Blonde One with the Boys

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I hate my hometown. Some people say they are from a one horse town? Mine is a half ass village. I mean, technically it’s a city, with a population of over 13 thousand. However, it’s one of those cities where everyone knows everyone, is possibly related, and once a rumour starts you will never live it down.

And here I am, back after 10 years away.

k**s today have it easy, anti-bullying campaigns, peanut allergy warnings and fucking participation awards. Not this guy. As the awkward loner in high school I was beat up, stuffed into lockers and one time forced to eat plaster of Paris. Needless to say, as soon as I got my chance? I was the fuck out of there and hoping to never look back. College, using my brains to get into the world of finance, use that money to get my teeth fixed, start working out, discover who I am, fuck girls that never would have given me the time of day in high school.

Revenge is a powerful motivator.

So why the hell am I back here?

That would be Phil’s fault. He’s my best bud since we played with action figures in the sandbox behind his house. All through our formative years, it was just the Phil and Steve show, a couple of lonely, awkward virgins trying to survive being teenagers. While I may have left this place, he stayed. Opened a restaurant, hired a waitress, and now he was set to marry her.

Good job, Phil.

I had the noble duty of being the best man. Even after a couple of years of not really talking, Phil thought I would make the best choice. So I flew out, grabbed a hotel room, and now here we are – me getting ready for his bachelor party.

It’s not like in the movies. There’s no stripper out of a cake, wild misadventures where we lose the groom and certainly no donkey show. Just a few of us hitting the local club and getting as shit faced as we can. I of course use the term club loosely, more like a hole in the wall that smells like stale beer and warm piss where girls almost half my age would be getting white girl wasted, dance barefoot to whatever shitty R&B garbage was playing and dudes trying desperate to bring the one home that has the least puke in her bleached hair.

39 years old and a club for the local youngin’ population really isn’t my scene, but it’s where Phil wanted to go. He picked me up from his hotel with two of his work buddies, Josh and Gary – I vaguely remember them from high school, though Josh nearly went bug eyed when he saw me.

“Holy shit! Is that Steve Eastman? Dude! What the fuck? You look like…like…”

I blinked at him a few times while he tried to find the words, fuck this was awkward.

“Like a bad ass!” Phil cut in as he came over and gave me a hug in the lobby of the hotel I was staying at.

“Uhh, thanks?”

Phil wasn’t looking so bad ass. Here I was, some what muscular build, head full of brown hair, wearing an outfit that probably cost more than the car they came in and Phil was in jeans, t-shirt and at least 30lbs. overweight. The same went for the other two, I looked like the head of some pyramid scheme about to sucker 3 dads out of their mortgages.

Off to the club.

Josh was the class clown type back in the day, that one k** every one liked but wasn’t popular with the ladies. His family owned a local food market that he of course would later take over as owner/operator. Gary I barely knew, he ran with the shop k**s, and was now a full time auto mechanic. Both married, both with 2.5 k**s. This place never changes.

So, what you been doin’, man!?” Josh asked far too loudly. “You vanished after grad! I heard stories you joined the military, a cult, a hobo…”

“Nah, I work for an insurance firm that deals with clients globally.” I replied.

“Well look at Mr. Fancy Pants here! Show me the money!” Josh quoted in the wrong context. Ugh. This was going to be one of those nights.

Four guys walk into a club. That’s not a joke. It was around 9:30pm, way too early. The place only had a few locals at the VLTs gambling away their lives, the music wasn’t blaring quite yet and only a few of the younger crowd were around. I needed about 6 shots of tequila to maybe drown out Josh’s annoying voice and outdated jokes, but I needed to pace myself so a beer would be a good start.

We found a table, standing around, drinking, chatting. Sports, relationships, the fucking weather. Bringing up old war stories about our younger years, what happened to certain classmates; who died, got married – pretty much the same thing if you ask me.

Yeah, sure. One day I would like to settle down, but I enjoy my single life. The occasional college intern or hook up from a phone app gets boring, but seeing these three, jeans and t-shirts, beer guts and male pattern baldness? Not very inspiring.

