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Big Cock

Jessica looked at the calendar and sighed.

41 years old today. Where the fuck did the time go, she thought to herself. Divorced for just a year and a half she wondered what came next. “Certainly not me,” she muttered half laughing at the comment.

She gazed out the window and thought…

“Beautiful house, beautiful yard, beautiful neighborhood, but no one to share it with.”

God she needed to get laid, she was sounding more pathetic than ever.

Her gaze was broken by two young men coming around the side of the house. She smiled and waived, they waived back. Rick’s friends were on break from college and were taking care of some minor repairs to the house and some yardwork. She saw them disappear inside downstairs, it was lunchtime and she figured they were coming in to wash up. Her mind started to wander and she snapped it back into place, “I am not THAT horny,” she said a little too loud, then lower “not yet at least.”

She started downstairs and her Mother’ curiosity kicked in when she heard them talking. Half wanting to see what they were talking about and half not to interrupt she stopped and listened.

“Dude, Rick’s Mom is such a ‘MILF’!” she heard Gary say.

“What the fuck is a “MILF?” she thought

“What the fuck is a ‘MILF’?” Sean answered, as if reading her mind.

“Mom I’d like to fuck!” The guys cracked up and by the sound of it high five’d the idea.

Jessica’s jaw almost fell right off her face. A smile crept up and wouldn’t stop until it spread across her whole face.

“Oh, if this is ever what I needed to hear,” she thought devilishly. All of a sudden she was very aware of what she was wearing. A three quarter length silk robe, white french cut panties and a front hook white lace bra. The clothing at once felt uncomfortable and perfect. She was very confused about what her body was doing.

She turned to go back up the stairs and change, but Sean and Gary came out of the bathroom and caught her on the steps.

“Hey Mrs. J,” Gary said.

“Yeah, hey,” echoed Sean.

She smiled nervously. “Hi fellas.” She felt like she was outside her body. They both looked at her and she saw their eyes travel down slowly during what was surely the longest silence ever. She meant to pull her robe tighter but got her fingers tangled and succeeded only in giving ankara escort bayanlar them a nice glance of her stark white lace bra and her D-sized breast. She quickly pulled the material back and rushed past them into the kitchen. She could see them in her mind smiling about the free show. Again her mind started to wander, this time though it didn’t snap back all that fast.

Sean and Gary followed her into the kitchen, paying much more attention now. They both were smitten and had every intention of seeing how far this was gonna go. Rick was their buddy, but his Mom was a piece of ass and they had no control over their libidos.

Trying not to face them Jessica opened the refrigerator and bent over leaning into it saying, “What would you boys like to eat?” As soon as the words came out of her mouth she cringed. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” she wondered. “Why do I keep doing that?”

Sean lost it. He couldn’t mistake it this time, she wanted them and he was going for it. He looked at Gary, shrugged and moved behind Jessi. She felt his strong hands glide over her ass cheeks and heard him say ” I know what I want to eat, and it’s not in the fridge.”

Gary just stared in awe as Sean made his move. Jessica stood up and faced Sean. Her robe had opened considerably, and she had planned to say something to put him in his place, but their eyes locked and all of a sudden her tongue was tied and all she could do was lower her gaze to the bulge in his pants. As she lifted her gaze, Sean took the initiative to slide his hands under her robe and around the side of her tits, totally exposing her bra covered mounds. Her nipples had now responded accordingly pointing out like brand new pencil erasers. Sean leaned in and nuzzled his face against her neck and started kissing and licking it and sucking at her earlobe. She caved and slid her arms around him. Sean reached down and working feverishly, untied her robe and let it fall to the ground. He unhooked her bra and let her tits loose, she pulled her arms back and let the bra fall off. She put her arms back around Sean’s neck and started kissing him long and deep twirling her tongue inside his mouth exploring every spot on his own tongue.

