour who had his cock out and was pressing his cock to her hand then as he was to ejaculate he pushed her head down and ejaculated in her mouth while pushing his finger deep into her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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