Boy Loves His Momma

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Alina Lopez

Author’s note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


Growing up, I guess I was always a pretty average kid.

I never really knew my dad. He abandoned us soon after I was born. So, it has been me and my mom for most of my life.

She had me when she was still a teenager, and admittedly she wasn’t really the most responsible of people when I came along. I remember those first, few years were a bit of struggle. Sometimes there wasn’t a lot to eat. Sometimes the power got cut off. The sort of things a teenage would natural struggle with, when she has to grow up fast.

Eventually, my mom got it together. She got a good job, and we moved to the suburbs, leaving the bad times behind.

After that, we fell into the routine of normal and boring suburban life.

Now, my mom is a fairly attractive woman. Her skin is like milk chocolate, and she leans more to the milk side than the chocolate. Topping it all off, she has thick black hair, which was always the envy of the black ladies back in the old neighbor.

Me, I take after my dad, and my skin is black, like pure chocolate.

Once, I asked her why she didn’t have a boyfriend. I knew she was attractive. Even in her early 30s, she still looks pretty fly. And, after we moved to the ‘burbs, she started running every day, and toned herself into a lean athletic frame. it just seemed strange to me that some other guy hadn’t come along, and swept off her feet. Other kids at school had dad or stepdads, but I never did. She mumbled something about “not being able to find a good man.” But, I could see that the question had hurt her, so I never brought it up again.

To make her happy, I resolved to be that “good man” that she always wanted.

Still I never thought of her in “that” way. She was my mom, pure and simple. That is until one day when I came home and saw her naked.

Now, there was nothing sexual in that, at least not on her part.

She had simply forgotten to close her bedroom door all the way, and had left it open a slight crack.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I peeked through the crack.

Sometimes I wished I hadn’t, because what I saw that day ruined me, ruined me for all women.

But I saw it all, and can still remember everything in vivid detail.

She was checking herself out in a mirror.

Her backside toward me.

My eyes were immediately drawn to ass, an ass toned from years of running that formed into a perfect bubble.

Then my sight drifted upward, tracing the small of her back, and continuing up her spine, stopping short at the thick, black hair, draped over her shoulders—like a pair of wings.

My mouth felt dry, and I gulped. Outside of a few dirty mags, I had never seen a woman naked before, and now I was seeing the most beautiful woman alive in all her glory.

In the mirror, I watched as my mom cupped her breasts. Her breasts looked heavy, almost too big for her to handle alone. She sigh, and her boobs heaved slightly with the intake of breath.

She let them drop, and as they dropped, I held my breath.

Her fingers drew across her flat stomach, searching for any trances of flab or fat. There were none, at least none that I could see. She was perfect. The only flaw came when she looked in the mirror, and her full lips curled into a grimace.

She shifted her legs slightly, revealing a small patch of hair that pointed straight to the promise land.

She turned away from the mirror.

Afraid she might see me, I pulled back, and ran to my room.

She never saw me, but that image stayed with me- haunting me. Now, here I am, 18 years old with less than a month away from graduating from high school, and all I want to do is strip my mom down, and fuck her brains out.

Nothing helps. At school, I don’t find any of the girls even the least bit attractive. None of them measure up. Whenever a girl tries to flirt with me, I start thinking about my mom’s perfect body, and end up blowing the girl off.

The only thing I want is her.

I’ve thought up all kinds of crazy schemes to make it happen. Everything from “accidentally” walking in on my mom while she was in the shower, to putting on a mask, breaking in, and making her fuck me at knife point.

These thoughts scare me, though, and thankfully I’ve never acted on them.

She is my mom, and I love her. It’s just her body I want to fuck. Rufees are out. I don’t want to have sex with her, while she’s borderline unconscious. I want her to be fully away, really into it, and really into me.

I guess I want what I’ve always wanted, for her to see me as a man— a man worthy of her love.


It’s a typical Thursday night.

I jerk myself off a couple of times, just to have some relief from my sinful thoughts. When I’m done, I lay back in bed, and watch some TV.

An episode of the Flintstones is on. I watch, simply because I’m too lazy to change the channel.

But, as I watch, I become more and more engaged.

The episode is a strange one. Wilma’s unhappy with how Fred’s been Gaziantep Escort acting. So, when he falls asleep she whispers into his ear all the things she wants him to do. The next day, Fred gets up and does everything she asks.

