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It was the Saturday before her birthday and her man was serving up drinks at the bar just across the way. Just the two of them, alone in the apartment, drinking gin, bullshitting, and listening to music. Birthday Girl got up and sang along with the music that was coming from the stereo. The other one just sat there, mesmerized, drink all but forgotten. It always happened this way when Birthday Girl started singing. Pulse got faster, heartbeat louder, mouth drier. There was a tension whenever the two got together, even if it was only one-sided. Birthday Girl started swaying in time with the beat and the other one got lost in a fantasy world. A world where she could dance with her and kiss the back of her neck, smell her hair, caress her. The things that lovers do.

“Remember when you said something about being a bootlicker?” asked Birthday Girl. The other couldn’t speak, the world had shifted, the tides had changed and she knew it. It was everything that she could do just to breathe in a normal fashion.

“I want to take you up on that, after all, it is my birthday.” The other still did not say a word. Intelligent speech had all but left her body as the whole universe came screaming down to just the two of them, this moment, this place, this girl.

“You have to play by my rules though. You get to lick my boot, but no touching. escort bayan My birthday, my rules.” she said with a throaty laugh as she turned and walked down the hall way. A moment later she returned, with THE boots and handcuffs. She sat down in a chair in front of the other and pulled her skirt up to her thighs. She reached for a boot, the right one, and slid her foot down into it. Never breaking eye contact with the other, and not saying a word, she laced up the calf high, black patent leather stiletto boot. As she grabbed the other boot she made a noise that could only be described as a sexy growl. The other took her first breath since she saw her with the boots in her hand.

While lacing up the second boot she tossed the handcuffs to the other. “You are going to wear these for me, right?” The other responded with a nod of her head. “Stand up, turn around, you know the drill.” The other silently prayed to every God that she had never believed in to give her the strength to accomplish a task that had been natural since she was a year old. After rising to her feet, and turning around, with her arms around her back, she died a little when Birthday Girl first touched her. A light, teasing caress on the palm of her hand. Her breath caught again. The handcuffs securely in place, Birthday Girl leaned into her , her breasts pushed into her back, izmit eve gelen escort and whispered with a hot heat into her ear. “Turn back around, look at me.”

The other turned, and, had there been anyone else to repeat what they had seen , they would have told of a look of undying love, pure adoration, and blinding lust. Birthday Girl had owned her heart and soul for weeks now, this was the beginning of the ending that had began months before. “Down on your knees, look at me.” commanded Birthday Girl as she sat back onto the chair. The other sank to her knees, resigned to a fate that was all she had ever wanted. She raised her head up towards Birthday Girl and looked into her deep, brown eyes and saw their souls, their future. Birthday Girl leaned back and rested the stiletto heel on the others left shoulder, like the queen in a knighting ceremony. “Well?” she asked. The other turned her head and tentatively ran her tongue on the side of the boot. The first taste was even better than a sip of wet, cool water after days in the dry, hot dessert. She wasn’t just licking a boot anymore, she was making love to the foot inside it with her mouth, making love to the woman inside it with her whole being. She took the toe of the boot into her mouth and sucked on it, still licking with her tongue. She licked up izmit otele gelen escort one side of the boot, all the way to the top, pausing for butterfly kisses on bare skin, before continuing her journey down the other side of the boot.

She leaned back and took the stiletto into her mouth as Birthday Girl started moving her foot, thrusting into her mouth with the spiked heel. She dared to look up at Birthday Girl, her master, her mistress, to see her head tossed back, eyes closed, face flushed and a hand hidden beneath her skirt. She retraced her way back up the side of the boot and started licking the naked flesh above the boot. She could feel Birthday Girl’s hand moving faster, could hear her breathing, knew exactly where she was heading. The heavy breathing stopped for seconds, a minute, eternity. She kept tracing circles above her calf, where the boot ended, with her tongue until she heard the sound that she had been waiting for. When the breathing began again she rested her head on her thigh. Time stood still, but eventually broke. The other looked up at Birthday Girl, stared into her eyes and finally spoke.

“I can smell you.” she said as she leaned back, almost as if she was daring her, almost expecting something.

In slow motion, she saw the hand come unknotted from the passion of a moment before, watched the fingers uncurl and the hand become flat. She saw the open palm come towards her, slicing through the small amount of space between it and her own cheek. A smile of contentment came across her face an instant before the hard smacking noise resonated throughout the apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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