Black Women Still Love Black Men

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My name is Steve Cherenfant. I sometimes wonder why so many young white women think all the black men on the planet are into them. With so many sexy black, Asian and Hispanic women out there for a tall, good-looking and college-educated brother like myself to choose from, why bother with some silly white bitches? Whenever I walk through my college campus, I find the stares of young white women fixated on me. I usually don’t bother even looking at them. They’re always flirty but they’re also the first ones to scream harassment when a black man hollers. They’re so two-faced. What gives?

Lots of young black men are into white women. It is a fact of life in today’s society. And this has led to countless young white women assuming every young black male wants them. I stand six foot three inches tall and weigh two hundred and twenty pounds. I’ve got a rock-hard body and a pretty face. With such fine, chiseled features, I could easily pass for a male model. But I’m actually a football player at Southern Massachusetts Technological University or SMTU. The school is a student-athlete’s paradise. They got men’s intercollegiate baseball, basketball, cross country, rowing, sailing, alpine skiing, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, wrestling, golf and football along with women’s softball, basketball, rowing, sailing, alpine skiing, cross country, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, gymnastics, ice hockey, field hockey, volleyball, golf and rugby. All the teams are NCAA Division One.

When the NFL and the NBA are looking for talent, they approach young black men at America’s Division One colleges and universities. The WNBA does the same thing when looking for athletically gifted young women to join their professional teams. Black men and black women got the talent when it comes to sports. We’re also gifted in many other areas but this society refuses to acknowledge that. I chose to attend SMTU because it was an academically challenging environment. Also, they had a firm commitment to diversity. Over thirty percent of the student body was of African-American or Latino descent.

I’m not sure how I feel about this diversity thing. It sounds like a good thing but more than once, someone has told me that I only got into SMTU because they wanted to increase the number of minority males on campus. At last count, men made up forty nine point ninety six percent Anadolu Yakası Escort of the student population. And white men outnumbered black men by a large ratio. The funny thing is that most of the young black men on campus had white or Hispanic girlfriends.

I don’t like white females. I don’t know why. They get on my nerves. They’re so artificial sometimes. So quick to smile. Black females get on my nerves too but they’re more real than white chicks. White chicks walk around with a sense of invincibility that they haven’t earned. A confident black woman who struts her stuff like she owns the place probably will own it someday. White chicks think they’re all that because they’re white and female. Members of the privileged class. Everything in this society is designed to uplift white women. Men along with non-Caucasian women get the short end of the stick. And that’s the truth.

Yeah, that’s just the way things are in America. Many black women have abandoned feminism and instead embraced their husbands and sons when they realized that feminism is a movement by, about and for white women. Black men and black women need to stick together. If we did that since the 1960s, we would be so much further along. Unfortunately, many black men and black women buy into the self-hatred that this society drills into their heads. They focus on what’s wrong with their community rather than what’s right. We’re a resilient and beautiful race. We can accomplish great things. We just need to stop fighting each other first.

Those are the thoughts running through my head as I walk through the halls of Southern Massachusetts Technological University. Every single day. I know that the white men and white women who rule this place may admire me for my athletic prowess, they will turn on me in a second for the slightest mistake on my part. That’s why I laugh when I see black male college football and basketball players walking around with their white girlfriends. They think times have changed. They think they belong. They think they’re accepted. Wait until one of their white girlfriends falsely accuses them of aggravated assault, battery or even rape, who will they turn to? They will be considered pariahs by the same white men and white women who once admired them for being such great sportsmen.

Some black men forget that they are black the moment they Avrupa Yakası Escort achieve fortune through prowess in the worlds of sports, business, politics or entertainment. They turn their backs on the black community because they think white men and white women love them. I don’t think it’s possible for a white man or a white woman to love a black male. Many black women are incapable of loving the black male as well. Sorry but the truth must be told. Why can’t many black women love a black male? Simply because they’ve allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking black men are no good. Thanks to their mothers, aunts, sisters, and the blessing of feminism, many black women take to man-bashing like cats take to hunting mice.

Yes. It’s tough being a black man in America. White men hate and fear you. They think you’re out to take their jobs, their women and ultimately their lives. White women crave you in their beds but despise you on the streets. Black women don’t want you anywhere near them. So what’s a brother to do? He’s got to look long and hard for that kindred spirit. Luckily, I found such a spirit in Stacey Welles, a sexy young black woman I met in Boston. She attended Boston University and was a member of the Men’s Wrestling Team. The gal stood six feet tall, busty, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. She was dark-skinned, pretty-faced and sexy as hell. We had a good time together.

Stacey was the only female I met whom I could be my true self around. She was very understanding. I shared with her the fact that I occasionally fantasized about males, even though I felt deeply attracted to women. Stacey was bisexual herself and explained to me that I might be bi-curious. In her book, bisexuality was as natural as heterosexuality and nothing to be ashamed of. And the fact that I was a virgin didn’t bother her either. I can’t tell you how happy that made me. She also told me she liked me and thought we could have some fun together. Folks, we hooked up and it was spectacular.

Stacey took me to her dorm at Chestnut Hill in Massachusetts and we had a good time. I lay on her king-sized bed and she undressed before me. Hot damn, the gal looked hot. She smiled, then joined me on the bed. She took my eight-inch, uncircumcised cock in her hand and began to suck it. I felt a little worried when she saw my dick. Not because of size, though. İstanbul Escort Many women don’t like uncut men. Stacey was cooler than that. She told me she liked natural men. Then she resumed sucking me off. In no time she had me hard as hell. She sucked my dick and balls like her life depended on it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed what she was doing to me. At last I was getting laid. When I came, she drank my seed and licked me dry.

Afterwards, she put a condom on my dick and told me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her, gently spread her legs and slid my cock into her pussy. It was my first time fucking and it was awesome. Stacey wrapped her arms around me and welcomed me into her as we began to make love. Man, I can’t tell you how great it was. I felt her soft flesh yield to my thrusts. Stacey took my face in her hands and kissed me as we made love. We went at it until we both came.

Later, we woke up in each other’s arms. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Stacey was my first girlfriend. She also became my best friend. We hung out on each other’s campuses. People saw us as the golden couple. A strong black man in a loving relationship with a strong black woman. It’s a beautiful thing. Stacey was so spirited and open-minded. Together, we explored the bisexual lifestyle. One night, we picked up a sexy gay man named Todd and had a threesome. It was a lot of fun. Is my girlfriend cool or what? The whole thing was her idea. I love this woman!

One night, she had a special surprise for me. When I came back to my dorm, she treated me to a delicious candlelit dinner, a cool action movie…and a strap-on. That last part was surprisingly fun. Stacey told me it was her top fantasy and I agreed to try it. So she put me on all fours, greased up my ass and slid the dildo into me. Holding me by the hips, my sexy black girlfriend began fucking me in the ass with her big strap-on dildo. It hurt, but also felt kind of good. I screamed in both pain and pleasure. Stacey pumped her plastic cock into my black ass while stroking my black cock. It was hot. We went at it until I begged for mercy. That’s when she pulled her dildo out of me.

We lay side by side, feeling tired but alive. Stacey smiled and thanked me for making her fantasy come true. I smiled, and kissed her. Then we went to sleep. And this, folks, is how I met the love of my life. We got hitched after graduation. I went into the NFL and Stacey became a high school wrestling coach. The first female high school wrestling coach in state history. We are very happy together. As soon as time allows, we’re going to start reproducing. It’s going to be fun making copies of ourselves. Life is good.

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