About an hour in and I start to relax, share some stories, tell the boys about chasing tail, fine dining and travelling across the globe to meet clients.

“Dubai?” Phil looked shocked, “What the fuck is a dungeon master like you doing in Dubai?”

“Helping a prince insure his billion dollar car collection.”

Jaws, meet floor. Pick them up quick, boys – who knows what shit is on there.

Honestly, I don’t like to brag. It was a lot of hard work, starting at the bottom of a totem pole in a firm, working myself to upper management through blood, seat, tears and a bit of cocaine. Now I manage collections of art, cars, homes, etc of the filthy rich. The type of rich Oprah wishes she was.

“Well, I know who is paying for our drinks tonight!” Gary laughed.

“Speaking of…” Phil waved his empty beer bottle at me, “…I need a refill.”

11:30pm and the 18-21 crowd is coming in, most already half drunk from pre-gaming at their homes or a local lounge. None of them even pay us any attention as the dance floor starts to fill up and we continue drinking our asses off, now and then slipping outside to the enclosed deck area for fresh air or a cigarette.

By the time 1am rolled around I was in a the men’s room, draining about 10 beers and a few shots from my bladder, smelling of booze and pretty light headed. Normally it’s a few drinks at a restaurant bar and I head home, it had been seen college that I had pounded this many back. Took my piss, shook my dick, remembered to stuff it back in my pants, wash my hands and then head out to find the guys. When I finally saw them again, they were out on the patio, smoking cheap, filtered cigars – and they were not alone.

“Steve! C’mere!” Phil slurred, “I want you to meet…”

“Sam!” Said this tiny girl with blond hair, tight fitting black top and skinny jeans, extending a small hand to me which I shook while probably having a stunned fuck look on my face.

“Sam is one of my waitresses!” Phil announced, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

Sam, full name Samantha, was a fresh faced 18 year old, though I am sure she got carded coming in here. Blue eyes, shoulder length hair that had been curled a bit for a night out. A solid 8…maybe even a 9, with a bubbly voice and not afraid to be flirty as she plopped her ass in Gary’s lap, nearly causing him to spill his rum and coke.

She was drunk as fuck.

Apparently Sam had been here with some friends but they had been partying much earlier and harder than we were and split – she would have too if not for Phil who drunkenly offered to use my cash flow to keep buying drinks all night.

1:30am, last call. We’re drunk, we’re rowdy, and we can’t keep our hands off Sam. Not that she minded. That girl went from lap to lap, stealing puffs of cigars. Half cut as I was, I got an instant hard on when her tight little ass in jeans pressed against my crotch.

“Ohhh, someone’s excited!” She blurted.

“You blame him?” Josh said with what could be best described as smirk – worst, a lop sided, drunken grin of a lecherous old bastard.

“Mmm, no I can’t…” She muttered, wiggling her butt down on me, “Can’t blame me either, this man is packing something won there!”

Last call passed, the ugly lights are about to come on. I head to the bar to pay our tab, weaving through crowds of drunk young people. There goes $300. As I started heading back, the three dads along with Sam wave at me from the club entrance.

“Well, guys, it’s been fun…” Is started as a rejoined them, only to be cut off by Phil.

“Fun’s not over, bud! We’re gonna grab a two-four and I say all five of us head back to your hotel room and keep this party going!”

“I dunno, guys…it’s pretty late.”

“Aw, c’mon man! Sam wants to keep drinking with us!” Gary said, looking at me like a fucking puppy wanting a treat.

“Yeah!” Same blurted, “I want to keep drinking! Woo!” She ran over and wrapped her arms around my waste, gyrating her body against mine. “C’mon Shhhteve…don’t you wanna?”

“Yeah, Steve, don’t ya wanna?” Josh laughed.

“Yeah, Steve, don’t you want…”

“OKAY!” I stopped Phil, “Fuck it, get a cab and we’ll hit the vendor, but you mother fuckers keep it down.”

