Black Owned

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In the following months, April and I saw less and less of each other. She chose to terminate the pregnancy and though I know it hurt her to do so, I felt destroyed. April and I continued to see Darnell together on occasion, not wanting to take away from his experiences. I so loved watching her suck his cock still and maybe preferred to watch her fuck than to actually fuck her. Her pussy had become accustomed to bigger cocks and I felt that she wasn’t enjoying mine when we did occasionally have sex.

I spent more time with Cleo and her husband Shawn. They’d taken it upon themselves to introduce me to their friends as the “white boy they owned”. I was made to do whatever I was told and that often became sex acts with groups of strange black men.

There was an instance at a club where I sucked Shawn while his friends watched in a circle around me. They called me names like ‘faggot’ and ‘bitch boy’ while they rubbed their cocks through their clothes. His cock wasn’t as big as Darnell’s but Shawn’s cock had the bonus of being attached to Shawn and I loved how he used me. They allowed their friends to use me at their discretion and I began to understand what it meant to be black owned.

I hadn’t told Darnell what I learned about Cleo. Not because I didn’t think he didn’t deserve to know but because I was ordered to “keep my white mouth shut”. This led to a situation with Darnell that I was ill equipped to handle.

It was one of our nights together. Alone. We watched a porn while I sucked him hard and then I let him mount me. His cock found walls of my rectum that no other men had and I moaned with delight when he buried the full length of his cock within me. Each thrust reminded me of why I loved Darnell. His cock seemed to fill me with love and just short of being a religious experience, I worshiped it.

My heart sank a bit when he said something I wasn’t ready for while he penetrated me.

“You used to bleed a bit,” he began. “You used to be tighter. I think you’ve been fucking other men and though we never had a commitment, I kind of feel used.”

I heard every word he said. He punctuated them with his hips. I felt like I was getting a farewell fuck.

“I have been with other men,” I admitted.

“How many?” he asked.

His cock still thrust in and out of me but it was more paced and less “I’m gonna make this boy cum”.

I didn’t know how to answer his question any other way except honestly, “I don’t know.”

He stopped thrusting. I tried to push back onto his cock but he pulled away slightly.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” he asked and I could tell that he was a bit hurt.

I let his cock slip from my ass and I turned over onto my back so I could see him and he could see me. “I’ve been with a couple that treats me like property. They have me fuck their friends and whoever else wants in. All black. All… rather rough.”

“Am I not enough for you?” he asked.

I reached up for him and pulled him to me. “It’s not that,” I said, trying to console my friend. “It’s… well, I really love being used.”

“I could use you,” he said.

I smiled. “No… no you couldn’t. I love you but you couldn’t use me. Not like they have.”

“How do they?” he asked.

I teased his body with my fingertips as I talked, “However they wish. I’ve been gang fucked, pissed on, degraded, objectified, spat on, groped and humiliated. I’ve sucked men off while their wives watched and I’ve been bred.”

His cock seemed to dance with each action I recounted.

“How often?” he asked.

“At least weekly,” I admitted. “Though often more.”

“When was the last time?” he asked. I could see his cock swelling as I discussed my nasty habits.

“This morning I sucked off two men while a third fucked me,” I said, almost boasting. Then I leaned down and tasted his cock. I could taste myself on him and it aroused me even more.

“Can I meet the couple?” he asked.

“I’ll ask their permission,” I said, “but I can’t speak Tuzla Escort on their behalf.”

I took his balls into my mouth and sucked on them while his fingers explored my loosened up asshole. I could feel him get three into me and I moaned, humming onto his full sack.

“Are they bigger than me?” he asked.

“Some have been,” I said.

“The biggest?” he asked.

“Probably eleven inches or so,” I admitted. “I couldn’t suck him because he was as big around as my wrist but it wasn’t much to take him anally.”

“All black?” he asked. Precum dripped from the tip of his glorious cock.

I licked it up.

“I sucked one older white guy once. It wasn’t bad but… I think we know I like… no love chocolate,” I said as his fourth finger entered my gaping ass.

I teased the tip of his cock with my mouth and tongue.

“Why do you think I can’t use you like that?” he asked.

I took his cock deep into my throat and held it before releasing, not gagging like I had when I began sucking him almost two years before. “Because you love me,” I said.

“I do,” he admitted.

“I’m sorry,” I begged.

“For what?” he asked.

I looked up at him, his cock resting on my cheek and blurry in my line of site as I focused on his eyes. “I’m sorry for being a total slut,” I said. I licked his cock from base to tip. “I’m sorry for being in love with ebony skin and wanting to pleasure it so much.” I took him into my throat again and I could feel the head of his cock swell.

