Book Club Memories Ch. 02

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(Usual Disclaimer Time: All the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun.)

(Author’s Note: This story requires a little explanation before we get too deep into it. Book Club Memories is a much-requested spin-off tale from my vaguely epic story Senior Year Memories, taking place between chapters 40 and 41 of that tale. All of you who have read that far in the story will hopefully enjoy the continuation of various storylines, but as for the rest of you, I want to let you know now that it is NOT necessary to be a Senior Year Memories expert to enjoy this story. I’m doing my best to write it as both a continuation, and a miniseries that will stand on its own for your reading pleasure. I hope you all enjoy!

Further, I would like to thank the readers whose votes helped determine some of the action of this story, especially guiding the course of the main threesome and in the creation of Cassandra Pruitt. As always, I want to give special thanks to fellow Literotica author Lil_kitty for her excellent work as my editor and acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter, and for letting me know what did and didn’t work; if you get a chance, please check out her work and drop some stars if you enjoyed, she writes some very hot and fun stories.)




When it came to Saturday mornings, as a general rule, I liked to sleep in and never set an alarm. If Dad ever tried to wake me up for some great weekend adventure, I’d go along with it because I loved the guy, but I’d be a little surly about it at the same time. Who wants an alarm on the weekend, right?

However, with how wild my senior year had been, I’d come to learn there were exceptions to everything, and that some things made very welcome wakeup calls.

Take, for instance, a pair of insistent hands, soft but strong, gently taking hold of your leg and shaking it slightly.

“Come on, sleepyhead! Time to wake up and greet the day!”

Her voice was high and playful, but with a little bit of the edge I’d come to enjoy this past year.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and rolled over onto my back in bed. Though I could rationally know where I was, it still took a moment to get my bearings and make sure that yesterday hadn’t all been some wild and wonderful dream. The sun was coming in at a different angle through the window, the bed felt different, I was naked…

Okay, the naked part wasn’t all that different from the norm these days, but the other two were enough to remind me that I wasn’t home.

That, and the fact that my hot history teacher, Mrs. Brenda Lynn, was standing beside my bed wearing nothing more than a tight, midriff-bearing t-shirt and a blue thong. A 5’3″ blonde in her late 30s, she had a killer body, with DD-cup tits that strained her top, and a full, round ass that I’d gotten intimately familiar with in the last few months. Her pretty face looked down at me with dazzling blue eyes and a big, beaming smile. Those eyes danced down toward my cock, still hidden under the blanket, briefly, causing her to shift nervously on her feet as she pushed a few locks of her bobbed, blonde hair behind her ear.

This image was enough to confirm for me that yes, it wasn’t all some dream. I really had joined Viola Kent’s “book club” on their weekend retreat, and spent most of yesterday afternoon fucking like crazy. I’d even shared a bed with Brenda and Mrs. Lauren McNeil, my best friend’s mother, last night. Had we gotten up to anything crazy? I couldn’t remember. I didn’t think so, it felt like I passed out pretty quickly after what I’d gotten up to with Valerie, though who knew…

Groaning as I stretched the night out of me, I said, “Sleepyhead?”

“Yeah, that’s what you are,” she said, sighing. “You slept like a rock all night; it’s like Val fucked all the life out of you.”

“She got close,” I admitted. “And I wasn’t saying I didn’t do a lot of sleeping; I was just wondering who actually uses the word ‘sleepyhead’.”

Brenda rolled her eyes. “Hey, just because the kids are home this weekend and I am thoroughly on vacation, doesn’t mean you can beat all the mom out of me.”

“I guess not,” I said, eyeing her up and down appreciatively. “Though you’re definitely dressed more for vacation than family time, I’d say.”

“That’s what I was going for!” she said, giggling and twirling around, giving me a much better view of her perfect, round ass, covered only by the thinnest fabric.

Yeah, my cock was definitely reaching full strength under the covers by this point.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“A little after nine,” Brenda answered, dropping down on the bed next to me. She crawled up next to me, fully lying facedown on the bed, propped up only by her elbows and giving me an amazing view down her cleavage.

The way she was grinning, I knew this to be completely intentional.

“It’s almanbahis still early… I could be sleeping,” I murmured, with only a little actual complaint in my meaning.

“You’d rather be sleeping, when you’re surrounded by MILFs who’d like to fuck you silly. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, and to think I’ve been telling everyone you’re one of my best and brightest students…” Brenda chided, smiling mischievously.

