Boonsboro Manor

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“Greetings and welcome to historic Boonsboro Manor! Hold on to your hats, folks, because we are about take a trip back in time to 1831!”

The docent waves our group through the door and we follow behind her. We’re the only ones under the age of 50. I lean down to whisper to Dominic.

“Do you think she came with the house?”

He stifles a laugh as he navigates his chair over the uneven floorboards.

“I think when we leave, her spirit will return to its original form and she’ll wait in that urn until the next tour group.”

“What’s her original form?”

“A mist? I don’t know, man. Fuck this floor.”

The docent stops in the foyer.

“Unfortunately the first floor is closed today due to renovations, so we’ll be going straight upstairs to see the living quarters.”

Dominic groans.

“They couldn’t put that on the website?”

“Yeah, that’s some bullshit.” I check the time. “Let’s see if there’s a lift.”

We approach the docent as the rest of the group slowly filters up the grand ataşehir escort staircase.

“Hi,” Dominic says. “Is there an alternate way to get to the second floor?”

“Oh my goodness, sir, I’m so sorry!” She clutches her hand to her heart. “No, regretfully this is the only way up. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. And I am very sorry for your condition.”

“Yeah, thanks.

The docent goes upstairs with the rest of the group. Dominic and I roll our eyes.

“So.” I cross my arms. “We still have four hours to kill.”

“I’ve got an idea.” He nods at the velvet rope closing off the living room. “Let’s check out the restoration.”


We duck under the rope and hurry through the first room until we’re out of sight. We’re in the dining room. There’s a long rectangular table made from rough textured wood. I hop up on the end.

“Psst! Dominic!”

He looks up from the iron cookware he’s examining. I take off my underwear and fire it at his face like a slingshot. kadıköy escort bayan

“Come here.”

He smiles and rolls over. His chin is just above table level. I put my legs over his shoulders and he dives under my skirt. I touch his head through the fabric.

He spreads my thighs with his hands and fucks me with his tongue. He swirls it inside me and brushes his lips against my clit. He adds one finger, then two. He pleasures me with his hands and mouth at the same time. I strain to stifle my moans.

Footsteps in the main hall. I kick Dominic in his side.

“Stop! Stop! Someone’s coming!”

He pushes off and I jump down from the table.

“Marlena! Here!”

He parks inside a tall narrow closet in the corner of the room. I sit sideways in his lap. There’s barely room for me to stand, and we’re in total darkness. We hold our breath. I put my arms around his neck. He strokes my nipples through my bra.

Someone enters the room. They walk straight through and exit. We hold escort maltepe still for a while to make sure they’re really gone.

Dominic works his hand between my legs and rubs. I lean back on the armrest and he kisses my breasts. I massage his scalp and lick his ears. He pulls my dress over my head and it falls to the historic wood floor.

I sit with my back flat against his chest. My legs are on either side of his. He puts one hand on my pussy and the other on my tits. I reach behind his neck. I touch his ears, his neck, his shoulders. He plays with my clit while I grind my ass against him. He feels my breasts and pulls my head back by my hair.

I spin around clumsily so we’re face to face. I still can’t see anything. I spit on my hand and work his shaft vigorously until he’s hard. When he’s ready I carefully slide onto him. He tries to keep his voice down but I can hear him moan. We hold each other as he fucks me hard. He props my legs up on top of the armrests and pushes even deeper into me. We cum at the same time.

I curl up against his chest and he kisses the top of my head. I rest my hand on his stomach.

“Shit, Dominic!” I whisper. “My underwear is still out there!”

“Mmmm.” He sounds like he’s about to fall asleep. “I’d be more worried about finding your dress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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