“Is it bad that I think your ass gaping like this is sexy?” he joked.

I squeezed tight around his fingers in response.

He moved to put his mouth against my throbbing erection and sucked me in. I could feel his lips press against my pubes. I did the same to him, letting his cock rest in my throat.

“Fuck me,” he said.

I got up and got ready to squat over him so that I could take his cock up my ass.

“No,” he said. “Fuck me!” He spread his legs and held them up, inviting me into his tight ass. I rimmed him shortly and then pressed my perineum against his waiting hole and entered him. Instantly he moaned and I eased in until I couldn’t any more. I leaned down and sucked on his lower lip. So thick. I love them.

I moved in and out, feeling him tighten somewhat on occasion and I enjoyed his control. I could tell he’d practiced with toys.

“It turns me on knowing that you’ve been with so many men,” he admitted. “Knowing that, even though they give you what you like, you always come back to me.”

I pulled my cock from him and pulled my foreskin back and reinserted, feeling his anus grip me perfectly.

He tugged on my nipples and I couldn’t help but think he’d done the same to April.

“I’ve let April fuck me with a strap on when you aren’t around,” he admitted. “This feels so much better.”

I began to hasten my rhythm, thrusting deeper and harder.

“Fuck me with that white cock,” he blurted.

I looked down and saw that his cock was oozing pre-ejaculate and it was pooling on his belly. I smeared it around and tasted it from my fingers. So sweet. So musty sweet. I wished that I could have it all the time. I began to stroke him but he stopped me because it was so sensitive. Instead, I slowly milked his shaft for more of its clear milk.

“Imagine what your family would do if they knew you liked black cock so much,” he said.

“They’d fucking freak out,” I admitted.

“I want you to cum in me,” he said. “I want to feel your hot cum inside me. I want it to drip out of me when you’re done. Onto my bed. I want you to stain my sheets.”

My cock began to swell as he talked dirtier and dirtier.

“I wanna be your nasty black lover,” he said, “that you can cum inside.”

My cock exploded and I could feel my balls tighten up as they drained into him. Each thrust in made him tighten around my cock more.

When I finished, I climbed on top of him and slid him into my ass, Anadolu Yakası Escort sitting on his torso and letting his cock fill me. I pumped up and down three times before I felt my insides become awash with his hot seed.

It was so warm and happy inside me.

I rolled over and pulled him onto me without letting his cock slip from my ass and as the air conditioner pumped cool air over us, we fell asleep, his head resting on my chest. Sleeping with him inside me made me feel like I belonged.

Things with Cleo and her husband, seemed to become even more defined. Three days after Darnell and I had the “deep” conversation, I was visiting with Cleo and Shawn. They were putting together an ad for Craigslist that read, “Owned White Boy For Breeding”. They took nude pictures of me and a picture of me sucking Shawn’s cock and posted the ad. The response time was almost immediate and soon, their living room had a couple dozen black men standing in it.

To say that I was turned on would be an understatement. There was so much brown wood in that room that I thought it was a forest. I had met some but there were more than twenty and some were new faces. I sat in the middle and began sucking the furiously, like I had been trained. It wasn’t long before I was having my hole played with. I could feel their fingers exploring me.

“Eat that dick, white boy.”

“Suck this meat, boy.”

“I’m gonna fuck that ass tonight!”

“Take every inch, bitch.”

“Gag on it, motherfucker!”

These were the types of demands I was being given.

Some of the men couldn’t hold their loads and I swallowed them almost immediately after I began sucking while others… well, there were some that took quite a while to get off.

By the time they got down to fucking me, my face was covered in cum and spit. Cleo said to me, “Don’t you look like a nasty bitch.” I was turned on even more by her reaction.

The first to fuck me was a younger and eager guy. He was about my age. He was flirting the Cleo while she watched him get sucked by me. Shawn thought it was funny but he gave me a look like I better take this guy’s mind off of Cleo.

I did.

I rubbed my ass against his boner after sucking it hard. I could feel his precum getting smeared on my cheeks. I let his cock find its way into me and then pushed against it so that I took in the whole length at once.

He moaned. Immediately, he gripped my hips and began thrusting into my ass while another cock came over to use my mouth and throat. Cleo moved closer to get a better look and she spit on my ass crack and let it slide down on to the black cock that thrust in and out of me.

“Damn, I think his ass is like a pussy,” she said as her hands milked precum from my cock. It wasn’t long before his cock was swelling in my ass, readying its load.

