Bobby Is Surprised By Tina

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“Oh Bobby, ride me baby. Pump me hard with that big cock of yours.”

Tina was almost delirious as I pumped her cunt from behind. As I slid in and out, we made that wonderful slurping noise that sounds so dirty to me.

“Are you ready to cum baby, ” I asked, “or do you want to hold on for a little while longer?”

“I want it to last longer but I’m not sure I can take much more,” she said.

Tina was bent over leaning against our sofa. She was wearing a white bustier, with garters and white stockings and red high heeled sandals. The matching g-string was around one ankle. I pumped slowly and massaged her clit as I came in and out. After a few more minutes, of this Tina started pumping faster and began to guide my hand as I massaged her clit faster and faster. As she came, I stopped holding myself back and as I felt her cunt spasm on my cock, the pleasurable sensations sent me over the edge and I came in wave after wave of pleasure. She then turned to face me and put a foot up on the coffee table and I knelt and kissed her puffy pussy and licked up my cum as it dripped out mixed with her juices. I then stood up and we shared the cum in a long wet kiss.

“Bobby, that was so good. Do you have anything you want to do that I can please you with?”

“Well baby,” I said, “you know what I asked you about watching you and Lisa.”

“It sounds good to me right now, but I’ll have to convince Lisa,” she said.

Lisa was her friend/lover. They had just been shopping buddies, until one day not long ago, they went shopping for lingerie. They got so turned on trying on sexy little numbers that they began kissing and fingering each other in the changing room. After they had made their purchases, they hurried out to the parking lot and ate each other out in the car. Since then their shopping trips have involved some discreet and not so discreet flashing of the male sales help followed by sex at home. Lisa was bi so she wasn’t necessarily opposed to my involvement but Tina was a little hesitant to bring up my fantasy with her.

A few days later Tina informed me that Lisa was indeed interested in putting on a show for me. However, she warned me that it might involve a little surprise. That excited me since it hinted that there might be a little more involved that just watching.

Tina also said I had to agree to do whatever I was told. I agreed and she said that we would carry out my fantasy out the following weekend.

She told me this on Wednesday and I looked forward to Saturday all during the rest of the week. On Saturday, she and Lisa were going to go shopping at 5:00 PM and would return to our house around 9:00.

Saturday afternoon, Tina said that the first part of my orders were to shower and shave off all my hair, all of it except for my head. I was surprised at first, but the idea began to excite me. I am not very hairy to begin with and I frequently shave my scrotum since it seems to make it more sensitive. Tina shaved my back and I then proceeded to take off all my body hair. When I was done, Tina inspected my work and finished up a few spots I missed and then rewarded me by rubbing a very delightfully scented lotion all over my body. Of course, I was pretty hard by the time she was done, but she ordered me to be a good boy and keep my hands off my cock, and put on my bathrobe to wait. She got ready to go and then told me, “Remember you agreed to do everything I told you. When we come in we’ll waste some time in the front entrance before we come in. At that time I want you to go into my walk in closet. Lisa and I will come into our bedroom and you can watch from the closet. After a while we’ll go into the office and you can watch through the partially open door. When we get home I want you to put this on and almanbahis adres wear it the whole time you are watching.” She held out a very short slip such as she might wear under a micro-mini skirt. My cock started to stiffen at the thought and she giggled and said as she left, “Now be a good boy until we get home.”

It was hard to keep my mind on anything serious while I waited, so I watched some TV and shortly before 9:00, I had some wine and a joint so I was very relaxed when I heard them come in the front door.

I hung up my bathrobe and put the slip on. It felt delicious. It was an expensive, silk number that hung barely below my ass even when I put it low on my hips. My slightly hard cock just peeked out below the front and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was at attention, and couldn’t be contained by the slip. After a few minutes, Tina and Lisa came up to the bedroom and dumped their purchases on the bed. Both of them were wearing short skirts with sandals while shopping and while they took out their purchases, they talked about how the salesman at the shoe store was obviously sporting a hard-on as he slipped shoes on their feet and they let him have glimpses of their bare pussies. When they had their purchases out, the took off their clothes and began putting on makeup and fixing their hair. I love to see woman primp and to see two beautiful woman fixing themselves up while naked was quite a treat. It didn’t take long for my cock to spring to attention. Then they put on the clothes they had bought and I was in heaven. Tina had on a very short black skirt, black lace top thigh highs with a back seam, and a business like white shirt, unbuttoned so her boobs threatened to spill out and a pair of black fuck-me pumps. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun and she had on a pair of half glasses perched on her nose. She was the perfect fantasy teacher. Lisa wore a fantasy schoolgirl outfit, consisting of a midriff bearing white shirt tied beneath her tits, a very short plaid skirt that sat so low on her hips that it was just two inches above her cunt, and white heels with ankle straps and frilly white anklets. They admired each other’s outfit then walked sexily to my home office.