I pity the poor cab driver that picked us up, bunch of guys, one girl, all yelling, laughing – but that was par the course for a Friday night in this town. Gary, Phil, Same and I were squished in the back while Josh rode shotgun with the cabby. That’s how small of a town this is, in the big city if you tried to sit up you would probably be shot, but here?

“Hey, thanks, Tom! I’ll see you next week at your k**s’ birthday!” Everyone knew everyone.

We tried to be as quiet as we could getting to my room. Fuck the hotels here too. A local baseball tournament was going on in town, and this chain hotel was the only one with a room left, a shitty 2 double bed affair with bathroom, mini fridge, rattling AC and TV as small as my work laptop.

Of course, TV was the last thing on our minds.

I unlocked the door to my room and let them walk in, but before I could, Phil stopped me.

“Dude, hold on a sec.” Gary, Josh and Sam went in and the door closed behind them.

“Hey, whats’ up?” I looked to Phil who had a big shit eating grin on his face.

“Nothin’, bud.”

“Well let’s get in and drink some beers then, it’s fucking late, man. Feelin’ a little jet lagged.” I reached to put my card key in the door and Phil stepped in between.


“For fuck sake, Phil.” If he was going to give me the bros for life speech and get all emotional about me coming here to be his best man, he had better hurry, I needed to take a piss.

“Steve, I need you to promise me something.”

“Sure.” I signed.

“No.” he clasped his hand on my shoulder, “You’re my boy, Steve. It’s always been you, the Phil and Steve show. But I need you to fucking promise me right now.”

“Fine, Phil. What is it?”

“Don’t tell Sheila.” His bride to be.

“Don’t tell Sheila what?” I am a pretty stupid drunk.

“You’ll see.” He slipped his hand from my shoulder and stepped out of the way.

Keycard meet lock, click, open the door and be greeted to an image I would never forget. A sobering experience that was better than any cup of hot coffee.

Sam was on the edge of the bed, her shirt and bra pulled up over a nice pair of creamy white tits, and both Gary and Josh were standing before her, pants around ankles as she stroked both their cocks, taking turns on each of them with her mouth.

Click. The door shut behind me.

Phil was walking over to the three, already unfastening his pants and bringing out his half hard prick, stroking it in his fist.

“You bein’ a good girl, Sam?” he said as he squeezed between Gary and Josh. She stopped sucking off Josh’s dick to speak, but kept stroking the him and Gary.

“Of course, Mr. Thomas. You know I am always a good girl for you.”

“Atta girl.” Phil muttered, placing his right hand on the top of her blonde head. “Now get to work, it ain’t going to suck itself.”

What the actual fuck was going on? I wanted to ask that, but instead I just stood there, tent in my pants as I watched this 18 year old girl open her mouth wide and take in Phil’s fat cock head while continuing to stroke off the other two. I probably would have stayed standing at the door way all night if Josh didn’t look over at me,

“Yo, Eastman. Don’t be a little bitch, man, come over here. You’re missing out!”

I kicked off my shoes and did just that, shuffling over like the walking dead to get a closer look at what was taking place.

In her left hand, Gary’s cock, actually pretty small, at best 4 inches, precum glistening on his tip and him moaning as Sam’s little hand worked at his shaft. In the middle, Phil. He was much more well endowed, in fact, that was the biggest fucking prick I had ever seen, a 9 inch thick piece of meat that he thrust into Sam’s mouth – each time making the girl hum, moan and squeal around it while she drooled. As far as I remembered, he wasn’t that big. Right hand was Josh, who looked as hung as me, I would guess 7 and 1/2, a nice fat head and he smiled at me,

“There you go, bud. Get that cock out and let Sam have a look.”

Consciously, I had no control over my actions. I was in a dreamlike state as I dropped my pants and exposed myself not only to Sam, but the three other guys in the room. As soon as it was out, my cock head slapped against my taut stomach.

