Boogie Van Ch. 07

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I felt the bed move, as sleep started to clear. I opened my eyes and saw Elaine’s neatly trimmed lustrous black pubic hair before my eyes. I looked upwards, and saw Elaine, with a smile of desire on her face.

“Good morning Colin, I thought you might like to have something that’s hot, juicy, and very tasty! Now, lick me all over, kiss and lick my pussy lips, and my clit, I love getting both licked for a long time!”

Eager to do as she pleased, I pulled her in close and started to kiss and lick all along her pink trail. I did exactly as she requested, listening to her grunts of pleasure as I swabbed my tongue over her swollen lips and her throbbing clit. The sounds of passion she was making, and the way her pussy tasted had me rock hard.

“Now, tongue my clit, oh yes, there, right there, make me cum!”

I could feel her body stretched taut, ready to explode. I could feel her pussy spasm around my tongue, her wail of orgasm, and a rush of juices as she climaxed, her body shaking above me, riding her wave.

She cooed, “Ohhhhhh, that was so good, so good.”

She slid down my body, and squatting over me, notched the head of my cock against her, and slammed her throbbing cunt down, impaling herself completely in one powerful down thrust. I grunted as my cock was engulfed in the fiery furnace of her cunt, listening to the squelch of my cock being engulfed by her hot juices.

She squealed with delight, and gasped “Fuck me!”

She started to ride me, pumping her hips up and down as she gave me a powerful fuck, riding my pole with an expression of sheer bliss. Her heated inner pinkness was gripping me, eager to milk my cock as she pumped her hips up and down. I reached up, and ran my hands over her perky breasts, tweaking her throbbing, rock-hard nipples.

“Ummm, I love having my tits played with, tweak my nipples, make me cum lover!”

I could feel my cock getting ready, Elaine’s gasps and cries of pleasure filling the room. I held onto it as best I could, and I could feel the trembling of her walls around me.

“Cum baby, cum all over my cock, your tight Oriental snatch is going to milk me for every drop!”

She cried out “Yeah, that’s what my tight Asian fuckhole was made for, excellent, yes, so excellent, oh fuck yes, cumming, cumming oh fuck, YES!”

Her cunt clamped down tightly on my cock, convulsing and spasming wildly. She let out a wail of pleasure as she reached orgasm, and my loud cry of climax joined hers, istanbul escort as I felt my cock go off, shooting a thick volley of seed upwards into her tight, fiery hot box. The quivering inner pink heat sucked me dry, as we rode that shared wave.

She looked into my face with a satisfied smile, and lowered herself down, resting against my chest, the top of her head tucked under my chin.

“Ummm, such a hot fuck, just what I needed. My tight little Oriental cunt needs to get filled as much as she needs. Orange juice takes a back seat to getting a hard, satisfying fuck, it’s what I need to get the day off to a great start.”

After relaxing in the afterglow for a little while, we were both eager to get back on the road. I broke camp, and just before the interstate, we stopped in at a Denny’s for breakfast.

“If you’ll excuse me, Colin, I need to make a call.”

She went outside, and I saw her talking on her cell phone. A few minutes later, she was back inside.

“I needed to call my brother and tell him to get to the apartment and get all my stuff out of there. He’s going to get a hold of a couple of his friends, and they’ll have my possessions out of there in short order. I don’t want that lout of an ex-boyfriend having his paws all over my possessions. The lease is in his name, so I’ll be free and clear of any kind of connection with him.”

I asked, “What about where you will live?”

Elaine replied, “My brother and his wife have a big house, and he always told me that if I needed a place, to stay with them while I sorted things out. I don’t have a lot of furniture or bulky items, but what I do own means a lot to me. He said they’ll be plenty of space in the basement to store it until I find a new place. I also called my friend who is a real estate agent, and let her know that I am looking for a new place to live. I don’t intend to sponge off my brother, and become a permanent fixture in his house.”

After eating, we were back on the road. The miles rolled by, as we crossed into Illinois. Skirting Chicago, we crossed into Iowa, and Iowa City was coming up.

A “Rest Area 2 miles” sign showed, and Elaine purred, “Colin, let’s take the rest area exit, I don’t need rest, but I need another hard, solid fuck!”

That was all I needed to hear, as Elaine got up, and went back to the bedroom.

“While you’re at the wheel, I’m gonna get myself naked, so I’ll be all hot and wet for you lover.”

