Bonnie’s Obsession Ch.1

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Bonnie did her best to suppress the excitement in her loins as she stared ahead at the busy highway.

The big V8 engine in the convertible hummed with power as the miles of interstate clicked by. She knew the thoughts she was having – had been having for over a year – were wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. She knew in her heart that before this trip was over, she would fuck her son, her only child, who sat next to her on the passenger seat. She felt herself becoming aroused as she looked over at her beautiful, sensual son, who possessed the same good looks, the same athletic build, the same piercing blue eyes, the same thick, wavy hair, and the same long, fat cock as his father.

She smiled wistfully at the memories. Her relationship with Garth had been like a line out of “Me and Bobby McGee,” the Janis Joplin version. They had had a brief, but intense romance that summer of 1980 as they followed the Grateful Dead on their summer tour. They had been rock-and-roll gypsies among the Deadheads as they wandered through the Midwest and East Coast. When the tour ended in July, she had been tempted to follow Garth back to California, but she was approaching her senior year in high school, so she reluctantly returned to her home in North Carolina.

Maybe it had been fate, since that period was the only time in her life that she had gotten lax with birth control, because by the time October rolled around, Bonnie found herself pregnant. She had considered an abortion, but decided she couldn’t go through with it, so she resolved to, not only have, but to keep her baby. It was a decision she had questioned just about every day for the next seven months, because she was so sick she had to quit school. Fortunately, her widowed mother, who had strongly disapproved of her daughter’s lifestyle, but had been powerless to stop her, stepped up and was there for her right up to the very end.

Jason’s arrival the next spring had radically changed her life, not at first for the better. She had been a regular party girl from the time she was 13, not long after her beloved father had died suddenly of a heart attack. Having a baby at age 18 had ended that phase of her life, but the one she entered proved just as dangerous. She had desperately tried to find a father for her son, but looked in all the wrong places. She had married twice; her first husband simply walked out on her after just six months; the second had been an abusive alcoholic who had nearly killed her one night in a fit of rage.

Only the timely intervention of her mother – a steel magnolia if there ever was one – prevented Bonnie and her son from becoming murder statistics. That incident had served to straighten Bonnie’s life out. She had quit drinking and drugs, moved to Atlanta to make a fresh start, got her GED, then had gone on to college at Georgia State while working two jobs. She had always been smart in school, especially with numbers, and with the help of a young woman who had been her roommate (and occasional lover), she had finished in three years with honors.

She had gone to work as a CPA for a large accounting firm downtown, then had started her own company, which specialized in tax preparation. She had proven to be a successful businesswoman, but the cost had been her social life. Between Jason and her business, she hadn’t had time for dating. Also, she had been afraid that her checkered past would catch up with her, and after her married experiences, she was a little soured on men.

It wasn’t that she was unattractive; on the contrary, Bonnie at age 38 was a fine specimen of femininity. She was about 5-7 and slender, the result of a strict diet and a vigorous exercise regimen. She had long legs, a flat stomach and a splendid ass that had just the right amount of curve to it. She carried a nice pair of 34C-size breasts that had just hung just about perfectly on her chest. Bonnie wore her bright red hair down to the middle of her back; her skin was a deep ivory with a light dusting of freckles. She had a pretty, open face, with a small, narrow nose, and her eyes were a deep hazel.

At first, she had had plenty of offers for dates, but she consistently turned them down, and finally the offers had petered out. That suited her. She had been burned and abused by men so much in her earlier life that she trusted no man. No man, that is, except her son. Jason had never failed to measure up to his mother’s expectations. She had devoted herself to making sure he didn’t make the same mistakes she had, and, for the most part, he hadn’t. He’d been an honor student in high school and had gone on to the University of Georgia, where he was an honor student in accounting, like his mom. He had completed three years and was anticipating his senior year, after which he would have his pick of jobs.

Bonnie had thought she was ready for Jason to leave the house when he went off to college, but she had found that she missed him being around all the time. Her big, rambling house in the older section Eskişehir Escort of Marietta had been lonely without Jason and his buddies hanging around. Thank heaven, she thought, he was less than an hour away. She had visited him frequently, or he had come home, most weekends and holidays. And she had looked forward to their reunions with an unseemly eagerness.

