Bobbie Ch. 05

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This story is fiction. It includes interracial, group, rough, lesbian sex. The main character is sexually used and abused much to her own enjoyment. If you don’t like this kind of story, you may want to consider reading a romance novel.

Bobbie had no idea how she made it home that night. She was completely spent and she still had some minor burning in her ass and pussy. She knew that her pussy and ass were now just gaping holes after all the abuse of the past two weeks. She was thankful that Mr. Taylor was coming home tomorrow.

She slept very well that night and got up around 10:00. She rested for the remainder of the day and decided to wait another day before going to see Mr. Taylor, because she knew that he would wear her out. The following afternoon, she finally went to see Mr. Taylor. “Hi Mr. Taylor,” she said. “How as your trip?”

“It was great, Bobbie. I mean slut. It was good to see all my old friends and to catch up on their lives. I showed them pictures of you and told them what a slut you are and how much you enjoyed my cock. You do, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” Bobbie said. “I do like your beautiful cock. And I missed it.”

He smiled at his slut and said, “I knew you would miss it slut. And I heard that you were busy filling your pussy with other cocks while I was gone. You are one horny slut, aren’t you?” Ankara escort She looked down and nodded her head. “So tell me who all you’ve shared your slutty body with while I was gone.”

Over the next 15 minutes, Bobbie recounted her sexual adventurers of the past week. She remembered most of it, but had to admit that her body was so abused at times, that there were parts that she didn’t remember. John asked a few questions about her time with Marwynn and what she had been forced to do.

“Oh no, Mr. Taylor, I wasn’t forced to do anything. I wanted to do everything that she told me to do.” John nodded his head in approval.

When she had finished, John sat quietly for a minute and then said, “Slut, I think it’s time you divorce your husband and move in here.”


“You heard me, slut. You need to dump your husband and move in here. That way we can use your horny pussy all the time.” She was getting wet just thinking about it. “You can wake up every morning with my cock in your mouth.” She smiled as she thought about it. “You won’t have to squeeze your fuck sessions into the times that your husband is working. You can fuck all the time. So I want you to get rid of him.”

Bobbie only had to think about it for a few seconds before nodding her head and saying, “I’ll do it.”

John pounded Bobbie’s Ankara escort bayan pussy and ass hard all evening. She was screaming like a true whore during his onslaught. “Oh yess Mr. Taylor. Fuck your whore! Yessss! Yesss! Aarrrgh! Yesss!”

The next day, Bobbie told her husband that she wanted a divorce. She was surprised that he wasn’t a little more upset, but was beyond caring what he said or did. During the next two weeks they determined how to divide their property. He kept the house and she moved in with John Taylor.

For the next month John fully owned his slut. He never made love to her. You don’t make love to a slut. He fucked her. On weekends he invited his fishing pals over to abuse the slut, and they left her completely exhausted by Sunday night. They continued to stretch her holes by shoving multiple cocks into each one at the same time. Sometimes they tied her up and sometimes they whipped her. Sometimes they used clamps and dildos and other times they spanked her and slapped her tits. And she begged for more.

And when he took her out to lunch or dinner, he insisted that she dress like a cheap whore and show off her body. He enjoyed the looks that he got from other men, especially white men, when he was seen with his slut hanging on his arm and dressed like a slut. Sometimes he would take her to Escort Ankara his favorite bar to show her off to his pals. Naturally she was the only white person and the youngest, by far, in the whole place. On more than one occasion, he stripped her in front of the whole bar so they could appreciate the hot white woman who was now his property. Twice he got involved in an all night poker game in the back room of the bar and told the other guys they could have her for the night. On those nights she was gang fucked by eight to ten men and most of them took pictures of her naked body.

Bobbie’s life continued like this for the next year. She loved John and she really looked forward to their alone time doing whatever he wanted. But she also looked forward to her weekends with ‘The Boys.’ And sometimes she would even ask John to take her to his bar where she would be the only white person, the youngest person and usually the only naked person in the bar. She truly loved her life.

After a year, John told her that he was again going to visit his friends, however, this time he would only be gone for three days. He said, “I want you to stay with one of your friends, OK?” She nodded and tried to think of which ‘friend’ he was talking about. She didn’t really have any girlfriends anymore. His fishing friends were certainly her friends too so it must be one of them. Right before he left, there was a knock on the door and John said, “That’s your friend. See you in three days.”

Bobbie opened the door and began shaking in fear as she looked at the evil grin of Marwynn.

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