“I *am* one of your best students,” I stated, about as cocky as I’d ever get about anything. “But you make a good point. I’m up.”

“Good!” she exclaimed, crawling up next to me so she could quickly kiss me. “Because we’ve got a few more ladies arriving in the next hour or so, a bit of a breakfast buffet set up, and I’d like to steal some time with you before anyone realizes I’m here for more than just a wakeup call.”

I raised an eyebrow. “How much more?”

Brenda cocked her head at an angle I was familiar with, one that said I was being a damnfool for the sake of being a damnfool because I asked her to spell out the obvious. Rather than have her joke about me being one of her better students again, I thought it best to jump in.

“Ah. *That* much more,” I said.

“Yes, *that* much more,” she replied, pulling down the blanket to reveal my thick, ten-inch-long erection.

“Ah, fuck…” Brenda moaned, biting her lip as she reached out and took hold of my cock.

I hissed as she slowly began to jack me, running her thumb over the head eagerly.

She sighed. “I’ve been wanting to get you to myself like this since the moment you got here. I should’ve tried harder, but I think I was having too much fun with the others. Lauren told me what she did with you on the ride over, how she enjoyed having you as a captive audience… I should’ve thought to drive you in.”

“Well, I think we can make up for some of that time now…” I groaned softly, reaching around to squeeze her ass as I kissed her again. This kiss was longer, deeper and more passionate than our last one, one that we drew out as we sought out closeness with each other.

I may have had sex with Brenda many times over the course of my senior year already, but even now, the heat that formed between us was incomparable.

Parting our kiss, I smiled at her. “Your lips taste like pussy.”

Brenda grinned at me conspiratorially. “I had a *very* well-rounded breakfast.”

“Uh huh. Viola?” I guessed.

“And Lauren. And Valerie,” she replied, amused and utterly shameless.

“Mmm,” I groaned, thrusting gently against her hand. “You were a proper slut this morning, weren’t you?”

“Nothing proper about it… I’m away from home, away from school, and I feel like I’ve got these few days to be who I’ve always wanted to be for once… I want to be a cum-drenched whore, I’m gonna *be* a cum-drenched whore, and if I want to be filled with some thick, eighteen-year-old cock…” Brenda trailed off.

She didn’t need to finish that sentence, and wouldn’t really have had the opportunity to once I slid one of my hands beneath the front of her thong and began to finger her slit. Brenda groaned at the contact, rocking her hips against my hand as she fucked against me, sharing hot, quick kisses as the two of us pleasured each other and made out. I thought back to before this school year, before I’d ever had any sex, back when I could only dream about what it might be like to be in bed with Brenda Lynn.

Actually getting to live out that fantasy… yeah, that was pretty fucking amazing.

Brenda let go of my cock. “I think… I’m overdressed.”

She slipped out of bed and stood up, first dropping her thong to the floor (and revealing her pussy, with its well-groomed pubic hair and moist, swollen lips), then pulling her shirt over her head, letting her bare tits free. Smiling and giggling, she practically jumped onto the bed, climbing on top of me in a 69 position and inhaling my cock with her talented mouth. I moaned, loudly, as she sucked down every last inch before bobbing rapidly, utterly worshiping every inch of my cock with her lips and tongue, before turning my attention to her dripping cunt. Only inches above my mouth, smelling utterly intoxicating, and utterly dripping (she had been a busy girl this morning), I couldn’t resist. I pulled her down, wrapped my lips around hers, and went to town on her pussy.

If there were better ways to greet the morning than this, I couldn’t immediately think of any.

I couldn’t say how long we were like this, but intertwined with Brenda, pleasuring her with my mouth as she energetically sucked my cock, feeling that intense pressure of her tits pressed against me… yeah, time didn’t really matter. All that mattered was making her feel good, sucking up her tangy, savory pussy juices and driving her to the brink of pleasure. Thankfully, by this point, I was well accustomed to Brenda’s pussy, knowing just how she liked me to suck her clit, and a few other simple tricks…

Looking up in the valley of her ass cheeks, I caught sight of her tight, winking asshole. I knew how almanbahis yeni giriş much she enjoyed having her ass worshiped, and how little of that she got at home with her husband. Well, if this was meant to be a weekend where she got to do what she normally wouldn’t in the year…

Collecting her juices on two of my fingers, I then lined them up with her asshole and slipped them inside, thrusting them in and out and twisting them in time with my oral efforts.

