Blind Date

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I finished putting on my eyeliner feeling irritated. How on earth had I been talked into going on a blind date? But of course I knew – my best friend Dana was nothing if not persistent, and I had finally given in rather than listen to one more phone call about how it was time for me to start dating again. She had decided that some man she worked with was just perfect for me and every time I saw her she would ask me again if she could set us up. I figured I’d go out on this one date, tell her how absolutely horrible it was, and that would be the end of it.

I ran through what Dana had told me about my date. His name was Rich, he did something or other in the computer field, he was sweet, a good dancer, and according to Dana he was drop dead gorgeous. I dismissed this as a ploy to get me on the date, but she insisted it was all true. “Honey, the man has had stalkers. Trust me.” This, however, made me even more convinced that the date would be a disaster. All the truly gorgeous men I’d ever met had also been conceited jerks, so I wasn’t holding out too much hope that this one would be any different.

As for myself, I knew I wasn’t model beautiful, but I was certainly attractive. I had large enough breasts to be able to show cleavage without a special bra, shoulder length mahogany brown hair, and deep green eyes. I laughed easily, moved gracefully after years of dance lessons, and I’d been told more than once that I was a natural flirt.

I sighed as the doorbell rang. Time to get this over with. I grabbed my purse, shoved my keys and a lipstick in it, and opened the door. My breath caught for a moment as I got my first look at the man standing in my doorway. Dana hadn’t exaggerated, the man certainly was gorgeous. His blond hair looked silky and flopped down almost over his eyes. A white button down shirt showed off broad shoulders, a powerful chest, and tapered to a washboard stomach. His jean clad legs seemed to go on forever, and bulged with muscle. I looked up into blue eyes that sparkled with good humor, and felt a blush rising in my cheeks as I realized I’d been staring.

“Hi, I’m Rich,” he said, holding out his hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you. Dana’s told me a lot about you.” His hand was warm and slightly rough against my own. The shiver that ran down my spine warned me that this man affected far more than I had counted on. Firmly reminding myself of the dangers of handsome men, I summoned a smile and walked out to his car with him.

Two hours later, any thought that Rich might be a conceited jerk had completely been laid to rest. We started with dinner and talked as easily as if we had known each other for years. Everything and anything was open for conversation, and his easy-going light-hearted manner charmed me completely. After dinner we played pool. My smile became a bit more predatory as we walked in the pool hall – I had grown up with a pool table in the basement and many men had underestimated me. I loved showing them their mistake.

“What do you want to play for?” I asked. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Makes it more interesting if there’s some sort of stake involved, don’t you think?” I gave him innocent eyes.

“Well,” Rich said while carefully chalking his cue, “if I win I’d like a kiss.” He shot me a quick look to see my reaction.

“And if I win?”

“What would you like?”

I grinned at him. “Definitely a backrub. Sound fair?”

He smiled back at me. “Fair enough. You break.” He was being a gentleman. He shouldn’t have. He was calm enough as I broke and two solid balls dropped into pockets. He merely smiled as I almanbahis adres sank the next two. By the fifth ball however, he was looking at me with frank admiration. That was it for me. Any man who could watch me run the table with no other expression than sheer appreciation was worth my fascinated interest. We played three games, and he managed to win the last one.

“You owe me a kiss,” he said as he sank the last ball. I smiled up at him.

“I believe you owe me two backrubs first.” I looked around the pool hall. “This doesn’t seem to be quite the place though. Would you like to come back to my place?” I held my breath, hoping I hadn’t misjudged his attraction to me. Fortunately my suspense was short lived.

“I’d love to. Let’s go.” He took my hand as we walked back out to his car. His thumb brushed lightly over the delicate hairs on the back of my wrist as we walked. The small touch seemed to promise much more, and anticipation curled in my belly.

When we got back to my apartment, Rich sat on the couch and pulled me to sit on the floor in front of him. Big, strong hands covered my shoulders and began rubbing gently. I closed my eyes and surrendered my body to the relaxing touch. “There’s an art,” Rich said softly, “to backrubs. The key is to use the whole hand, not just the fingers.” He pressed the heel of his hand to the muscles under my shoulder blade and began rubbing in small circles. I could feel my body letting go of the tension of the day. A small smile touched my lips as my head fell forward, giving him better access for the massage.