“Nice, prick, bro.” Gary said with a grunt as he looked down on it.

“Here, she’s all yours.” Phil said as he took his cock from Sam’s hand and stepped back, going manual on his shaft with his fist. I quickly took his place.

Sam’s blue eyes darted to my prick and she moaned around Phil’s cock. Her free hand quickly grasped my shaft and began working it, soft skin jerking me off in the direction of her perfect set of tits.

“Holy fuck.” I finally managed to say.

“Feels good, don’t she?” Phil looked at me with a grin, “She’s such a cock hungry slut, man. Ngh…” he trust his huge cock deep in her mouth and she coughed, “Been fucking her for awhile.”

All I could hear from Sam was a muffle ‘mmhmm’ as she tried her best to please that meat hammer that fucked her face.

“Shit…Phil…this is fucked up, man…” My reasoning was trying to fight against instinct, but my cock was as hard as forged steel.

“Just enjoy it, bro.” Josh said as he climb up on the bed, getting behind Sam so he could dip a hand down between her jeans, rubbing sat her crotch through her jeans, “What happens in here stays in here. Phil said you would be down, he’s told us what you and him used to jerk to back in the day. So, get down with it, bro.”

Back in the day, when we were still young and awkward, when porn magazines that were found under a parents bed had not been replaced by streaming porn in HD. When two young men started by jerking off in the dark, talking about girls, the things we wanted them to do, what we wanted to to them with only the vaguest knowledge of sex in our minds. The grunting in the dark, until that one time it was just too much and Phil asked if I needed a hand. Jerking each other until our loads dripped won our cocks and stuck between our fingers. The denial, the questioning of sexuality: ‘am I a fag?’ I would wonder, am I the thing jocks called me? That was until the next time when we blew each other.

I can’t believe he had told them that! I also couldn’t believe the knowledge of them knowing that made me even harder as a bead of pre formed on my tip.

“We’re all friends here, Steve. We have all had those experiences.” Phil whispered to me; all I could do was nod as I my legs started to shake. “And tonight we’re going to experience something else. You wanna get the lights Gary?”

As soon as the the room went dark, all bets were off.

I felt stubble against my groin as someone began to suck me off; the curtains were drawn, it was nearly pitch black in the room. It took a long time for my eyes to adjust before I saw Josh swallowing my cock and playing with my balls while Phil and Gary had started to jerk each other off on the bed, and Sam, that fucking incredible blonde, was stripping down to nothing before them.

“F-fuck…” I stammered, trying to take it all in – much like Josh was trying to take my cock down his throat. I didn’t realize it, but I was thrusting against his face, and somehow my right hand was rubbing the top of his short, dark brown haired head. “I need to sit…”

Josh pulled his mouth off my cock but wrapped his fingers around it,

“Do what you need to do, bro, get comfy, I am just waiting for our turn.”

Our turn?

I looked back to Gary, Phil and Sam and instantly understood what he meant. Sam was her back, head hanging off the edge of the bed as Phil’s massive prick filled her mouth. Meanwhile, Gary was on top of her, his little cock pounding into her cunt with loud, wet slapping noises.

Josh and I sat on the second bed across, facing them. He continued to stroke my dick as I watched the two men use Sam for all she was worth – the little bit of street light coming int to reveal the ropes of drool that came out of the corners of Sam’s mouth, glistening as the streams slashed across her face and into her hair.

“Hey, man, don’t leave me out. I am dying here.” Josh whispered to me.

Shit. For a split second I didn’t know what he was on about until he looked down at his own hard as rock rock and then to mine in his fist.

“Uhhh, yeah…” I gingerly reached for his tool and wrapped my fingers around it, feeling it throb in my grasp, already slick with his precum. I started to jerk him, trying to keep in time with his strokes. Fuck, I felt awkward, like oh so long ago when I first grabbed Phil’s fat cock.

“Mm, fuck that feels good.” Josh reassured me.

“Yeah…you too.” I replied.

