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I was visiting relatives for the holidays and to make things easy I stayed at a hotel. I had plenty of hotel points so I stayed for free. While I may have missed a few events at my parent’s house as I did relax in comfort.

At breakfast, instead of cold cereal with a bunch of squealing kids I had a quiet breakfast with a very attractive waitress. How could I hope for more? Being an early riser I found it was just me when I went down for breakfast. Since I was the only diner the service was excellent and I had time to chat with the waitress.

The first morning I ate there the waitress was very polite and attentive. The food was ready quickly and when she noticed I had pretty much finished she sat down at an adjacent table and asked if I was visiting for the holidays.

“Yes, I’m visiting family but avoiding all the stress.”

“Excellent decision,” she replied. I immediately noticed how her curly, dark hair settled down over her shoulders. Her eyes were an alluring almanbahis adres brown, very dark and exotic looking.

“Yeah, I mean I love the family, but all that noise and commotion. I can take it at lunch and dinner but give me peace and quiet for at least one meal.”

“Well, you certainly have that. I bet we don’t have more than twenty other guests here and they all seem to want to sleep in. Makes for an easy morning for me.”

“Well, I better go.”

“Oh yes… here’s the check. If you like just put down your room number and I’ll take care of it.” She handed me the bill and headed back toward the kitchen.

I gave her a twenty dollar tip for a ten dollar breakfast and headed back up to my room. Once in the room I brushed my teeth, grabbed a few things and headed out. Walking through the lobby I noticed the waitress wave as I passed.

The next morning the service was excellent once again and the waitress spent even more time just almanbahis adresi talking. I found out she was due to graduate in the spring and was planning to work on her masters. When it came time to pay I once again left a twenty dollar tip writing Merry Christmas beneath my signature.

On the last day of my visit the waitress met me at the entrance thanking me profusely for my generosity. As I sat down she grabbed the napkin, shook it open with a flourish and then neatly placed it on my lap. It was something I had seen done only in the finest restaurants, except as the waitress placed the napkin she didn’t remove her hand. “I can’t thank you enough for the generous tips,” she said moving her hand until she reached my cock. I felt her fingers work their way up and down as it grew to its full length.

“Ah… you’re welcome, but you don’t have…”

“I want to,” she whispered kneeling down.

She pushed my legs open and moved up between them unfastening almanbahis adresi my belt. Un-buttoning and unzipping my pants, she slipped her hands into my pants, taking hold of me. Easing my cock out she looked up, smiled and then moved her head back down to my lap, closing her mouth over my cock.

Immediately she began sucking hard as she stroked me with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of her mouth and tongue, not to mention her hands. It had been some time since I had sex so it wasn’t long before I arched my back, pushed my cock deep into her mouth and came, spurting my cum again and again.

When she had sucked the last droplets of cum from my cock she lifted her head, grabbed my napkin, and wiped some cum from her chin. She then took my order and headed back to work. By the time my breakfast was ready another diner had come in. Placing the check on the edge of my table she wished me a Merry Christmas and headed over to take the other diner’s order. I left a fifty dollar tip and headed back to my room to pack.

As I headed to the desk to check out I saw her one last time. She waved and then blew me a kiss. I waved back, finished checking out and then headed to my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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