Brandy Helps Out

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Part One

Hank watched, entranced, as the stripper worked her magic on the brass pole. Her gyrations were sublime, graceful, erotic in the extreme. She seemed to flow like oil up, down and around the stage. He loved looking at those magnificent tits, loved it when she stuck her ass in his face, he’d loved her for years. Nineteen of them to be exact. Hank was watching his own daughter!

Money was tight these days after all, and Hank’s daughter Brandy wanted to help out any way she could. Jobs were scarce as well, but the local gentleman’s club was always looking for fresh meat. Brandy was five foot six of taut, tanned teenager. A natural blonde to her eyelashes she had a 34D-26-36 figure and a sunny personality, everyone loved her.

She finished her set and bounced off stage. Hank watched the next dancer as he waited for her to join him. He had a prospect lined up for his daughter to meet. Oh, she supplemented the family income in all sorts of ways. Hank had bridled at the thought of pimping out his own daughter but she had practically begged him, telling him to think of how much she could make, for the family!

Seeing as how Hank and Brandy were the family her arguments rang a little hollow to her dad, he suspected she just liked men. After all the two of them had been fucking since she turned eighteen, he knew how cock-happy his daughter was.

She came out of the back in her street clothes, which you could easily mistake for one of her work costumes, they were so tight and skimpy. She smiled at her dad as she walked up, linked an arm with him as they left.

“Did you say you had someone new for me to meet, daddy?” Brandy asked once they were home. Hank had cracked a beer, Brandy was having brandy. She eyed him over the glass. She knew her dad wasn’t super happy about her fucking other men for money, but as she’d told him quite honestly she would be fucking other men no matter what. Brandy loved her daddy but he was just one man.

Brandy needed sex like fish need water. She’d been a late bloomer, Hank sometimes wondered if she was making up for lost time when it came to dicks. He suspected she’d not been a virgin the first time they’d had sex on her eighteenth birthday but he’d never asked.

“Yeah, someone referred by another customer, name’s Jake. Cheerleader fantasy stuff, I met him, he seems clean.” Hank was very protective of his only daughter, new clients were screened carefully. Brandy walked over to her dad on the sofa and sat next to him.

“Well, let’s forget about all that for now.” Brandy had that look in her eye. “Right now I want to make my daddy happy.” She took his beer and set it on the end table, then sat in his lap facing him and started making out with her father. She loved kissing, petting, any and every part of sex.

Hank kissed his daughter passionately and moaned as she wiggled her perfect ass against his crotch. He helped her out of her tight tube top and began caressing her funbags, Brandy moaned back in delight. She had distinct tan lines from an obviously tiny bikini top, the contrast of pink and deep caramel drove her dad crazy with lust.

“Mmm, daddy I want your cock,” Brandy whispered seductively in Hank’s ear. He was already painfully hard, Brandy rose from his lap to kneel at his feet. She unzipped his slacks and his seven inches sprang free. Brandy squealed with delight before grabbing the base and licking the shaft. She loved her daddy’s cock the best.

Hank threw his head back and closed his eyes as his young daughter worshiped his cock. She cupped his balls with one hand while gripping his shaft with the other. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked the sensitive tip, then she swirled her tongue over the entire length before popping it back in her mouth. Brandy loved everything about dicks; the smell, the taste, how they looked and most of all how they made her feel.

And not just when one was inside her, Brandy loved the naughty feelings and ideas she got whenever she saw a hard cock. And her daddy’s most of all! He didn’t have the biggest dick but it was the one that helped create her, it would always be her favorite.

Hank loved having his sexy daughter suck his dick but now he was feeling like a fuck. He wanted in her cunt before this new guy, he was jealous and he knew it. But how could he not be? Just look at his daughter. Hotter than any porn star, more beautiful than a model and best of all she loved to fuck.

“Brandy baby, daddy wants that pussy now, there’s a good girl.” Hank quickly stripped off his pants as Brandy got naked herself. She posed in front of him, legs spread wide, one knee cocked, shoulders back to highlight those magnificent tits; she was a walking wet dream.

“Yes daddy,” his daughter said with a wicked smile. She grabbed the arm of the couch and bent over, waggling her perfect heart-shaped ass at her father. She looked at him over her shoulder as if to say what are you waiting for? Hank did not need any further güvenilir bahis invitation.

He stood behind his beautiful naked daughter and just took her in for a moment. Golden blonde hair like a halo, soft tanned skin, her heavy tits dangling and best of all her wet pussy. He smelled her arousal, she was already dripping. Both of them were savoring the anticipation.

