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The party was full of people she didn’t know and frankly couldn’t bear to be near. Who were they? Lawyers? Teachers? These were definitely not her people. What the hell, it’s only a party, she thought. She looked through the window onto the street below. A man was shrugging a light coat from his shoulders as she turned her back to him. He looked up at her as she turned; he caught sight of her blue tattooed shoulder through the misting glass of the December night.

The music dissipated from a full-on house set to a tonal hum as people swayed in time around her. Some moved consciously of the beat whilst others watched the hypnotic pulse; vibrating, coaxing people into compromising positions as fabric slipped from skin. The epiphany of the rush meant that even she could barely contain the control of the music and yet she resisted draping the floor in semi-Tokilla pose though everyone around her climbed up to a natural high. Some danced alone touching themselves evoking the masquerade of bodies without faces.

She backed out of the clamour in a miasmic vacuum like smoke being sucked in a cigarette; gentle and long, clandestine and lithe. She flicked her spine back into place followed by her head and swung about to face a table of semi-interesting looking people, bending over the table so that they could see the décolletage of her breast pulsating against the lip of her tightening basque. As she did, she accidentally backed into the man she’d seen earlier. Starved of natural light, he was bathed in a warm red glow from the switching lights on the makeshift dance floor. Instantly she felt it; the lubricious flaunt from her belly to her clitoris. It soaked at the top of her legs and, reaching down with her hand she plucked a lade which glistened silver as she brought it to his lips. He took her finger into his mouth and slaked his thirst. Walking away from him she made her way to the table of kissers who kissed as though they meant each touch and with ankara escort bayanlar one glance from the corner of her eye at him, she joined them.

She had never felt more beautiful than she did right now. The raiment beneath her dress constricted like a cobra: squeezing her nipples as she kissed each person at the table. She slipped her tongue in and out of the mouths of women and men finding their threshold for lust as they moved their fingers hurriedly around her, tweaking and rubbing her tits and her thighs. She glanced at the blonde woman she was kissing; she licked her neck once and ran a finger up to her juicy clit. The woman ventilated the strong smell of cum up through her dress from the heat of her cumming cunt. One of the men watched and though still fully clothed, started to rub his hard cock against her before the blonde woman opened her thighs like a coiled spring and took all of him in. STOP! Her mind became a klaxon of thoughts all falling into one. Could he see her there? Could he see her fingers and a stranger’s cock fucking this woman? She didn’t want to kiss these people anymore; she wanted to be with him. She looked around, she couldn’t see him; and in a slight panic she convinced herself that he was gone.

She was still so horny, yet felt that restraint would be the only compass to find him in this room of standard deviants. Where was he? Each sideways move she made her hips brush against hard cocks and her shoulders and arms against nipples that tightened like popping corn. She drank a little, sweeping glasses up as she walked, trying to quench the dryness of her mouth.

And there he was watching her as she walked towards him. He stood behind a girl; her head tilted slightly exposing the nape of her neck as he brushed her long plain hair to one side. She was bathed in a gentle blue pigment as though sprayed onto her skin. She was completely naked save for the slither of black hair covering her proud cunt. ankara esmer escortlar He was rocking her body slowly back and forth as his hands massaged her thigh and slipped in and out of her. The girl would make occasional noises and groans but he did not reciprocate them, preferring to look at her with force and determination.

“This is as close as I want to get to you,” he smiled.

“Why? I-”

She was confused, she couldn’t find the words that she wanted to say, was he teasing her? She took her need to be with him to another place and placing one finger gently into the girl’s wet cunt she placed her thumb on her clit and rubbed her until she came over both of them. Taking some of her juice onto his hands he drew her into his mouth, licking the silver gloss of cum from around her lips and her chin.

“You said why. Why what?” He asked as the girl slumped to the floor.

“Why is she blue?”

“Ah. That.” He laughed. He laughter made him somehow more beautiful.

“She’s always blue; it’s just the colour she likes to wear.”

“But all over?”

He placed a finger on her lips.

“She isn’t blue inside, why don’t you have a look and see?”

She could smell the girl on him, it made her wet. Blue sat up from her slump and unzipped his jeans and loosened girl’s dress. At clit height, she replied to her earlier orgasm with some appreciation and soon she found herself being taken into Blue’s mouth whilst the man watched her stretch her tattooed arms out at the side of her, revealing the hardest tightest nipples he’d ever seen. Grabbing them between a finger and thumb he squeezed them, reddening them and sending her in to a wave of immense pleasure. The klaxon of thoughts grew once more and she couldn’t stop them this time, she wanted to be fucked hard and her cunt was dripping with a relentless need for him. Blue could taste her needs as she gulped each shining drop of glistering girl cream. grup yapan escortlar Blue shoved her tongue up and down her cunt starting at her clit them driving it with force into her dirty hole sticking her fingers in to draw out more nectar.

He was ready for her; he’d seen enough of her pleasure and wanted some of his own. Placing his hard shining cock into her gently, he pushed. He whispered into her ear.

“I can’t see you, I can’t hear you and I want you so badly.”

Pushing harder and the repetition of Blue’s tongue against her she slowly started to make her way to a climax that with enough restraint she hoped would unleash everything she had at that very moment.

She thought about him watching her, she felt Blue licking her clit: nibbling and teasing each part of her from her rock hard tits to peeling back her layers to reveal the centre of her being. The bodies in the room continued to grind with fervour and depth. Everything that she was feeling, everything she could see, everything that fucked her was now in concert like the stars were aligned and the planets were ready and with one last push from him she was there.

A primal scream of silence, a tristesse as she bent right over touching her toes forcing him deeper into her before she started cumming all over his cock making it sparkle and shine. Blue was thrown to the floor in the impact once again taking all of the girl in Blue’s mouth. Her cum was unstoppable as he stood over them both and watched for a split second before the girl got to her knees finally and took all of him in her mouth, as she did Blue reached her fist into the girl’s cunt savouring the multiple orgasm for just a moment before he began to cum all at once filling her mouth. Blue joined in taking his cum into her mouth then licking right up into the girl’s mouth. It tasted amazing, she thought, the sweet taste of cunt and cum all at once all the same.

The party was full of people I now knew intimately. In the corner of the room a strange girl was painted from head to toe in blue body paint; she danced to the gentle ambient tones of a party that had finally broken. I picked up my glass and resumed with the throng. This was one of the best nights I’d ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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