That soft, seductive voice continued. “Also you should be sure to vary the touch…” His hands skimmed up to the back of my neck with a feather light touch, then slid down firmly, the friction warming my skin and sending tingles down my spine. “… to enhance the anticipation.” I could hear the smile in his voice. His clever fingers ran down my back. Slowly, as if waiting for me to tell him to stop, he pulled my shirt out of my pants until his warm palms rested against the bare skin of my back. I could no more have told him to stop than I could have flown to the moon. A new tension was replacing the old – but a much more welcome tension. This was the tension of anticipation, the knowledge of what was to come, and the surety that all that stood between being skin to skin with this man was a few clothes and a little time.

He took his time exploring the bare skin of my back. His hands traveled up, thumbs pressing against my spine, making me arch against him, then back down slowly, fingers brushing my sides just firmly enough not to tickle. I let out a shaky sigh. His hands stilled at my waist and I twisted around to look at him. His deep blue eyes had darkened to the color of sapphires with deepening desire.

“I know I owe you two backrubs,” he said, “and I’ve only given you one so far… but I would really like to kiss you now.” He looked a question at me. A seductive smile played over my lips as I turned to kneel between his legs. I ran my hands up his arms, over his shoulders. Slowly, I pulled him down to kiss me. I watched his eyes sparkle in answer. We paused a breath away from touching, still looking into each other’s eyes. I could feel his warm breath on my lips.

And then we kissed. God, it was perfect. Tightening my arms around his shoulders felt like trying to hug a mountain. I opened my mouth and his tongue swirled in to slide against mine. It was every hot fudge sundae, every hard butterscotch candy, every sweet glass of lemonade on a summer’s day, all rolled into one long, silky, hot, wet almanbahis adres kiss.

He pulled his lips away just long enough to whisper, “Bedroom. Where’s the bedroom?” against my cheek.

“End of the hall,” I whispered back. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted as he stood, keeping his lips against mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling a hard bulge against the juncture of my thighs. His hands supported me, squeezing and pulling me tight against him. He started walking towards the bedroom, still kissing me. Lost in the kiss, I was startled when I felt the bedroom door against my back. Tearing my lips away, I looked down and fumbled with the knob. Rich continued kissing my neck with hot wet flicks of his tongue. Using the door to brace me he raised one hand to my shirt, his strong fingers making short work of the buttons. He spread the fabric aside and quickly cupped my breast in his large hand, his thumb brushing my nipple, making it stand up stiff and hard. My hand found the knob and turned, and we fell through the door and stumbled to the bed.

I slid down his body to sit on the edge of the mattress, Rich standing between my legs. I shrugged off my shirt and started unbuttoning his. I brushed the skin of his chest as each button slipped off, slowly working my way down his stomach, pulling the shirt out of his jeans to get the last buttons. I could feel the muscles jump with each feather light touch. I slid the shirt from his shoulders revealing an extremely pretty dolphin tattoo on his upper arm. I’d always loved tattoo’s on men, and this one was adorable – both the tattoo and the man.

Leaning forward, watching his face, I planted a gentle kiss on his stomach. My tongue traced the thin line of hair trailing down his belly to disappear below the waist of his jeans. Undoing the button I slowly began to peel them from his legs, reveling a tight, hard shape straining against his boxers. Pushing his jeans to the floor, I wrapped my arms around his waist and placed my lips on the tip of the bulge pressing against the thin fabric of his shorts. My tongue slipped out, licking the cotton like an ice cream, then I drew him into my mouth, sucking him through the cloth. When I drew back I could see a dark circle, wet from my mouth and the pre-cum I had drawn from his cock. Slipping my fingers under the elastic, I began to ease his boxers off, until I could finally see what my mouth had already explored.

