Bit of a Risk Ch. 02

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I guess I have to admit that I felt like a naughty schoolgirl as I drove down to the local watering hole to visit with my friend Pam.

Pam and I became friends quickly, she is perhaps a half dozen years younger than me, but we hit it right off.

I could hardly wait to tell her all about my experience with Terry. Pam had teased me often, cracking jokes about how I rejected every single lame advance some half drunk customer made. She found it funny then when I told her I thought I needed a man.

One thing led to another after she suggested I just hire one, the thought had never crossed my mind.

Then Pam gave me that website address. Lord, that was something. How men could post photos of themselves naked with erections is beyond me, but then I knew that women did things like that too.

I got my courage up and actually answered one, the ad seemed nice and there was no photo of him standing there displaying himself.

My mid-western conservative upbringing was still with me in that respect although three times married and a few rare partners meant I was no prudish virgin by any means. Actually four times married, I remarried my last husband Tom a second time.

I guess I got lucky because the ad I answered led me to Terry. He was a good looking young man, maybe 25 or so. He had a disarming lopsided grin that made him look like he was up to something and I guess he was, considering the massage session he had given me.

Good lord, he teased me and took me to orgasms I didn’t know I could have, part of it was the sheer naughtiness of letting a total stranger have access to the most intimate parts of my body, part of it was my body was crying out for touch.

I had gone over there with reservations, actually intending it to be nothing more than a massage. That is what I told myself, anyway. The truth probably was that I was hoping for something, I just was not sure what.

Terry was at ease and had the magic ability to put me at ease quickly. Then he had used his hands to play my body like an instument, he used exactly the right words at exactly the right time.

When the pretense was gone, I was his to do with as he liked. My hips bucked up, wanting him to invade my inner recesses but he just used his hands. The combination of lust and sheer naughtiness of the situation set me off in a way I couldn’t remember. I can’t say my orgasms were better or more intense than I had ever known, but they were certainly different somehow.

Pam grinned at me as I slid onto one of the stools, then she poured me a glass of juice and slid it down the bar to me. I looked around, there was only two other customers, both mature men. Both of them looked like someone had just ran over their Dog as they nursed their drinks.

“So what’s up, Sally?” Pam asked me as she shuffled some bottles around.

“I took your advice.” I grinned at her.

“My advice? OH! Wow, no shit? Who?”

“Just some guy named Terry, he is a kid but damn did he have good hands.”

“Hands?” She asked, a curious look on her face.

“Yea, he was running an ad for a massage practice partner, so I answered it.” I took a sip of my juice.

“You go, girl! No shit? How was he?”

“It was way better than I expected, and he sure wasn’t shy.” I grinned at her.

Pam laughed, then she went to wait on a couple that just came in.

She was back in minutes. “Well, did you get laid?” She laughed.

“Not exactly, he just did a really nice massage, is all.”

“Just a massage?”

“Yea, two hours of it…with extras.”

We both laughed at that.

“Good, I’ll bet you feel better, huh?”

“Yes, I do. I could use another session like that, too. But I can’t believe I even did that, hell, he could have been a serial killer or something.”

“Naw, not likely. If he did get out of line, just mace his ass.”

I thought about the little cannister of mace Pam had given me, I had left it in my purse a good ten feet away.

We chatted in segments as she worked the bar, as it started to fill up and get noisy I gave her a wave and headed home.

I made dinner and settled in for the night, Terry and his hands on me kept popping into my head. It was the same the next day at work. I saw the string of mostly older patients complaining about Arthritis, there was one referral I sent to dermatology but other than that it was a normal day at work.

I got home that night and was watching TV without really seeing it, then my phone rang.

I picked it up, it was Terry. That was a surprise.

“Hi, Sally! I just wanted to do a followup, how are you feeling? Did you like the massage?”

“I…uhhh..Yes, thank you. It was great, I really needed it.” I felt myself suddenly blush, nervous. The thought of his hands between my legs, on my breasts, me naked and grunting flashed into my mind. I was sure it showed in my voice.

Lord, what did I just say? I had let this young man rub and touch my naked body, he had his hands between my legs, masturbating me and I let him.

