Billionaire’s House Staff

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Mina is my current wife and was reluctant to accept my women only house staff. After six years of marriage she has accepted the staff. Recently the staff has been expanded to include a personal assistant/companion and a personal maid for Mina. All of the young women in my employ, are maids, the chef and kitchen staff. The arrangement is an unusual one but works well for both parties. I hire young women and contract with them that I will pay for their college education while they work in my house. One wing of the house has bedrooms with private bathrooms for the women. This wing also has a kitchen, theater, dining room and large patio and swimming pool. Other duties were not written into their contract but were agreed upon before entering into the contract. No one has reneged on the agreement and the girls went on to other things in life when they were ready.

The door to the kitchen opened behind me and the kitchen maid, who also served in the dining room, bustled through. ” I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Malone.” ” No problem, Ashley. I just got here myself. ” I looked up at the taught fabric over Ashley’s full breasts as she leaned forward to set out my orange juice, eggs and bacon. My eyes traveled up to her brown hair, smoothed back into a ponytail, and down her body to her short denim skirt. My fingers slid up between her thighs under the short skirt. I found the spot at the top of her inner thigh that I loved so much, so very soft and smooth. ” And how are classes going?”

Ashley was taking classes at the local community college in food prep and was also being given lessons in the kitchen by the chef. She would serve my breakfast and rush off to class this morning, as she did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ” Very well, Mr. Malone,” she answered, a trifle breathlessly, as my fingers teased across her bare labia.
” I’ll have something for you, later today.” Ashley’s eyes strayed to the front of my pants.
” Yes, that later.” I smiled up at her and Ashley answered with a rueful smile of her own. I removed my hand from her skirt and stood. Stepping closer, I backed her up against the dining table until it touched the back of her legs. I reached down and drew her skirt up over her hips. ” Sit… now lie back.” Looking down at her as she lay before me, her pussy exposed, I pushed her thighs open a little more. I leaned down to press his lips softly to hers. ” Now, get to class before you’re late,” he growled. Ashley had gotten my lust running for the day. Now it was time to pay my compliments to the chef.

I went through the door to the kitchen and found Angie in a pool of early morning sunlight from the large picture window over the sink. She was sunny herself. Her movements were efficient as she chopped vegetables at the counter in the sunlight. Her dark curls bounced as she moved. She was a short, petite woman. I walked silently across the kitchen to stand behind her. ” Good morning Angie,” I murmured into her ear. She squeaked and jumped. ” How many times do I have to tell you not to scare the person with the knife?”
I grinned and leaned down to wrap my arms around her from behind as she set the knife down. I pressed my nose into her hair. Coconut lime verbena, I was sure. ” You’re so much fun to scare. The way you jump makes other parts of me.. jump.” ” Like this part?” she asked, rubbing her ass back against my groin.

” Definitely.” I rubbed back myself against her firm ass. ” I came in to compliment the chef and reward her for a delicious breakfast. What would you like this morning as a reward?”
I knew what her answer would be as she reached a hand out for a small bowl of strawberries on the counter. She picked up the bowl and turned as I released her, looking up at me through her eyelashes. The sparkle in her eyes always started the morning right for me. ” Some cream for my strawberries?” she requested. I stepped back from her and pulled out a chair from the island. Before sitting down, I unbuckled my belt and opened my trousers, releasing my erection. I started to stroke myself as I looked at Angie. ” Come here then.” Angie came forward and knelt in front of me. She held her bowl in front of her with both hands as she Giresun Escort hungrily watched me stroke. ” Set your bowl aside, Angie. I want some help this morning.”

Angie reached up, set the bowl on the island and rose to her feet. She grabbed a bottle of canola oil from a cupboard and poured a scant teaspoon into her hand then rubbed it into her hands as if using lotion. She knelt again at my feet. I placed my hands on my thighs as Angie took over. Just the way she looked at it made me groan. ” uuuuh..uuuuh.”
She was such a sensual woman, bubbly and full of life. Everything she did, she did with her whole being. Now, her attention was focused on my cock and only good things could come of that. Angie’s strong hands were just this side of painful as she slowly squeezed my cock toward the head. She had come from a small dairy farm in Iowa where she’d often milked cows by hand when the power went out. I had to teach her to be gentler with me. She held my balls now in her cupped palm, rolling them just a little.
Practically salivating, she watched the pre-come dribble from my cock. Leaning down to lick the dribble up with the tip of her tongue, it looked as if she were catching the drip of an ice cream cone before it was lost.

Her right hand cupped the head of my cock as if polishing it and loosely rolled around it. Her fingers formed into a circle with her forefinger and thumb touching and pushed down over the head, letting it pop through. She stroked down then loosened her grip and twisted her hand back and forth, so loosely that it was more like she was polishing me.
I had already been aroused from the moment I saw Ann bend over, on through my playful encounter with Ashley, to walking into the kitchen to see Angie. Now, the enjoyment she took in playing with my cock sent the cum surging from my balls. She quickly grabbed her dish and managed to catch most of it. I sat back and watched as she devoured the cum covered strawberries with little mmmm’s and ooooo’s of delight, then licked her fingers clean, her pink tongue flashing out. When she was done, I leaned down to kiss and lick her lips, getting a little of the strawberry flavor. Finally, I let her go and she smiled shyly up. ” Thank you.”

