Boys Movie Night Pt. 02

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Morning came quickly.

Casey stirred, the early morning light peeked through the blinds in Matt’s living room. There were clothes still discarded on the floor, the coffee table, and underneath the two of them. They were still holding each other, Matt still sleeping and barely awake himself. The fuzzy sensation he felt holding onto Matt was surreal. This wasn’t what he had planned when going to hang out with his best friend, hell, it wasn’t something he had thought would happen… ever really.

Casey knew he was attracted to guys, but he never saw Matt that way. He was an attractive guy, but not someone he had fantasized about or ever considered in that way. He just didn’t. But now? They were cuddled up together naked on Matt’s couch. Were they… boyfriends now? The thought made him blush to himself and squeeze Matt a little tighter. But, wait, he was getting ahead of himself. Matt has always been a ‘dude’. A ‘bro’. He was into the girls and Casey knew that. He never expressed any interest in guys, not to Casey anyway. But neither did he the other way around, really.

He was thinking too hard about it. Though, he just didn’t want this to be a one time “we just were caught up in a weird moment” type thing. He wouldn’t mind– actually, he would adore if they were a couple. They already have so much in– Stop. His mind was racing frantically about ‘ifs’ ‘buts’ and ‘what ifs’. He snapped out of it when Matt stirred somewhat, inhaling through his nose like he had been holding his breath for some time now.

Casey felt Matt move as he tried to sit up slightly. He was moving so slightly, trying not to wake the sleeping boy on his chest. Swelled with anxiety on his thoughts, Casey pretended to still be sleeping. More corpse-like, as he didn’t react in the slightest to Matt gently moving him as he got up and began shuffling through the room. He lay there with his eyes closed for a while longer, Matt’s footsteps slowly walking around, then out of the room, then back again. Before the steps approached him. The thumps of Matt’s steps drew closer, he swore he could feel him standing over him.

Casey tensed up slightly when he felt something touch his back, only to feel a blanket cover his body. Matt’s steps inched away, leaving Casey back to his thoughts. After a short while, he no longer heard anything at all. When he felt he had pretended to sleep long enough he opened his eyes and sat up off the couch slowly. The scattered clothes were gone, and a neatly folded stack of clothes that were not his sat on the coffee table. He looked at them for a moment before he reached out and separated the shirt and boxers from the pants. He recognized the pants, these were his, now clean from the spilled coffee and smelling of Matt’s laundry soap. The shirt and undergarment were not his. He was going to wear them regardless, they were purposefully stacked after all.

He put on the red, soft boxers. Zipped up his jeans then unfolded the t-shirt left for him to wear. It was a black shirt, with bold letters that read: METALLICA. He smirked. Matt knows he doesn’t really listen to metal music. Just as he finished dressing, Matt could be heard walking down the hallway.

Casey froze. He was out of the lustful trance from the night before, he wasn’t even sure how to greet Matt. Should he hug him? Give him a kiss? Say “Thanks for cumming in my mouth last night,”? Before he could decide, Matt emerged from the hallway. He dressed in worn black jeans and a red checkered flannel with a black shirt peeking out underneath, both covered by his brown leather jacket. He was holding an extra pair of socks in one hand.

Casey just stood awkwardly a few steps from that couch. He tried to relax his shoulders and take a breath, smiling a bit looking at Matt, whose expression was hard to read. They both just stood now, looking at each other up and down.

“Here’s some socks, I put the rest of your clothes in the wash,” he said, holding out the folded ball of socks toward Casey.

“O-oh thanks,” his response falling out of his mouth a tad bit too quickly, before leading to a quiet that made him terribly uncomfortable. He clenched the socks and sat down and began putting them on. His eyes darted quickly back to Matt’s face, as if trying to catch a glimpse of what he should feel himself. Matt was slightly standing to the side now, turning away shifting his weight side to side. He then turned and met eyes with Casey, who just fitted the second sock on and was standing up from the couch again. He cleared his throat lightly,

“Hey man,” his tone softer than usual, his words almost coming out as a question. Casey was standing, his shoulders slouched slightly. Not a good start.

“I don’t know– if… you and I,” He was choosing the words carefully, yet it felt like he didn’t know what the message was.

“I’m sorry.” He said finally. Casey looked at him. He felt scared and a strange sense of hurt hearing Matt.

