Blue Goes Bi

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This took place in the early 1970’s- a few years after I was discharged from the army, I worked mainly on harvest crews in those years, hard work and long hours. We would start down south in early summer and follow the harvest north until fall. I would then go back to my home in the hills with enough cash to last until the next year.

I was in my early 20’s, and I was an experienced fucker of women, I had gotten my experience with whores and sluts. I wasn’t even really interested in sex with guys, some men had hit on me before and I turned them down, I was firm in my masculinity- I was a rifleman in Vietnam and I thought it seemed kind of sissy to mess with guys. I had lost my drivers license from drunken driving so I had no car and I usually hitch-hiked when I went long distances, it was cheap and adventuresome. That summer I had worked on a harvest crew through the Midwest, and we finished up late in October up north. The crew had worked hard 12-18 hours a day, seven days a week since June with only rain days off- I was mega horny, tanned, in great shape and had a pocket full of money. I started hitch-hiking back home.

My first night on the road, I unrolled my sleeping bag near some trees by the highway. The second day was cold and before nightfall a chilly rain started. I was in a medium sized town in Illinois. I saw the friendly glow of beer signs in tavern windows down the street and headed that way. I hit a few bars, had a few drinks and I was starting to feel pretty good. A young guy in one of the joints started talking to me about farm work and stuff and we had a few rounds together. This guy was 19 or 20, (legal drinking age was 18 then) kind of short and overweight, I figured him as not too many friends and wanting a buddy. I didn’t know a soul for 250 miles so it was nice to have a drinking buddy. We hung out, drank and played pool and pinball. I told him my story- that I was on foot and a long way from home (I neglected to mention I was flush with cash). He said his parents were out of town, and I was welcome to stay there. I said OK, I still had not figured he was gay and looking for action. We went out and got in his car and started driving. He then said in a scared voice, “It’s only fair that I let you know that I am a homosexual, there is only one bed and I would like you to sleep with me.”

It was raining really hard by then, I was half drunk and figured what the hell so I said, “OK.” I was not a bit nervous.

We got to the house and went in. While I took a quick shower, my new lover (I never asked his name) turned down the bed and hung a heavy towel over the bedside lamp to dim the lights. I was a little aggravated at him, and did not feel like treating him nice. I walked out of the bathroom and he was naked, sitting on the bed- I went over and laid down and pretty gruffly told him, “Get to work, I’m tired.” This kid had a highly educated mouth, he was a great dick sucker, and his talent really showed. My cock was immediately stiff, and I was moaning with pleasure as he licked and tongued my hard shaft. He tried to slowly jack me with his hand, and I told him, “Hands off- suck it, don’t jack it.” I never touched him, just laid back and enjoyed a good dick sucking.

I was really thinking of this boy as a slut, so I decided to fuck him. This was very much pre-condom days, so I just told him to lie down on his back, which he did. I grabbed his ankles and put his legs on my shoulders, with my arms outside his legs as I leaned over. He had wanted to get fucked, and had lubed his asshole while I was in the shower. I took a couple of pokes like I was fucking a woman- I had never fucked an asshole bahis şirketleri and didn’t realize it was further down. He reached down and guided my cock to his tight little hole. I had to bend him over farther to get his anus and my penis lined up. I had him bent over completely, with his knees bent back nearly to his head before I could slip the throbbing purple head of my cock in his sweet tight butthole. He was moaning, but not trying to stop me. I slipped the head of my thick cock in and he gasped and twitched and said, “Go slow!”

I was looking right into his eyes from a few inches away. His asshole was tight and hot. I was starting to have warm and tender feelings towards this fucktoy and I stopped pushing and eased back a little, with the head of my dick still inserted. A few moments passed, and I started easing a little more into him. He squinted his eyes and grimaced, but I slowly worked my dick into him, and he occasionally moaned a little and pushed on my chest to slow me down. Finally I was balls deep in him. I took his legs off my shoulders, and put them inside my elbows. The room was hot and I was sweating from my efforts and my sweat was dripping onto his chest. I was holding his legs down and open with my body weight. He was spread wide, with my hips between his legs and my cock up his ass- he was going to get fucked and we both knew it.

