Birthday Weekend

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So the weekend has finally came. I just turned 18, yesterday. Had one hell of a birthday, had sex at school, got road head on my way home from school, and finished the day off by having one hell of a time with a couple at the sex store.

So it’s Saturday morning, I wake up to my sexy aunt texting me, ‘Be at my house at noon. Don’t be late.’ So I get up and shower, shave everything, to include my groin, balls, chest, and arms. I get dressed and jump in my Jeep and head towards my aunt’s house.

My aunt lives out in the woods in a really nice wooden cabin, all by herself. The house has a built in ground pool in the back. It’s two stores tall, with a second floor deck. This house is amazing, it’s like my dream house. Thinking back to all the great times I’ve had in this house so far. Between walking in on my aunt getting railed by some buff black dude, to her cooking in just an apron. This house is magically and never a dull moment.

So I park the Jeep in the garage and walk into the house. I immediately smell her cooking something in the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen to find this ass just staring at me. As this redheaded woman is bent over, getting something out of the dish washer. She stands up, wearing only a bikini. A thong bikini at that. Her ass looks almost as good as my aunts. And she turns to face me, with what looks to be DD tits, maybe bigger. She introduces herself as Amanda, and we shake hands as I’m staring at these lovely green eyes of hers.

Just then my aunt walks in, “Ohh hey, when did u get here sweetie.”

“Ohh I just walked in. Who is your friend?” I reply. She introduced me to her friend, Amanda.

And Terri introduces Amanda to me, “This is the guy I was telling you about earlier.”

“Ohh really now. Ohh boy, I’ve heard a lot about you. And can’t wait to find out more as well.” said Amanda. So I ask them what they’re up to. Terri tells me that they’re just making lunch and then they’re gonna go for a swim out back. So we ate some lunch then proceeded out to the back deck. Amanda and I sit down on the chairs and wait for Terri to join us. We chit chat a little bit till Terri decides to finally join us.

Terri Isparta Escort walks out with a huge tray. This tray contains a bottle of Patron, margarita mix, bucket of ice, lime juice, and 3 glasses. “Drinks anyone?” Terri asks us. I reply with a hell yes. Amanda also says yes. So Terri makes the drinks and asks us what we’ve been talking about. We say nothing really, just about our day and stuff.

So I’m already 3 drinks in, to their 2 drinks. I decide it’s time to go for a little swim. So I walk over to the jukebox and put on some music. Once the music starts I walk over to one of the lounge chairs. Take off my clothes and jump in naked. I love coming over here cause all we ever do is skinny dip and I love it. So just as I take off my shorts and expose my cock, Amanda gasps in wow. “OMG, I cant believe it’s actually that big. I’ve heard of the stories but now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Mhmm. Tonight is gonna be fun.”

I then say, “So what’s going on tonight ladies?” Terri tells me you’ll just have to wait and see. As she stands up, pops her top off and exposes to amazing rack. Then as she starts walking to me, she unties her bottoms and lets them fall to the ground. She then walks up to me and kisses me deeply.

Amanda then gets up, takes her clothes off, walks up to us and immediately drops down to a catchers position and takes my entire cock into her mouth in one gulp. I couldn’t believe my eyes, no one has ever done that before. Terri then steps back and drops down and they both start sharing my cock. One is on my cock while the other is on my balls. It’s feels amazing, so amazing that I tilt my head back. And just as I do that, one of them pushes me and I fall back into the pool. The pool feels to be just about perfect temperature. I come up to the top for air. I tell them, “Wow the water feels great. Now get your asses in here.” Amanda jumps right in, splashing me with water. As Terri walks over to the stairs, and slowly walks down them, looking so seductive while she does it.

