Blast from the Past

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I’d just arrived at the Film conference. Was about two hours late which meant I missed the premiere of a talented student name Christina Ingrams new work. Sucks when you plan so long for a trip and then everything goes to shit from minute one. My flight delayed an hour, hotel couldn’t find my reservation, even though when they did, I’d been waiting another hour and a half. They upgraded me to the honeymoon suite, which had not been cleaned from the last guesst, and boy did they celebrate, alll over the place. When I finally laid my head down it was one in the morning. I took three of the five complimentary shots of Jack Daniels and fell asleep without setting any alarm to wake me up on time. Here I am now, sneaking behind the thick curtain to stand in the back and watch the remainder of this seminar. A woman is at the podium, answering questions about her film. I’d read the program, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the woman’s name was. I squinted passed my frames, but there was no name anywhere even though, she looked familar to me. The speaker announced that the next question would be the last and that then they’d be breaking off for lunch and smaller seminars. Someone asked where her inspiration came from and she thought briefly before saying, something about capturing the beauty she see’s in visual storytelling. The speaker gave ending comments, then everyone began disbursing. I figured I’d grab something to eat and join a seminar. After grabbing a sandwich and Chardonnay at one of the lunch areas set up, I made my way to the bathroom to pee. There was a woman talking on the phone by a window near the bathroom. Her face was turned so she didn’t see me looking. The conversation she was having seemed intense. I went into the bathroom, let out the river my bladder held and freshened up. When I made it back out, the woman was finishing her phone call. She turned around and leaned up against the wall. She looked up and we locked eyes. I knew her…it was the woman from earlier, but I really did know her. I couldn’t recall from where or even when, but we both seemed to be trying to place each other. I walked over to her.



“So sorry to bother you, I just, you look familiar as hell to me. I just can’t place you for some reason.”

She studied my face a little more. She wore sleek frames over the most beautiful crystal blue eyes I’d ever seen. When I looked at her, it was as if I was looking into forever. Her brown hair was tied back. Her smile. That smile, I’d remember forever. She looked at me, kind of squinted.

“I do feel like I’ve see you at some point in my life. Maybe you came to a seminar of mine, or-“

“Did you ever teach a film workshop?”

She chuckles, I study her laughter, that smile.

“I taught a small class years and years ago. Did a favor for a friend of mine.”

“Lesa Collins right? I’m sure I was in that class.” She looked good. It’d been at least 5 years.

We both smile and nod, finding comfort in the fact that we aren’t kidding ourselves about meeting before.

“I’d ask you to coffee or something, but I don’t want to keep you. I’m sure you’re busy this weekend.”

Lesa took a deep breath,

“Yeah actually, I do have somewhere I’m supposed to be. “

It was kind of foolish of me to ask, but I just remembered being so impressed and intrigued by her. How awesome would it be to just chit chat, all these years later.

“I understand. Great seeing you.”

“Now may not be good but here, take my number.”

I quickly retrieve my phone from my messenger bag. I punch in the numbers as she says them. I call her and tell her to lock me in under ‘Bren’. She said my last name as if it came to her like an epiphany. She then said she remembered me kocaeli escort very well. We share another smile, before we part ways. I can’t tell you how wet I got in those last four seconds of being in her presence. I remembered all too well, the way I used to think about her during class. Wondering constantly what made me so attracted to her. It was a little of everything and a little of nothing, but nonetheless, I wanted her just as much now.

It was five-thirty. I’d been to two seminars and sat in on four screenings and interviews. Time seemed to be speeding by, and I was having the time of my life. A text came through, just as I was ordering another glass of wine. It was from Lesa, asking if I wanted to watch a screening of her colleague Miguel’s film. I couldn’t type, ‘yes’ fast enough. She told me where to find them and I met them there a few minutes later. As we settled into the dark room, I tried to seem less excited than I was. Her and some other people chatted before the movie began. When the lights started to dim, she looked over at me and smiled. “You’re gonna enjoy this.”

‘I already am’ I said in my mind.

