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Big Tits

It all starts so innocently (doesn’t it always?). I’m at work, again procrastinating and actually nodding off a bit. I have piles of paper scattered across my desk and a list of clients to call to set up appointments. If you looked at the client list from a certain angle you saw a pile of money. If you looked past that you saw more. You saw a bigger house. That new SUV my wife wanted. You saw my wife home with our kids instead of working a thankless job just to help our family afford the things we have now.

But look to the left. Here you see a computer. A new dot-com site on the screen illuminating my face with “XXX”, nice tits, a perfect ass or maybe just some words that have been put together describing a call girl named Jinx scoring her first “job”.

I once again had a choice. I again bypassed the right choice for the left. This time my computer was feeding me a story about a girl who had just gotten her heart broken. Apparently she felt the need to take control of her life by fucking a stranger she just met in a theater. The story gets me incredibly hot (this author always does) and all of a sudden I feel myself hardening. The eternal struggle between my jeans and my prick begins: one straining burst free, the other doing its best to restrain it. Usually I side with my dick, unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my jeans, unzipping my fly and unleashing my cock. This is normally followed by a short wrestling match between my hand and my cock, my hand almost always beating my member into submission.

Today is different though. I remember my daughter crying at the sitter’s when I dropped her off. “Dad, I want you to stay.” I look back at the pile of opportunity on the right and realize that I should get back to work.

There’s only one problem. I still feel that stirring sensation in my balls…my cock is still rock hard. The storyteller has done such a good job I can hardly see straight. I decide that what I need is a good drive. I grab my keys and tell the secretary that I’m off to visit a client.

As I drive I check my watch (a gift from my lovely wife). Ten o’clock… I have time to grab a cup of coffee and then go cold call one of my old clients. Maybe I’ll invite him to lunch. I stop off at a coffee shop near my alma mater, the local university. This is one of my favorite places for a few reasons, least of which is the lousy coffee they serve. This is usually out of the way of my boss’ clients, so I know he won’t catch me here when I’m supposed to be working. The pastries are quite tasty (the espresso cheesecake is to die for!). Oh yeah, it’s also down the street from all of the sorority houses.

Every time I come in here I feel like I’m an episode of one of those teen soap operas on MTV or WB. Every single girl that walks in is gorgeous. I overhear their conversations about this boy they went out with last night, that party they went to last weekend, the new designer drug they tried with that guy they weren’t so sure about. Today I get lucky. I sit down in a booth across from two knockouts. I pretend to be reading the paper but instead I get to indulge a bit. The first one, facing me, is a dead ringer for an ex of mine. Long dark brown hair, exquisite “C” cup breasts, nice hourglass shape, and, I notice as she goes for a refill, a perfectly round ass, one that you could just chew on for days. The girl sitting across from her is your typical sorority whore. Huge, likely store bought, tits, platinum blonde hair, obviously dyed, small ass. She’s wearing the quintessential sorority sister outfit, a little tank top with her greek letters screened on the front and tight sweat pants with the same letters plastered across her ass.

She starts talking to the brunette in great detail about some guy she fucked, bragging about her obvious talents in the bedroom. I hear her describe his eight-inch cock and how she masterfully teased and licked it until it started throbbing in front of her. She apparently then tickled him under his sack, then running her finger up and down his crack while she lightly kissed his shaft. She goes on to say how she took the head of his prick and rubbed it on her nipples coating them with pre-cum, just so she could lick it off, giving him a show. Quite proud of herself, she continues telling the brunette about her show. Next she laid on the bed spread eagle running her fingers along the length of her slit then inserting them into her wet cunt, soaking them with her juices. She carries on about how she then strokes his cock with her wet fingers, drawing him toward her cunt. She lets him penetrate her, taking all eight inches then draws him out and sucks her juices off his dick. She finishes her story, which concludes with both of their powerful orgasms.

I’m so fucking turned on I can barely see straight.

So here I am completely dazed by this tale that I was fortunate enough to overhear (okay eavesdrop on, but what’s the difference) when I get startled back to reality by someone plopping down in my booth next to me. Kıbrıs Escort “What the…??!?!”

“Oh, sorry. Did I scare ya?” replies Jenna.