Hank grabbed the base of his cock and aimed it at his daughter’s slit. He touched it lightly with his dick and they both gasped at the sensation. He slowly pushed forward, the pleasure was exquisite as her tight heat swallowed him deeper and deeper. This was their favorite way of fucking, it felt so good for them both this way.

Brandy was in heaven as she felt her daddy’s cock enter her inch by inch. The flare of his cock-head hit her G-spot just right as he crept inside her. He was throbbing, she could feel him so snugly, she answered by squeezing his cock with her cunny, they were both getting hotter by the second.

Finally all seven inches were in Brandy’s tight box, Hank’s pubic hairs tickling her cunt lips. He grabbed his daughter’s hips and held on for dear life as she fucked him.

Brandy started by shifting her hips from side to side, getting her daddy’s cock right where she wanted it, with his sensitive tip right on her cervix. Then she started rolling her hips, from one side to the other. She would push her ass back against her daddy and move her hips in tight little circles, then slide him almost all the way out before slamming herself back at him and fucking herself hard and fast before changing her attack yet again!

“Oh daddy, your cock is amazing, I love fucking you so much!” Brandy cried as she fucked herself silly on her father’s rigid meat. She was quite the verbal slut when aroused, dirty talk spilled from those perfect pink lips as she got her fuck on.

“Mmm, daddy, do you like fucking your slutty daughter? Knowing I’m going out in a while to fuck a perfect stranger for money? Does that turn you on, daddy?” It certainly turned his daughter on! She was done with the fancy moves now, now she wanted straight fast hard fucking.

That’s what her daddy was giving her, holding her hips and drilling her tight box for all he was worth. “Oh baby, daddy loves fucking his dirty little girl, you’re daddy’s slut aren’t you?” he gasped as he pounded her cunt. “Fucking daddy’s friends, fucking strangers, you just can’t get enough cock can you, you fucking slut daughter! God, yes!”

“Oh daddy, your slut, all yours, use me, fuck me, fuck my cunt with your big hard cock, yes, fuck your slutty daughter! Oh daddy! Gonna cum daddy, cumming on your big daddy cock!” Brandy was gasping and shoving her ass at her daddy’s dick for all she was worth as her cunny began spasming around her father’s tool.

Hank kept fucking his daughter through her orgasm, gritting his teeth to keep from cumming with her. He wasn’t going to let her off with a quickie tonight, oh no. He was gonna try his best to wear her out before her john got to her.

Brandy looked especially hot when she came, everyone said so. Her face just glowed with an erotic light. Her body though, it let you know she was cumming. Her legs started shaking, her pussy clamped on your dick with an iron grip and her cunt flooded you with her hot juices. Hank was getting the full treatment now and he loved it. He didn’t care if or how other men made his daughter cum as long as he knew he could make her cum like this.

“Oh daddy! What are you doing! Oh god, it’s so good, yes, keep fucking me!” Brandy took one hand off the couch to grab a breast and squeeze, pinching and rolling the nipple almost painfully hard. Hank reached down between his fucktoy of a daughter’s legs and rubbed her clit.

“Oh daddeeeeee!” Brandy squealed, “I’m cumming again, don’t stop, yes, keep fucking me daddy, fuck your slut of a daughter oh yes! Cumming again! YES!” Her other arm suddenly folded and her head dropped to the couch arm. Her knees were getting weak but her daddy had her by her waist, he held her up and kept throwing his cock at her trembling cunny.

“Gonna use you up tonight, darlin’,” Hank said to his little girl as she bounced on the end of his dick. “You won’t have nothing left for anyone else once your daddy’s through with you.” He knew it was impossible, Brandy loved cock too much, but he was damn well gonna try!

Brandy loved the sound of that! She had had some fun that her daddy knew nothing about; an orgy here, a gang bang there, and she knew she’d never get tired of fucking. For her daddy, her favorite cock of all to try and wear her out, well it sounded like heaven to her!

“Oh yes daddy, whatever my big, strong, handsome daddy says!” Brandy punctuated her words by squeezing her father’s cock with her cunt muscles as she spoke. He was still hard and throbbing, Brandy couldn’t wait for daddy’s next command.

“Get up on the couch and hold up those titties for me to fuck.” Hank loved his daughter’s boobs, not just the tan lines. They were still firm and güvenilir bahis siteleri bouncy and his rod fit perfectly in her cleavage. Their softness was heaven on his dick, and this way his foul mouthed daughter could egg him on with her naughty talk.

