Boating Fun

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I was on a quiet tropical island, resting up after a week of a difficult conference. My company always arranged these weeks of work in the best places – this was no exception. Sun, warm crystal clear sea and fish galore on the coral reef – it was a real paradise. I’d gone away from my colleagues, who’d preferred to stay in the busy capital and enjoy the high life – I needed to relax. Relaxing for me was lying in the sun reading, swimming amongst the fish and just chilling out, preferably on my own. Other guys were just a pain and none of the women in my company sparked anything within me – they were all young sluts or too old.

I’d got up pretty early that morning to enjoy the water before the wind came up and made it cooler. The water was warm enough that I didn’t need a wet suit, just my boardies and snorkel. I swam out to the reef and just idled around, watching the fish and finding even some new species. I kept moving over the reef and eventually caught sight of a much darker shape just on the edge of the reef. My first thought was ‘shark’, but it wasn’t moving that way. In fact it looked like a diver. As far as I knew, there was no-one else around so I approached slowly, expecting the person not to see me as they were facing away from me. As I got closer, I noticed long blonde hair flowing out from under the diver’s mask. This was a woman, or more probably a girl of 18 or so, as she was very slim.

I approached even closer, fascinated to meet someone else here. She was well below me in the water, just beyond the drop-off and she was still looking away towards a rock in the distance.

Then I noticed the boat that was moored not far off, it’s anchor dropping deep into the sea.

There was a loud splash and another shape moved through the water to swim close to the girl. The body shape was definitely female and this one had long brown hair. The two of them were excited about something and one pointed towards that rock. I couldn’t see anything special but decided to keep a watch on them. It was odd that they’d not noticed me because one of the important things to do while diving is to keep your eyes open all around.

Then a third person, also female, dropped into the sea and swam quickly to the others. As I was at the surface, I looked up to the boat and could not see anyone aboard. I swam cautiously towards the boat, only about 20 metres away. It was a proper diving boat, with a special low stern so it was easy for me to pull myself up onto the boat. It still appeared to be unoccupied, so I took off my mask and flippers and had a quick look around. There was a cabin to the prow and the door was shut. I gingerly walked to the door and slowly opened it.

I then gasped in amazement. On the bed, lying completely naked, was a woman of about 40 years, with a wonderful figure. She was sleeping, or pretending to at least. My cock rose rapidly in my shorts, tenting them out in a few seconds.

“Hello!” I called softly.

There was no response. I moved towards the delicious looking body and saw that the face was also very attractive. There was a smile on her lips. But she made no response again as I gently touched her shoulder. The boat rocked wildly and I almost fell onto the woman. Then the cabin door opened and a girl’s face peered in.

“Oh, Mum!” she cried, “Who’s this?”

Her mother slowly woke up and looked at me in amazement, struggling to pull a sheet round her naked body.

“I don’t know! Who are you?” she screamed.

I raised my hand in peace.

“I just saw this boat that was deserted, or so I thought. So I decided to investigate,” I tried to explain. “I had no idea there was anyone here. Where were you?” I asked the girl.

“I was diving with my sister and our cousin. We didn’t see you at all!”

She looked really worried, but I just sat on the bed and tried to remain calm.

“It’s OK. As you can see, I didn’t intend anything. I’ve got nothing with me to do you any harm,” I said softly.

“We can see you don’t have much with you,” the woman giggled.

“I left my snorkel and flippers on the stern,” I explained.

“You were snorkeling?” asked the girl, slowly peeling herself out of her diving suit.


“And you didn’t see us?”

“Well, actually, I did see three of you in the water. I wondered whether you’d left the boat unattended,” I tried to explain.

“You know the first rule of diving – never leave a boat unattended. So you probably guessed someone was aboard,” accused the mother.

“I guess I thought it might be a father, boyfriend or uncle,” I said lamely.

“Well, you certainly lucked out there,” giggled the girl, as she shrugged the diving suit from her shoulders.

I gasped in surprise as her gorgeous breasts, encased in a really tiny bra, just bobbled in front of my face. My cock was so hard now and clearly tenting out my shorts. I looked at the mother and saw that her eyes were directed straight at my crotch. I have a big cock and it was obviously doing something to her.

“Mum! What are istanbul travesti you looking at? ….uh oh, I see!” exclaimed the girl, her eyes also focused now on my big cock.