Jenna is an old friend of mine. Well, truth be told, we never were technically “friends”. Right before my freshman year of college, about eight years ago, we met through mutual friends and hit it off from the beginning. We were making out before the end of the first night. As I went to drop her off that night she kept touching my thigh and by the time we got to her place she was rubbing my cock through my pants. We fucked the next time I saw her. The next week she went on vacation with her family. By the time she got back I had left for college. It wasn’t worth trying to keep a long distance relationship (before I went to school we had lived in a city about 150 miles from the univeristy). I didn’t see her again for a few years. She emailed me one day out of the blue saying she was going to be in town and needed a place to stay for a night. I let her stay at my place the night she was in town. We had crazy monkey sex.

Jenna was amazing looking. If you looked up “my type” in the dictionary it would show her. She had a classic beauty look to her face. She was petite, about five-foot nothing, and a thin 100lbs. She had beautiful, perky B cup breasts that just screamed to be kissed and licked. Her hair was dark, straight and long, almost down to her ass. Her ass… that was easily her best feature. It bubbled out perfectly, not to big, but definitely round. Perky, too, no sag. It was one of those asses that you just stared at when she walked in front of you. This girl was sexy.

“What? Scared? No… just startled a bit…Holy shit! Jen! I can’t believe it’s you! What are you doing here?”

“Getting coffee, silly. What else would one do here?” Her smile is intoxicating, especially when she teased like that. She knew what I meant. “I go to school here now!” She was younger than me, I guess I never realized how much. “I’m a grad student in the psych department. What about you? Do you live down here now?”

Boom. Boom. I feel my heart throbbing against the inside of my chest. My entire body is pulsing in synch with my heartbeat. That story I read on the Internet this morning. The recounted tale of the sorority girl’s wild night. This hot little thing sitting in front of me. All I can think of is where this is going to go. “Yeah, I stayed here after school. I’m supposed to be working but I needed a break.”

“Really?” She cocks an eyebrow. I used to love it when she did that. “Looking to relax a bit, huh? Relieve some stress?”

Shit. I knew what she meant. “Yeah,” I reply sheepishly. I raise my coffee mug with my left hand making sure my wedding ring is in plain view. “Nothing like relieving some stress with a strong cup of caffeine.” We both laughed. Boom. Boom.

We converse for a few minutes. Small talk. “How long have you been in town?” “How’s school?” “How’s work?” “You’re married, huh?” “Do you have a boyfriend now?” “Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?”

It becomes quiet. The talking never was our specialty. Boom. Boom.

She finally breaks the silence. “Hey, I need to get back to my apartment, I have some emails I have to shoot over a professor and some classmates.”

Whew. She’s being strong so I don’t have to be. I don’t have to make the hardest decision of my life. My pulse slows a bit. “Yeah, I guess I had better get back to…”

“Ya wanna come by? See my place?”

Boom. Boom.

“Oh. Uh. I dunno, I mean, I’m working,” I try to protest. I don’t do a very good job.

“Yeah, obviously, with you’re coffee and all. C’mon, I haven’t seen you in forever, you can take a few minutes to hang with an old friend.”

Well, truth be told, we never were technically “friends”.

She pulls me by my hand. I follow her to her old beat up car. “You can ride with me,” she yells while tugging me along like a train engine pulling a passenger car with no power of its own.

We approach the rear of her vehicle. Holding onto her hand I tug her to a stop. My strength crumbles. I wrap my arms around her and lift all 100 pounds of her into the air. “I can’t believe we ran into each other. Its so good to see you again.” She follows suit and flings her arms around my neck.

“I know! I’ve missed you!” Our foreheads are touching. She gives me a peck on the lips as naturally as if I was her boyfriend. She wriggles out of my arms and walks to the driver’s side door. Her ass wiggles from side to side. That ass. Boom. Boom.

Apparently being inside the coffee shop had made Jenna shy, because as soon as she gets into her car she doesn’t stop talking. I’m trying to listen as best as possible but without a bra on, you can see the perfect outline of her areolas and nipples through her tight white tank top. Her breasts aren’t large by any means, but I remember that she has puffy areolas, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Typical of any of our conversations Kıbrıs Escort Bayan that go past three minutes, we start talking about sex. It seems she had experimented quite a bit in college. Stories abound about this guy and that girl.