When they got there, they closed the door part way so I had a good view of the room, and I tiptoed down, and peeked in.

Tina was standing before the desk while Lisa sat slumped in a chair facing the desk like an inattentive teenager. In Tina’s hands was a blackboard pointer.

Tina said, “Lisa, I called you to my office because I need to address your behavior in class today.”

“Oh, Miss Tina, what did I do? I tried to pay attention, but my mind kept wandering.”

“Yes, I noticed. Your hands spent an awful lot of time under your skirt, as small as it is. Were you thinking about your boyfriend?”

“Oh no, Miss Tina, I do sometimes think about him, especially if we make out the night before, but that wasn’t what I was thinking about today.”

“What was the problem, then?” asked Tina.

“Well,” Lisa murmured in a shy, embarrassed voice, “when you lean over my desk to help me with my work, something happens to me and I look down your blouse at your breasts and my cunt starts to get all tingly. My pussy gets all wet and I have to rub it and I sometimes put my fingers inside. I don’t know what it is, I’ve never been attracted to other girls, but I when you’re close to me and I can smell your perfume I get so turned on and I start to daydream about kissing your nipples. Joey kisses my nipples sometimes and it really feels good to me and he seems to enjoy it and I wondered what it would feel like if I kissed your nipples.”

Tina put on a phony shocked look, walked up to Lisa and leaned over her so her tits almost came almanbahis adresi out of her blouse, and said, “You mean when I do this it turns you on?”

“Yes, teacher.”

“Let me see.”

Tina took her pointer and spread Lisa’s legs apart and rubbed the pointer up and down her thighs and lifted up her skirt. Then she inserted the point a little bit into Lisa’s cunt and brought it to her nose and sniffed.

“Well, you certainly seem to be at least mildly excited, you naughty little girl. But I’m not surprised since you aren’t wearing any panties and your pussy is completely bald. I suppose your boyfriend talked you into that.”

“Oh no, Miss Tina, he likes it, but I do it because I like to get as much of a suntan as I can and I don’t like to have my pussy hair peeking out of my bikini bottom.”

“Well you don’t have to shave it all off to do that,” said Tina. “Look at mine,” and she put her lovely foot up on Lisa’s chair and slid her skirt up so Lisa could see her cunt. In fact, it was right in Lisa’s face and it was neatly trimmed without any hair on the pussy lips and a nice short thatch just above her cunt shaved into a little arrow shape pointing down.

Lisa reached out and touched the hair and said, “Ooh, that feels cool, I’ll have to try that sometime, but of course I won’t be able to wear a skirt like this then since it comes down so low in front.”

“Well, we’re quite the little slut aren’t we, Lisa. How would you like to suck my nipples like you fantasized about?’ and Tina slowly unbuttoned her few remaining buttons and let out her beautiful, perfect breasts with those perfect pointy nipples.

Then she beckoned to Lisa as she leaned back on the desk and slid her skirt up to her waist. Lisa obeyed the gesture and was soon kissing and sucking Tina’s tits.

Needless to say, I was having a great time watching. Tina’s slip felt marvelous and I just moved around to feel it slip over my ass and around my balls. Sometimes I pulled it down in front so it was under my balls and I just played with it and myself as I watched.

Tina held Lisa’s head and guided it over her tits, showing her where to suck. Inevitably, she eventually began guiding Lisa’s face down and thrusting her hips up so Lisa’s face was buried in Tina’s muff. As she did so, Lisa flipped up her little skirt so I had a great view of her cunt as well. Tina’s cunt was one of those that has full luscious lips that swell and get very puffy when she is excited. Lisa’s, in contrast were the kind that are very tight and firm like a teenager’s. Lisa slowly licked all around Tina’s cunt without actually touching it and while she was licking Tina was playing with her own tits.

“Lisa, I want you to put that tongue right on my cunt and then slip it right in. Listen to you teacher please.” Lisa did as she was told and soon Tina’s cunt was wet and began to open up.