She continued to slip out of her diving suit, revealing the rest of her exquisite body, with just a minute piece of material for panties. I looked again at the woman, whose eyes had glazed over and the sheet had slipped slightly off of her shoulder, revealing to me a full tight breast with erect nipple. She noticed my eyes looking and quickly covered up again, but not before my cock had throbbed violently in my shorts, which caught the attention of both of the women.

“You said you didn’t have anything with you to hurt us,” giggled the girl. “Maybe that is a weapon?”

“Tasha!” cried her mother, “Don’t say things like that!”

Tasha laughed and picked up her diving suit, bending over away from me so I had a great view of her tight ass. My cock throbbed again. It had been over a week since I’d last orgasmed, so there was a big load waiting in my heavy balls.

She went out of the cabin, calling out “I’ll get the other two up – it’s time for a drink anyway.”

The mother looked at me when the cabin door closed. She smiled and sat back down on the bed, beside me and quite close. I could feel the warmth of her mature but slim body.

“You might have reached paradise – really,” she murmured as she leant towards me to kiss my lips.

The sheet slipped from her shoulders and her lovely breasts pressed against my naked chest.

At that moment, the boat lurched again and the woman pulled away.

“That’ll be Tricia and Sam, my other daughter and niece,” she explained, as all three girls rushed into the cabin to look at me.

They burst into giggles.

The one who looked most like her mother cried, “Where did you find him, Mum?”

“He just woke me up!” chuckled her mother, grinning at me.

“Can we keep him?” asked the third girl, a staggeringly pretty girl. I guessed this was Sam.

Both girls started to quickly take off their diving suits. Tricia soon noticed the erection trying to burst out of my shorts.

“Daddy’s not that big, is he, Mum?” she asked innocently.

“I don’t think so,” said her mother, hesitatingly, her eyes once again straying down to my shorts and her eyes glazing over once more.

My cock throbbed wildly with all the eyes on it. Sam had now peeled off her suit to reveal another perfect teen body, clothed in the smallest bikini I’d ever seen. She would have been arrested in most countries for exposure! And then Tricia stepped out of her suit too – another angelic figure to admire, this one in an elegant one-piece swimsuit straight from a designer’s studio. I really seemed to have found paradise on this boat.

“Get out of here, all of you,” cried the mother. “Let me get dressed!”

Tasha grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the deck. Tricia and Sam followed, pushing chairs and loungers around until there was one for all of us. They were all giggling as they sat down all around me, their eyes still focused on the bulge in my now almost superfluous boardies.

“We’ve not seen Mum react that way to a guy since she lost Dad,” laughed Tasha.

“Yea,” agreed Tricia, “you turned her on like crazy!”

“Uh, what happened to your Dad?” I asked, carefully.

“Nothing,” replied Tasha. “He’s just not here for a couple of weeks.”

“Mum misses him like mad even if he’s only away for a day. They have an active sex life!” giggled Tricia.

“Yea,” agreed Sam, “We watch them all the time!”

“You watch your aunt or Mum having sex?” I asked incredulously.

“All the time,” replied Tasha and the other two nodded eagerly. “It’s so hot!”

“Mmmmmm,” I mused, trying to calm the urges bursting through my cock. “Maybe I’d better leave so that you four can enjoy yourselves?”

“Don’t you dare!” came a cry from the cabin.

The mother appeared, dressed in a suitably brief bikini that set off her wonderful figure impressively.

“We’ll tie you up if you attempt to leave,” grinned the older woman, as the other three laughed.

“Oh, by the way, we do enjoy ourselves together, every night, and just when we feel like it,” Tasha giggled as she cuddled up to her sister and they kissed, surprisingly passionately.

My cock was screaming for release from the huge cum that was waiting and it throbbed alarmingly in my shorts.

“Would you like a drink?” the mother asked me directly, standing so close to me that I could smell her aroma of arousal.

“Thanks, perhaps a cold juice would be nice,” I replied, glad that she had tried to defuse the sexually charged situation.

The three girls looked disappointed, but Tricia got up to help her mother. I could not get enough of watching these extraordinarily beautiful young girls and their stunning attractive older mother/aunt walking around this small boat in such brief clothing. My boardies felt positively huge in comparison to their bikinis and swimsuit.

Tasha istanbul travestileri and Sam kept me occupied while telling me about their earlier dive. They’d been watching a turtle eating on the rock I’d noticed. They all seemed to have the same fascination as I did for coral reefs and fish.