He pulled out and shot ropes of cum up my back. I could feel some land in my hair and I knew that he was happy by the sounds he made.

Another cock entered me. It felt thicker but not as long. He pumped deep into my ass while I savored the mouthful of cock I had. He didn’t pump long before his cum was dumped inside me. I squeezed my ass, milking his dick for all it had before he pulled out.

As the men took turns on me, I noticed that some left as soon as they had finished. I thought about what they were thinking. Maybe they had a wife to go home to? Maybe they were “straight” and wasn’t sure how to comprehend what they had just done?

Those that stayed behind after seeding me were rewarded with more blow jobs. Not just from me but from Cleo. She and I shared several cocks, waking them from their slumber so that they could enter me again.

I wondered how many cocks she had shared with April. The thought turned me on.

Shawn noticed, “What’s got your little cock hard?” he asked while he fucked me from behind, giving his guests a break and a show.

I smiled. “I was imagining how many black cocks April İstanbul Escort and Cleo shared,” I said. “I’m not sure if I should be jealous or not.”

“Not as many as you’ve had,” Shawn said.

“You like black cock more than April does,” she said. “She loves Darnell’s cock but April hasn’t been the whore you are.”

The thought made me want to suck more cock. I began rimming the guy Cleo and I were sucking.

“And she isn’t a freak like you,” Shawn attested. His cock shot its load into me. It felt almost automatic like it was what it was meant to do and maybe it was.

At this point, a puddle had formed under me. It was made up of spit, my precum and the loads of about eighteen men that had dripped from my boy pussy. I dropped my ass so that my cock and balls dipped into the puddle and I smeared around. I reached down and felt how the viscous material coated my pubes and glands, dripping from the tip of my cock like a thread. I dipped again and again.

A finger reached into my hole. I wouldn’t have been able to feel it if it weren’t for the fact that it pressed against my prostate expertly. I looked back to see an older man smiling at me. His graying hair was bushy and grown out.

“I love fucking white boys,” he said as he rubbed his cock.

I noticed that a few more people had shown up. Late comers were always welcome. They kept the party going.

I looked down at the older man’s cock and noticed the gray hairs accentuating it. I thought about how sexy they were and his fingers milked my ass. When he pulled them out, they were coated in cum and spit. He stuffed them into my mouth.

“Eat that, white boy,” he said and I obeyed, licking his fingers clean. He stuffed his cock into me and I moaned as it filled my void. He fucked me slow and sensually.

Cleo’s hand groped my wet crotch. She tugged on it while the older man fed my ass his cock.

Some of the other guys began to tell the older man to hurry up but I was enjoying the attention. I reached under and grabbed his hairy sack and pulled on it.

“That’s a good boy,” he said as he eased in and out of me. I took another mouthful of cock and let my throat get fucked to completion, chugging on the hot load as it coated my mouth and throat.

I couldn’t get enough.

When the older guy came, I could feel him push deep into me gently. I knew for sure I wasn’t his first white boy but I was pretty sure that I wasn’t in the first fifty he’d had. He expertly drained his cock in me and then pulled out so he could sit with Shawn.

More men took turns on me. At the end of the night, I laid down in the puddle while Cleo, Shawn and the older man talked. Occasionally, the older man would look at me and wink. I smiled back.

The last of the other men had left, having bred me full. In all… I think there were thirty to thirty five men there. My ass begged for more but I was tired.

Then the older man opened a plastic case and revealed a tattoo machine. I was ordered to shower and I obeyed and when I returned I was bent over the arm of the couch. He tattooed “black owned” onto my ass and a spade onto my arm. He told me that if the spade was seen in public, those who knew what it meant would approach me, knowing that I was black property.

The next morning, the pain of the tattoo woke me. I realized that April would see it and so would Darnell. I thought about how they might react.

Shawn had gone to work leaving Cleo in bed with me. I cooked her breakfast and when she woke up we talked. At first it was just the regular bullshit of the day. What our plans were. What was on TV and such. Then I asked her a serious question, “Darnell knows I’ve been fucking others. He wants to meet the couple that owns me. Would you introduce Shawn to him?”

“Sure but we don’t own you,” she said.

I looked at her, puzzled by her statement. “But the tattoo…” I began.

“That says “black owned”. You are owned by all blacks, not just us.”

I smiled at the thought and cleaned up after Cleo. When she left, I went on to work and all day, I noticed customers staring at the fresh ink on my arm. I could tell which ones knew what it meant because they would look at me and tug on their package.

What had started off complicated had becomes simple. I was black owned.

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