Bittersweet Memories

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This story is based on true events. The characters are 18. Names have been changed.


The sounds of our feet hitting the bricks were only muffled by our heavy breathing. I glanced at my friend. She was staring off into space, concentrating on whatever motivated her to keep up with my pace.

Her body was in rhythm. Her shoulder length brown hair bounced back and forth in the ponytail. Her breasts, although hidden behind a sports bra and tank top, continued to shake with each impact. I turned the corner and shot off in a sprint.

“Jake!” Jasmine shouted in defeat.

I am not an athlete by any means, nor have I ever been one to work out. But for whatever reason I decided to enlist in the Air Force. Not one of my brightest ideas.

I watched her jog up to me from her front lawn. Her parents were rich. The mother a lawyer, her father a doctor. Their house? Massive.

“Water?” I asked, like I was about to die.

Let me catch you up to speed. Until recently I was in a very committed relationship to a girl I absolutely loved. And to this day, even as I’m writing this, I still love her. But sometimes what we love is not best for us. And it took a long time to figure that out.

I met Jasmine through my sister during my relationship, and right away I could tell she had a crush on me. I never really had much attention from girls. It was always me chasing them. So in this regard it was refreshing and nice. But I didn’t think of her in that way. I was in love with the girl of my dreams.

But I became close friends with her. I talked to her. I laughed at her. Every time she would chase me down after school. Running just to walk with me, book bag and band instrument in tow. She comforted me when my girlfriend and I broke up for a week.

She would stay over at my house. After my sister would go to bed we would talk until the sun came up. I showed her movies her parents didn’t approve of. She would speak to me in French. She was very smart, and underneath her nerd appearance, she was beautiful.

Jasmine pulled a key out of her pocket and unlocked her door.

“My dad is at work and my mom took my sister to her recital.” She explained, walking into the kitchen.

“Hello? Earth to Jake?”

“Sorry.” I said as I snapped out of my thoughts. I took a glass of water from her outstretched hand.

We downed our cups in awkward silence. What should I do? This girl is a respectable girl. What could I do? I’m feeling a bit nervous.

“So…wanna go sit on the couch?” I asked, already walking to her living room. She followed.

“Man I’m sweaty.” She said, removing her tank top.

Ok, sports bra. No big deal.

“Maybe we should take a shower together. Save water?” I suggested.

“Perhaps.” She said laughing, right before she leaned in and started to kiss me.

Thank God she made the first move.

We made out for quite a while before my hands started to explore her body. I started at her neck, let my fingers glide down, cupping her breasts through the sports bra.

“You should get on top of me.”

She stopped kissing me for a moment and shook her head no.

My hands moved back up to her breasts.

“Can I see them?” I asked.

“No you may not.”

I broke off the kiss and sat up. I wasn’t angry, but if we were doing this I would want more. I don’t want to rush her. It’s better to cool off.

“Maybe I need to get a condom.” I said, half jokingly and half testing the waters.

“Oh I know where my dad keeps his.” She said with a smile as she started to kiss me again.

This time I got brave. I reached my hand under her bra, not easy I admit. But I met no resistance. My fingertip just brushed her nipple as the phone rang and scared us both to death.

We both jumped up and she answered the phone.

“Hello?” she spoke.

Silently I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck. My other hand found her stomach. Bravely I started slowly making my way south.

My fingertips went under the waistband of her shorts. She didn’t grab my hand. Or slap it. My heart was racing, I may have sweated even more than on my run.

I found her underwear. My fingertips danced around where her skin met her panties. I almost withdrew. But if I couldn’t dare touch this girl how could I go into the military?

My fingers went under. I was convinced her dad could hear my heart beating on the other end of the line. Still no slap, no jerk. I felt public hair. She didn’t shave which oddly drove me wild. This pure girl. I played with her hair, letting my fingers run through it. I decided I wouldn’t go lower. I had too much respect for her. I loved her. I removed my hand as she hung up.

“My dad is finishing up at work. Then he’ll rush here to get me so we can go to the recital.” She explained.

“I could help you with your shower.” I smiled, kissing her.

Ultimately I decided it would be best for me to go before her dad arrived. Her parents like me as a friend. But they are rich. People in their family have Eryaman Escort respectable jobs. Go to college. They know Jasmine likes me. But I was no suitor to their daughter.