Sean buried his hands in her hair and pulled her head back roughly biting her neck and moving down to her tits. He picked her ankara esmer escortlar up and put her on the table. Gary was up and ready to jump in. They stood on either side of her alternating between her tits and her mouth, licking, biting and sucking.

Jessica left every inhibition behind. She reached for their cocks through their pants and started feeling them up. They both stood up and started stripping. Jess couldn’t believe her eyes. Both guys had swimmer’s bodies, long muscled torsos and strong legs. Her mind was blown when they stripped off their shorts displaying two huge cocks standing completely at attention.

Both Sean and Gary had the same idea and brought their cocks up to her mouth. Jess grabbed them and wasn’t letting go. She switched back and forth sucking and licking each, occasionally trying to fit both in at once. Sean reached down and started fingering her underneath her panties which felt wonderful, but when Gary joined him and she now had four large fingers buried in her snatch she almost hit the roof. The first wave came without warning she just felt a huge explosion that started between her legs and traveled right up her spine. She backed wildly against their hands and they held steady, not pulling out until she finally slowed down.

Both the boys were revved up and wanted to fuck and Jess was more than willing. She rolled over and bent over the table letting Sean have first crack. She kept Gary happy with what was surely the best blow job of his life. Both Sean and Gary held on as long as they could but neither had the best staying power. Almost at the same moment both of them blew their loads. Jess felt her womb getting coated by Sean’s sticky blast, while she gagged at Gary’s first shot down her throat, she was able to swallow the massive load and suck him clean.

She thought they were done, but she thought wrong. She felt Sean rubbing her ass and slapping his dick against her cheeks. Gary got an evil look on his face and grabbed a handful of her hair jerking his now hardening cock in front of her face. She darted out her tongue twitching as Sean now slapped his hard cock against her wet pussy, bumping repeatedly into her swollen clit. Gary started rubbing his erection against her face. Over her eyes nose and lips, pushing his balls against her mouth and forcing them between her grup yapan escortlar lips. She slathered them in saliva and stared up at him wondering what was next.

She found out.

Sean picked her up off the table and let Gary take her place on his back. Instinctively she climbed on top of Gary shoving his fat cock up her cunt and sitting down letting it fill her completely. She had wondered what Sean had in mind, but she didn’t need to wonder for long. She felt the tip of his tongue sliding down between her ass cheeks stopping at her virgin asshole. Married for a total of 17 years, her ex-husband never touched her asshole. Now a 20 year old college boy was gonna break her and she went wild over the idea.

She started fucking Gary like a madwoman trying not to hurt Sean who was on his knees behind her trying to shove his tongue up her ass. Sean finally stood up and slid the head of his cock at her anal entrance. He started pushing slowly then once the head popped past the opening he gave up being gentle and started fucking her ass like an animal. She was lost, feeling her pussy grip Gary’s huge cock and feeling Sean’s dick buried up her ass she couldn’t handle it. She started to come, but it was more than that. Her mind went ballistic.

She started bucking and screaming, begging to be fucked harder and harder. Pleading with them to hurt her, to abuse her ass and cunt until she was a cumfilled, cumsplattered mess. She wanted to taken in every position and in every hole. she told Gray to take his cock out of her pussy and force it into her ass with Sean’s cock. Over the length of the afternoon she had them double fuck every hole, fill her face with cum, fuck her in every room of the house and during one rather sex crazed state, fuck her cunt with a huge zucchini while they fucked her ass and mouth. She had gone over the edge and wanted to be treated like a total whore and the boys were only happy to oblige.

By the end of the night they were all exhausted, Jessica lie across the arm of the couch covered in cum, sweat and after a particularly insane moment in the bathroom, some piss.

Gary and Sean were passed out on the floor. The house was a mess, various inanimate objects lie around after being used to abuse their friend’s Mom in the most twisted way. They all agreed the following morning that something took them over and helped release some demons they were hiding, but as Jessica closed the front door after one last goodbye blowjob for each of them she thought to herself, “I wonder if any of Rick’s girlfriends from school would be interested in helping me clean the house.”

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