I slowly eased back, until most of my dick was pulled out, and then pushed in again- not so easy, but still pretty gentle. His ass was like velvet, it really seemed hotter than a female pussy, and was much tighter than any thing I had used before. I was really enjoying myself. I started stroking a little faster and harder as he began to relax and work with me. He said, “Don’t cum inside me.” Both our bodies were sweaty and the slickness of his body rubbing on mine, coupled with the good feelings of the hot tight fuck were getting to me. By then I was working really hard on his butt, practically slamming my pelvis onto him as I went for my climax. When I knew I was going to cum, I pulled out of him, rocked back on my haunches, gave my dick a couple of jacks and exploded my jizz all over his belly. WOW! He was laying with his legs spread wide, with me between them, cum was all over his chubby hairless belly and leaking down. I noticed his small uncut penis was hard, but I was not interested in any sex right then.

I rolled over onto the bed and relaxed, nothing like a hot fuck to relax a man. I lay on my side, pulled him over to me with his back to me and spooned him to me. My (now limp) cock was right in the crack of his ass- where I had just had such a good time. I had my arm over him and snuggled him to me. I felt very warm and tender towards him. I went right to sleep.

Sometime later that night, I awoke with a hard on. My new lover’s soft ass felt really good pushing into me. I don’t know if he was intentionally pushing it at me to arouse me or if he was asleep. I was enjoying it, and started pushing my hard dick at his fuckhole, without much success. I reached around and started feeling of his soft small (chubby boy) breasts, and played with the nipples. He moaned softly, and I knew he was awake. I felt very masculine and studly. I felt possessive of him and felt he was mine to take my pleasure as I wanted. My thick dick was rock hard by now, slipping around in the lube in his crack and around his hole.

I made him get up on his knees, and he put his head and shoulders down on the bed. His chubby ass was in the air, and looked pretty good- he was on his knees, shoulders on the bed, with his ass spread wide, pointing right at me. I had never fucked an asshole bahis firmaları like this (dog-style) and initially I wanted it up too high (in this position, the asshole is of course higher than a pussy would be), I pretty roughly spread his legs wider with my knees to get it down where I wanted it and he yelped a little bit. He had plenty of lube still smeared over his anus from our previous session, and his hole was still somewhat dilated from my earlier usage, so my dick slid in pretty easy. He squealed some as the meat slid into him, but it was obvious that he wanted it and liked being fucked, so I was relentless and quickly had my manhood buried all the way to the hair in his hole.

I grabbed his asscheeks with both hands and enjoyed feeling his soft ass as I worked my dick in his hot hole. He moaned softly as I worked in and out, squeezing his ass and enjoying good feelings in my cock. I got more and more worked up, until I was causing the flab of his ass to really shake as I slapped it with my hips as I pumped. He asked me not to cum inside him again. I got off my knees until I was duck squatting behind him, keeping my rock hard dick up his ass. This really gave me a feeling of power over him, I was really fucking him very hard, I was leaned over him, holding him down with my hands on his back, on my feet, with my knees on both sides of his wide-spread ass. We were both really enjoying ourselves.

Always keeping my cock inside him, I got back on my knees, rocked back on my haunches and pulled him down on me. I was basically kneeling and it was like he was setting on my lap as I fucked him. I let go of him with my arms and said, “Work it for me.” He slowly worked his ass up and down on my hard cock. I said, “Yeah- jack me off with your asshole.”

I slapped his ass with an open hand. He moaned and said, “Yes sir.”

He used his tight ass on me for a while, but I was getting pretty excited so I laid him down on the bed on his stomach (without pulling my dick out of his ass) and straddled his ass and power- fucked him until I felt my balls were exploding, I pulled out and started cumming. I shot cum cum all over his ass and back. My cock was like a cum pump so much came out. This was an even better orgasm than the first one. I then spread his ass cheeks to look at the place where I had just had my fun – his hole was stretched out and open after my use, lube was smeared all over the crack and the hole. I told him to go get a warm washcloth and clean me up, which he did, gently washing the lube and other fluid off my limp dick.