She goes on about this one time she was at a party with two couples. They all ended up leaving together and go skinny-dipping in the hot tub at one of the university area apartment complexes. She told me how she was making out with one of the girls. The girl was kissing Jenna’s tits while Jenna was fingering her under the water. Jenna was playing with the girl’s clit all while the girl’s boyfriend was watching her devour Jenna’s breasts. It seems Jenna then sat up on the edge of the hot tub. The other girl proceeded to lick Jenna’s cunt and suck on her clit while the girl’s boyfriend fucked her from behind. Oh, to be that guy.

I can’t see straight.

I know there’s no use fighting it anymore. As soon as we get to Jenna’s apartment I lean over and kiss her. It’s passionate. Our tongues dance with each other. My hard dick presses against her from under my pants. I feel her nipples hardening against my chest. I again pick her up, still kissing, and sit her down on the table immediately to the left of the doorway.

We paw at each other like animals. I rip her shirt off over her head; she hurriedly begins to undo my belt and jeans. I kiss her neck, she nibbles my ear, our arms holding each other’s bodies tight against our own. It feels familiar, as if we haven’t been apart for years. As if I’m not married. As if she doesn’t have a boyfriend in Russia somewhere.

We’re naked in a matter of seconds. Hungrily, she grabs my hard cock and pulls it toward her glistening pussy.

“Fuck me,” she purrs.

Boom. Boom.

I happily oblige. I enter her with her fine ass sitting at the edge of the table, her pussy lips grabbing my dick as if they could pull it in themselves. She gasps. “You always felt so good inside of me.”

We’re both so consumed with lust that the room practically fills up with it. The aroma of sex, the sound of our moans, the sound my hard cock pounding her soft cunt. The sight of two bodies engulfed in carnal need of each other.

She is working my cock masterfully. I can feel her tightening her internal muscles at her will massaging my member, trying to force out my seed like a farmer milking a cow.

My attempt at getter her off is equally powerful. I know her sensitive spots, licking that spot on her neck, while pinching her nipple. My other hand wrapped behind her on her ass, my fingers digging into her butt cheeks.

I can feel that familiar stirring my sac. I’m getting close. I tell her that. She responds by bucking harder, squeezing my dick with her cunt. I can tell she’s getting close too. Her moans get louder and more frequent.

“Oh my…” “Holy shhhhit” She throws her head back. “Oh, fuck that feels so good! Make me come!”

I move my hand from her nipple to her clit. I rub it furiously. She wildly bucks her hips at mine. Simultaneously we climax. I shoot my hot load deep inside of her, she soaks my cock and my crotch with her juices. We collapse together on the table.

“Let’s lie down for a bit. That was exhausting,” she suggests. She puts her thong back on (she was always funny about that) and leads me into her bedroom where we close our eyes and rest.

I open my eyes and look at my watch. Three o’clock. Well my day is basically shot, but I guess I can get back and make a few of those calls. I get dressed and kiss her on the forehead trying not to wake her. I fail.

“Where are you going?” she inquires, with a puppy dog look on her face.

“I gotta get back.”

She coyly replies, “Oh you can’t stay for just a little while longer?” She cocks her eyebrow. I love when she does that.

I think to myself “Hello, Dipshit, she drove you here! You couldn’t leave if you wanted to.” I don’t want to. I move back towards the bed. I want to do this right. I haven’t seen her in years and I probably won’t see her again for a few more. I’m not about to make that five-minute jackhammer session the only thing she remembers. I’m going to make it so that the next time she sees me she gets wet just from the thought of today. I allow her to peel my shirt off exposing my chest. She grins looking at me. “You’ve been working out.” She’s right. I had been working out ever since I had a daughter hoping to ward off any would-be suitors by the time she was of dating age. The result was a well-sculpted chest and stomach with arms to match.

She runs a finger down my chest to my pants. As she starts to go lower I stop her. “Not yet.” It’s my turn to grin. She peers up at me with a look that’s a combination of confusion and anticipation. I lay her back on the bed after taking her thong off. I start by rubbing her feet. Gently. With my fingertips. Up the bottom of her foot, back down to her heel. I run my fingertips up her leg to her Escort Kıbrıs knee and back down. I kiss her toes, her feet. I do the same to her other leg. I work up, massaging her thigh from her knee to just before her love. My lips follow my fingers gently touching her skin. I let my tongue dart out and flick it across the skin of her thigh. My fingers tickle the inside of her thigh. I allow my knuckles to lightly brush across her pussy lips. She squirms.

