Blissfully Hooked Ch. 03

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Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

Dedicated to Triniw.

The explosion!


When Kyle and Aaron eventually came out of the room it was to find Max, the two camera men and another young man who Aaron had never seen before, waiting patiently for them in the lounge. Aaron wondered who the stranger was. Probably a new actor, he thought. He was built like a wrestler and had this…’no nonsense look’. Where the fuck was Max getting all these hunks, Aaron wondered.

“Well, well, well, it’s about time.” Max drawled starting to walk towards them.

“You know what to do, Nick.” Kyle ignored Max and addressed the Triple H look alike. “Keep me posted.”

“Sure Boss.” ‘Triple H’ responded and started towards the room Aaron and Kyle had just fucked in.

“I’ll be in touch, Viggo.” Kyle said, giving Max a firm handshake.

“Good show, man.” Max said with a kiss-arse smile which made Aaron frown in confusion. Had he missed something?

Aaron was getting more convinced that his earlier thinking, that Kyle had something on Max, might be right after all. He also noticed that there was something about Kyle that screamed power. Well, he did say they had to talk. Aaron couldn’t wait to hear whatever Kyle had to say.

“Shall we?” Kyle said to Aaron as he gestured towards the door.

“I’ll be right out.” Aaron told Kyle and turned to Max. “I need to discuss something important with you. I’ll pass by tomorrow. Two p.m. okay with you?”

“Sure Ron. That was some hot shit my boy.” Max laughed giving Aaron a pat on the back. “See you tomorrow.”

With a nod to the other guys, Aaron went out. When he saw Kyle in a sleek navy blue Range Rover, he grinned. The guy obviously did something else besides acting porn. Aaron whistled as he got in the passenger seat.

“Nice.” He drawled, clicking the seat belt in place.

“Thanks. Hey are you okay?” Kyle hadn’t missed Aaron’s wince when he adjusted himself in the seat and couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt. Aaron was obviously in pain.

“What do you think?” Aaron muttered, turning to look at Kyle.

“Sorry.” Kyle said quietly.

“Don’t be. You were just doing your job.” Aaron said, reaching into his back pocket to pull out his phone.

Just as Kyle turned on the engine, his own cell phone rang. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face when he saw who was calling.

“Hey little brother. What’s up?”

“Someone seems to be in high spirits. What are you up to?” Ken asked with a chuckle on the other end of the phone.

“Just work. You okay?”

“Yeah. Just thought I’d check in.”


“Don’t panic Ky. I’m fine. Wasn’t feeling too good this morning but I’m better now. Can’t find my Spiru…”

“I’ll be right there.”

“You don’t…”

“There’s a new box of Spirulina on the top shelf in the bathroom. See you soon.” Kyle hanged up and Aaron couldn’t help but notice his hands were shaking.

“Who’s sick?” Aaron asked quietly. “Your brother?” He’d deduced from the short conversation and Kyle’s reaction that someone close to him was not well.

Staring straight ahead as though he were in a trance, Kyle nodded. He wanted his nerves to calm down before he eased the car into traffic. He could feel himself shaking. Fuck!

Kyle turned to Aaron. “Listen, I…”

“I know. Go take care of him.” Aaron said quietly.

Kyle nodded and reached out his hand to Aaron. “Give me your phone.”

After a slight hesitation, Aaron handed over his cell phone to Kyle, who promptly keyed in his number and dialed himself. Then he handed the phone back.

“Kyle?” Aaron asked looking at the saved name.

“That’s my name. Dylan too. But that’s my middle name. Everybody calls me Kyle. Kyle Parker.”

“Aaron Hunter.” Aaron said softly. “Ron Hunt is only my…”

“I figured. So…I’ll call you.” Kyle said looking at Aaron. He didn’t want to leave him. There was an inexplicable tightness inside Kyle’s chest at the mere thought of not seeing Aaron again. It just didn’t feel right. And that feeling scared the hell out of Kyle. He cleared his throat and asked in a hoarse voice; “Where can I drop you off?”

“Oh no, you don’t ha…” Aaron started reaching for his seat belt buckle.

“I insist.” Kyle stated. “Where were you going to go from here?”

Aaron shrugged. “Home.”

“Give me your address.” Kyle eased his car into the traffic.

Aaron stared at Kyle. No one from his ‘work’ knew where he lived. Even as he rattled off his address, Aaron couldn’t believe he was actually giving a total stranger his home address. Stranger? Yeah right. If only his sore butt had a mouth.

Kyle parked his car in front of Aaron’s apartment block, which was in a very decent neighbourhood and turned to look at him. On the ride there, Aaron had confided that he lived with his sick mother and therefore understood what Kyle was going through. He’d encouraged Kyle to take it easy and hope for the best.