“One more thing. I’m not going on vacation with them. So I’m staying at your house.” She just started working at Arby’s and apparently her parents didn’t think it was right for her to miss work so soon. God bless them.

I kissed her goodbye and left.

I had her smell on me. I could still feel her hair on my fingertips. Her lips on mine. My head was in the clouds the whole way home.

So how did I go from being so in love from one girl to the next? Well I’ll tell you.

It was late. I was hungry. I spent an hour on the phone talking to my girl. The one girl I’ve always loved since third grade. The girl of my dreams.

The girl who kissed other boys and cheated on me. Left me in tears most nights. I still took her back. Like an idiot.

But not this time. After a couple times of breaking up for a week at a time then getting back together, it was finally over.

I cried. I’m not ashamed to admit it. But I was also hungry. I hadn’t even been downstairs in hours. Since my girlfriend…my ex’s best friend told me she cheated on me.

So I finally emerged from my room and downstairs heading into the kitchen when Jasmine said hello.

“Hey.” I said, in a hurry to avoid conversations. But she saw my puffy eyes. I grabbed some food and headed back upstairs.

I woke up and looked at the clock. It was a bit after midnight.

Jasmine was asleep on a chair as I quietly walked past her to the bathroom. Her eyes were open when I came back out.

“Hey.” She said, waking up.

“Hey sorry to wake you.” I looked at her. She was braless in a tank top, her bottom half covered by a blanket.

“You didn’t wake me. Your sister fell asleep hours ago and I fell asleep out of boredom. Wanna watch a movie with me?” She asked.

“Sure. Hey! Let’s watch 10 Things I Hate About You! You have to see it. It came out some years ago but it’s good.” I said. “It’s about two sisters who can’t date. And this guy really likes the younger one. But the he gets this guy to date the older one so he can date the younger one.”

“It’s Shakespeare! That’s the exact plot of the Taming of the Shrew.” She explained as she moved over in the chair. I sat down next to her and looked at her. Possibly for the first time.

“Sorry about earlier. It’s over. We broke up. I wanted to be alone.” I said looking at her soft brown eyes.

“its okay.” She said resting her body into mine. I wrapped my arm around her. Not in a sexual way. In a way that I just wanted to be comforted. I wanted to be close to someone. She leaned her head on me and we watched the movie.

She got up to get a drink and I followed her. She was about to say something but I picked her up and put her on the counter.

Our lips touched and my heart began to race. I started to shake as if this was the first girl I’ve ever kissed.

I started kissing her neck as my hand felt her breasts. I started lifting up her tank top but she stopped me.

We sat in the chair under the blanket for a while. Finally I kissed her goodnight and went up to bed.

Was this just a rebound? No. I was just suppressing the feelings I’ve always had for her. Despite how many times my ex cheated on me, I would never do that. I stayed faithful. Unless you believe having a close friend who’s a girl who you can go for support cheating, then I suppose I am guilty.


“Jake can you grab the pan for me?” Jasmine asked.

Her family was on vacation and she was making food in my kitchen. My sister was annoyed we were spending so much time together. It was her friend after all. I don’t blame her I guess.

But we would share our passions and stories. Our fears.

We loved each other. But we never said it.

We could never be together.

Admitting our love would make it hurt even worse.

I gave her backrubs in our living room, feeling her breasts up every so often. We would sneak away and make out. We would play games and go on walks.

Why on earth did I stay with a girl so long who played with my emotions? Love can turn you into an idiot.

We never went too far. I knew she was a virgin and I didn’t want to rush anything. I didn’t care about that. I just cared about her.


“A girl and a boy.” She replied.

“not if you were married to me.” I smiled. She playfully punched me. The week was almost over and we were up late again in the night. Two people afraid of what the world thought to pursue their dreams.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked.

“I was in a relationship for years. Love without sex is just as crazy and ridiculous as sex without love.” I replied.

I didn’t want to hurt her. To just come out and say, I’ve been with a woman.

She kissed me.

“It’s late and we both have to work in the morning.”

“Jazzy…Do I have to go to bed?”

I had Escort Eryaman the most incredible dream that night. Her parents came and visited us. As man and wife. I’ll swear it to this day it was as real as you or me. Or the device you’re reading this on. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as that dream.