On the other bed, Gary’s slight beer gut mashed against Sam’s little body as he drove his cock into her, causing her to moan louder and louder when she wasn’t gagging on Phil’s cock. Her tits were mashed in Gary’s big hands, and he leaned down to kiss the young woman on the neck, muttering to her,

“Mmf, fucking slut,we’re going to breed you tonight. Ngh, fuck, you ready, whore?”

Sam just moaned loudly around Phil’s cock.

“FUCK!” Gary let out a loud grunt and right then I knew he came, giving Sam one final trust as his legs trembled and he pumped inside of her. I don’t recall anyone handing out condoms – they were bare backing this girl? His body slumped against her, “Mmm, such a good girl.”

“Shit, I am close.” Phil said, though I could barely hear him over the sound of my heart pounding in my chest and Sam’s gagging and sputtering. “Gonna take a break, you want in, Josh?”

“Fuck yeah, bro!” Josh released his hold on my cock and I him as he stood up. Phil removed his prick from Sam’s mouth, the girl gasped for air and coughed. Even in the tiniest bit of light, I could see her face was a sexy mess. “On you knees slut!”

As Josh got ready to fuck Sam, Phil plopped on the bed next to me, stroking that monster prick of his.

“Probably should have warned you, bud.”

“Ya think?” I said, starting to jerk off again as I heard a loud smack and squeal as Josh slapped Sam’s pale ass. “So she didn’t just randomly show up I am guessing?”

“Ha!” Phil laughed, “Dude, this was our plan for the start. Well, sort of. We thought you wouldn’t be into it so we were just going to use her in the park, but as soon as we saw you staring at her, and you didn’t resist her ass on your dick, I had a feeling.”

“Just like we talked about back then…” My eyes went from Josh fucking Sam behind while her head was in Gary’s lap, over to Phil’s cock.

“Of course.” He grinned. “And I knew Sam would be into it, this isn’t our first rodeo.”

“Mm, you like it, bitch? Like this cock fucking you?” Josh grunted at Sam, giving her ass another hard slap.

“Yes, Mr. Adams, fuck me…use my filthy pussy…”

I then felt Phil grab a hold of my cock.

“He’s going to cum quick, so you ready for this?”

“For what?” I asked, completely clueless and throbbing in the fist of my best friend.

“Colleen, remember? We always talked about back in the day how amazing it would feel to double stuff her cunt.”

“You can’t be…ngh, serious…” I stammered, his perfect method making me edge as well as the scene of Josh fucking that small woman like a jack rabbit and Gary idly stroking his cock in her face playing out nearby. “You bring any condoms?”

“Fuck no, man.” Phil continued to pump the entire length of my cock, rubbing his thumb over the tip and smearing the pre. “It’s her wedding fit to me, we’re going to knock her up.” I almost came right there and Phil knew it. He gripped my cock hard. “Save it for her.”

Josh had grabbed a handful of Sam’s hair as was porking her from behind into the bed, every thrust making a loud squelching sound into her soaked cunt. Gary had vanished, but the bathroom light came on, giving us more light – and after cum piss no doubt.

“You ready, baby?! Ready for daddy’s cum?!” Josh barked as slobber sprayed from his mouth and onto her back.

“Yes daddy! Oh fuck daddy! MMMM, oh daddy!” She yelled in return as he body started to shake, signalling she was having a delightful orgasm around that cock in her.

“NGAH!” Josh bellowed as he buried his cock in her, adding another loud to her already cummed in cunt.

Everything went still, only the sound of the couple on the bed panting, Gary’s stream of piss hitting the toilet and the rattle of the AC could be heard. I was a deer in headlights. I knew what was coming, but didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.

Good thing Phil took control as he stood up.

“You want her on top or you want to take her from behind?”

“Huh?” I blinked.

“You want Sam to ride you or you want to fuck that pussy ass up?” He asked again in even more vulgar language. Josh pulled out of Sam and stood to his full height, reaching for his shirt to wipe his cock off.