Now he was calling like everything was almanbahis adres perfectly normal and he was just inquiring about my…health?

“That’s good, I need the feedback. Hey, I was thinking, would you like to go to dinner with me?”

“You are asking me out?” I managed, surprised again.

“Yes, I guess I am!” He laughed.

“How about it, I could use the company.”

“I…well…I am way too old for you, Terry.”

“No, you aren’t. Besides, you are beautiful, I know I will enjoy your company.”

Beautiful? Me? I felt a little flutter, good grief.

“Well, all right. Dinner it is. Where are we going?”

“Does Roscoe’s sound nice? They have good steaks and even a live band tonight in the lounge.”

“OK.” I knew the club but I had never been there, it was a rather fancy place down by the river.

“I will need about an hour, I will have to get dressed.”

“OK. Hey, is a taxi all right?”


“Yea, I don’t have a car.”

For some reason that was funny but I managed to stifle the laugh.

“How about I pick you up, we can use mine.”

“OH. Well…OK.”

I told him the time, then rushed upstairs to shower. I put on one of my longer evening gowns, it wasn’t too dressy but looked nice. A quick dab of makeup and I blow dried my hair and brushed it out.

I looked myself over in the mirror, not bad at all. Just the right amount of cleavage, matching shoes and purse. I slipped the set of beautiful diamond studs I had inherited from my friend Lee into my ears, perfect. Then I got in the Impala and drove over to his apartment.

I knocked on the door, he answered with a big smile, then his face fell. He was wearing blue jeans and a western shirt. We both started laughing, he stood aside to let me in.

“Be right back, I will go change!” He said over his shoulder as he vanished into a side room.

He was back in what had to be less than two minutes, wearing slacks and a matching sports coat. I noticed he had a string tie on, it had been a long time since I saw one of those.

“May I drive?” He asked, holding the door for me.

“Sure.” I slid in and settled into the seat, he got behind the wheel and started the engine.

“Nice car!” He said, then shifted into gear and expertly slid into traffic.

Terry handed the keys to the valet, we were seated quickly since he had reservations. The view of the river was nice, he kept asking me questions about myself. He was easy to talk to, I found myself telling him about my training, my marriages, right up to my latest and losing Tom.

He was really curious about how I had found him, why I had responded to his ad. I told him I was just bored, and in the mood for touch, feeling myself blush again as I thought of his hands and how they had been busy with my body.

“You know, we aren’t actually allowed to…do anything like that in our sessions, but…” Now he blushed mildly. Hell, he looked sweet, and I felt my confidence building again.

“But what?”

“You are so…attractive and your body seemed to…need touch?” He looked right at me, his eyes seemed to reach right inside.

“It had been quite awhile.” I answered. My hand came up with a mind of it’s own and flipped my hair back.

“Yes, for me too. I have been so busy with school, we have clients that come in and we work on them but it’s not the same as the real world.”

“It was that way in school for me, too.”

“Tell me about school, what it was like for you.”

Terry listened intently as I told him of some of my experiences. I even told him of the time I was the pretend patient as our class gave physicals, even about the pelvic exams from every single member of our class. I had been so very young and a virgin at the time, that was quite an experience.

“We see quite a bit of nudity in our classes, too. Everybody gets used to it and each other.”

I understood that.

“So what made you decide to become a massuer?” I asked him.

“I was actually taking computer programming lessons, plus business, but the idea of sitting in front of a screen for the rest of my life was going to drive me nuts.”

I nodded as two more drinks arrived. I decided to take it easy since I was already feeling the effects.

“I saw an ad on TV so I called and signed up for the course. I found I liked it lots better, I get to meet new people and work when I want to.”

“The income will probably be a lot less.” I told him.

“Yes, probably but I have an idea about that, too. I want to run classes, continuing education stuff.”

“Really? Don’t they teach you all you need to know in school?”

“No, not really. They ignore the marketing, then dealing with phone calls, concerns about the client perhaps wanting more than a massage and how to deal with all of that.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. Terry had obviously broken every rule and law there is when he massaged me.

He grinned at me.

“Yea, I know. But I also know we will need to be able to deal with…everything, sometimes.”