My mind races. Would that work? Do I have the balls to even try?


I wait until nearly midnight. I’m shaking. God, I hope don’t lose my nerve. I wrote down and memorized everything I want to say.

I approach her room. My heart is ready to burst out of my chest. I’m in luck, her bedroom door is open. Inside the room, I hear her sleeping. Now is the time.

But I hesitate. What stops me? I’m crossing some pretty big boundaries here, especially if this actually works. I weight the pros and cons in my mind, and then call out.


Her only response is a light snore.

I take a deep bread, and step into the room.

I kneel down before her bed.

Again, I hesitate. Her back is turned toward me. From my position, I can’t see if her eyes are open or not.

“Mom,” I say again.

I listen. She is still snoozing.

I swallow, trying to clear the lump in my throat.

Then I do it. I lean in close, and whisper in her ear:

“Mom, whenever I say zall… you will become so horny that you will need to have sex with me immediately, because I’ll be the only one who can satisfy you.”

The word zall comes from some half remembered episode of a kid’s show. I figure the word is obscure enough, that it’s not likely to come up in casual conversation.

I take a deep breath. So far, so good. I add one more thing: “After we’re done, you will put on your clothes, forget all about having sex with me, and return to normal.”

I add that last part, because I don’t want to feel guilty about having sex with me. I may be damned for my actions, but she shouldn’t have to be.

Then I get up, and quietly walk out of the room.

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. But, as soon as my head hits the pillow I sleep the sleep of the innocent.

I wake up early the next morning. It’s a school day, so I get up and get ready (just in case my crazy plan doesn’t work). In the shower, I start thinking about what might happen today, and get the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had. For about a minute I debate whether I should “rub one out” or not. But, if my plan works, I won’t need to. So why waste it.

I get out of the shower, dry off, and quickly dress. My hard-on is so big that the tip of my cock peers out of my boxers.

I take a deep breath, trying to steady my nerves. If I were thinking with my head right now, I’d probably chicken out. But, the thing in my pants is in control now, so I rush downstairs, and into the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later, my mom enters the kitchen.

She is fresh from a run, and sweat drips off of her perfect body.

I gulp as I get an eyeful of those round breasts hidden behind a sports bra. God, she is the sexiest woman alive. My cocks throbs in my pants, begging for release. Jesus, why didn’t I take care of it in the shower.

“You’d better hurry up, baby,” my mom says. “You’re going to be late for school.”

Okay, I think, here it is, the moment of truth.

“Uh… mom…,” I begin, “I was wondering if you could help me with my homework?”

“Go ahead,” she says, “but make it quick.”

She takes a drink from her water bottle, as I ask:

“Can you tell me what zall means?”

The water bottle drops from her hand, and onto the floor. She gulps.

“What did you say?”

“What does zall mean?” I ask again.

I can hear my own breath, which is heavy and deep. Did it work?

She leans up against a counter, her own breath, now, coming out in deep, heavy gasps.

Then, without warning, she pulls both her sweatpants and panties down, and stands there half naked. It’s everything that I remember. Down to the patch of curly black hair that forms an arrow, pointing directly to her pussy.

I’m too shocked to do anything but stare.

The sweatpants fall around her ankles, hanging up on her sneakers.

One of her hands snakes down to her crotch. Soon, she’s lets out a long series of moans, as furiously she rubs her clit.

Her moans become louder and louder, as her movements become more rapid and frantic.

Suddenly, I see her tense. Her head snaps back. She lets out a long drawn out scream, as her body shakes.

When she stops shaking, her head drops, and I hear her panting.

She looks up at me. Still panting she says:

“I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me, right now. We can do it any way you want. But I need it right now.

I stand. The front of my pants a giant tent.

She looks at my crotch, and licks her lip.

As I approach, she pulls off her bra.

She cups her breasts, offering them up to me.

I accept the offer. I lean down, and bury my face between her cleavage. I lick her round curves, tasting the sweat on skin.

“Yes,” I hear her moan.

Her nipples are hard, and I greedily turn my attention on them.

It Gaziantep Escort Bayan isn’t long, before she pushes me back.

“Put it in,” I hear her gasp. Her eyes are wild, and she flashes her teeth. And I know she wants it, bad.

I stand up.

She follows, pressing her body close to mine.

“Please,” she begs. And I feel her fingers stroking my cock through my pants.