His cock spilled into my hand, and I felt the hot, thick meat of him. I ran my thumb over the head, feeling that satiny skin and drawing a groan from deep in his throat. I placed a light kiss on the tip, flicking my tongue over the small hole there, and he drew back with another moan. “Not yet sweetheart,” he whispered. “Your turn first.” Gently, he pressed me back into the bed. He smiled at me, and it was so devastatingly sexy that butterflies rippled in my belly. His broad hand skimmed up my side to the middle of my chest – exactly where the clasp of my bra was, in fact. With one quick flick of his fingers, my bra sprang open, freeing my breasts into his hands. The heat from his strong, slightly rough palms was startling. As he brushed his thumbs over my nipples I could feel my clit throb in response. My nipples tightened and puckered, as if begging for kisses.

He grinned at my reaction and lowered his head to my breast, one hand cupping it from underneath, his thumb brushing against my skin softly. He touched my nipple with his tongue, swirling around the tip gently, making me writhe on the bed. He drew my nipple into his mouth, and almanbahis adresi it was my turn to groan. The velvety wetness of his tongue, the amazing heat of his mouth, the slight pull as he sucked and teased at my nipple were almost overwhelming. My breasts felt swollen and tight, and it seemed as if there were a line connecting my breasts to my groin so that with every flick of his tongue things lower in my body contracted and throbbed. He kissed his way across my chest to my other breast and gave it the same attention. His hand smoothed its way down my body to the button on my pants. I barely noticed as he undid both button and zipper until his hand slid down to cover my pussy. His fingers stroked and teased, coaxing me to open myself to him until one long finger slipped inside me. His thumb rubbed my clit, sending white hot flashes of electricity through me, and my pussy tightened on his finger as it slowly worked in and out of my body.

My fingers fisted in his hair as I dragged his lips up to mine. “Now,” I panted. “I want to feel you inside me now.” He quickly dragged the rest of my clothing off, then collapsed on top of me again. I wrapped my legs around his and stared into his eyes as the tip of his cock slipped inside the lips of my pussy, brushing against my clit. I could see the pulse in his neck, pounding in time with my own heart. “Now,” I whispered again.

He pushed deep inside me with one hard, strong thrust. My pussy felt stretched and filled, and I could feel each beat of my heart like a drum. I licked his neck, nipping gently, reveling in the scent of soap and cologne, and the spicy, salty taste of him. He cupped my cheek in his hand and turned my face to his for a deep, drugging kiss. His tongue swept into my mouth, plunging and retreating in time with his cock driving in and out of my pussy. I could feel myself trembling on the shining edge of orgasm, like a cup of water that’s been filled just to the edge of overflowing. My nails dug into his shoulders as he shifted position above me slightly. His next deep thrust made me cry out. He had found that spot inside my body, and he was driving his cock over and over it, pushing noises from my throat with each strong push, and after that nothing existed but the feel of his cock inside me and the wet sounds of flesh hitting flesh. I could feel my body tighten around him, and I let myself fall over the edge, the orgasm riding me and drenching his cock with my juices. He finished in one long, glorious thrust, his head thrown back and eyes shut as he shuddered and moaned above me.

Rich collapsed against my chest and the two of us drifted of in a half slumber, limbs still entwined, his cock still inside me. Eventually he raised his head enough to look at me, and his eyes were serious as he said, “Thank you”, and bent to kiss me. I spent the rest of the night with his big, strong body curled behind me, his hand gently cupping my breast.

The next morning I felt slightly shy around him – after all, I had just slept with this man on the first date, and everyone knew that was against “the rules”. He seemed to sense my discomfort, and the reason for it, because just before he left he pulled me into his arms and held my eyes. “Don’t be shy with me now! That was the best date I have ever had, and I definitely want to see you again. I’ll call you later, OK?” He pulled me close for a kiss before he left.

Once he was gone, I made myself some coffee before heading for the shower. Despite his reassurance, I wasn’t at all sure he was going to call. Men sometimes didn’t after all, regardless of what they said. I shrugged it off as I finished the last of my coffee. He would either call or he wouldn’t, and moping around the house wouldn’t change it. Time to take a shower and start the day. The phone rang. I looked at it, slightly startled. It couldn’t possibly be him already.

Could it?

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