“Thanks for the eskişehir escort bayan ride.” Aaron said as he released his seat belt. Then he turned to face Kyle and had to suppress a gasp…Kyle’s desire-filled eyes were on his lips. Aaron bit his lower lip nervously and heard Kyle groan low in his throat.

“I want to kiss you so bad right now.” Kyle whispered, staring at those kissable lips.

Aaron let out a shaky breath. “Gotta go. Take care.” Then Aaron got out of the car and broke into a run.

He ran to save his sanity. Kyle Parker made him crazy, made him want to gladly break all his rules, made his world tilt with just a look. Aaron didn’t stop running till he got to his room. Then he flung himself onto his bed and let out a loud, frustrated scream into his pillow. What in blazes was happening to him?

Kyle watched Aaron run into the building and sighed. He was hard as rock. He wanted Aaron Hunter with a ferocity that surprised him. They really needed to talk. Kyle wanted to explain his part in their encounter and why he had to go to such lengths to do it. He wanted to explain before Aaron heard it from another person. He wasn’t as concerned about making him angry as he was about hurting him. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Aaron. He was going to see to his brother first, and then come back for Aaron. And with that resolution, Kyle sped off towards Ken’s house.


“Tell them I’ll be there in the next twenty minutes, Bertha. I’m coming straight from the airport. See you in a bit.” Kyle hanged up. Then to his chauffeur, he said with a sigh, “Let’s pass through the office please, Henry.”

“Roger that Sir.” Henry responded making Kyle smile. Once a military man, always a military man. Henry would never change.

Kyle called Ken to tell him he was back in town and relaxed against the seat. He was very tired and wished he could just relax in bed but duty called. He’d had to go on an emergency trip three days earlier. On his way to Ken’s after dropping off Aaron, he’d gotten an emergency call from one of his companies in Germany. So after making sure that Ken was okay, he’d flown out of the country. Immediately he’d touched down back home in LA, however, Bertha, his executive assistant had called to remind him of a meeting scheduled for that very day. She claimed she hadn’t bothered to cancel it because he was supposed to have come back from Germany a day earlier. Well, shit happened, Kyle thought with a groan.

What worried Kyle even more was the fact that he hadn’t even gotten round to calling Aaron. He hadn’t expected Aaron to call him, as he’d rather promised to call Aaron. Kyle felt what he needed to say, couldn’t be said on phone so had decided to wait till he got back into town. Though Kyle had been very busy throughout his stay in Germany, Aaron had been in his thoughts day and night. He knew he had to see the sexy porn star. Kyle therefore planned to call him after his meeting, to arrange a meeting with Aaron for that evening. He had, rather surprisingly, missed Aaron. How was that even possible? He had only met the guy just once…and what a meeting it had been. Kyle felt his cock twitch. Fuck!

When he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he groaned. But when he saw the caller, his heart missed a beat. Aaron! ‘Talk of the devil’. More like ‘Think of Sexy’. Kyle’s cock went from twitching to rock hard in an instant. He was surprised Aaron had taken the initiative to call though. The last thing Kyle was expecting was for Aaron to call him.

Kyle answered with a husky “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.” Aaron answered right back. “I want to see you.” He added without preamble. “Where are you now?”

Kyle was a little taken aback by Aaron’s forwardness. He could also detect something slightly off in Aaron’s voice but couldn’t tell exactly what it was. Whatever it was though, Kyle didn’t see any harm in telling Aaron where he was. Was Aaron missing him too? He sounded like he really had to see him.

“I’m on my way to the office.”

“And where’s that?”

“Know the KYPA Building?” Kyle asked.

“Who doesn’t? See you soon.”

“Wait…” Kyle started but Aaron had already hanged up.

Kyle stared at the phone in his hand and shook his head. He had wanted to tell Aaron to give him an hour or two before coming as he was going straight into a meeting. Kyle hoped Aaron was okay. He had sounded rather…abrupt.


Aaron was furious. Kyle Parker was a low life slimy bastard and he intended to tell him that to his face. A day after their encounter, Aaron had used the money he had been paid to do exactly as planned. He’s gone to clear his outstanding collage fees, cleared all his mother’s medical bills and paid their rent for the next two years. They still had enough to get by till he got a job. Then he had passed through Max Viggo’s office to tell him of his intentions to quit the acting job. Max hadn’t been around so Aaron had dropped a letter, stating that he’d quit the job. Fortunately for him, eskişehir escort he didn’t have any contract in place so could quit at any time. It had been one of his conditions actually. In the letter, he’d thanked Max for all he’d done for him.