“Take her from behind, bro, you’ll love seeing that ass.”

“Yeah…sure.” I said, staring at the mess of Sam’s cunt. I couldn’t see before, but unlike probably most of the girls her age, she had a bush of dark pubic hair, but of course it was now dripping in sperm that had foamed up from her hole while Josh fucked another load into her.

I was probably licking my lips.

Phil climbed onto the bed and laid out, stroking his tool.

“Now for the best part.”

Sam wiggled her ass in my direction as she climbed up on Phil, reaching between them to grasp at his prick and guide it to her cummy entrance.

“Mmm, I am going to be fucked by two cocks now, daddy?” She asked in a sing-song voice.

“Ergh…yes, baby…two cocks for my little slut.” Phil’s cock slowly began to sink into her, splitting her small pussy wide as the head passed through and inch after inch was stuffed away as she lowered herself onto it.

Gary appeared from the bathroom and grabbed a beer, with Josh still wiping his cock with his t-shirt the entire time he walked to the bathroom.

“Well, bud? You just gonna watch?” Phil asked. “Or are you going to join me?”

This had been one of our fantasies when we got really hot and heavy at sleepover, talking about Colleen, the head cheerleader and all the nasty things we would do if we had the chance. The very thought of our cocks pressed together in a tight hole was enough to make me cum back then, usually as he jerked us off together in one hand, spilling our loads over each other.

Of course, this was no Colleen. This wasn’t back then. This was now and this was a girl barely out of high school, whining at me,

“C’mon, Steve, cum breed me…please?”

How long had he and the others been fucking her like this? Meeting in parks, probably jerking off together over whatever in their homes while families were away. Jesus, maybe leaving my hometown wasn’t such a good idea.

“Get ready you fucking slut.” I was now filled with confidence, this was happening and I was going to give this cock hungry young woman the pounding of her life.

Phil was slowly bucking up into that pussy of hers, causing both Gary and Josh’s loads to foam up and dribble down his shaft. I climbed up on the bed with Phil and Sam, grabbing my own prick and guiding it to her, running my tip along that greased up shaft of my best friend – causing him to moan. A few more passes, making sure to lube myself up well for that tight cunt and it was time.

Fuck she was tight, it took some manoeuvring and grunting, but finally, my tip entered and I began to slide along the length of Phil’s prick into that hot, used pussy of Sam who let out a long sigh. Inch after inch sunk into that hot, young cunt and I could feel Phil’s cock twitch against mine – it was everything we used to jerk off to and more, I almost shot my load right then and there.

“Sh…shit…” And so did Phil according to his grunting from below.

We both settled into place inside of Sam as Gary And Josh sat across from us on the other bed, drinking beers and tugging at their half hard pricks as they watched us fuck this small girl between us. Our cocks moved in tandem inside that hot hole, my hands gripping Sam’s curvy hips as I picked up speed and Phil’s cock pulsing against mine as he bucked up into her cum dripping pussy. The sounds her body made drove me wild, a slurping noise from that cunt as we fucked her together, the sperm from the other two guys churning inside of her and dripping down Phil’s balls with every thrust inside her. Sam was moaning loudly, both Phil and I grunting like pigs feeding.

“Feels fucking good…” Phil said, his eyes pinched shut, trying to keep himself from nutting already. “I can feel you fucking her, man.”

In seconds our speed increased, both of us pounding Sam’s cunt for all it was worth as she buried her face into Phils’ neck, whimpering as two men old enough to be her father used her for all she was worth. I looked to Gary and Josh – they were enjoying the show. Gary’s fat little cock in his fist while Josh had found Sam’s panties, an aquamarine pair with lace trimming and was sniffing them as he pumped his own prick.

“AHN! DADDAY! DADDY! FUCK ME!” Same screamed between us, her pussy clenching our cocks together – I couldn’t take it any longer. What felt like a long fuck session was over in 3 minutes. I grunted, gave Sam’s ass a slap and got ready to fire my load with an announcement,

“Gonna cum!”