“That is very good Lisa, you get an A in cunt lapping, but now I need to test out the taste and flavor of your little pussy. Sit up on the desk here and spread your legs wide.”

Lisa did as she was told and it was immediately obvious that she was getting very turned on because of the moistness all around her tight bare cunt. Tina took off her blouse and as she bent down to get down on Lisa her skirt hiked up around her waist. She sucked and licked on Lisa’s mound and it was soon just oozing juice and spit. Then Tina said, “You get an A+ for taste. Let me see if you like it.” And began to French Lisa. Lisa moaned, “Oh Miss Tina that is so hot. I love tasting my pussy juice on your lips.”

“Good, “ said Tina, “it is now time for me to see how good you are at taking a dildo up that sweet little cunt of yours.” And she took a dildo out of a bag and it slipped on the end almanbahis adres of her pointer. She began to rub it all up and down Lisa’s leg and touched her love mound but did not put it in.

“Do you like this Lisa?”

“Oh yes teacher.”

“Do you want me to put this in your sweet little cunt?”

”Oh yes teacher.”

“Then ask for it like you mean it.”

“Oh teacher I want that dildo in my cunt. I want you to slide it in and out. I want to feel it rubbing in my tight naked pussy, forcing my lips open and rubbing against my clitty.”

“Well you asked very well, Lisa, I will give you what you want you little slut.”

Tina proceeded to fuck Lisa with that dildo as she lay back on the desk. Lisa’s top became untied and as Tina fucked her, she felt her own tits and rubbed her hands up and down her thighs as she held her legs wide open for Tina.

“Now Lisa, I am going to put on my strap on cock and fuck you from behind, so you’ll have bend over my desk and spread wide.”

Tina proceeded to put on a 10 inch strap-on that also inserted into her own cunt. Once she has it on she stood beside the desk and slapped Lisa’s face with it a few times.

Needless to say I had the hardest boner I have ever had. It was hard as a rock, standing straight at attention and the slip was so light on my ass as I moved around and stroked my boner.

Tina proceeded to fuck Lisa’s sweet pussy from behind and was obviously enjoying it, when she turned to me and motioned me to come in the room. She put her finger to her lips indicating that I should be quiet and motioned to me to take over the fucking. I obeyed and slid my cock into Lisa’s tight tunnel. I was so hard and erect that is was difficult to do from behind and I had to lean over Lisa’s back. Suddenly she said, “Oh Miss Tina is that a new dildo, it feels so much better than the ones you were using.”

“Turn around Lisa, I have a surprise for you. This is Bobby from your class. He has a thing about wearing women’s underwear and I have been teaching him to really enjoy it. He is here now because it is time he learned something new about women. He thinks he is just going to fuck you, which he is but I have a surprise for him too.”

Lisa turned and spread her legs for me and I continued to fuck her as she squirmed on the desk and played with her clitty and moaned about how she liked to feel a real cock sliding in and out of her. I was in heaven and Tina joined in, alternately licking Lisa and me as we fucked. Tina stopped and moved behind me but I paid no attention as I was busy with that little school girl. Suddenly I felt some pressure on my asshole and before I could react Tina had plunged her strap-on into my tight asshole. It hurt at first but it somehow turned me on even more.

Tina said, “Well Bobby how do you like being on the receiving end of a fuck. You boys think you know everything but I’ll bet you never experienced this.”

“No teacher,” I moaned, “but I like it. Fuck me hard. Slide it in and out of me.”

It was so hot. Soon we were into a rhythm and as I slid into Lisa, Tina slid into me. It somehow made me feel as if my cock was twice as hard and I loved the feeling of that dildo as it hit my prostate.

We went at it for five minutes and I was in heaven ad that dildo fucked me and Tina rubbed my slip over my ass and balls. But all things must end and I began to cum. It came in waves and I milked it for everything it was worth.

“Okay, Bobby now you have to clean up Lisa. She can’t go him with your jizz dripping out of her cunt. Lick it up. Then I want to taste it.”

I proceeded to drain as much cum as I could from Lisa’s pussy, slurping and sucking as I went. Then Tina and Lisa proceeded to French me and suck my cum out of my mouth.

“Well were you surprised Bobby,” said Lisa.

“I was but I loved it. If you can come up with any more surprises, I’m game.”

Little did I know what that answer would lead to but Tina and Lisa smiled at each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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