Throughout the movie my pupils snuck to the corners of my eyes, in her direction. She’d be looking ahead, and I’d be reminiscing on past thoughts. Remembering my mind undressing her, piece by piece as she explained the intricacies of mise en scene. I’d catch myself staring too long, and turn away. The next time I’d did it, she was looking back at me. It startled me and I reacted, noticeably. The corners of her mouth turned up slightly and I blushed. Once the movie ended, everyone got up. Lesa’s friend’s coo’d and cheered. They planned to celebrate by bar hopping. I didn’t wanna seem lame while waiting off on the side lines, but it didn’t make sense to just leave. She told them she might catch up but after a much needed nap. It was almost eight. I hadn’t eaten since one. There were a few people that I network with, that I was supposed to link up with but having not heard from anyone, I had no plans. She waved to them and turned to me.

“Plans tonight?”

I shook my head, “None. Maybe go freshen up in my hotel and then grab something to eat. I overheard that you need a nap.”

“You over heard me make up a lie so that I had a free night.”

“Oh,” I looked away to hide my reddening face (amazingly enough, as a black girl, I blush heavily).

“I mean you wanted to have coffee earlier, we can maybe get dinner now, instead.”

“Yeah, um. Why don’t we go get freshened up and meet back, somewhere around here.”

That smile appeared, as if I’d beckoned it. We begin walking to the elevators, and plan to meet in the lobby. No shit, we got in and she pushed floor 9. We were on the same floor. I chuckled when I realized.

She turned to me, “What’s funny?”

“We’re on the same floor.”

“Hmm, how ironic.”

“How convenient.” I said in a low tone.

“What was that?” She asked.

“How ironic, indeed.” I fibbed.

We were kind of quiet as we were pulled floor by floor. My heart kind of raced being in that enclosed space, just the two of us.

The elevator finally stopped, and so did my rapid breathing. She looked over and smiled at me, getting off first.

“Your partner’s here too?” I blurted as we walked down the narrow hallway.

I kicked myself inside. What the fuck, Bren?

“No.” She shook her head, was quiet.

“Um. Sorry, that was random.”

“It’s okay. You, um were involved if I remember correctly.”

“Oh gosh, that was so long ago. Yes I was. I’m not now.” Though the last part wasn’t asked for, I couldn’t resist.

“This is me.” She pointed to a door that looked just like mine and pulled out her key.

“I’m actually just around the corner.”

“Awesome. kocaeli escort bayan So, see you in a little while.” Lesa said with that smile. I grinned and walked away.

She’d done it again. Without even knowing, she’d made my body react senselessly. I showered that evening, with a sense of ecstasy. My hands were my loofa. My fingers massaged at parts of me that I couldn’t see. But what I couldn’t see, I felt. I closed my eyes and guided my hands to work me to a steamy climax. As my body swelled, I actually held back my deep urge. Something was telling me that I’d want to wait to orgasm. That holding out could prove to be better than I could imagine.

I didn’t waist time dressing. A white thong. A skirt that swayed and hugged my hips, and a blouse that left little to the imagination, with a black sheer bra. My heels clicked passed her room, headed for the elevator. Her door opened. We caught eyes again. She looked stunning. Black dress pants and a nice sweater, outlining her perfectly round breasts. I tried not to stare.

“You planned this didn’t you.” She joked.

“I wish I could take credit for these odd coincidences. Must be something else to blame. Cosmos or maybe, Sappho?” I grinned and looked away.

She shook her head with a smirk.

“Oh, hold on, I gotta grab something.” She went back into her room. I stood in the hall for a second, before deciding to follow her into her room. She had a nice size room. A living room and one bedroom. I sat on the arm of the couch and looked around. I saw her camera, sitting in a bag, on the table. I went over and touched it lightly with my finger. She came out of her room.

“I killed the last person who touched my camera.”

I turned with an apologetic look, “Sorry, I-“

She laughed, “Bren, I’m kidding.” She laughed a little more, “I’m an artist, not a murderer.”

I replaced my shocked expression with a light grin.

“Can you show me? Show me how you take pictures.” I held her camera in my hand and walked over to her. I looked in her eyes and handed it to her. She looked back in mine, with almost the same expression.

“I brought shots,” I said switching up the mood lightly. “They screwed up my room big time, so they gave me all this free alcohol. Think they figured if I got drunk enough, I’d forget.”

She laughed and took the tiny bottle. We clinked, and drank. Though I knew lil’Jack would take some of the edge off, that’s all I really needed. I didn’t want to have to blame ANYTHING on the alcohol.