A day after leaving the letter, Max had called him and pleaded with him to come and see him.

“Listen Max, I know…” Aaron had stared but Max hadn’t even allowed him finish.

“Ron, please. Just come and listen to what I have to say. Please.”

After a little hesitation, Aaron had promised to go and see Max the following day. When he got to Max’s office, Max had sat him down and spoken non-stop for about thirty minutes. About how Ron was throwing away an opportunity most people would kill for, about how talented he was, about how he could use his new acquired skill to get a really high ranking in the porn industry…he had gone on and on.

Aaron had however stood his grounds and told Max that he’d only acted porn for the money. He had what he needed to survive now so he would concentrate on his education and hope for the best. By the time he was leaving, Max had tears in his eyes.

People loved Ron Hunt. And Max Viggo made a lot of money out of that. Now it felt like he was losing his prized bull and that made him really sad. But he understood the boy. Naturally, he had to stop at a point and do something better. Max actually thought the kid had balls and admired him for that.

“Hey Boss, are you ready to…” Lucas, Max’s younger brother who also worked as his assistant barged into the office, saw his brother wiping his eyes and trailed off. “What’s going on?” He asked, looking from Max to Aaron.

“Aaron is leaving us.” Max said gruffly.

“But why?” Lucas asked, looking at Aaron. “Don’t tell me you’re signing up with ‘Cocky Productions’.”

“No, no. I’m just going to concentrate on school that’s all.” Aaron told an irritated Lucas. But then the guy always did look like he had something stuck up his arse, Aaron thought. Lucas was not a friendly person.

“But how are you going to pay your…oh I get it.” Lucas looked like a light bulb had gone off in his head. “You now have enough money so you don’t need us huh? You ungrateful little shit.”

“Lucas…” Max warned. But Lucas was on a roll.

“You, with your holier-than-thou attitude and all those silly rules that couldn’t be bent. I’m not gay, I don’t accept propositions no matter the amount of money offered, I don’t do this, I don’t do that. What happened to those rules last Tuesday? All it took was a rich guy to destroy them.”

“Lucas enough.” Max shouted.

“Listen Lucas, I was only doing my job.” Aaron said patiently. He understood that Lucas was upset at the fact that he was leaving them and therefore tried not to get angry. “The fact that some idiot of a producer decided to pay a shitload of cash for that video, is not my problem.”

“Producer? Is that what you think?” Lucas snarled.

“What is he talking about?” A confused Aaron turned to Max.

“Take no notice of…”

“Oh but I think he should, Max. That Dylan guy who fucked you…did you really think he was a fellow porn star? No, little Ron. He just wanted to fuck you. So he paid big. Just to get you in the sack. And from what I heard, what a blast he had. With you squealing like a little bitch. Oh, yes I’ve heard everything. Too bad he took everything away and wouldn’t allow us to have a copy. What a title it would have had. I can see it.” Lucas looked up and spread his hands in the sky. “‘The great Ron Hunt; The rich man’s bitch.’ Or better still, ‘Ron Hunt Whores Himself.'”

“Is that true?” Aaron asked Max in a deadly quiet voice.

“Listen Ron…” Max started but almost jumped out of his skin when Aaron bellowed;

“Answer me.”

“Yes.” Max whispered. “But…”

“See?” Lucas sneered. “You’re now nothing but a man-whore. At least he paid good money. You ignora…”

Aaron didn’t wait to hear the end of Lucas’ insults. He stormed out of Max’s office. Outside, he leaned over a bench and took deep breaths, trying to calm himself. Now he understood Max’s kiss-arse attitude. Kyle was not who he pretended to be at all. No wonder, the man hadn’t called him as he’d said he would. And to think he had finally resolved, after sleepless nights spent thinking about how strongly he felt about Kyle, that he was going to give it a chance if Kyle wanted a relationship. How stupid he had been. All that he’d felt, all that had passed between them…had been one-sided.

Aaron told himself he didn’t have to dwell on it. After all, as far as he was concerned, he had been acting. And he’d gotten paid for it. No big deal…right? But it hurt. Especially with the bond he’d felt between them, all that chemistry…he’d never felt that with any other human being and that made Kyle’s treachery hurt even more. Aaron knew he couldn’t let go. He had to confront Kyle Parker. Face to face. He had nothing to lose. After all, he was now a whore and might as escort eskişehir well act like one.

When Aaron heard Kyle’s husky voice on the phone, he’d almost melted. Almost. God, he was crazy about the man. When he felt the spasm in his cock, he had almost groaned. Thanks to Kyle, he was like a bitch in heat. That’s how badly he wanted the bastard. Shit!