“So how almanbahis adres will your classes work?” I asked.

“I will use a model, I plan on teaching my students how to deal with phone calls, how to market themselves. If some guy calls making suggestive comments, they could just hang up but that means no client. So my idea is to convert those types into clients by establishing boundries. There is more than that but that is the basics. Plus I want to own a nice spa, do wraps and everything a person could imagine.”

“I suppose having an attractive model on the table will help you get students for those classes, too?” I grinned at him.

Terry actually blushed, then grinned at me. I got that part.

Glancing at my watch, I was surprised to see it approaching midnight and I had a shift at 8 AM.

Terry saw the motion and stood up, he held my hand as we went out and retrieved my car.

When we got to his apartment he smiled and asked if he could kiss me. That was another first, before any man that wanted to kiss me just leaned in and did it.

The touch of his lips made my loins tingle, I expected him to ask me up and I was thinking I was ready but instead he got out and said good night.

I sat there for a few moments before I put the car into gear and drove home.

I had a vivid dream that night of strong hands working my body, then that turned into a dream of my late husband making love to me.

I woke up with the Sun shining in my window, I moved over on my bed into the light and lay there for awhile. I couldn’t help letting my fingers slip down between my legs. That was nice and helped my mood. I got up and showered, headed off to another normal day at the clinic.

Terry called again that evening, we chatted about everything under the Sun and then some. I was waiting for him to invite me over, ask me out, something. But all we did was talk, he had ideas in his head and it was like he was running them by me to see what I thought.

Then three days went by with no call, I decided he had just gone on with his life. After all, he was so young, and me? I was in the beginning stages of becoming an old lady, I was going to be 50 in just a few short years.

I went down to the bar and visited with Pam, in between fending off a couple of guys that did everything short of spread their tail feathers. There was one good looking man sitting at the end of the bar quietly, he never approached me but our eyes met once and he smiled, then went back to his drink. I checked him out, he was handsome and in shape, well dressed, wearing an expensive looking leather jacket. There was a trace of greying at his temples.

I even asked Pam about him, she just shrugged and told me he came in once a week or so, had one drink and left.

“Real quiet guy, you interested?” She beamed at me.

“No, not really.” I answered, glancing back down at him. He looked up again, caught my eye, a lazy trace of a smile crossed his lips and he looked away.

“OK..Have it your way. Say! Have you been back to see that kid?” She asked.

“No, but he did ask me out on a date.”

“A date? Neat! Did you get laid then?”

I laughed, Pam has a one track mind sometimes.

“No, it was just a date.”

She looked at me oddly, shook her head, then went back down to bar to serve a customer.

I finally left, I was still thinking of Terry.

Saturday arrived, I was right in the middle of making myself some scrambled eggs when the phone rang. I picked it up groaning, thinking it was my office wanting me to fill in for the Saturday schedule, they did that about once a month.

I hated Saturdays, it was always all housewives pushing reluctant husbands in for a checkup.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard Terry’s voice.

“Hi, Sally! I was hoping you were free this afternoon, I have something to show you. I want to know what you think.”

“About what?” I was mildly confused.

“Just wait and see, I will pick you up at around one? Oh, I bought a car, too.”

“OK. One it is, where are we going?”

“I will tell you then, just normal clothes is fine, too.”

I giggled at that, he was warning me, probably afraid I would wear a fancy outfit or something. I had noticed on our one date that he spent a lot of time fiddling with that string tie, almost like it was some foreign object or something.

I had on a light blouse and slacks when he showed up. Feeling naughty I skipped the bra, the one good thing about my body is my bust has dropped probably less than an inch, I can still fill out a blouse nicely without one.

“Ready?” He asked. I nodded, he showed me out to an older Ford, it seemed to be in good shape. He even held the door for me. As soon as he got in behind the wheel I scooted over close to him, he looked at me, then grinned.

We must have driven for close to a half hour, finally pulling up in front of an older building. The place had huge windows in the front, paint was peeling off. He got out and ushered me inside. There were rooms everywhere, it was larger inside than it almanbahis adres looked like outside. Apparently it had been an office building of some kind.