I woke up to the sun. Something was wrong. Today Jasmine would be going home. But that wasn’t it. I woke up late! I ran downstairs and into the bathroom and got dressed in record time. Coming out of the bathroom Jasmine was waiting.

“You’re late too?” I asked. I still had time to make it to work but she was late. I felt bad.

“Yes but it will be fine. I’m off to college at the end of summer I don’t really need a job anyway. Besides…I had the most incredible dream last night.”

“Oh my God me too! I dreamt your parents supported us!”

She dropped her belongings on the floor, mouth wide open.

“I swear I dreamt the exact same thing!”

“Jazzy I have to go.” We kissed. Message me tonight on MSN.”

The day went by in a dull. I missed her already.

We chatted and talked about the dream over the old fashioned instant messenger that night, talking about dreams coming true.

But we knew it couldn’t be true.

Weeks went by where we were both busy, we would just chat online when we could.

Until one night the phone rang.

“So I’ll be leaving for college soon.” Jasmine spoke on the phone. “Would you like to see a movie with me tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

That night came and she picked me up in her moms mini van. Must Love Dogs was the movie. It was romantic but I just held held her hand knowing she would be leaving. I should have left first. It might have been easier.

After the movie we drove to the park and walked around. Idle chitchat. When we got back to the van we both climbed in the backseat.

We kissed like it was our last night alive. I kissed her neck and her chest. Peeling her tank top down and moving her bra cups I saw her beautiful breasts. I felt them and kissed them. I sat back up and started kissing her neck again. My hands went in her skirt and under her panties and I immediately found her clit.

She gasped. I never asked if she masturbated. I know no man had ever touched her like I did. But I wondered if she knew the feeling at all. I wanted to give her pleasure.

Her moans came louder.

“Slow down…” she said in between breaths. She didn’t remove my hand from her dripping pussy but I did. I put my fingers to my nose and mouth, smelling her and tasting her.

I didn’t know if she meant finger her slower or just slow down in general. So my fingers found her clit again. I moved my fingers slower.

She touched my arm. I stopped and removed my hand. Fixed her clothing. And we held each other. Her phone rang.

“Shit. Its my mom I have to go. They know what time the movie got out.”

“Drop me off by the cemetery, I’ll walk home. From there.”

She pulled over and I kissed her goodbye. Her moms car smelling exactly like my fingers did.

I immediately went into my room and pulled out my dick. It was throbbing. Jacking off with one hand while still smelling Jasmine on the other, I came in no time.

I took a shower and was about to go to bed but decided to write Jasmine an email, but I already had one.

Jake. Come to my house around 2 am.

That’s all she said.

My heart raced as I waited across the street. I saw her light come on and her window open. I couldn’t hear her but her hand pointed towards the back door.

She was waiting for me as I walked up. Locking the door back up, she held a finger to her lips to silence me and she took my hand and led me up the back stairs.

Another plus of being rich, huge house. She lived in the attic and her sister and parents lived on the second floor. The back staircase led only to the attic.

“Thank you for coming. I needed to see you again. After earlier.” She blushed as she put her hair in a pony tail.

She ran her fingers through my black hair as she pulled me in for a kiss.

We made our way to her bed. Her room was surprisingly messy. Books lined the walls. Clothes, underwear and bras littered the floor.

She pulled me down on top of her and felt my cock press into her. Her hand rubbed it over my jeans.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

She sat up a bit and lifted her shirt off. For a moment I was distracted by the most wonderful pair of C cup breasts I have ever seen. Her puffy nipples were hard.

“Just for one night. I don’t want to give a damn about the world.” She said lifting my shirt off. “About who our parents want us to be or who our parents approve us to be with. Tonight there isn’t anything else in the world except us.”

I kissed down her body, pulling her pajama pants off as I went. I kissed her pussy over her panties as I undid my own pants.

I don’t have a big dick. I’d like to pretend I do, but I don’t. It’s always been an insecurity of mine. It’s Eryaman Escort Bayan only around five inches long. Not that thick either. But when I stepped out of my pants her eyes told me a different story. Her eyes told me she didn’t care about size. She didn’t laugh. She wrapped her hand gently around and moved it softly.

“Does this feel good?” She said, softly. Staring at my hard cock, still jerking me off in slow methodical strokes.