Then I felt Phil’s cock throb and something…hot. Holy fuck, he was cumming too, I could feel my best friend cumming inside that pussy I was in, and I lost it. I came like a fire hose, my sperm shooting inside that sweet, slutty girl with enough force to make me dizzy and my ass cheeks clench. I almost buckled as I stood at the edge of the bed, my cock falling out of Sam’s cunt and falling against Phil’s hairy balls, cum still oozing from my tip and her well-fucked hole. I tried to focus, Sam was panting like a dog on a hot, summer day as Phil stroked her blonde hair and stared at me. Gary and Josh sipped their beers and stroked off. I felt awkward again, a teenager, unsure of myself – lost in my own insecurities I thought had long since left me.

At least that dumb shit Josh broke the mood.

“Shit, I call next!”

We fucked all night, well into the morning hours. The room stank of beer and sex. Sometimes we would drink and play cards, naked. But that only lasted a few minutes before someone was grabbing a cock with a hand; guiding it to whatever hole they could put it in. Our drunken debauchery a fuzzy memory. Josh did get his turn again with Sam, this time he fucked her still dripping pussy while Gary stuffed her puckered asshole with his fat, stubby prick. At one point we slid the beds together so we could all have fun together, laying out, everyone sucking everyone as we writhed in a sea of man flesh with one girl there – a girl I had to pleasure of eating out, hot sperm and her pussy juices stirred with my tongue as Phil sucked me off.

Our final act as a group was a circle jerk around her, each man grabbing a cock that was not his own and cumming on her face as she sat on her knees, masturbating with a beer bottle. Needless to say, that face of hers was dripping sperm in the end along with her make up. Gary and Josh really got into it, kissing each other as they gave Sam her bukkake, talking about swapping their wives or watching them dyke out.

I passed out not long after. I remember waking up at some point a few hours later, barely making out Josh fucking Gary from behind as Gary thrust his prick into Sam’s face while Phil filmed the whole scene with his phone. When I awoke again, all that was left was me, a trashed hotel room and a full bladder.

For the next few days I looked and felt like hell, a night of drinking and wild sex had the same recovery time as minor surgery at my age and lucky me, I had to do things like meet Phil’s soon to be wife, wedding rehearsal dinner as well as just keep up appearances. Nothing was said about our wild night, and I didn’t bother to bring it up. The night before the wedding I jerked off thinking about it – it was a memory I was never going to forget, and one I am sure I would be telling nursing home staff about when I am old, grey and shitting myself.

The day of the wedding I was finally on the mend after a week and things went well. A church ceremony where I am glad I did not burst into flames as I watched my best friend marry a woman who had no idea he fucked the girl that was sitting a few rows down with a bunch of guys who sat with their own wives and k**s. Seeing them all in the same place was surreal; making me wonder if it really happened at all.

The reception was the usual deal, prime rib that was far too fatty, hand shaking until my wrist was tired, speeches, dancing to “Oh what a night” by the Four Seasons, explaining to far too many people what happened to me after high school, hit on by a drunken bridesmaid you couldn’t pay me to fuck.

Hometown shit.

As things began to wind down, Phil took me aside as I stood in the parking lot of the reception hall, smoking a cigarette. The fool had his bow tie on his forehead like a head band.

“Thanks, man.” he said to me in a hug. I hugged him back.

“Yeah, was a crazy fucking week, huh?” An understatement for sure.

“What we always talked about, right?” He chuckled as we broke the embrace. Phil then handed me a small, white envelope. “Here. That’s for you.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll find out in an hour.”

“What’s in an hour?” I asked as he laughed and started to walk away, not giving me an answer.

Annoyed, I puffed away at my cigarette and opened the envelope. A hotel room key, the same hotel where he and his new wife were headed in the next few minutes to begin their wedding night. I blinked, looked up and saw Phil and his wife getting ready to step inside their limo, and his wife Shelia locked eyes with me – blowing me a kiss.

The End.

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