“My future spa!” He announced. Then he went into detail as to where he was going to put a sauna, he showed me all of the rooms that were for massages, there was even an area in the back he wanted to put a large hot tub for outdoors soaks, it was like a covered patio.

“All of this is going to be expensive.” I told him.

“Yea, I know, but I got a pretty good inheritance from my Grandmother, it was almost $20,000.” He grinned at me.

I glanced around, I knew from what he had described that that was not going to be nearly enough.

“The payments are only $900 per month!” He added.

“You bought this then?”

“Yep. It’s all mine!”

I nodded, we looked the old building over some more, then went back to the car. Terry drove quietly, we pulled up in front of his apartment.

“I thought that…you might like to come in?” He smiled at me. He seemed so happy.

I smiled back and nodded, the door barely shut behind us and he turned to look at me. We each took one step and I was in his arms. I felt his lips on mine and my head swam again. Everything became a blur of eagerness and we were in his bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, my blouse askew and open, my slacks left behind somewhere, all I had on was a pair of panties.

He stood before me barechested, I watched as his hands unfastened his belt and stripped it off. He released the catch at his waist and slid his jeans down, stepped out of them. Standing there in just a pair of briefs, he looked at me expectantly. I shrugged the blouse off my shoulders, watching as his eyes dropped to my bare breasts.

Then he reached down and tucked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs, stripped them down. His erection sprang free, swinging upwards. I reached out and took him in my hands, he was very large. I reached around and pulled on his hips, pressing him against my bare breasts, he released his breath with a sigh as I did that.

As he was pressing me back, I felt his hands tugging at first one side of my panty, then the other as I lifted my hips to help him. My legs splayed open as he stripped them off my legs and dropped them on the floor. In one eager motion he was pressed against me and then slid inside, I was fully wet and ready.

There was no real foreplay, there was no need.

My body released with the very first stroke and then just kept on, each climax building into the next until I lost track of anything but the sensation.

The next thing I knew was Terry lay on his side with his head cradled in his hand, propped up on one elbow. He was just watching me, looking at me.

He was still fully erect.

I reached out and stroked him with one hand, neither one of us said a word. His eyelids fluttered and he uttered a soft moan, his erection felt wonderful in my hand. It was still extremely firm, soft and rubbery and slick with our joined juices. He reached out with one hand and fondled one of my breasts, more waves of pleasure wafted over me.

“That was fun.” He said, finally.

“I really hadn’t intended….” Was all I managed.

“Sure you did!” He grinned. “But it just…happened.”

“I know, I didn’t mind one bit!” I grinned at him.

Just then his eyelids did that flutter again, I felt his erection jerk and he sprayed off into my busy hands. I felt him soften slightly, but he was still fairly firm.

That was not something I was really used to. He put his arms around me and held me, nuzzling softly at my neck. Then he slid up on top of me and entered me again! He lasted longer this time and I managed to stay alert, basking in each thrust, each sensation.

No man had ever managed this much before in my life, I realized I was going to be sore as I felt his body shudder and release again.

Later, we took turns showering, when he came out I was just slipping on my blouse. Terry had a towel wrapped around his waist, he slipped it off and reached for his jeans. He was still partly erect, I couldn’t believe it.

“Doesn’t that thing ever go down?” I asked him with a giggle.

He just laughed, pulled on his shirt and started snapping up the buttons. I noticed they were all snap type fastenings rather than regular buttons.

I thought about his project, his big plans. One thing I had no shortage of at all was capital, I was thinking that perhaps he and I might just join up, build that spa he had planned. The ideas he had mentioned would be a couple of hundred grand, I knew.

Who knows, it might even turn out to be a good investment?

All of that was running through my head as I leaned against his shoulder in the car.

What a hunk of a man, and willing to work, with hopes and dreams. Plus he knew his way around a woman, he had given me one of the most intense experiences in my life.

I was thinking that I might be in love, who knows? We could have a future together, maybe be a team? My skills as a physician would fit right in, in a spa type setting.

All of that ran through my head as my right hand idly stroked his chest. We pulled up in front of my house, he leaned down and kissed me again, lightly. He slid one hand inside my blouse, cupped my breast gently.

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