Along the way, she began to realize that she missed sex. Seven years had passed since she’d last had a man – or a woman, for that matter – and while masturbation was OK, she missed the intimate touch of another person. Yet she had so effectively boxed in her life that the only person she was close to was Jason, and he was off at college most of the time, and was, after all, her son.

It had been about 18 months ago that the dynamics of their relationship had changed. Jason had been home for Christmas break, and one night she had seen him slip out the back door into the back yard. Puzzled, she had followed him to a little wooded area at the back of the yard. She had smelled what he was doing before she actually saw him. He was smoking a joint, and the familiar aroma brought the memories flooding back. She knew she should be upset that he had taken up the evil weed, but then realized that it had been such a long time since she had gotten high and that she missed it. So she had cleared her throat loudly to let him know she was there.

She still chuckled over the look on his face when he had realized first that he’d been busted, then when she casually asked him to pass her the still-lengthy joint. They had gotten good and stoned that night, and had talked long into the night. She had revealed a great deal about her past that Jason had never known, or that he had known deep inside, but had never understood, and it had brought them even closer. It turned out that Jason wasn’t a heavy toker; it was just something he did occasionally for relaxation after he’d finished his school work, at parties and rock shows, or, significantly, for sexual arousal.

That night had been a revelation for both of them. Until then, it had never really sunk into Bonnie’s consciousness that her boy was now a man; and it had never really hit Jason that his mother was a woman, and a damn good-looking one at that. But after that, they looked at each other in a new light.

She wasn’t sure when her erotic dreams about Jason started, but one night she definitely realized that she was fantasizing about having sex with her son. At first, she couldn’t see his face, but she could see his body well enough. They had always been pretty casual about dress around the house, and she had put in a hot tub on her back patio that they had often used, so each of them had a pretty fair idea of what the other might look like with no clothes on. Soon, Bonnie was dreaming, then actively fantasizing about Jason fucking her. She would picture his handsome face contorting in orgiastic pleasure as he pounded his hard cock in her wet, red-trimmed pussy as she masturbated herself to shattering orgasms.

For his part, Jason had always adored his mom. Sure, they had had their arguments, but they always made it a point to resolve any differences that may have come up, and he had always appreciated the sacrifices she had made for him. Still, he had never consciously thought of Bonnie as a sex object, but after they started occasionally getting high together, he began to think a lot differently about her. He had always gotten angry when his friends at school had made suggestive comments about his mom, but now it made him proud that his lovely mother could have such an effect on young men.

The following summer had been torture for both of them. They were each beginning to obsess with each other sexually, but they had been too afraid of the social taboos to act, or even speak, of their shared obsession. That had been a year ago. Now, as Jason approached his senior year of college, each sensed that the moment of truth was at hand. Bonnie had thought about little else over the previous few months, and so had Jason.

Bonnie thought that maybe strange beds would work strange magic, so she had decided that what they needed was a long vacation together. They’d close up the office – it was the slow time of the year, anyway – and drive out West at their leisure, tramping around with no set itinerary, going wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. They had rented a vintage 1968 GTO convertible, stocked up with a sizable quantity of weed and off they went.

They were now eight hours down the road on their adventure. They had talked a lot about a lot of things, but had avoided the subject of sex. Bonnie knew Jason didn’t have a steady girlfriend, but she was afraid to broach the subject of sex for fear of rejection. Subconsciously, each knew their relationship was about to take a dramatic turn, and they wanted to be careful how they proceeded.

They had alternated driving that first day, because they wanted to get as Eskişehir Escort Bayan far as they could while they were still reasonably fresh. They had driven into the night, then stopped at a motel for the night. Bonnie had showered and gone straight to bed, exhausted by the long day on the road. Jason had gotten his shower a little later then crawled between the cool sheets of the motel bed. He looked over at his sexy mom, sleeping peacefully in the next bed, and his cock became inflamed. He hadn’t gotten laid since right before the end of school and he was horny, so thinking about his beautiful mother, asleep and dressed only in her nightshirt, got his cock up and roaring to its full 10 inches.