He had to force himself to remain civil when he talked to Kyle on the phone. Kyle had obviously bought it because he’d told him where he worked. It was going to be fireworks in that office, Aaron vowed to himself. Kyle Dylan Parker, get ready, Aaron told himself silently as he got out of a taxi in front of the massive ‘KYPA’ skyscraper.


“Calm down gentlemen. Shouting is not going to accomplish anything. Now Peter, what were your exact instructions to those guys? Oh and Franklin, wait your turn. No need to turn this into a screaming match.” Kyle said in a hard voice.

There were five men in the meeting with him. He sometimes wished they were ladies instead of men. They would have been more tolerant. He turned his attention to Peter, his Operations Manager. But just as Peter started talking, the door to the conference room burst open and an angry looking Aaron barged in, to everyone’s surprise.

“You bastard!” Aaron bellowed at Kyle, moving slowly and menacingly towards where he sat at the head of the table.

“I tried to stop him Sir.” Bertha shouted, running in after Aaron. I told him you were in a meeting in here so he should wait but he went right ahead and…”

Oh shit! Aaron knew, Kyle thought, tuning out Bertha’s indignant voice. Kyle took a deep breath and stood up. “It’s okay Bertha.” Kyle said looking at the gorgeous man walking towards him. Even furious, Aaron looked mouth-wateringly hot. He thought Aaron looked simply delicious in his cargo pants and Henley long-sleeved shirt. All Kyle wanted to do was kiss him. Even angry, the guy turned him on. Damn!

“You just had to do it didn’t you?” Aaron asked walking slowly towards Kyle. “You can have anyone, but you just had to throw your money around didn’t you?”

“Gentlemen, please excu…” Kyle didn’t see it coming. When the blow landed on his jaw, he staggered back. “Fuck!”

“Oh my God.” Bertha screamed. “I’m calling security.”

“Bertha, don’t.” Kyle ordered and brought up his hand to block another blow from Aaron. “Just leave us.” He said, pushing a still furious Aaron into a chair and turning to move towards the door whilst messaging his jaw. At least the gentlemen had left as he’s requested, Kyle thought.

“Reschedule this meeting for tomorrow. And hold all my calls. Do not disturb me under any circumstances. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir.” Responded a bewildered looking Bertha.

“Good. Now scram. I’ll be fine.” Kyle said closing and locking the door behind his worried assistant.

He turned to see Aaron back on his feet. Kyle reached for a remote device and clicked it, closing all the blinds, then he shrugged out of his jacket and loosened his tie. Then both men just stood still and stared at each other across the distance. Aaron, with his grey eyes filled with so much pain and anger, and Kyle’s hazel ones filled with so much regret and want. When Kyle’s eyes dropped to Aaron’s lips, he felt like he’d been hit with an electric bolt. Aaron was angry and hurt…but those lips… Kyle had a feeling, if he didn’t taste those lips, kiss Aaron right then, he would probably die. Three long strides took him to Aaron.

“How could you?” Aaron whispered. “I thought you…”

Kyle’s slammed his lips on Aaron’s, stopping Aaron mid-stream. A surprised Aaron automatically tried to push Kyle off when he felt his lips on his. He raised his hands to Kyle’s chest and futilely tried to push him away but like a tree, the guy wouldn’t budge. Aaron gasped in indignation, and Kyle immediately took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into Aaron’s slightly opened mouth. The instant Aaron felt Kyle’s tongue touch his, all the fight fled out of him. The thrill that passed through Aaron felt like nothing he’s ever experienced, it felt like a shock to his system and just like that, all the resistance faded as he’d submitted to Kyle’s will. Kyle proceeded to kiss Aaron with a fierce pent-up passion that surprised Aaron. Those hands that had tried to push Kyle away, now fisted in his shirt, holding him close. Moaning helplessly, Aaron kissed Kyle back as if his very existence depended on it.

They both felt each other’s erections through their pants and rubbed against each other. When Aaron felt Kyle’s fingers unzipping his pants, he was powerless to stop him. When that hand burrowed into his boxers and pulled out his weeping cock, Aaron moaned into the kiss. Then Kyle was stroking that cock, rubbing the wet tip with his thumb, driving Aaron crazy with his touch. Aaron tore his mouth from the kiss to give a lusty wail.

“Kyle…” He moaned brokenly. His head thrown back in helpless abandon as he bucked wildly against Kyle.

Kyle could feel Aaron was about to lose it. And if he remembered correctly, Aaron could spurt a whole shit load of cum. He let go of the cock in his palm, smiling when Aaron groaned in protest. Then he pushed him backwards to lay face-up on the huge conference room table, with his butt on the edge. Then Kyle bent and swallow Aaron’s cock whole.

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