“You’re amazing.”

She stopped so she could reach for her panties but I touched her hand. I hooked my fingers in her panties and slowly pulled them down.

Her public hair still drove me over the edge, and I still don’t know why. It trapped the scent and my tongue found its way to her clit. She shook as her thighs came together around me. I could see her bite down on her hand to stop herself from screaming.

She pulled my head up again and kissed me. Then pulled me to her, handing me a condom.

I took the time to unroll the rubber down to the shaft then I rubbed my hard cock along her pussy a few times looking into her eyes. She nodded yes.

I slowly started to push in, feeling her wetness and heat on my cock. Her face wrinkled in some pain.

“It’s just some discomfort but it feels good.” She said when I stopped.

Her feet found my ass and I felt her push on me and finally I was buried inside.

“Ohhh..” she exclaimed.

I moved my hips in a circle grinding against her clit before moving in and out, picking up pace. I was totally aware of her against me. I felt her hard nipples on my chest. Her public hair rubbing mine. Our legs tangled as one.

This wasn’t sex. This wasn’t fucking. This was love. We stared at each other, stealing kisses as the thrusting became more intense.

“Jazzy. I love you.”

“I love you.” She said holding me into her. “can I be on top?”

“yea sure whatever you’d like.” I pulled out of her and rolled on my back, admiring every inch of this woman. This woman who has loved me for a long time. The lamp casting a soft glow on her curves. The way her soft brown eyes looked into mine.

She rolled a leg over and sat up, taking a hold of my cock in her hand. Guiding it inside she lowered herself all the way down.

She rocked back and forth, not entirely sure of what to do.

“I can assure you…being inside you feels amazing no matter what you do.” I said, running my hands over her ass.

She leaned forward and started humping me. My mouth found a tit and I sucked on it. She moaned hard but soft at the same time.

“You’re gonna make me cum..” I said feeling it starting to build. She started bucking faster.

“Jazzy…I want to make sure you cum too.”

“Shh. It’s not about the end. It’s about the journey.” She said, moving her hips like a possessed pro.

“You’re a poet now?” I asked. Mostly trying to keep my mind off the tight pussy currently engulfing my cock.

“Just fuck me already.”

Wow. She hardly ever curses. That almost finished me right there. But I rolled her over again, this time staying inside of her and started thrusting hard.

I’d like to say I was a pro. That we went on for hours. Truth be told this whole ordeal lasted maybe 20 minutes. But after a few more hard thrusts I bit her earlobe and came so hard I feared it shot the condom right off.

“That’s my ear…”

“I’m sorry!” I withdrew my cock before it could deflate and threw the condom away before laying down next to my love. “Let me…” I started to say as my fingers found her clit.

She rolled over so her ass was pressed against my spent cock, one arm under her holding her breast, the other arm around rubbing her clit.

I’ve never known another girl who’s pussy could be as wet as Jasmine’s. For the next half hour or so I controlled her breathing. Her gasps. How hard she would grip my leg. Her hand reached back and started working on my cock again.

I felt her shake and she hurriedly screamed into my mouth through our kiss. Her eyes, dazed and glazed, I knew she had experienced her first orgasm.

We sat there. Holding each other for quite some time. Just us two like we were Adam and eve and knew nothing but love. My cock poking her brought her back to her bed.

“Jake. I’m sorry but I think I’ve had enough for right now. Just hold me.”

I didn’t care. Her in my arms. That’s all I ever needed.


Was it a dream?

“Wake up you’ll be late!”

That voice. My eyes opened before Jasmines. It was her mom. Her mom was yelling from the second floor. I looked around her room with my eyes, not daring to move. I saw the clock. It was 7:43 am.

I heard a foot climb a step.

“Jasmine wake up!” Her mom yelled again.

I tapped Jasmine the same time her mother yelled and she sat up and gasped.

“Honey are you okay?” Her mom asked taking a few more steps up the stairs.

“I’ll be right down. Don’t come up I’m getting changed!” Jasmine finally responded.

“Damn we slept all night!” she said after her mom returned downstairs. She kissed me in a hurry before getting dressed.

“Take the back stairs. You’ll be okay.” She said looking out the windows.

I reached for the door and she screeched. “No no no. Now my parents are doing yard work. They never do yard work! And I have to go.”

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