Taking it in hand, he stroked it as quietly as possible, vividly picturing her hot pussy engulfing his swollen member. It didn’t take very long for him to shoot a tremendous load into the sheets, groaning slightly as he did, then he turned over and went peacefully to sleep.

When the morning came, they each felt refreshed by the wide-open spaces of Texas that greeted them. They decided not to push it quite as hard that day, and only drove about seven hours before coming to a fair-sized town in west Texas, where they stopped at a motel that had a pool. After settling in, they had gotten their swimsuits on and headed out to the pool. Bonnie had bought a new suit for the trip, a purple bikini that didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Jason had worn a pair of tight trunks that failed to disguise the outline of his large cock. When they realized that they were ogling each other, they laughed nervously.

“You shouldn’t be looking at me like that,” Bonnie said teasingly, as she took a sip of a cold drink while lying on a lounger soaking up rays. Jason blushed as he realized that he’d been caught. “Sorry, Mom, it’s just that you look really good in that suit, and it’s hard to look away. Besides, I saw you looking, too.”

“That’s OK, darling, you’ve got a wonderful body and you should be proud of it,” Bonnie replied. “You are very easy on a girl’s eyes, and I couldn’t help but look.” As she spoke, Bonnie could feel a trickle of wetness seep from her crack, and Jason just stared at his mother and tried to cover up the growing lump in his pants. They swam for a little while then showered, dressed and went to dinner.

Later, they had watched some television and talked, but again avoided the subject of sex, although it was rather like the elephant in the room, something big hanging over their heads. They finally went to bed, but neither could sleep, although they tried to make it appear that they were. Soon, Bonnie heard the rhythmic slapping of Jason’s hand on his cock under the covers of the other bed, and it made her pussy gush. She ran her index finger up her puffy slit to her blood-engorged clitoris and began to finger her cunt, slowly at first, then faster. Jason stopped for just a second and thrilled to the squishy sound of his mom working her hand in her pussy. That triggered him to shoot another huge load into the sheets. Hearing Jason cum pushed Bonnie over the edge, and she convulsed quietly as she came on her hand. As they each drifted off to sleep, they both had the same thought: tomorrow would be the night.

They reached Phoenix the next day, Saturday. They stayed in a nice hotel that was close to a dinner/dance club that featured a decent band that specialized in classic rock. After a nice steak dinner and a couple of drinks, the band took the stage and they sat back to enjoy the music. They were seated in a corner booth that afforded them as much privacy as one could expect. Jason sat next to his mother and felt his feet moving in time to the music. Instinctively, he put his arm around Bonnie’s shoulders and pulled her close, and she responded with a long sigh as she laid her head on his shoulder. Their thighs touched and they could feel the electricity begin to build.

Bonnie had chosen to wear a sleeveless red mini-skirt that fit fairly tight across her chest. On impulse, she had decided to leave her underwear in her suitcase. Jason had on a pair of khaki shorts and a loose shirt with an Hawaiian-style print.

About halfway through the band’s first set, they played a raucous version of “Casey Jones,” and that got Bonnie and Jason up and onto the dance floor. They danced and boogied and drank for the next two hours. Or, rather, Bonnie drank, to the tune of several of her favored tequila sunrises, but Jason switched to soda after about three beers. They had a great time, especially Jason, who couldn’t help but admire his mother’s cleavage as they sat next to each other or the swing of her hips as they danced.

Finally, the band segued into a slow, sensuous number. Jason pulled Bonnie close to him and felt the heat of her body, and she, in turn could feel the growing length of his cock as it pressed against her. Pressing ahead, Jason ran his hands down the small of her back to her butt, and drew a sharp Escort Eskişehir intake of breath as he realized his mother was obviously not wearing panties. He looked down at his mom, and she met his gaze with an intense look that thrilled him.

