BJ Bliss Ch. 09 Head-to-Head

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The detective was whistling nonchalantly as he walked down the station hallway. His black hair was greased back and his two-day stubble decorated with a few crumbs from an Italian sub. He made sure the coast was clear and entered a room, locking the door behind him. “How’s she holding up?” he asked the deputy on guard.

“She’s been sweating it out in there for an hour, as you requested. I think she’s about ready to pop,” the deputy replied with a smirk.

“Quit fucking around, this is serious,” the detective shot back. “We have orders from up top to make this problem go away.”

“Oh yeah?” the deputy responded. “What did the boss say?”

The detective looked through the two-way mirror at his suspect. Her face was white with fear as she looked down at the table in front of her, nervously fidgeting her fingers.

“Poor girl has no idea who she’s dealing with. She’s not playing nice. The boss says to do whatever it takes.” The men nodded at each other with resolve and entered the room together, towering over her as they approached the table.

She looked up helplessly as they closed in on her and calmly made her request. “I’d like to make my phone call now.”

The detective motioned to the deputy, who walked over to stop the audio recording. “I’m afraid I can’t allow that. That’s a right that we reserve for upstanding citizens. You’re nothing but a whore and an uncooperative one, so I’m hearing, Miss Daria Nicolescu.”

Felicia Trésor tried, unsuccessfully, not to flinch when she heard her real name spoken aloud.

“Did you think we wouldn’t find out your real identity? We know where you’re from, we know what you’ve been up to. We even know about that sister of yours. And you know quite a few secrets yourself don’t you? I’ll bet you’ve got a file on every big shot in town, just waiting for a chance to extort them. Well, that’s not going to happen on my watch. I hate to break your heart, little lady, but this department doesn’t really work for the taxpayers. This is your last chance, Felicia or Daria or whatever you’re calling yourself. You’re going to show us the books on your little operation or you’re going to find out all about our special interrogation techniques. And when we’re done with you, we’re going to bring in your sister next and see how well she holds up. We’ll even let you watch.”

“Felicia!” the voice called out to her. “Felica!”

Felicia yelped and sat up in her chaise, shocked that she had managed to fall asleep in the middle of the day. Her heart was racing and sweat was dripping from her brow as she sat topless in the blazing afternoon heat beside her rooftop pool.

“I’m sorry to wake you, he said it was urgent,” Dean explained as he handed over her phone. He tried to avert his gaze respectfully, but Felicia’s magnificent, glistening breasts caught his eye as she lay before him sweaty and slick with tanning oil.

“Fine, get out of here. And it’s Ms. Trésor to you,” she scolded. Her new employee nodded understandingly and stepped back into the house. She could care less about baring her breasts in front of her male assistant; in fact, mercilessly teasing him was part of her daily routine. However, her emotional state as she awoke from haunting memories left her feeling quite vulnerable and she would be damned if any man would ever see her vulnerable again.

“What?” Felicia asked over the phone. The voice spoke in a hushed tone, informing her of the latest development that she had specifically asked him to keep an eye out for.

“You gave me a name—Katrin Olsson. Remember? The BJ Bliss girl? Well, a warrant was signed this afternoon. Vice is going to pick her up today.”

“You’re kidding?!” Felicia replied in shock.

“Listen, you didn’t hear this from me. I’m new to the department, they could have my ass for this,” her informant reminded her nervously.

“Of course I didn’t hear it from you,” Felicia assured him. “I told you how much I appreciate favors and, even more, how much I like to reward them,” she added, now in full seduction mode. The wheels in her head were already spinning about said reward: her and her favorite female employees on their knees in their best lingerie eagerly catching spurt after spurt of sticky semen and sharing it with each other in front of a delirious young man who never imagined he could ever experience such pleasure.

“I’ll be in touch,” Felicia said suggestively as she hung up the phone and turned to the business at hand. She tapped the first emergency contact on her phone.

“Hi Felicia,” Crina answered at first ring.

“Crina, I need your help with a police situation. That unlikely scenario that we discussed last week—well, it turns out that we were wrong. How fast can you make it to the west side station?”


“You know, we’ve had our eyes on your business from the start,” Officer Malnati explained to Katrin, who was sitting quietly in the back of the unmarked police car. She kept her eyes laser focused on the seat in front of her, bahis siteleri trying her best to ignore Malnati’s constant attempts to get her talking. “BJ Bliss. I’ve gotta admit, I love the name! We’ve seen your online ads well before you became a big news item.”

