Birthday Present

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“Jordan, wake up!” shouts Ron.

“Ugh, go away, ass!” say I, still half asleep.

“Jordan, are you going to spend your 18th birthday asleep or come see what is in store for you?”

Suddenly I jump, realizing just what day it is. I am finally 18!

“Ron, what time is it?” I mumble.

“Dude, it’s nine.”

Shit! I am late! Rachel is going to be pissed! I hurry and start to get dressed. I stop and look in the mirror. Today is the day Rachel has been teasing me about for months since her own 18th birthday. I am 5’9″ with short brown hair, striking brown golden eyes, skinny, with shoulders built like a truck. I make sure I am looking the best. I pick up my phone to call Rachel to let her know I will be late.

“Hey Rachel!”

*Giggles in the background* “Hey Jordan, Where are you?”

“Sorry, late night but I am on my way!”

“Hurry, Jordan, take too long and someone’s birthday presents may disappear!” *click*

What does that mean…. Why does she always have to speak in riddles? Hearing her voice I accelerate, thinking about what possibly she has planned. Rachel and I have been together for 5 years now. I have been living on my own since I was 17. Rachel on the other hand is a daddy’s girl. I have no damn clue how I managed to date her as a rock climber and math geek. Rachel is head cheerleader, 6’1″, brunette hair to her ass, breasts of a goddess at a perfect 38C, legs that in those tiny skirts never seem to end.

Pulling up to Rachel’s house I see her two best friends’ cars are parked outside. God, I hate them. Why would Rachel do this to me! Probably going kartal genç escort to be spending the day at the mall carrying her friends’ crap. I get out of my car grumbling as I walk to the front door.

I hear a branch snap behind me, I start to turn… *thunk*

I let out a groan. My head throbbing I feel a bruise on my head.

“What the hell happened…” I moan. I try to reach up and feel my head, and I realize my arms and legs are strapped to a four-poster bed with no clothing on. I start to pull when two women come to my side, wearing tight leather corsets, their breasts about to burst out, blood red lipstick, and knee high fishnet stockings. Seeing the two of them my jaw drops open. They lean down and both kiss me, sticking their tongues deep in for a few seconds before leaning back up.

“Wow…” barely escapes my lips in a breath. The two ladies giggle.

BANG!!!! The bedroom door slams open. Standing on the threshold is Rachel, wearing a fiery red corset, her perfect breasts looking like a set of D’s over their normal C’s. A gap between her legs shows her shaven pussy glistening in the dim lighting, her long hair up in a tight bun. She carries a black leather crop and is in 8-inch stiletto boots. Rachel’s boots click against the hard floor as she walks closer to me. Seeing her gorgeous body in such an outfit makes my cock grow hard as a rock. Rachel stops and stands next to the bed looking me over. She smacks the crop hard on my chest and in a fake Russian accent says, “Hello Jordan, I believe it’s time for you to behave or I will be forced to bayan kartal escort take pleasure away!”

Rachel’s friends giggle again, hearing her accent. Rachel throws a dark look at them and they straighten back up. Rachel’s friends walk back around and help her onto the bed. I smile at the view of Rachel’s glistening pussy right above me. Rachel starts leaning her pussy down, holding it an inch from my face. I smell the sweet sent of her juices. She lowers herself for a few seconds letting me taste her sweetness, keeps teasing me, making me moan for more. Her juices are like an addictive drug!

“Oh Rachel! Please give me your pussy! I need it!” I moan loudly.

“Oh you want this?” Rachel grinds her wet pussy onto my face, grinding it hard. She stands back up and slaps the crop on her boots. “Well, what would you do for it then?”

Grinning naughtily, “I will show you!”

Rachel sits down on top of my face. She starts grinding her pussy back and forth on top of my face. Taking advantage of her pussy’s closeness I slide my tongue deep into her tight pussy, feeling the walls tighten around my tongue and pull it further in. Rachel’s friends, who were standing stone still, move to her side and start pulling on her nipples, bending down and sucking on them. Rachel lets out a long moan. I remove my tongue from her slit and lick it lightly around the edges, teasing her swollen bud with only the lightest and briefest of touches.

Smack! Rachel slaps the crop into my thighs. “Be a man, Jordan, eat me now!”

I speed up my licks and start nibbling escort kartal bayan Rachel’s clit. Rachel’s honey flows fast, pouring over my face. I bite her clit a bit harder and Rachel starts to scream with pleasure. Rachel’s grinds start to slow as she orgasms and the juices pour all over my face and bed. I move in to lick her clean.

Rachel’s two friends help her down once again. “Good, Jordan, seems you may be worthy of being a man now. Let’s see how well this cock works!” Rachel lets her long hair down from its tight bun, flowing down to her ass like a wave of molten gold. This time with out her friends’ help Rachel throws her leg over me, shoving her pussy down on top of my cock as if it were a saddle of a horse. Her tight pussy squeezes my cock tightly, not letting it be free to move around. Rachel’s friends move over to my face. Both start licking my wet face clean of Rachel’s sweet honey. Both girls hum at the taste. Rachel thrusts hard down on my hard cock, making me moan at the feeling of her vault being penetrated over and over.

Rachel lets out a long load moan, “Girls, come here now!” The girls stop kissing me to go to her side. Rachel hands the crop over and with one hand for each woman begins to rub their pussies as she keeps grinding on my cock. I start to feel building pressure seeing Rachel rub her friends into their own orgasms.

I yell out at the top of my lungs, “OH, GOD YES, RACHEL!!! GOD YES!!!” as my load explodes deep into Rachel’s tight hole.

Rachel keeps grinding, letting herself find herself having a new orgasm on my dripping hard cock. Rachel slides my hard cock out of her wet pussy and starts untying my arms and legs. Once the last of the straps is undone I grab her, pinning her to my chest. I give her a long passionate kiss. “I love you goddess,” I whisper softly.

“I love you, hot stuff.”

“This is my favorite birthday.”

“Who ever said it is over, Jordan?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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