The mother brought me my drink, bowing her head in mock servitude.

“Your drink, sir,” she said softly with a smile.

The three girls giggled.

“Can we go snorkeling later, Mum,” asked Tricia.

“Sure, honey,” replied the older woman, “And maybe I’ll join you this time.”

“What were you doing naked on the bed?” asked Tasha.

“Me?…I was…uh,” the woman stuttered. “I’d just had an orgasm!” she finished.

The three girls gasped.

“Sorry, but you know how much I miss Cliff. I just had to relieve…you know!” she explained, looking embarrassed.

“Naughty mum!” giggled Tasha.

“Sexy aunty!” laughed Sam, looking directly into my eyes.

“Drink up!” I cried, trying to get out of what was clearly leading up to something hot and sexy. That could wait. “Let’s go snorkeling. Maybe that turtle’s still there.”

The five of us drank our cold juices quickly.

“Who is going to stay on board this time?” I asked.

The four women all looked at each other.

“Gerald!” cried the mother, while the three girls giggled.

“Who?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s OK. Whenever we all go swimming, we invent a guy called Gerald to look after the boat. But he’s never been as gorgeous as you,” chuckled Tricia.

They all grabbed their dive masks and snorkels and we were soon all in the water, swimming away from the boat slowly. I thought that all the women were clothed when we left the boat, but as I looked around, I realized that two of the teens and the mother had removed their bikini bras and tucked them into their swim mask straps. Three pairs of delicious breasts were hanging below three gorgeous bodies, but they were all so tight and their nipples firmly erect. Only Tricia was still in her swimsuit, but it was so perfectly fitted to her slim body that it looked too good to be true. I tried to smile, but my snorkel stopped me. My cock was now acting like a foil to my swimming. I wished that I wasn’t so big or I could fold it away until needed.

We soon reached the rock on which the girls had seen the turtle swimming. There was no sign of it so I signaled to them to swim towards the reef where it was at its most shallow. Just beyond I knew that there was a large deep pool which was always very warm and full of the most amazing fish shoals. I pulled the mother behind me as I swam over the shallow part of the reef and she held tightly to me, her breasts brushing against my thighs.

The girls followed and we were soon all frolicking around amongst the myriads of fish in the warm pool. Several times the girls brushed up against my naked back or chest with their naked breasts and more than once a stray hand just happened to brush across my erect cock.

I tried to escape, but they soon followed and I was surrounded by four beautiful women all trying to hold onto my cock. Suddenly, I felt my shorts being pulled down and I watched them float across the pool. Now several hands were stroking my hard cock gently but urgently. I wanted to tell them to stop, yet I knew that it was going to be impossible. They were enjoying themselves too much. I broke for the surface and pulled off my mask, followed by the four women. Bobbing in the sea, all of them trying to stroke my big hard cock at the same time, giggle and grinning, it was not long before I knew I was going to explode.

“You’re going to make me cum!” I cried, laughing, as my cock burst ferociously into orgasm, shooting out a huge fountain of cum, followed by two more big spurts before the rest of my cum just spurted into the sea.

The girls were wildly excited and kissed each other and me for several minutes.

“Thank you,” whispered the mother in my ear. “We all needed that!”

I watched as Tricia and Sam kissed each other madly and then they turned to me, smiling.

“We want to show you something, back on the boat,” giggled Tricia.

“OK,” I replied. “I’ll race you all there!”

“Don’t forget your shorts,” called Tasha as she was off followed by the others, while I had to swim to recover my shorts and then start off after them.

As I swam over the shallow reef, I found three pairs of bikini pants and one swimsuit cast aside. The girls and the mother were now all completely naked and swimming fast away from me.

I’m not a champion swimmer, but I can do quite well, so I was soon overhauling the mother and Sam. I took a dip below the surface to look between their kicking legs at two of the nicest pussies I’d yet seen, then I surfaced and swam past them, waving as I went. Next I approached Tricia and I swam purposely right between her legs, reaching out my hand and fondling her tight teen ass before swimming vigorously past her.

“I’ll get you!” she cried, but wasn’t travesti istanbul fast enough.