Loudly, she cried out around my cock, her body seizing up and shuddering uncontrollably. Her legs might have closed around my head, but I still kept up my efforts, lapping up her juices as they gushed onto my face.

Fuck, I always loved this part.

Calming slightly, Brenda pulled her mouth from my cock and panted. “Fuck… holy fuck… I… fuck…”

I considered keeping her here like this, making her cum again, seeing if she wanted to suck my cum down again, but after yesterday’s blowjob, I wanted something else from her. I took advantage of her recovering state, rolling her onto her back on the bed, then twisting myself around and climbing on top of her. Brenda squealed and giggled as I manipulated her into place, dragging my cock up her inner thigh.

“This what you had in mind… Mrs. Lynn?” I said, smirking as I called her what I would in the classroom.

“Yes…” she murmured, biting her lip and reaching for my cock. She lined the head up against her pussy lips, then looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

“Please, fuck me, Ryan… I need your big cock so bad,” Brenda said, leaning up to kiss me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: being needed can be pretty fucking awesome.

I pressed my slick cock against her soaked pussy, soon burying every inch in her tight, hot embrace.

Brenda moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head briefly as I began to thrust in and out of her.

“God this is good, so fucking good… fuck me, Ryan, fuck me harder…” she groaned.

“You’re so fucking hot, Mrs. Lynn…” I grunted, thrusting into her harder at her insistence. “Fuck, this is so much better in a bed.”

Brenda laughed. Considering the vast majority of our sexual encounters had been in her classroom on a number of hard desks, I think she was enjoying the comfort of this bed as well.

“Uh huh…” she agreed, her tits bouncing lusciously with my every thrust. “We should have done this ages ago, this is much better for my back…”

“Yeah… your place or mine, next time?” I laughed, pounding into her.

“A teacher showing up at her student’s house… that’s a scandal in the making… you showing up at my house, risking kids or my husband showing up… probably not a great idea… they’ve all got their own thrills, don’t get me wrong, but enough headaches that I don’t wanna deal with, fuck, fuck, keep going, like that, fuck…” Brenda moaned.

“There’s always Viola’s place…” I suggested.

“That’s… oh god… that’s not a terrible idea, actually…” she groaned. “Though Viola would want to play too…”

“I can survive that if you can,” I grunted, kind of loving the image that danced before my eyes of getting double-teamed by Brenda and Viola.

“I can survive that too… but later… right now I need you… please, Ryan, fuck me… I’ve needed that thick cock for so long, and it feels so fucking good, please, fuck my slutty cunt, fuck your teacher’s slutty MILF cunt… feels so fucking good…” she moaned. “Harder… fuck me harder… call me a slut… call me your little whore… give it to me harder… fucking GIVE IT TO ME, RYAN!”

Brenda had always been a wild one, but getting a chance to see her like this, in bed, unrestrained by the outside world, it was pretty fucking amazing.

“You *are* my fucking slut,” I grunted, fucking her and squeezing her tits, kissing her passionately as I pounded into her. “One of the best… the hottest… not a lot of sluts can handle getting fucked like this, but you can, you always can… god, I wanted to fuck you for so long before I actually did, and now I get to whenever you want… I fucking love it.”

“Yeah, you love fucking your hot, married teacher?” she moaned, wrapping her legs around my ass as she guided this fuck to its crescendo.

“All the time…” I groaned. “I can’t fucking get enough of you…”

Brenda laughed. “Too bad I have to share you this weekend, when I’d much rather tie you down and use you all for myself… but then I’d be denying myself my other friends… and I’d be denying them you… it could be fun, but… oh god… so fucking good, please, keep going, keep fucking me, you’re gonna make me cum again, you’re gonna make me fucking cum again and I’ll be such a mess, please, keep fucking me, harder, Ryan, fuck me harder!”

“Me too,” I grunted, kissing her again. “I’m gonna cum too… god you’re so hot… where… where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me, cum in me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCKING HELL, I’M CUMMING!” Brenda roared, locking her legs behind me as another almanbahis giriş orgasm ripped through her body.

Her pussy squeezed my cock, hard, and with her strong legs locked behind my back, I had no choice but to bury myself nice and deep and unleash every drop of cum inside of her. My thrusts slowed, but her pussy kept milking me, drawing out every last drop as we both let pleasure overpower us.

