Break Time

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Based on an actual thing a real life man said to me for real, in real life, on the clock. Everyone involved is eighteen and up, stay slutty and take it sleazy everyone ;p


“When I’m bored I like to suck on things. Like my pen.”

Jesus Christ. Hayden tried to ignore the stirring between his legs and continued with his work. He just needed to actually focus for once. No more fantasizing about his latest eye candy, and absolutely no more thoughts about how sexy the scent of the moisturizer floating off Connor’s skin is. He likes to suck on things. Fuck.

Hayden stood up suddenly. Coffee. He needed coffee. Around the corner Connor had been making small talk with a woman in the break room, and as Hayden passed by he tried to ignore how dizzy he felt in Connor’s presence. It was obnoxious, honestly. He had a long to-do list which unfortunately did not include Connor, and it would be so much easier to get his work done if he wasn’t constantly thinking about bending him over the counter.

He poured himself a cup, looking disdainfully at the non-dairy powdered creamer. He settled for just sugar, stirring it and taking a sip. This is what he needed; he could almost feel the world coming into focus again. It was time for pointless checklists and spreadsheets and definitely not–


He jumped a little bit, the coffee splashing almost past the rim of his mug as he tried to reply in an even tone. “What’s up?”

Connor was leaning against the side of the door, looking unfairly attractive. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing just a sliver of chest. His hair was perfect, like always. It made him sick. “You going to happy hour tonight?”

“I don’t know, maybe. I don’t usually go for those kinds of things.” Hayden realized with disdain how sweaty his palms were, gripping his mug a little tighter until his knuckles turned white. His heart was pounding uncomfortably fast in his chest, making him feel a bit queasy. Shit, he had it real bad for this guy.

“Well, you should think about it. I’ll miss you if you don’t,” Connor told him, flashing Hayden a ridiculously perfect smile. Hayden smiled back in turn.

“I’ll think about it.” God, Connor smelled so fucking good. Was that weird? He felt weird for thinking it. But the scent floating off Connor was simply irresistible, and Hayden was dying to get closer to him to get a better Çanakkale Escort whiff. He took a step closer without realizing, but he definitely noticed Connor reciprocating. They were uncomfortably close… or they would be, if Hayden minded. He decided he did not.

This man is hot as hell, was the only phrase that came to Hayden’s mind as he took in the way Connor’s athletic frame filled out his button-down shirt, the day-old stubble running along his jaw, and his red lips parted ever so slightly, and he wondered how they’d feel when he kissed him.


Hayden flushed as his eyes flitted back up to meet Connor’s gaze. It scared him when Connor looked at him like that. No one else seemed to look at Hayden so intensely. It made him feel… uncomfortable, almost. No, that wasn’t quite right.


“So I’ll see you there, right?” Connor asked.

Hayden snapped back to reality, kind of. The room still felt like it was spinning around just him and Connor. He could feel the warmth in his flushed cheeks without touching them. He really needed to get out of there, and soon. “Huh?”

“Happy hour. You’re coming, right?”

It happened so fast. Connor reached for his shoulder and trailed his fingers down Hayden’s arm. Sparks flew across Hayden’s skin wherever Connor brushed against it. Hayden barely noticed the mug slipping from his fingers, his body moving on its own as he shoved him against the wall. Connor grunted as his back hit the wall, looking up at Hayden more in surprise than pain. Hayden stared at him with a ravenous hunger that was barely contained, licking his lips as he leaned into Connor. He couldn’t think straight anymore, as if the term applied from the start.

“You’ve been playing with me.” Hayden heard a harshness in his voice that he didn’t recognize, a slight edge behind the calmness in his voice.

Connor returned his gaze steadily, despite his face being only inches from Hayden’s. “Yes,” he said plainly, as if proud of himself.

“Now, I think it’s my turn to play with you.” His eyes darted down again to Connor’s lips, and Connor saw how much restraint Hayden was using to hold himself back. Every muscle in Hayden’s body was tense. Waiting.

“Then play,” Connor replied with a smirk.

That was all the encouragement Hayden needed to close the distance between the two of them. He grabbed the scruff Çanakkale Escort Bayan of Connor’s collar and pulled him into a long-awaited kiss, hot and needy.

And of course he’s a great kisser too.