“I don’t know– what I was doing last night, I didn’t mean to make Bolu Escort you–” his voice quivered slightly as though he might start to cry. Casey stepped forward, his arms held open for a hug.

“I didn’t–” he was cut off by Casey’s embrace. Matt hugged him tightly.

“I made you suck my dick, Casey.” Matt finally said, not so his tone stating it matter a factly.

“I wanted to,” Casey said now, trying to reassure his friend. Matt released his embrace and leaned back in order to meet Casey’s eyes. Casey could see something stirring in his eyes. “It’s alright, you didn’t hurt me,” he assured Matt, trying to read what could be on his mind.

That seemed to ease him, as he stepped back and straightened himself out slightly, combing his fingers through his hair. Casey hadn’t really seen this side of Matt, he hadn’t seen Matt from last night before either. He seemed to gather himself, and relax with a deep breath.

“I was thinking we could go out to eat, and talk about this… thing going on,” he said “-unless you’re feeling like just going home.”

“Nah, I mean yeah, let’s go get something,” Casey chirped.

They decided to take separate cars, so that they could part ways after breakfast.

After a short car ride to the nearby chain-diner, Casey met back up with Matt at the front. They walked in and were seated in a window booth. The smells of coffee and breakfast foods reminded him that he hadn’t eaten since around lunch the day before. He opened the sticky menu and skimmed through to see what caught his eye first. Matt followed his lead and grabbed his own menu.

“So, what are you feeling?” Matt finally said, setting the menu on the table. Casey could tell he didn’t mean what he wanted to eat.

“I’m more interested in what you are feeling,” “You don’t seem to be yourself,” he said. Matt clasped his hands together, looking at him.

“I– Is this something you want? Us, being a thing?” Matt said, sounding unsure even himself.

It felt strange, feeling like the confident one today. Like they had swapped dynamics entirely.

“Yes, Matt.” Casey said, trying his best to sound sure of himself. “I would love for us to be a thing,” Matt’s composure seemed to relax, but his face was somewhat serious. He spoke in a low tone, almost worried someone might be listening.

“Okay, then it’s settled. We both want to see how this goes,” he looked around subtly “but I’d like for this to be on the down-low, for now.” He needed time to figure this new chapter out.

They spoke for a while after, trying to push past the new feelings for eachother. Trying to capture the same feeling of friends that they had before. But it felt different. After breakfast, and settling on a hug goodbye, they parted ways.

Casey felt his thoughts were eased. He was more concerned for Matt, who must have been wrestling with his own thoughts on everything. But he felt good with their conclusion. There was something between them, and exploring it more was on the table.

Upon returning home, Casey now found himself all alone. He stood just behind his front door, looking into the empty place. The quiet never really bothered him, he was content on his own. Or at least he thought he was. Now he felt that he was in love, and wanted to have Matt with him here, or be there with Matt.

Kicking off his shoes, Casey decided he needed to focus on something else. He went to his room, and sat at his desk. On a normal day he might watch a movie, or mess about on the computer, it was his weekend after all. But he just sat idly on his chair, not sure what to do now.

He pictured himself choking on Matt’s cock. Standing up suddenly, he rubbed the back of his neck feeling warm in the face.

“Okaaay,” he said aloud, trying to push the thought out. The thought reintroduced the feeling from the night before, having someone force themselves into your throat and pump their cum inside.

He paced out the room, feeling himself reliving the pleasure he felt from that moment. Being used like that. His heart rate increased and felt an edge to delve deeper and relive it in full, but he tried to push that desire down. His member swelled as he felt bombarded by his own brain.

“No, I’m not going to think about it!” He said aloud, trying to make it real. He didn’t want to feel obsessed with Matt, that couldn’t be a good start to this relationship.

Casey found himself cleaning up the house, thinking about his upcoming work week, and scrolling through media on his phone to distract himself, and assist in getting over the butterflies he felt.

Finally, he decided to go for a walk in the evening to expend the energy he had, and help clear his head. He stepped down the sidewalk, hands tucked into his hoodie. He heard barking dogs and the sounds of cars passing down the road as he walked. The sky grew dark and the orange streetlights warmed the streets. He felt a vibration in his pocket.