I spin her around by the wrist, as if we’re dancing, then bend her over the counter top. Her ass now sticks out in the air. I’m practically drooling at the sight. Her ass looks even more toned than I remember it.

Suddenly that ass begins to jiggle up and down, as she rubs up against my pants.

I know what I want, now— what I’ve always wanted.

I step back, and unzip my pants. Seconds later, my pants and boxers are around my ankles.

Finally free, my giant, black cock hangs stiff in the air.

I approach her again—feeling the heat from her pussy lips.

I go in.

She gasps, as I enter, and then lets out a whimper as I go in deep.

I hold back, letting my cock rest in her pussy for a few seconds, so that we can both get used to the sensation.

My teeth are clenched. God she is so tight.

Suddenly, I let out a moan, as she thrust herself back, impaling herself repeatedly on my cock.

Fine, if she wants it so bad then I’ll give it to her.

I grab her hips, and take charge.

She lets out a long: “Yessss!”

I fuck her, fast and hard—feeding my cock into her, and letting her pussy choke on it. Soon, I reduce her to nothing more than a series of screams.

We’re like a couple of animals: wild and uninhibited.

I’m close.

On instinct I pull her back, pushing my cock in as far as it will go. I feel her body tense.

“Oh god,” she screams, “you’re in my womb.”

I can’t hold back any longer. My cock twitches inside of her, and then I cum. So intense is the release that it feels like my skull is going split open.

I pull out, and sink to my knees.

I look up at my mom. Fresh sweat drips from her lean body.

She licks her lips. Then she joins me on the kitchen floor.

I sit up, and brace my back against a kitchen cabinet.

“Was that your first time, baby?” She asks.

I nod.

“Mmmm,” she says and smiles.

She draws her legs in close. Then she reaches down, and takes off her sneakers.

Her sweatpants and underwear soon follow.

I can’t believe what she does next.

She leans down, and lays her head in my lap.

I can feel my cock start to stiffen, as she grabs the shaft, and guides it to her mouth.

I forget to breathe for a second, as her warm lips close around my shaft.

My breath comes out in short gasps, now, as she sucks me in.

Soon she spits me out, but continues to heap attention on my cock by licking it up and down.

Jesus, I never knew how much of a slut my mom was.

She gulps down my cock again. Her lips form a tight 0 around the shaft.

Then she spits it out again, teasing it by licking the tip and shaft.

She repeats both these obscene acts again and again.

It isn’t long before I’m stiff.

Seeing my erection she smiles, and kisses the tip of my throbbing dick.

“There,” she says, “all better.”

Before I can answer, she straddles me. Then she reaches behind her, and guides me in.

She doesn’t waste time.

As soon as I’m in, she starts to bounce up and down on my cock.

I have a perfect view of her tits, now, and watch in fascination as they sway with each sinful motion.

I enjoy the ride, for as long as it lasts. But, from her moans I can tell she won’t last much longer.

Suddenly, she screams, and slams herself down hard on my cock. Her pussy trembles as she cums. The sensation causes me to lose it.

I thrust up, and exploded inside of her—filling her tight pussy to the brim with my cum.

“Fuck yes,” she screams.

Still on top of me, she tucks a few hairs behind her ear. Then she leans down, and lifts up my chin.

We kiss, and I can feel her tongue in my mouth. It’s a kiss between man and a woman. Not between mother and son.

Our lips part

She lifts herself off of me, and my cock pops out of her.

I see her reaching for her sweatpants, and think nothing of it.

I grab my pants and pull them up.

I sigh, as I see that round, toned ass disappears behind her sweatpants. Her breasts soon follow, vanishing behind her sports bra.

Now that she is dressed, there is a confused look on her face.

“Why are you still here?” She asks.

“What,” I answer, laughing.

“You’d better hurry up,” she says, “or you’re going to be late for school.”

I stare at her completely confused.

Then I remember the other command I had given her: she would forget about us having sex as soon as she put her clothes back on.

She was back to normal. She was no longer the slut, with a body built for fucking. No. She was just my plain old mom, again.

“Time’s wasting,” Escort Gaziantep she says, pointing to the watch on her wrist.

I nod, grab my school stuff, and head out the door.

+ + +

I can barely concentrate at school, and the day seems to drag on forever. The one saving grace is that it’s Friday, and I won’t have to put up this shit tomorrow.