I entered the garage when I see Mina at her car. I tell Mina to go to the back of the car.
She does as I order and follows me to the back of the car. I quickly grab her hair and push her up against the trunk of the car, bending her over it on her stomach and kicking her legs apart. ” Fuck!” She yells. ” You certainly make me horny,” I whisper into her ear from behind her. She feels my hot breath on her neck and it sends a shiver down her spine. ” If you’re going to act like a slut, I am going to have to fuck you like one.
You like rough fucking, that turns you on.”

” Yes,” She strains to say from the weight of me on her back and the pain from her hair that I still have a tight grip on. She knows that when I talk like this I’m very horny. She feels me reaching up between her legs and under her skirt. My feet have her spread eagled as far as she can go. With one hard yank, I rip her soaked g-string off and throw it to the floor. She flinchs, I take one strong hand and pin her arms above her head to the rear window. The pain is still biting against her thighs from having her panties torn from her body. I take my free hand and lift her skirt up her back, tucking it into the back of her dress, thoroughly exposing her tight ass and pussy. I force the skirt up farther, and she hears the seams of the slits on the skirt’s sides rip. She gasps a little remembering that this dress cost $500. When the cool breeze wraps itself around her hot pussy, she quickly forgets the loss.

Being exposed is so exhilarating. She imagines what the scene would look like to a stranger walking into the building: a long dark-haired woman in black stilettos bent over the back of a shiny, black BMW with her dress pulled-up and her lacy black thigh-highs, firm ass, and glistening, smooth pussy exposed. The expression on her face and way she is arching her ass up to me makes it obvious that she is filled with wanton lust and crave a good, hard rough fuck. Giresun Escort Bayan I’m roughly rubbing her ass with my free hand, keeping her arms firmly pinned above her head. Suddenly, there is a smack across her ass. ” Little sluts get what they ask for, don’t they,” I tell more than ask.

She is wincing from the rigid grip I have on her wrists and the sting of my spanking.
” Answer me now!” I fume. ” YES! Yes, we get what we deserve,” She whimpers.
Suddenly she feels the head of my cock against her soaked pussy. Her stomach flips.
” Oh, fuck me… Please FUCK ME,” She pleads. ” Hard, Baby; fuck me HARD!” She screams. Too late she realizes the last part sounded like an order not a request.

” Hmmm, you want it hard? How about this,” you question as she feels my cock press up against her ass instead of her wet, waiting pussy. ” No, please. I didn’t mean it like that…” I relinquish my grip on her wrists and move one hand to her shoulder and one to her hip. I press her harder to the car. Then she feels the tip of my long thick cock pressing into her ass. ” We don’t have any lube,” She indignantly retorts, disappointed about this teasing delay and without thinking I’m going to really punish her for her back-talk. She squirms a little, but my cock is planted. She starts breathing harder, nervous now. Realizing I fully intend to fuck her in the ass, She struggles to try to stop me, but I grab her harder and hold her still.

” John..You can’t do this now!” She protests her desperation evident. ” Please John, you are too big to try without lube… Please NO!” ” I can do whatever I want, and there is no one here to stop me,” I respond with a laugh, relishing the control I have over her. ” Please, without lube you are going to tear me apart,” She pleads. ” Your juices are lube enough, and the more you struggle the more it is going to hurt,” I instruct. I back-up and mercilessly thrust three fingers in her cunt. Forcefully I grind my fingers inside her, coating them. I then place my hand in front of her mouth and tell her to lick my fingers, adding that the wetter she gets them the better it will be for her. She tries to bathe them in her saliva in hopes that it will somehow protect her tight sphincter.

I pull my fingers from her mouth, and some saliva drips down her chin. I rub my fingers around her ass, and quickly replace them with my hard thick cock. The head presses into her tight ass and she let’s out a scream. ” OMG..JOHN..STOP..TAKE IT OUT!”
The only things listening are the cars. She tries to squirm away again and I forcefully grab both her hips and then plunge my hard cock inside her. ” Owwwww!!! NO!!! NOOO!!!” She screams as I tear into her ass. Tears streaming down her cheeks. She holds on to the back of the car for balance. Her knees are shaking and the pain makes her continue to yell. ” Stop, please,” She sobs, “Please, please… Owwwww, FUCK…. PLEEEESE…..” She is on her tip-toes in her high heels as if standing taller will allow her to escape the pain.