A big news item?! What the hell is he talking about?!, Katrin was dying to know. She kept her mouth shut.

“Yeah, we figured it’s a harmless little racket that you’re running. But when that article came out, everyone was looking our way. You made a fool out of us, skirting the prostitution laws like that. You also made a fool out of some unsuspecting husbands too, I might add. Did you ever stop and think, when you were pimping out those boy-toys of yours, that maybe, just maybe a jealous boyfriend or husband with some pull downtown was going to come after you? You’ve got balls, Katrin. Bigger than mine, I’ll admit.”

Katrin racked her brain about her previous workshops, wondering about the all of the angry, jealous men she might have left in her wake. Fuck them, she decided. If their wives and daughters and girlfriends wanted to have a little fun, it’s not my problem.

“You were very clever, I’ll give you that,” Malnati continued as he sped through a red light. “We got our hands on one of your workshop consent forms. I’ll bet you thought that your ass would be covered with those, huh?”

“Those forms were a good read, the words just flowed off of the page,” Officer Rosati chimed in from the driver’s side seat.

Malnati chuckled at his partner’s assessment and proceeded. “So you aren’t selling or guaranteeing any live fellatio practice and whatever happens in your workshops is the spontaneous action of consenting adults? Who came up with the language on the forms, Katrin? Was it that lawyer friend that was riding in the car with you? You know, it looked to me like the two of you were more than just business associates.”

Katrin looked out the window, trying to hide her reactions and keeping absolutely silent. She thought about Peter. The vision of him standing on the sidewalk was still lingering from several minutes ago as the the police car whisked her away. He would make his way to the police station somehow. He would figure out some way to get her out of this mess.

“Okay, I see. You’re going to be rude, huh? We’ll see how you hold up at the station with the lights in your face. Until then, listen closely. You’ve got three counts riding against you, all misdemeanors on their own, but combined? You could do some time. Let me assure you that the ladies pen it isn’t anything like those late-night cable movies.”

“I don’t know, Mike,” Officer Rosati interjected. “The shower action can get pretty steamy. For her sake, I hope she goes both ways.”

Malnati let out a laugh and continued to torment Katrin. “You know, back in the day, profiting from prostitution would get you registered as a sex offender. I’m going to look into that. Maybe there’s a way that we can get you on that registry. You’ll have to be careful about where you live after that, you could find yourself knocking on your neighbors’ doors and giving them the news.”

The officers rolled with laughter as Katrin clenched her fists and shut her eyes, hoping that she was just having a bad dream. The car started to slow and she snapped back into reality of the situation. Looking out the window, she could see the police station in full view. As they came to a halt, the car was quickly approached by a Division Commander in a police hat and an intense looking woman in a skirt suit. Katrin looked up at the woman from the back seat. She was absolutely modelesque: pretty and tall with angular cheekbones and thin-framed glasses. She pointed in Katrin’s direction as she yelled at the Commander.

“What the fuck is she doing here?!” Officer Malnati blurted as he hopped out of the car to confront his boss and the woman at his side.

“The warrant has been withdrawn, we’re letting her go,” The Commander explained to Malnati who proceeded to throw a childish fit. “Did your hear me? Let her go! This is over our heads, do you understand?!”

“I guess it’s your lucky day,” Officer Rosati said as he tossed Katrin her purse and hopped out of the car to open the door for her. She stepped out onto the sidewalk in shock. As Malnati continued to battle it out with his boss in front of the station in a stream of back-and-forth obscenities, the woman in the grey suit jacket and a matching short skirt quickly took Katrin by the arm to walk her away from the scene.

“Who are you?” Katrin asked the woman, whose dark brown hair was bundled so tight it looked painful. Her stilettos looked equally uncomfortable, yet she walked a ruthlessly brisk pace, dragging Katrin along with her.

“Crina Covasi, at your service. Don’t worry, I’m a lawyer. You need to get out of here now.”

“Why are you helping me?”

“Felicia Trésor sent me. You must be very important to her,” Crina explained in a subtle boast of the value of her services.