I hoped that once my mom and I did the deed that I would have gotten it out of my system. But, as I sit in class after class I can’t stop thinking about fucking her.

A couple of friends want to hang out after school and go to a movie. I agree, hoping it will distract me.


“Hey baby,” my mom says. “You’re home late.”

“I went to the movies with the guys,” I answer.

What I didn’t tell her is that my friends had tried to set me up with a girl named Alex. She was a cute, but extremely tall. I’m pretty tall myself, but still she had at least a foot on me. Still we hit off, at least at first, and bond over the fact that despite being tall, neither one of us is very good at sports. There is a definite spark there, but as the date wore on that spark started to fade. My mind is elsewhere. This girl is cute, but she’s not my mom. By the end of the date, the girl stop trying, and I stopped caring.

“Did you have fun?” My mom asks.

I shrug.

“I guess,” I say.

I sit down on the couch next to her.

She is wearing a long sports jersey, the only thing she has left of my dad. Her legs are bare, and I wonder if she wearing anything underneath. She’s not wearing a bra, at least. And I can see the impression of her nipples through the fabric. I stare at the nipples, mesmerized. God, she is beautiful.

She’s watching some stupid show about female doctors, but I want her to pay attention to me.

“Hey mom,” I say.

“Wait, baby,” she answers. “I’m watching this.”

I don’t care, and I’m not going to wait. Instead, I’m going to make her beg.

“Mom,” I say, “I need some zall.”

Her eyes go wide, and her cheeks flush red.

She lifts the bottom of the jersey, revealing a thin strip of underwear. Her hand goes to the underwear band, but I bat it away. Then I reach over, and put my hand down her panties.

In response, she hunches down, pushes her hips forward, and spreads her legs wide.

I begin to rub her clit, but I don’t look at her.

She starts to moan, and I rub a little faster.

In response, she grabs the couch cushions underneath her, and begins to thrust her pussy forward.

I rub even faster, and she whimpers as her breath comes out in short little gasps.

I continue to rub her clit, to the point where her legs and hips buckle. I know she is going to cum soon, and that’s when I cut her off.

“Why did you stop?” She cries.

I ignore her.

She’s all over me, rubbing my shoulders, and kissing my neck. I shrug her off, and just stare straight ahead.

“Please,” she begs. “I need you.”

My cock is ready to rip out of my pants. She sees this, and starts to touch my crotch, hoping to rouse my interest.

I stand up, and pretend to walk away.

She jumps off the couch, and grabs at my leg.

“No!” She cries. “Don’t go! Please fuck me. Fuck me, right now!”

Hard as I am, I’m getting off on making her beg.

“You want to be fucked,” I scream.

She nods, eagerly. Her hands grab at my crotch. She unzips my pants, and fishes out my cock. She strokes the shaft.

I love the feeling, and let her continue for a few more strokes.

“Get your ass on that couch,” I scream.

She lets go, and sits back down on the couch.

I quickly undress, and go to her.

She looks up, pleading, as I approach.

I grab her jersey, and rip the front, exposing her breasts.

She tries to grab my cock, but I back away— out of her reach.

I push her down, so that she is lying on her side.

I get behind her, putting one knee on the couch and planting the opposite foot on the floor.

I pull her legs apart, lifting one leg high and let it rest on my shoulder.

Then I slam into her.

“Fuck yes,” she screams.

I fuck her just the way I like: hard and fast.

She screams herself raw, as I continue to slam into her sweet, tight pussy.

She starts to thrash her legs wildly, and I know she’s about to cum.

She lets out a long: “Yessss!”, as an orgasm rips through her body.

I can hear her panting.

I slam into a couple more times, God she is so wet, and then I pull out.

I grab my cock in one hand, and pump the shaft.

With my other hand, I grab my mom by her thick hair, and pull her head back.

I cum hard, spreading my seed all over her chest.

I let go over her hair.

Then I pull the ripped jersey over her head.

With the jersey, I wipe my cum off of her body. After I’m done, I throw the jersey in her face.

Still naked, I sit down on the couch and begin flicking through the channels trying to find something on TV.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see my mom reaching for her underwear. At first I don’t care, but then I remember what happened in the kitchen this morning after she got dressed.

Shit, I think, it’s going to be pretty hard to explain why I’m naked, or why her jersey is torn up and covered in cum.

I leap from the couch, and grab her by the wrists.

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