She asked me to sit on the couch. It was the first time that I was in her presence that I felt like she was giving in to me. No class room or difference in age or even significant other creating an invisible wedge between us. I did as asked. She snapped a pic. I turned my head another way, and she snapped again.

“Move your right hand a little.”

I did. Her face changed. She was in her photographer zone. It was sexy to see an artist in their zone. I felt myself turning all the way on. I began slowly adjusting my clothes. A little at a time, teasing the lens; teasing her eye, through the lens. Now my blouse was open and the hardness of my nipples pocked through the sheer material of my bra. The pierced one, more than the other. She’d be taken back by each bit of boldness, but would then dismiss her shock and focus her shots on the new skin I was exposing.

“Okay, stop.” She said of my posing. She took the camera away from her eye and wiped her forehead subtly.

“We should go eat.”

I just stared at her. I didn’t want to eat anything unless it was her. I didn’t want to go anywhere unless I was taking her body to new heights along with my own.

I got up, fully removed my blouse. izmit sınırsız escort Took down my skirt also. She froze in place, as if she didn’t know what to do; how to react.

“Lesa, I respect you. So much so, that I held back so hard telling you how I felt then. I didn’t wanna disrespect you, or your situation, but I wanted to do things to you. Things that I wanna do to you now, but even more now than then.” I touched her chin, placed the other hand to her arm. She lowered her camera onto a chair, while looking in my eyes. She waited a second, then pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me like all the practice she’d had in the past was being saved for this very moment. She moved graciously. I was physically melting under her touch. It felt euphoric. Like a dream was becoming real and my senses were all celebrating at the same time. I moaned. Moaned deep and she took that as a desperate urge to go deeper in our action. Lesa’s lips and tongue worked wonders with mine. My lower lips were feeling it as well. Excreting a lubricant that tickled as it tricked out. Her long thin fingers wrapped around my breast, through my bra. I lifted it for her. I wanted to hold absolutely nothing back. This was our night, if just one, so be it. But it’d be the best that I could make it. Her hand caressed my brown nipple. Our melded skin looked like a chocolate covered marshmallow. I wanted us to make a complete Sunday. I forced up her sweater. Her glasses came up with it. She didn’t care, she didn’t need them anyway. My body would be close enough for her to explore fully. I lay back on the couch; her lips swallowed my pearls, one then the other. A feeling of liquid rushing through my core, instantly hit me. Her hands caressed from my stomach to my back. I wanted her to play, but I was dying to see how her nipples felt on my tongue. I palmed her head and panted, pulling her from two of the most sensitive parts of my body. We locked lips just long enough for my pussy to react again, then I made my way to her awaiting nipple. I watched her face for reaction. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. My hands trailed her waist and hips as I sucked and nibbled.

“Bren,” She whispered my name and I almost came. I started to pull at her pants. My hands worked to get her free from them. She helped when she saw me struggling. Once free, I marveled at her skin, her thighs, her scent. I took her in through my nose, my eyes, and once I had her legs parted, through my taste buds as well. Her nectar was sweet. I licked the due that covered her slit. Met with her clit and got acquainted. It was like her body was speaking volumes and I understood every word. Her moans continued. I watched her breasts rise and fall at every slow deep breath. I laid comfortably between her legs. Caressed her soft skin, from her back down to her plump cheeks, then along her legs. I wanted her to be in ecstasy with me. I was almost there. With every shiver she made, and pant or whimper, it brought me closer to climaxing. Yes, my body was so high off of her; I could cum, merely by making her do so. I felt as if I had her on the brink, so I slithered back up, making sure to kiss her pert nips before sharing her taste with her. She welcomed my kiss, as I eased two fingers into her wet core. She arched her back, her chest pressing against mine. I straddled her thigh and began stroking and rubbing my body against hers with the same rhythm. We headed into a world of the unknown together. My strokes got slower as I felt the moment quickly approaching. We both strained against the last stroke as I felt her cum rain down on my patient finger tips. She grabbed at me and panted. We held each other as electric shocks rocked our bodies. Panting and eager moans escaped us in unison. Jolts of pleasure pulsated through our weak bodies and we shook. Shook so intensely that when we stopped we weren’t sure where we were.

Our pulses slowed. Our breathing was dim. Our clothing scattered and our bodies spent. I looked up at her and she down at me, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

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