When the song ended, they fairly staggered back to their table. They looked deeply at each other for a long, pregnant moment, not speaking. Then, Jason leaned over and kissed Bonnie on the lips. He wasn’t sure what he expected, but what he got was Bonnie’s open mouth and her tongue dancing in his mouth in an open invitation. Their tongues darted and danced over and around each other as the passion – the obsession – they had held back for so long began to come out in a torrent. Jason ran his right hand up Bonnie’s dress, up the inside of her thigh, to her dripping gash, which opened up to him like the petals of a flower. Her pussy lips weren’t large, but they were wet, thick and puffy with intense arousal. As Jason felt his mother up, Bonnie’s left hand caressed her son’s bulking cock, which hung low in his shorts. After making out like that for what seemed like ages, they broke the kiss and again stared at each other without speaking.

It was Jason who finally spoke first. He knew nothing now but to put everything on the table. “Mom, I want to fuck you,” he said in a soft voice. “I know how lonely you’ve been, how you’ve given up having a social life to provide a good life for us. Mom, I want to make you feel sexy again. I want to make you feel young again. I’ve wanted you for a very long time, and I think you’ve wanted me for just about as long.”

Jason’s words just melted Bonnie. She’d had just enough to drink to be bold, to be totally honest with her beloved son. Giving his cock a hard squeeze, she answered, “Oh, Jason, honey, if you only knew how much I’ve wanted you, how much I love you. You have always been everything in the world to me. You’re my life; you’re my love; you’re the best man I know. Oh, baby, yes, I want to fuck you too. Take me back to the hotel and fuck me. It’s been so long; I need you, baby, the way a woman needs the man she loves.”

They were in a lustful daze as they paid the check and walked hand-in-hand to the car for the short drive to their hotel. Once inside, they kissed deeply for several long minutes, soaking up each other’s passion. “We’d better get back to the hotel, or I might have to jump you right here,” said Bonnie in a teasing tone, as she curled up next to him on the seat. Jason reached in the glove compartment and pulled out a joint, which they smoked on the ride back to the hotel. After they had finished, Jason ran his right hand up Bonnie’s dress and lightly stroked her pussy while holding the wheel with his other hand. Bonnie could feel the grandmother of all orgasms welling up inside her as her son expertly twiddled her twat. But Jason was a long way from letting Bonnie cum just yet, and besides the hotel loomed.

They were on each other as soon as the door to their room closed, kissing feverishly and running their hands all over each other’s body. Jason quickly found the zipper to Bonnie’s dress, unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. Bonnie stood proudly naked in front of her son, her new lover. Jason just whistled as he got his first look at his mother’s nakedness. “God, Mom, you’re beautiful,” he whispered, drinking in the sight of Bonnie’s pink-tipped tits and red-framed pussy.

Bonnie walked up to her son and began to undress him. She unbuttoned his shirt, then unbuttoned and unzipped Jason’s shorts and let them fall to the floor. She could quickly see his throbbing cock as it poked through the hole in his boxers. Bonnie felt her pussy lurch as she saw Jason’s hard cock for the first time. She had had plenty of cocks during her wild years, but this was the largest, finest piece of male manhood she’d ever seen. It was easily 10 inches and thick, around an inch and a half in diameter. Bonnie pulled its entire length out of his underpants and began to stroke it with both hands as they resumed kissing, this time more passionately than ever.

Jason was fascinated by his mother’s breasts, the firmness of her flesh, the pink, up-turned nipples. He squeezed each one in turn, then bent down to kiss, suck and lick each nipple. He loved on Bonnie’s tits, while she caressed his cock. After a few minutes, she unsnapped his shorts and let them drop to the floor. Then she stepped back to admire her prize. Jason stood naked in front of his mother, tight and muscular, his chest heaving with desire. His cock stood out from his stomach at an obscene length. Bonnie bit her lower lip as they embraced, rubbing their nakedness together, before kissing him again hotly.

“Take me to bed and fuck me with your gorgeous cock,” Bonnie panted. Then she walked between the two beds, pulled the covers back on one, lay back and opened her legs, exposing her fiery red gash to her son’s lustful gaze. Just to make sure he got the point, she ran her fingers through her pussy, opening up her insides to his view. When she had gotten her fingers good and wet, she pressed them to his lips as he descended to the bed. “Before you fuck me, I want you to eat me, make my pussy sing and make me cum,” she purred. “I’m yours to do anything you please. God, Jason, I want you so baaaaaad.”

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