I stopped, then held onto her as I caught my breath, kissing Brenda deeply and squeezing one of her tits as we came down.

“That was… that was a pretty fucking amazing way of waking up,” I laughed, kissing her.

“I thought you’d enjoy it. I knew *I* would,” she laughed, kissing me back, then unlocking her legs from behind me.

I pulled out, then collapsed on the bed next to her as we still caught our breaths. Brenda looked down between her legs, then laughed as she fingered up some of the river of cum that was now pouring out of her.

“I always forget how much you cum,” she mused, licking her fingers and moaning softly. “You keep cumming that much, you’re gonna get someone knocked up this weekend. Maybe more than one of us.”

I chuckled. “I’m sure.”

Brenda poked me in the side. “Hey, don’t laugh too hard! I know some of these ladies are hungry as hell, and wouldn’t mind getting knocked up by a hot young stud with a cock like yours.”

“And you’re telling me to be careful?” I asked.

Now it was her turn to laugh. “Hardly. Those bitches wanna get knocked up, let ’em; some of them would look fucking hot that way, and god knows it would make them even hornier sluts, if that were possible. For that matter, I would probably look fucking hot too…”

I saw her run her hands over her tits and stomach, and for a moment had a flash of a primal fear. That fear was easily knocked aside when I saw her joking smirk, and now it was my turn to poke her in the side as I started tickling her. Her laughs were high and giddy as I poked and prodded her, then kissed her hard on the lips.

When I stopped tickling her, I said, “You’re bad.”

“The best kind of bad,” she acknowledged.

Hooking two of my fingers into her cunt, I continued, “I really should knock you up for joking like that.”

Brenda moaned, smiling luxuriantly. “Mmm, maybe you should… I wouldn’t mind… but I promised the others I wouldn’t hold you hostage… you really should go grab some breakfast, build up that strength before the other ladies get here.”

I sighed pleasantly, knowing that she was right. There were only five members of the book club here yesterday, and I was nearly exhausted in an afternoon. With more of them coming today, I was going to have my work cut out for me, and I really would need my strength.

But with my fingers still buried in Brenda’s cunt, I figured that massaging her g-spot for a little while until she was a cummed out mess wouldn’t set me back too much time.


Brenda wasn’t kidding when she’d said they had a breakfast buffet set up in the kitchen; it honestly seemed like they had a little of everything you could want in the morning that didn’t require cooking. I found myself pretty famished once I got a look at it, and after toasting a bagel, smearing a little peanut butter on those halves, some coffee and an apple, I felt a little more human.

What had me confused was wondering where everyone was, as the house seemed to be pretty empty. Looking out back, I saw Dr. Valerie Chan, my gorgeous science teacher who I’d spent a good chunk of last night fucking, lying out by the pool in a dark green bikini alongside Brenda as they took in some morning sun, but everyone else seemed unaccounted for. There was music coming from somewhere on the second floor, and I sought to investigate it… but first, I had to get cleaned up from breakfast.

I knew there was a bathroom down one of the halls here that wasn’t attached to a bedroom and made a beeline toward it.

The door was closed, the light clearly on. I reached up to knock on it, to check and see if it was occupied or if someone just left the light on so the fan would stay on, and it was as I was about to knock that it swung open, and a tiny woman screamed in surprise.

I screamed as well in my own surprise, followed quickly by, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Sra. Lopez! I swear, I didn’t know you were in there!”

The smaller woman I recognized as my Spanish teacher, Sra. Ana Lopez, put a hand to her chest, catching her breath and smiling. “It’s alright, Ryan, you simply caught me by… surprise…”

Her soulful brown eyes looked me up and down, and while I wore nothing more than my glasses and a comfortable pair of swim trunks, she apparently liked getting to see the results of how much I’d been working out this year.

Admittedly, getting a chance to look at my hot, Latina Spanish teacher outside of the classroom… yeah, I might have been staring a little too.

In her early 40s and at a toned 4’9″, Ana Lopez was not a woman who could easily command a classroom. While dedicated to teaching, she tended to be quiet and easily run down by a loud, uncontrollable classroom. Although at school you could tell she was quite pretty, with her hair up in a tight bun and a perpetually tired look on her face, she rarely stood out quite as much as some of my other teachers.

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