She hears me grunting ” UUUUH..UUUUH…UUUUH..AAAAH…AAAAH ” as I force my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. I’m sliding my rock hard thick cock forcefully in and out. Because of the way she is standing, the entrance is incredibly tight and she can tell that I’m enjoying myself by my panting. I’m fucking her ass harder than I ever have, and she is in incredible pain. ” You know you love it, Mina. Tell me you love it,” I command. When she doesn’t reply, I yank her hair back. ” NOW! Tell me NOW!”
” I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!” She screams over her sobs.

I thrust deeper and guide her hips into a rhythm with mine, her tight asshole finally starts to stretch and relax to accommodate my thick cock. The pain changes to pleasure, moans overtake her cries, and, before she knows it, she is loving it—just like I told her she would. ” Mmmmmmm, yeeess,” She gasps as she grinds her ass back into me, trying to get even more of my thick rod up into her. I reach one of my hands under her arm and find her nipple through her dress, roughly groping it and making her groan. ”
oh..ooooh..mmmmmmmm.” ” You are such a whore getting fucked in the garage,” Escort Giresun I tell her. ” Yes… yes, I am,” She agrees. Then, knowing what will happen, She looks over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow and add, ” Now fuck rougher me and harder.”

I twist her nipple hard and start to really slam her ass. I take the length of my cock all the way to the entrance of my anus and then ram it in until she feels my balls slapping her cheeks. WAP..WAP..WAP..WAP..WAP..WAP. Again and again I pummel her. It is hard to stand in her heels, and I’m partially holding her up so I can violate her deeper and deeper. She never appreciated how long 9″ is until this very moment. ” I’m going to cum,” I whisper to the back of her neck. ” Do you want to cum on my face?” She questions. ” No! In your ass,” I say as I pump harder. my thrusts are driving her closer to her own orgasm. I start to pump her savagely, and She grabs onto the car harder.
” YES, you fucking SLUT!! YES, YES!!!!! TAKE IT!!!!” I shout.

She can’t help but shriek out with me: ” GOD, I am going to CUM!!! Oh, fuck my ass, FUCK MY ASS!” If any of the staff is nearof this area, they would think I were killing her if She wasn’t yelling affirmations. She feels my cock start to jerk inside her and the warm, wetness of my cum fills her. Instantly her building orgasm starts to take control of her body. ” I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!” She yells. Before she knows it, her clit explodes and she squirts her cum all over both of us and the dirty floor. Still convulsing, She starts, “Ohhhuh, mmmmuh, uh…”

She is whimpering and it sounds like she is speaking a garbled ancient language. I rest my head on her back, spent and panting. She reachs back and holds my thighs with her hands, completely splayed out on the trunk of the car. Then I hear you speak, your composure regained: ” You’re great Mina?” With that I lean up, flip her over, and lift her up so she is sitting on the trunk of the car. She looks at me questioningly but don’t say a word. ” I love you,” I say. ” I love you, too,” She replys with a smile. With that I grab her thighs and spread them, bend down, and bury my face in her pussy. ” OHHHHHH!!” she moans as she falls back against the car with her hand on the back of my head. Her back arches as my tongue probes her pussy farther and farther. She lifts her right leg and places it over my shoulder. She looks up into the deserted garage and imagines what it would feel like if our show was being watched.

” Oh, GOOOOOOD,” She breathes. After the fucking I have given her ass, she is ready to explode into a second orgasm at any moment. My tongue starts to tease her clit, rubbing it clockwise in the way I do it to make her cum. I stop licking, lightly nibbling it, and then start to suck it. ” NNNnnnn, yes, yes, more, MORE” She hisses and squirms.
I stop and she knows she has to beg me to allow her to cum. ” Please, please let me cum. You know what I need, Baby. Please give it to me,” She pleads.

With that I shove three fingers inside her dripping wet pussy, finger fucking it hard while licking her clit. Before she can even look down to watch me, her orgasm starts ripping though her body. ” Oh, oh, OOOOOH!!! I am fucking cumming!!! GOD, YEEEESSS!!! Mmmmmm, YES!!!” She shouts as her orgasm hits, relishing the echo of her howls of ecstasy in the building. There is nothing quiet about her orgasms, nor mine. As she continues yelling, she tightens her thighs around my head, pulling the back of my head deeper into her cunt, and press her clit to my tongue trying to get every last lick from me, she possibly can. She squirts the first time she orgasms, so my face is safe as her body continues to shake with post-orgasmic aftershocks.

When I finally come up for air, I lean between her legs and kiss her hard, lacing my tongue around her as I wrap my arms around her and lift her back from the car. She feels weak in my arms, and I know it. She clings to me for a moment. Then, without instruction, she slips from the trunk of the car. Mina is standing leaning aganist the car.
I cup the side of her face a moment and then run the back of my hand across her cheek. ” You know, we are really late for work now. We better hurry,” I say with a grin as she peels her wet stockings from her still shaky legs. She turns and giving me a pouting face, not wanting to leave yet. We go back to the house to clean up and change clothes.

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