He reached for his phone, feeling the rush of excitement Bolu Escort Bayan at a message from:

His heart sank seeing it was another spam email, getting his hopes up. Feeling a tinge of embarrassment at his reaction to potentially hearing from Matt again, he put the phone away and decided to walk back home.

Reaching home, he undressed, separating Matt’s clothes he was loaned. He showered, and got ready for bed, deciding to turn in early. Checking his phone once more out of habit, he set it face down and covered his head with a pillow.

Sleep arrived as a thief.

There was darkness all around him, a soft glow illuminated the space around with a warm light.

He was hugging Matt, his arms wrapped loosely around his shoulders. They were sitting on a bed, the strange hue of light illuminated the bed, not the room however. The room was black, devoid of any other shapes. He was sitting nude on Matt’s legs, who was also exposed. They sat intertwined. His legs could wrap around Matt’s back. He looked down, his penis erect. Inches from his partner’s.

They kissed as he felt a hand wrap around his cock, stroking it. His eyes were closed as he was kissed again, his lover twisting his fingers around his penis up and down. It felt wet, almost oily as he was jerked off. His own hand found its way to his partner’s member, rubbing it upward, then sliding down the shaft to the balls gently stimulating them. Their breaths overlapped, gentle moans in the air. He kissed Matt’s neck as he leaned in, eyes closed. Focusing on the feeling of Matt’s hand milking him, trying to match the increasing pace.

His hand felt Matt’s other hand guiding their hands together. Then a hand held Matt’s cock to his own. He could feel how incredibly warm it was, pulsing with his own. He wrapped his now free hands over Matt’s shoulders as he felt Matt’s hips thrust rubbing against his penis. He thrust gently in sequence, their slick bodies intertwined. They humped in rhythm, feeling the grip hold them closer, causing him to moan out as he pushed his eager dick into the shrinking gap in Matt’s fingers. He kissed Matt as he felt himself edging closer to his limit he thrusted faster as he felt himself losing control, speeding up to the finish. The feeling of Matt’s shaft rubbing on his own, the grip on his cock, his senses going wild, it was all too much.

Everything faded, the feelings ceased to be, and he felt himself waking. Casey protested in his mind, but with no say in it, he found himself awake now. His back was moist with sweat, an uncomfortable sensation in his pants that found no release. He lay there hands over his face, trying to recall the dream but the details and sensations slipped away with ever passing moment.

He checked his phone. No messages of course. He sat up from the bed holding the powered off phone in his hands. Dwelling on it a moment, he opened it again.

“Hey Matt, are you busy today? Want to go do something later?” he texted. After hitting send he felt a wave of anxiety wash over him again.

“Shit,” he thought, “it’s too soon to be trying to meet up again. He’s going to think you’re a sex-crazed weirdo,”

He felt like a sex-crazed weirdo though, suddenly, that’s all that he thought about. He dreamed about it. He felt sick with himself.

His phone buzzed beside him. It was Matt:

“Sorry Casey, I can’t today,” Then a subsequent message: “Ex is moving her shit out, going to be busy all day.”

“Okay, talk later then?” Casey asked. Then sat mulling over the news.


“Of course! Talk later,” Matt replied. He smiled to himself, and felt ready to go about his own day.

That evening they had a long phone call, talking about their days and how busy they were going to be at their jobs, drama with family, and other small talk. Then, Matt spoke up, breaking away from the way they used to talk, about work and family.

“So, I was thinking,” he said

“How about you and I, dinner, next weekend?” adding on “It could be our first date night.” He was smiling through his words, aware how cheesy he might sound.

Casey never knew Matt for theatrics. He was always a sweet guy, but never one to make a big deal of things.

“Did breakfast not count yesterday?” Casey snickered.

“Nah, I like to take the cute girls out to dinner before anything is official,” “Or cute guys” He laughed.

“Can’t wait,” Casey said, brimming with the idea of officially going out on a date.

“-And afterward, maybe head back to my place so I could give that mouth another try,” he said, saying the second part quietly.

“Right after I finish bending you over, dude,” Casey retorted softly, wanting to hear his reaction.


Matt found his voice again after a moment in thought.

“I’ll call your bluff, and fuck your shit in,” classy response. Casey burst out laughing at the response, the kind of thing Matt would say to anyone starting something with Escort Bolu him.

“It’s a date then,”

“Sweet!” “-Um, love ya Casey,” Matt said.