Hayden may have swooned. Just a little. He let his hands wander up and down Connor’s well-toned back at their leisure. He wasn’t sure that this wasn’t a dream, but even if it was, what the hell, right? He nipped at Connor’s jawline and neck, the hint of collarbone he could see under his shirt, before returning his attention to Connor’s lips. Hayden melted into him, panting between desperate kisses. Connor nibbled on Hayden’s lower lip and slipped a hand under Hayden’s shirt, fingers teasing skin just beneath the hem of his binder. Hayden could hear his heart pounding, and wondered if Connor could too. Connor’s fingertips grazed Hayden’s waistband, his sultry gaze a clear statement of intention.


“There’s no lock,” Hayden warned. Connor shrugged.

Well… okay. Fuck it. He was gonna quit this job anyway. Hayden pulled Connor into another kiss against the door, his stubble tickling him more than scratching him. Just as soon as they broke apart Connor reeled him back in, with Hayden’s hand sliding to Connor’s crotch to massage him through his jeans.

Connor slipped his hand down Hayden’s boxer briefs, his face not showing surprise at the lack of a certain appendage, albeit perhaps some confusion. Hayden seized to moment to take charge, instead shimmying his pants off with his boxer briefs and packer and knocking Connor onto his knees. Hayden was only inches from his face, his swollen flesh wet and glistening. Connor hesitated, not exactly sure what he should be doing. Hayden grabbed his chin and forced Connor to meet his gaze, telling him simply, “Suck it.”

Hayden held his position, letting Connor make the next move. Connor swallowed and licked his lips. He leaned in and gave the very tip of it a tentative lick, leading Hayden to draw in his breath sharply. Connor looked back at him quizzically. “That’s it. Keep going.”

Encouraged, Connor tried licking it slowly, tracing from base to tip with his tongue. Hayden melted at the sensation of Connor’s hot breath between his thighs, then the rush of cold air as Connor began to pull away. Hayden’s hand reached out suddenly and caught Connor by the hair. “I said don’t fucking stop.”

Hayden Escort Çanakkale pressed himself into Connor’s mouth without further warning, moaning at the warmth surrounding him. His grip wavered, but Connor barely noticed. He was too intrigued by the noises and faces Hayden made whenever he sucked. The scent of Hayden’s arousal was throwing Connor into a trance, and the taste was even better. Bolder, Connor flicked his tongue up and down its length as he sucked. Hayden made a guttural noise and arched his back, trying to get closer to Connor’s mouth. Connor traced a figure eight, sucking hard around Hayden and releasing him with a loud pop just as his legs started to wobble, waiting for the other man to catch his breath.

Hayden panted as he looked down at the absolute Adonis kneeling patiently at his feet, marveling that he had talked such a gorgeous human into bed with him. Or against the door. Whatever. Besides, if Connor kept this up, bed would definitely be coming later.

Connor gently traced Hayden’s dick with his tongue, moving from base to tip cautiously. Hayden hissed, arching his back and tugging Connor even closer to him by his hair. He could feel it building in the pit of his stomach, the desperation increasing with every thrust. He ground himself against Connor’s face so hard that he half-wondered if he was going break his nose, but he was so fucking close, dammit.

Hayden’s thighs quivered as he fucked Connor’s face. He needed to cum so goddamn bad, it was all he could think about. Just how delicious the warmth of Connor’s mouth was, how fucking good Connor looked staring up at him like that between his legs and lips wrapped around him, how desperately he needed this. Hayden groaned. He was right there.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me cum,” Hayden panted, tangling his fingers deeper into Connor’s hair. He suddenly ground himself even harder against Connor’s face, jerking his hips erratically. Suddenly his whole body tensed, his thighs shaking, before he collapsed back against the door, breathing hard. He looked back at Connor appreciatively after a moment, muttering “Holy shit,” under his breath as he let his head hit the door again.

Connor stood up calmly and wiped his mouth, somehow with no sign anything had happened besides the hint of a smirk. “Break time over,” he told Hayden with a wink. “Now, if you don’t mind…” Connor gestured vaguely to the door behind Hayden.

Hayden hurriedly pulled his pants back up and scrambled to the side to smooth out his clothing as Connor pulled the door open. Connor cast a look over his shoulder at Hayden before he left.

“That was fun. But next time, let’s have coffee at your place instead.”

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