“Felicia?!” canlı bahis siteleri Katrin blurted. She was suddenly distracted by a man that seemed to be running right towards them at full speed. Katrin breathed a heavy sigh of relief when she realized it was Peter. She was so happy to see him she nearly cried as he ran into her arms.

“I couldn’t get a cab. All of my stuff is in your purse. So I ran,” he explained in between heavy breaths. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“I take it you know this man?” Crina interrupted as she looked over their affection coldly.

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend. Lawyer. Boyfriend-lawyer,” Katrin explained awkwardly.

“Okay, boyfriend-lawyer, why don’t you come with us?” Crina offered as a shiny black limo pulled up in front of them unexpectedly. Crina opened the door and Katrin and Peter looked at each other in surprise. For lack of any other option, they gladly hopped in. The limo sped away from the police station and merged with the busy rush hour traffic.

Crina tossed a couple of tiny water bottles to Katin and Peter and looked them over carefully before delivering her invitation. “This ride isn’t free. She wants to see you.”

“Who? Felicia?” Katrin replied. Despite the incredible events of the last 24 hours all Katrin could think about was how she looked. She dug into her purse for a mirror. Her makeup was fucked, thanks in part to an especially messy threesome with Peter and Justin just hours ago. She gasped as she noticed a dried splash of semen that bound a few strands of her hair like glue.

“That’s not going to happen,” Peter chimed in, eager to butt heads with Felicia’s lawyer.

“Oh, are you calling the shots?” Crina cracked an unexpected smile, amused at the handsome man in the tight fitting t-shirt and breakaway pants, who apparently was Katrin’s lawyer. Little did she know that Peter just so happened to be moonlighting as one of Katrin’s blowjob models on this particular day.

“What the hell does Felicia want?” Katrin asked, growing annoyed at snide woman who sat across from them, crossing her legs and showing off the sexy sheen of her nude stockings.

“She wants to talk, of course,” Crina responded. “Don’t you think you owe her at least that much?”

Katrin shared a look with Peter, who was shaking his head with disapproval. Despite Peter’s objections, Katrin decided that she was fed up with these ridiculous games and she wanted answers.

“Fine, I’ll meet with Felicia,” Katrin agreed. She desperately tried to fix her makeup as the limo bumped against potholes.

“Very well. I’ll keep your boyfriend company while he waits in the car,” Crina explained. She darted a look in Peter’s direction. “We can talk about your case.”

“What case?!” Katrin demanded to know.

“Well, thanks to Felicia, the warrant for your arrest has been withdrawn. You’re in the clear, but who knows for how long,” Crina explained. She re-crossed her legs and continued. “It doesn’t help that the wife of a very important person was in attendance at one of your seedy little workshops. When he found out about it he was livid, as you can imagine. Luckily for you, Felicia has dirt on practically everyone in this city and she’s not afraid to use it for leverage when she has to. He won’t be bothering you again.”

“Who is this very important person?” Peter asked, skeptically.

“Believe me, it is better that you don’t know. You’re out of your element,” Crina said to Peter as she looked him over.

The limo came to sudden halt and the driver walked around to open the passenger door, revealing the sparkling lights of the buildings that surrounded them from the street.

“She is waiting for you on the 96th floor,” Crina instructed.

Katrin was quite familiar with the 96th floor lounge that Crina was referring to. “Really? The Hancock building? Is this some kind of dick joke?” Katrin asked with amusement.

“Felicia’s sense of humor is sparse, but effective,” Crina explained with a smirk.

“Well at least it’s a public place,” Katrin said to Peter, hoping that he might show a sign of support. She pulled his phone from her purse and handed it to him. “If it takes more than twenty minutes, I’ll give you a call.”

“Okay,” Peter agreed. “I’ll be waiting here.”


“Excuse me miss, where are you going?” the security guard asked Katrin as she attempted to walk by him on the way to the elevator.


“The signature lounge is closed this evening,” he informed her.

“But I’m meeting someone,” Katrin protested.

“Are you Katrin?”


“Go ahead.”

Katrin proceeded to the elevator with sudden alarm. What the hell was that about? she wondered. She waited patiently for the elevator to arrive and stepped in. There were only two floors to choose from: 95 and 96. She pushed 96 and took a deep breath. The jarring climb up the skyscraper had her ears popping as the elevator scaled the building at a remarkably fast pace. canlı bahis Soon enough, there was a ding, and the doors slid open. Katrin’s heart began to pump with nervousness, anger, excitement?