I was not nearly so tired after this fuck, in fact it seemed to make me more awake. I relaxed, and the boy lay beside me. When he turned over, I saw he had a hard on. I put my arm around his shoulders and squeezed him to me. I felt great affection for this boy who had given me so much pleasure. He said, “What about me?”

I knew he wanted to cum too. I felt affectionate, but I also felt very masculine and said, “You can’t fuck me.” He asked me to suck him. I did not feel like it (especially since I had just cum). I started to play with his penis. His penis was about 4-5 inches when hard, uncut and much bigger at the base than the tip. I have seen quite a few hard dicks since then, but none with such a small head. I gently jacked him, using the loose foreskin. He came pretty quickly, with a huge load- I imagine he had built up a pretty good load getting fucked twice by a hot stud. This was the first time (but certainly not the last) I made another man cum. We fell asleep.

I was used to waking up early after a season of farm work. I woke up around dawn and my cocktoy was still asleep-snuggled kaçak bahis siteleri up to me ass first. I started gently stroking his ass and remembering the hot times of the night before. I was satiated, but still felt horny. I started working my fingers in his crack, his hole was still slick with lube and I started finger fucking him and playing with my dick-which was now kind of hard. My boy was now awake and I pushed his head down towards my crotch. He caught on right away what I wanted and started sucking and using his talented tongue on me. I was really enjoying it, I was lying on my back, he laid down between my legs and started licking my balls, cock and the skin around my balls and cock. He pushed further down, licking underneath my balls and I spread my legs and raised them so he could work better. He pushed my legs up and licked lower, starting to lick all around my asshole. It felt very good. He then started licking my asshole and gently working his tongue right into the hole. It really felt very good. He was holding my cock with his hand and tongue-fucking me at the same time. I had never felt how good attention to my asshole was, and this boy knew how to do it.

He then started sucking my dick very slowly and gently working his lubed fingers (where did he get the lube?) into my asshole. I was enjoying it and starting to get excited. He pushed my legs more open and tongued around some more- I opened my legs wide, he got to his knees and pushed my legs up on my torso, and lowered his hard (and lubed) cock until it was just touching my virgin asshole. He stopped and looked at me. I knew what he wanted to do- his dick felt pretty good rubbing around down there, so I grunted and relaxed. I said, “You have to stop if I say so.”

He started very gently easing his little cock into me. His prior finger work had dilated and relaxed my hole and it slid in a little ways real easy. It did hurt a little- and I said “Stop!” and pushed on his chest a little bit. He stopped, but only momentarily as we both knew it was my turn to get fucked. His cock slid in until it was in all the way. I raised my head and looked down at my crotch, where I was getting screwed for the first time. It started to feel good, a definite feeling of fullness, but exciting. My dick was full hard, bobbing up and down as the chubby boy fucked my ass. He put some lube on my cock and started jacking me as he fucked. I reached down and felt his balls swinging and hitting my asscheeks as he stroked. I said, “Its OK to come inside me.” He was starting to really get into fucking me, hammering my ass with his hips as his dick slid in and out of my hole. I must admit that I was really enjoying it, giving this man what he wanted. He moaned and grimaced and I could feel his cock throbbing as he emptied his load into me.

He rested a minute with his dick still in me and then started jacking me vigorously. He said, “Tell me when you are about to cum.” I said I was going to cum right now- as I started to shoot, he started pulling his manhood out of me. The feeling was ecstasy as I shot another huge load. The feeling of his dick sliding out greatly intensified my orgasm. He them leaned down on me and kissed me- a long soulful tongue kiss. It was the first time I had kissed with a man. He got off me and I went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up. I felt his jizz running out of my stretched out asshole and down the back of my leg. It felt sexy.

We showered and he drove me to the highway and dropped me off. I felt great.

This is the story of my first time with a guy. I have had other experiences since with other guys. I think the reason I enjoy it is because it is just for sex- I like women, but there is a lot of emotional stuff that goes with a sex relationship with a woman. I have sex with men cause it feels good. No love. No relationship. Hot sex only.

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