“Mmm, so daddy’s gonna fuck these titties tonight, huh? Yeah, look at that cock of yours daddy, still all wet from my pussy, now your going to fuck my tits? Oh what a nasty perv of a father you are! Yes, I love it when you fuck my titties daddy, oh your dick is so hot!” Brandy kept up a stream of aural encouragement as Hank slid his pole between her luscious melons.

Brandy’s nipples were tiny and pink with small areolas, she squeezed her ample tit-flesh around her dad’s knob and opened her mouth to lick his cock-head as he fucked her jugs. Every time he thrust upwards Brandy’s tongue would give his head a lick to the sensitive underside of his prick. Soon Hank was moaning in bliss.

“God daddy, this is so hot, love it when you fuck my tits, it makes me so wet, god I’m a horny slut, oh daddy I love your cock!” Brandy was grinding her thighs together, pinching her perfect nipples as her father watched her slutty behavior. She wanted to cum again already, her cunt felt so empty when there was a hard cock nearby and she wasn’t sitting on it!

Hank was being driven insane by his wanton daughter’s sexy behavior. She’d just cum and yet somehow she looked starved for more sex! By the look of things she was about to cum for the second time. Hank’s cock gave a mighty throb between his daughter’s soft breasts, he was getting damn close himself!

“Oh daddy, fuck me, please daddy, I know you like fucking my tits but my cunny is sooo hungry daddy! I need my daddy’s cock, oh daddy, I’m going to cum again! Oh I’m such a dirty girl! Yes! Daddy!” Brandy had never cum from titty fucking before but in about two seconds she was going to!

“Yes, you are a dirty slutty girl! Cum for your daddy you slut! Cum for me now and then I’ll fuck that hungry cunt of yours!” Hank wanted to drive Brandy over the edge, then slam into her hot pussy as she was cumming.

“Daddy! Cumming for you daddy! Yes, oh god, such a filthy slutty girl I am for my daddy, yes, yes, cumming so… hard… ngh… oh here it is OH DADDY!” Brandy was vibrating, her legs scissoring together as Hank whipped his cock from between her tits and pried her twitching thighs apart.

Brandy’s hands flew to her thighs and held them open for her daddy as she bucked and thrashed through the start of her cum. Hank wasted no time, he wanted that hot cunt wrapped around his pole, his daughter’s dirty talk and responsive pussy were tipping him over the edge.

He shoved once and he was in to the hilt, she was that wet, that hungry for his dick. He thrust into her once, twice, three times and he was cumming himself, shooting wad after wad of his hot spunk deep into his daughter’s womb. Brandy’s twitching box was milking him dry, taking his load until she overflowed, her father’s seed running down and tickling her puckered asshole.

“Oh god daddy! Yes! Oh I love you, I love your cum, yes, give it all to me, oh god daddy, fill me up, pump it all in me, give it to me deep, oh yes!” Brandy held her daddy’s shoulders as he thrust above her, her eyes rolled back in ecstasy.

Hank loved his daughter so much. She had never seemed so beautiful to him as these times, glowing under him, taking all he gave and giving her all to him. How could he not let her share this gift she had with the world?

And the money was nice, no lie.

Brandy loved her daddy so much, especially at times like this. Hovering above her as she lay in the afterglow of their wonderful lovemaking. He was her protector, provider, he gave her so much, the least she could do was give back, with her body and her earnings.

And all the side cock was nice, no lie.

Part Two

Brandy came into the living room dressed for her “date”. She was wearing a cheerleader’s outfit in black and pink complete with pom-poms. Her long blonde hair was in ponytails, she was wearing tennis shoes and she looked incredible. She’d just fucked the shit out of her daddy an hour ago and now she looked fresh as a daisy.

Her father Hank gave her a kiss goodbye as she went out the door. She’d pretty much worn him out, men were so much easier to deal with after a few hard cums. She knew he’d stay up and wait for her return, that was one of the reasons she loved him so much.

She drove to the condo she rented with a few other girlfriends who liked making extra cash. It was hers for the night, and her john would be here soon. Brandy stripped and ran through a few yoga poses to warm up her body again. She did kegels as she stretched and got dressed. Soon there was a knock on the door. Right on time.

Brandy peeked through the security lens; the man matched the picture her daddy had shown her on his phone. She smiled and opened the door. “Hi,” she said, her voice low and husky, “you must be Jake. So nice to meet you Jake.” She held out iddaa siteleri a hand, as he took it she led him inside and closed and locked the door.