“You’re teasing me.” She’s right.

I take my time kissing her slightly more forcibly on the inside of her thigh. I run my tongue up the crevice where her inner thigh meets her body. I get closer to her opening.

I stop.

My fingers and mouth go to the other leg, again, starting at the knee and working my way up. She is moaning and squirming in intense anticipation. This time I work quicker moving up her left thigh and within fractions of an inch from her now dripping cunt. I open mouth kiss her pussy as if it were her mouth running my tongue up the slit, barely penetrating, slipping between her lips.

“Ohh!” she moans.

I give her the one kiss and keep moving up, now just above her love and just below her belly button. My fingers continue their journey lightly tickling her sides and circling her breasts. I kiss her navel, circling it with my tongue. I can feel her anxious body underneath mine. She is wiggling with sheer pleasure, delight, anticipation, desire and overwhelming lust. She squeals.

“You’re fucking killing me here. Just fuck me already! Please!” She screams it, but doesn’t mean it. She is dying for release, but enjoying every minute of the torture. I brush her cunt with a finger just to add to the intensity and make her want my cock that much more.

My mouth moves up to her tits. I kiss, suck and nibble all around them, not allowing her the pleasure of my warm tongue on her sensitive nipples. She can now feel my rock hard dick pressing up against her cunt. I can feel the heat and moisture emanating from her opening on my member. Truth be told, I want to be inside of her as much as she wants me there. But I’m getting too much pleasure from the tease. I let my cock rub her clit a bit. She starts grinding against it, desperately yearning for release.

I give it to her.

I back up slightly off of her, and suddenly and without warning my mouth dives for her left nipple. At the same moment I pull my cock back and thrust it inside of her.

“Oh fuck!” she screams in both pain and pleasure. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, fuck me hard!” she commands. I slowly pull back out while nibbling on her other nipple. I grind against her as she moans for more.

“I’m not done yet,” I tell her with a grin and a cocked eyebrow. I pull out completely and am about to tell her to get on all fours when she immediately springs up and lunges towards my crotch.

She grabs my dick and says, “My turn to have some fun.” She takes my whole cock into her mouth hungrily devouring it. She massages my shaft up and down as her lips and tongue lick and tease every square inch of my throbbing manhood.

I stop her momentarily as I lay on my back. I position her legs to straddle my face as she leans back over to resume her meal. She lowers her hips as I raise my head. As the two meet I dart my tongue out to taste her dripping cunt juices.

I move my left hand onto her ass. Mmmm. That ass. My thumb presses against her asshole rubbing circles on her sensitive anus. I take two fingers from my other hand and squeeze them between my face and her body, slipping them insider her pussy. I rub around finding her g-spot, massaging it as my mouth engulfs her clit and my left thumb rubs against her anus.

On the other end she has one hand on my balls, rubbing them lightly allowing her fingers to brush against my ass, putting pressure on my own asshole. Her other hand is braced against the mattress, holding her up as she lustfully sucks on my iron hard cock.

I can feel her hips starting to buck as her orgasm nears. I hold back, enjoying every caress of her tongue and wanting to draw out and enjoy every single sensation. I increase the pressure on her clit with my tongue and rub her g-spot more feverishly. She starts letting out a slight moan that escalates in to full scale yells.

“Oh! I’m coming! Mmmm, fucking yes!”

Her orgasm explodes inside of her drenching my face. I try my best to capture all of her sweet juices with my lips. She collapses on top of me. I quickly slip out from under her. I put a pillow under her hips.

“Ready for more?” I ask with a grin.

“Fuck me hard. Let me feel you inside of me.”

I approach her from behind and put my head inside her cunt.

“Oh man, I’ve been dying for this.”

“Me too.”

Placing my hands on her back I thrust inside of her. My goodness, that ass. I spank her lightly sending pleasuring pains through her body.

“Come inside of me. Fuck me hard and come inside of me.”

I wrap my left arm around her and start rubbing her tired clit with my fingers. The aftershocks of her most recent orgasm are still running through her. I can tell she’s close again. So am I this time. I pound harder and harder banging the headboard against the wall. Boom. Boom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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