Just in front was Tasha – obviously quite a swimmer. I just dipped my head beneath the waves and kept pace with her, watching her sexy ass as she kicked, wanting urgently to fondle her lovely tight breasts. She reached the boat just before me, clambering out and sitting on the edge, opening her legs wide so that I had to swim up between them. I pulled of my diving mask, drinking in her beauty.

“Lick me!” she demanded, with a broad grin. “Please!”

Her lovely pussy was completely shaven and she held open the lips to expose her engorged clitoris.

“It made me sooo horny to watch you cum like that,” she grinned, pulling my head between her thighs.

Tricia arrived at the boat just as Tasha groaned deeply on finding my tongue was really expert at teasing her clit. The gorgeous sister came to the surface right beside me, grasping at my already re-erect cock and stroking it gently.

“He’s so hard again, Sis! How’s his tongue?” she giggled.

“Ahhhhhhh,” moaned Tasha as I gave her the orgasm she obviously needed, wriggling her ass around and almost drowning me in her juices as she came.

“Let’s wait for Mum now,” giggled Tricia.

Both girls sat on the edge of the boat, completely naked, water dripping from their erect nipples, their legs apart and just inviting me to feast my eyes on their wonderful bodies. What else could I do? That is, until Sam and their mother arrived and also did the same thing. Now I had four superbly sexy female bodies to admire, tease and maybe even….you must know what my cock was thinking…

“Shall we let him on board, Mum?” asked Tricia, innocently.

“Only if he covers up first,” said the mother with a grin.

I threw the girls their bikini panties and Tricia her swimsuit, keeping my boardies.

“You get dressed too, or I won’t be able to cope,” I said, laughing.

I managed to get into my boardies without getting on the boat. When I did manage to clamber aboard, the women had all dressed in their ridiculously tiny clothes. We all lounged about on the boat for half an hour recovering from the exertions in the water. Tasha had her eyes closed but she kept murmuring and I noticed that her hand was straying between her thighs. The other three were watching her and grinning at each other.

Tasha’s hand eventually slipped beneath the tiny piece of material over her pussy and she began to play with herself while we all watched. Soon I noticed that the other three women were doing the same thing, unashamedly masturbating in front of me.

My cock was rock hard anyway, but this sight almost blew my mind. It was especially exciting to watch Tricia as she had pulled aside the material of her swimsuit and exposed her lovely pussy while her fingers played slowly and erotically across her clit. I wanted to stroke my cock, but felt that just watching this delightful show was more appropriate.

Sam was the first to orgasm, crying out loudly as she exploded wildly. The other women watched her until she’d calmed down and then renewed their own masturbation. Tricia and Tasha came almost together, crying out in unison as spasms of orgasm thrashed through their bodies. Juices fountained out of Tricia’s open pussy, almost dropping onto my outstretched hand. Their mother followed almost immediately, screaming out her orgasm and calling for Cliff, her husband.

The women all looked at me with broad grins.

“Sometimes we do that, and sometimes we help each other,” explained the mother.

“Did you enjoy watching?” laughed Sam, smiling her oh-so-young face at me.

“Yes, I certainly did. It was exquisite,” I replied smiling at each of them.

“Now we’ve all had orgasms, we should have lunch,” cried the mother, making sure that her tiny bikini covered up her pussy and good size breasts, before standing up.

“Tasha had two!” cried Tricia, looking wickedly at her sister.

“Don’t be jealous, Tricia, or our guest will not stay long enough for you to join her,” grinned their mother.

Tasha grinned, her fingers still playing gently at her pussy.

“I might have three!” she chuckled, groaning with pleasure. “Or even more!”

“Now, Tasha, stop that!” admonished her mother. “You’ve definitely had enough…for now!”

The probably older sister grinned naughtily at me then at her sister and Sam.

“Maybe you’ll get to try his tongue after lunch,” giggled Tasha towards her sister.

The girls all pouted at each other then looked hungrily at me.

“Lunch,” I commanded as they almost in unison got up and started towards me.

They stopped, laughing, their beautiful bodies just waiting for my eyes to caress them. My cock could not disguise its interest in their offer, but there was more time, I hoped.

Lunch and watching the women prepare it was a sexually almost overload for me – four beautiful bodies, hardly clothed, eyes watching my cock all the time, bikini panties showing definite wet patches, and all the girls with hungry looks on their faces. I had to avoid touching my throbbing cock for fear it would explode again.

I enjoyed eating, and watching the girls doing their best to eat erotically and tease me with everything they could.

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