I slotted the escort bayan van in, a few cars were about, but with the van, we had all the privacy we needed. I turned towards the back, and I saw a hand holding a set of black lacy panties. I entered the bedroom, and Elaine was nude, she smiled at me as she dropped her panties.

“Oh yeah, I need it again, this time, fuck me doggy style, I love being rammed from behind, so animalistic!”

I stripped quickly, my cock surging up, and positioned myself. I felt her hand grasp my cock, and lead me up to her entrance. With a slow, steady push, she let out a low moan of pleasure as I went in, the hot, wet heat surrounding me, fuck that felt so good, I nudged tight against her cervix, then her cry of pleasure let me know that I had pushed through.

“Fuck, fuck, so good, so deep, fuck me hard lover, and spray down my Oriental womb!”

I grabbed her hips and pulling back slightly, I drove back in, enjoying her cry of pleasure. I settled into the rhythm, watching her sexy ass jiggle as I drove into her over and over was a visual delight. Fired up, I rammed her with a power fuck, her cries and sounds of pleasure let me know I was hitting the right spots.

I could feel my cock swelling with orgasmic urgency, Elaine let out a pleasure-filled squeal, wrapping tightly around me, the spasms starting deep, as she flew over the edge.

She cried out, “Fuck, fuck, oh my god, that’s so fucking hot, fuck my Asian cunt hard, I love it, fuck, fuck, I feel like I’m gonna explode, ram me, fuck, fuck, cumming, FUCK YESSSS!!”

Elaine’s pleasure-filled scream sounded at the eager clutch of her pleasure tunnel, tightly gripping me, quivering crazily, took me over the edge with her. I roared with pleasure as I went off, my bursting cock spraying a torrent of thick spunk, my cock head lodged between the tight grip of her cervix, pumping my cream directly into her womb, our bodies shaking and shuddering together, as I emptied my balls deep inside Elaine’s sweet tunnel.

I pulled out and we flopped down, gasping like racehorses.

Elaine purred, “Ummm, so good, so hot, you’re making me crazy for your cock lover. Let’s find a place for lunch, great, hot sex always gives me a good appetite!”

I said, “What would you like baby?”

“How about pizza, I’m going to check out the places on my smartphone.”

I enjoyed watching her sitting up and paging through her phone while still nude.

“Oh, escort istanbul this looks great! It’s called Pagliai’s, it one of the 10 best restaurants in the city according to Trip Advisor, and the reviewers saw they make the best thin crust pizza ever. I adore thin crust pizza, let’s go there!”

In the restaurant, the pizza was as good as had been advised. With both our appetites satisfied, we were soon back on the road. We turned northwards towards Interstate 90 and after a steady drive of 5.5 hours, with no slowdowns for construction, we were coming up on Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A KOA was just ahead, and we decided to pull it in for the day, it had been a long drive.

Later that night, Elaine’s close resemblance to Lisa Ling had easily brought me back up, 3rd time today was no problem, and we worked out the kinks from driving in the best way. I had her sexy body pinned to the mattress, writhing and squirming underneath me, as I power fucked her needy heat.

Elaine purred, “Oh, Fuck me, Colin, I love it so hard and so deep. You know how to fuck, oh yes, do it hard, harder, yes, yes, oh yes, pound my pussy, fill my tight little Oriental cunt with more hot sperm! I want my Oriental womb creamed, let me have it, lover!”

Eager to please, I really laid the wood to her. Her use of the phrase ‘tight little Oriental cunt,’ really got my lust soaring, and I was taking great pleasure in testing the steamy liquid depths, feeling her tight oriental walls parting as my cock I powered in to the balls on each thrust.

In less than a minute, Elaine cried out, “Oh yes lover, make my Asian cunt explode, yes, yes, CUUUMMMM!!”

I felt the grip, and Elaine’s shriek of pleasure filled the room, as she went soaring over the edge. My cock was still building up, and the wild spasming around my cock as she came was something else as I continued to ram her hard and steady. She cried out again, as a second orgasm quickly jumped in, and she went into a spiral of orgasms, one right after the other, the constant gripping and milking finally took me, my wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly. I slammed as deep as possible inside her as I lost my load deep up her spasming tightness. I grinned, envisioning my rush of cum drenching her womb. She squirmed around wildly on my buried to the balls prick, riding one last orgasm, her body shuddering, draining my balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

I flopped down next to her, god, what a lover. She wanted everything I had and more, pouring my load into her was an exercise in sheer erotic pleasure.

Elaine purred, “Mmmm, just what I need, just like 3 meals a day, 3 hot sex sessions a day is perfect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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