Brandy liked what she saw. Jake was a touch over six feet, wavy brown hair and warm brown eyes with a good body. He smelled clean and fresh, Brandy didn’t detect any odors of booze or signs of drug use. He had a nice smile, his eyes lit up when he saw how lucky he had gotten.

“Well I can see my friend wasn’t exaggerating, you are incredible!” Jake had a warm voice, he extended a hand for a greeting but Brandy pulled him in for a hug instead, squishing her D-cups against his broad chest.

“Now,” she said, stepping back, “why don’t you leave a nice thick envelope on the dresser and we can get started.” Brandy shook her pom-poms over her head and pranced into the bedroom, leading the way for the happily surprised Jake.

Jake was nervous, he’d been with hookers before but none this beautiful. She said she was nineteen but to him, in that cheerleader get up she looked seventeen at the most! He was getting hard already just following her swinging ass in that miniskirt.

The bedroom was decorated tastefully, Jake saw a sports pennant on one wall that fit in with her cheerleader outfit. Brandy took him by the hand and sat him down at the edge of the bed. He noticed a large mirror on the wall directly opposite the bed, nice.

Brandy faced Jake, hands on hips and performed the routine she had practiced so much in high school when she really was a cheerleader. As she jumped and spun Jake couldn’t help but notice she seemed to have forgotten to wear any panties! She was flashing him over and over as she bounced before him, including a cartwheel that exposed her whole pussy and ass as she tumbled expertly, finishing with a full splits.

“Tada!” Brandy smile brilliantly, chest rising and falling impressively, shaking her pom-poms a final time. “There! I see you like it, aw, thanks!” She was looking at the tent in Jake’s trousers. In her opinion there was no better compliment from a guy than his honest hard-on.

Brandy stood, then helped Jake to his feet. She took the initiative, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly, then massaging his cock through his underwear. She stood very close, Jake could smell her. A little sweat, some fresh hint of perfume but mostly the musk of a woman in heat.

Jake quickly removed the rest of his clothes as Brandy sunk to her knees before him. She looked up at him with those huge blue eyes, gave him another brilliant smile. “You were great in the big game today,” she whispered. “I wanted to thank you personally.” She took him into her mouth and started sucking.

Jake had had good oral before but Brandy was in a class of her own. She genuinely loved cock and showed it by her ministrations. Her tongue ran rills up and down his shaft, she knew just when to back off, just when to increase her attentions. She freed him briefly to say, “Go ahead, I want to swallow your cum!” before sucking him in again, keeping those baby blues on him the entire time.

Jake shot his load like a cannon down Brandy’s gulping throat. Her mouth massaged his spewing shaft, she swallowed as she jacked his shaft, squeezing him hard, moaning around his dick. Jet after jet chased down her gullet as she milked him dry and licked her lips hungrily.

“Good boy” Brandy cooed, kissing his softening cock. She stood once again and pushed Jake back onto the mattress, telling him to scoot up and watch. Jake settled himself with a few pillows, curious as to what this wonderful woman had in mind.

“Now, Jake, I want you to spread those legs apart for me. I want to see your cock. I’m going to strip for you in just a second. We’re going to get a rise out of you again, mister, don’t you worry.” Brandy winked at Jake and left the room briefly.

As Jake relaxed against the pillows soft music began to fill the air, something slow and sensual but with a driving beat. The lights dimmed and Brandy entered the room. Jake knew she hadn’t been gone that long, so how did she do this?

Gone was the cheerleader, in her place was a sensual creature dressed in lace, moving like a panther to the music. Brandy twirled and stretched as bits of lace fell unnoticed by Jake’s rapt gaze. He was hypnotized by her erotic movements, he felt himself growing hard again already. Soon he was throbbing, leaking precum, watching Brandy dance.

She danced to communicate. Her message was how much she loved being a sensual woman, how much she wanted the man before her, and it was coming through loud and clear. She saw how Jake was responding, it fired her to more erotic expression, and now finally she was crawling up the bed on all fours to be met by Jake, hard and pulsing for her. He lay back and let this erotic angel mount him.

Jake groaned in excitement as Brandy sank her tight cunt down his length until she was balls deep. He cupped her heavy tits as she started rising and falling on his dick, slowly at first then faster and faster. He’d never had a woman this tight, this hot, her cunny was rippling all along his shaft, it was exquisite. Jake rolled her pink little nipples and Brandy moaned back at him, she grabbed one of his nipples and twisted and Jake was surprised at the jolt it gave his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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