The words hung in the air for a brief moment.

“Love you too” saying it, felt… nice. It didn’t feel forced or like a requirement for what they were now. But something that went unsaid for most of their time knowing each other. Finally, feeling comfortable to say it aloud.

Saying their goodbyes and agreeing to discuss finer details later, the phone beeped as the call ended. Casey sighed and felt the weight of the world slip away for a spell, swooning over it all.

He slept incredibly that night.

Work, something he usually dreaded going in for. Felt like it was exactly what he should be doing.

They exchanged texts during the week, as usual. But now the chats felt more tender, and the topic more dirty.

Casey felt the cold night air caressing his legs as he stood in his driveway. Leaned against the trunk of his car, he checked his phone at the time. Looking up into the dark streets as though he expected to see Matt’s car careening towards him at any moment.

He was wearing his blue hoodie, and a pair of running shorts. He tugged on his sock, hoping to pull them up enough to stop from shivering in the night air. Each time he heard a car heading down the street, he perked up, but only to slump a little lower as he realized it still wasn’t Matt’s.

He was starting to feel silly for standing out in the cold, when he could be inside and wait for Matt to make himself known. Just as he was starting to head down the short walk to the door, he was illuminated by oncoming headlights, they flashed once, twice, and again. He turned and saw a familiar vehicle pulling up, muffled music escaped into the night from the car.

Casey approached the car, unable to hide a smile forming on his lips. He walked around the front of the car, hearing the hum of the engine and the smell of the exhaust, feeling as though his senses were heightened as he grabbed the handle on the passenger side. Climbing inside he was greeted by Matt, who smelled subtly of cologne, and was wearing that leather jacket. Matt always seemed to wear it on outings no matter the occasion, it was kind of “his thing”. But Casey liked it, Matt didn’t care if he didn’t always pull it off, he wore it ’cause he wanted to.

As he climbed in, Matt offered his balled hand for a fist bump.

“Looking nice, ready to go?” Matt said, his demeanor cool, relaxed. Casey smiled warmly. Matt’s aura helped ease Casey’s own nerves, almost assuring him: this isn’t really a big deal, it’s not like we haven’t had dinner before. He shut the door, and Matt pulled away from the curb.

As they drove, the car fell oddly silent. Only the now barely audible music from the radio could be heard. As they slowed to a stop, Casey glanced over at Matt who was watching a red traffic light. Matt’s eyes met his own and they stared for a brief moment before averting their eyes. Matt fiddled with the radio, as Casey was now idly looking out the window.

The rest of the car ride was similarly quiet, which was okay by Casey. As it was an almost comfortable quiet, neither felt the need to entertain or force small talk, there would be time for that later.

Once they arrived and found a parking space, they got out and stepped into the night air. As they made their way into the restaurant, Casey watched as Matt spoke with the woman at the desk about a table for two. Soon after they were seated. The restaurant didn’t strike them as a high end place, it was a small hole in the wall place. There were decorative white Columns lining the walls, leaving room on a large part of one of the walls for a large mural. It was a depiction of a man in a robe surrounded by a few dozen onlookers as he stood on a chiseled staircase. His arm was lifted as though he was giving a speech. Likely, it was some Greek philosopher.

Gentle music played over some shitty speakers in the background, there were a fair amount of patrons, clearly a hole in the wall type place. The two were seated at a small table with a few menus already waiting. They spent a few minutes deciding what to order, and figured they could share.

After, they each took a moment, looking around the environment. Matt sat, staring at an old chandelier. One of the bulbs is flickering every now and again. Casey watches. Trying to read his mind. But Matt turns back to Casey, A goofy frown on his face, and his shoulders slumped slightly.

“I didn’t realize this place would be so run down,” he said. Casey could feel Matt was becoming anxious, looking around and feeling it wasn’t good enough.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Casey said “I’m having a good time no matter what, dude,”. His words feeling familiar, of when they were only friends, spending evenings hanging out and not having any pressure to prove themselves.

They were waiting on their food, and Matt was absorbing Casey’s words.

“Sorry, I guess I was getting out of hand,” Matt said, looking into Casey’s eyes. “I just want this to go well, because if this doesn’t work out, if we don’t work out…” he doesn’t finish, but Casey sits across from him, feeling the same.

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