Katrin followed the velvet rope towards the 96th floor lounge cautiously and was stunned to see that such a popular downtown destination was completely empty. The floor to ceiling windows revealed a spectacular panoramic view of the twinkling city lights. There Felicia stood, at the most prominent of windows, her back to Katrin as she looked out at the view. Her curvaceous silhouette was alluring and intimidating against the backdrop as she stood drink-in-hand and dressed in a sparkling, form-fitting cherry red cocktail dress that barely managed to cover her ass.

“This is quite the view, don’t you agree?” Felicia suddenly spoke, still facing the window.

Katrin walked forward with newfound anger, supremely annoyed that Felicia was pulling the cliche look-out-the-window power move. She thought about running at full speed and smashing her through the glass when Felicia suddenly turned, gazing at Katrin with her big green eyes and an unapologetic smile.

“What the fuck is the matter with you?!” Katrin yelled, her hands already shaking from the confrontation.

“That is no way to thank me for coming to your aid, now is it?” Felicia replied. She pulled the cherry from her cocktail glass and sucked it between her luscious red lips.

“As far as I know, you’re the reason that I was arrested in the first place. What’s with this internet article that I’ve been hearing about? What happened with Marco and your sneaky little twins? Why is your goon breaking into our office?” Before Felicia could respond Katrin continued, yelling even louder. “And where the hell is everyone?! I only came because this was supposed be to be a public place!!”

Katrin’s voice reverberated violently through the empty bar, giving her some cathartic release. Felicia sipped her drink and waited patiently until it was clear that Katrin was finished.

“Why don’t you calm down and have a drink and we can talk,” Felicia offered. “Do you prefer gin or rye?”

Katrin calmed herself and steadied her hands. She decided that a drink was just what she needed. “Rye.”

“Excellent,” Felicia replied, completely unphased by Katrin’s hostility. She stepped behind the bar like she owned the place and scooped some ice into a metal shaker. Katrin sat on a barstool and mentally prepared herself to have a reasonable conversation while Felicia mixed her drink.

“Why did you send your lawyer to help me?” Katrin asked calmly.

“I know quite a bit about you, but you don’t know anything about me, do you Katrin?” Felicia replied, dodging the question.

“I know that your last name, Trésor, is a fake. You married into the richest family in the city. You’ve been running your over-priced lingerie and sex shop for at least a decade. And you are a sneaky, conniving bitch,” Katrin added with a satisfied smirk.

“All true,” Felicia agreed, “I am most certainly not French. Trésor is just a business name and lingerie sells at much higher prices if you slap a French name on front door. My father, Simon Nicolescu, moved to the states from Romania. I’m first-generation, just like you. Your mom was from Sweden and father from Germany, correct?”

That bitch! What the hell does she know about my family?! Katrin wondered. She refused to take the bait and patiently allowed Felicia to continue.

“My sister Claudia and I ran away from home as soon as we got the chance. We didn’t grow up around nice people, Katrin. We had to learn how to survive in the city on our own and survive we did. A pair of pretty twins with penchant for european lingerie and kinky sex could do very well for themselves, with certain inherent risks.”

Felicia slid a cocktail glass over to Katrin. It was a beautiful reddish color with a peel of orange. Katrin sipped the aromatic drink and felt it rushing immediately to her head.

“We started innocently enough, mostly modeling at first. This lead to private parties—hosting, serving drinks, smiling, looking pretty. The next thing you know, we’re walking around topless, in stockings and heels and collecting enormous tips from the wealthiest men in the city. When the offers finally came, I’m not too proud to admit we sold our bodies and our talents to the highest bidders. It was so unexpectedly satisfying and so lucrative that we took it to the next step. We were running girls all over this city and making a small fortune for ourselves. We didn’t pay tribute to anyone. No one was expecting us to take over the escort market the way we that we did, luring young women with our feminine charms and empowering them as opposed to the threats of violence they were accustomed to. It was only a matter of time before we caught the attention of the wrong clientele. Politicians, corporate officers, corrupt police, and even the pathetic remnants of the Italian outfit—so many loathsome men who would eventually want to be able to cover their tracks.”

Felicia had Katrin’s undivided attention at this point. Katrin continued to sip on her drink, utterly intrigued by Felicia’s candid revelations, but still quite skeptical.

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