All of a sudden I feel something in my cock. I look down and see Amanda giving me head under water. Wow does this girl know how to suck dick. Isparta Escort Bayan Just as Terri reaches me, Amanda comes up for air. But just as Amanda comes up, Terri goes down. But I don’t feel anything, I look over at Amanda and she looks like she’s about to orgasm. So I look down and see Terri sucking on her pussy. The sight of that is just thrilling to me. Makes me so much more harder. So I reach down and grab Terri’s hips. Pull her to the surface, then throw her up in the air and catch her legs. “This is how you do it.” As I grab her and pull her in close and start eating her pussy.

Just then I feel Amanda climbing on my, and feel my cock entering her pussy. She’s so wet, even through the water. She slowly rocks back and forth until she’s able to fit my entire cock into her. Once she’s all the way in, I start to walk forward until I reach the end of the pool. Where she then reaches back to grab the edge of the pool for support and begins to bounce up and down on my cock. Splashing water every, meanwhile my aunt is getting close to cumming.

Terri is so damn wet her juices are running down my freshly shaven smooth chest. Then I feel Amanda licking my chest and realize she’s licking up Terri’s juices. Too damn hot for me to experience. It cause me to start thrusting forward into Amanda’s pussy even harder. Then I feel Amanda working her way up to my chest. Then she stops, and when she starts again she’s not on my chest, but I can feel her tongue on my chin. So I pull back a bit to see what she’s doing. And I see she’s licking Terri’s asshole. Mhmm that just gets me. I start fucking Amanda even harder. So hard that she can’t concentrate on what she’s doing. And that’s just when Terri squirts on my face. I try to catch as much as I can in my mouth. Terri came so hard that’s she collapses onto me hard. I have to catch her back because she started to fall backwards. So Amanda hops off my cock, and I carry Terri out of the pool and lay her down on the lounge chair.

After I grab Terri some water I turn to Amanda to find her on the swing next to the pool. But then the song Black and Yellow comes on, and she stands up and bends Escort Isparta over the swing and starts to twerk her ass. Her ass looks so amazing just bouncing up and down. But in the middle of the twerk, when her ass is at its highest. I see something shinny coming from her ass crack. I ask her, “What’s that shinny from your ass?”

She replies with, “Ohh what, you mean my butt plug.” As she spreads her ass, grabs the plug and pulls it. It pops out, and I see it’s a massive plug. Most likely a size large. I’m like Damn! That thing is huge. She tells me that yea I love anal sex and love to stretch my ass out.

So I walk over to her, grab the plug from her hand, and bring it up to my face. I smell it, then shove it in my mouth n taste her juices from her ass. Makes me moan they taste so good. I then proceed to grab her hips. Spin her around, push her to make her bend over. Tell her to spread them. So she grabs both ass cheeks and spreads them as wide as she can. I shove my face into her ass and shove my tongue in her gaping hole. Her ass looks amazing but it tastes so much better. After eating it awhile. I stand up, line my cock up and shove it all in, in one swoop. First time I’ve ever been able to bottom out in an ass in one push before. She moans and damn near squirts. I can feel her juices just running down her leg and onto mine. So I start thrusting and just gaping her ass even more. She’s in pure heaven, pure ecstasy, loving my cock with each thrust.

She just keeps on telling me to keep fucking her ass, that she loves it. It feels so good that I’m about to explode. So I tell her, are you ready for it. So then says yes but cum inside me. So I thrust in deep and unload it all into her. Just as I do it I can feel her cum and see her squirt all over the ground. I go and pull out n drop down but before she can attempt to push any of my cum out. I pop the plug back into her ass. “Why don’t you save that for later sweetie.” I tell her. She smiles and says yes daddy.

And we finish up and start to clean up. I look over at my aunt and she’s just going to town on her pussy with a dildo. Not just any dildo, but a dildo that she made by cloning my cock. She squirts and it goes everywhere. I walk over to her, get down and clean up her pussy and all her juices with my tongue. God she tastes so damn amazing. I swear I’m in love with her, truly.

She then gets up, and tells me, “Well that’s a good start to the weekend, but we’ve just gotten started sweetie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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