Breast Friend Ch. 07

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-SESSION 12- Marie, Jennie, Bridget and Faith

Peter combined another two pairs of his girls for the next activity. He fondly remembered how great it was to watch Marie and Jennie exercise in front of him, so he opted to summon them, as well as Bridget and Faith, for a workout session. Of course, he would not be doing any working out himself; his role was primary that of an eager observer.

His text had been a simple one:

“Marie, Jennie, Bridget, Faith: group workout at Marie’s. Two hours. Sports bras must be four cup sizes too small.”

Peter grew hard merely sending that message, because he knew his every order would be heeded. The drive to Marie’s was a joyous one, as he contemplated what exercises he would have them do for his enjoyment. He resisted the urge to touch himself at every stoplight.

Finally, he arrived at Marie’s, approached the front door, and knocked. As it always did on these visits, the door opened shortly thereafter, revealing his prizes for the day: Marie, Jennie, Bridget and Faith, all dressed as he had asked.

And those tits.

These girls just kept growing and growing. Each of these girls were definitely at FF cup level, their breasts approaching the size of soccer balls as Peter simultaneously stared at them and entered the house. Their tit flesh overflowed the edges of the bras from all angles—neckline, sides, underneath—and the cleavage was breathtaking. The bras were holding on for dear life, and he knew that there was a chance they would rip during this workout. In fact, it was one of his goals.

Each girl also wore a coat of shiny crimson lipstick, tarting themselves up even more for him without his even asking. Their shorts were tiny, but not nearly as tiny as their bras—good lord. Marie, Jennie, Bridget and Faith were wearing sports bras that couldn’t have been bigger than a D in size, so they obviously had no prayer of keeping their breasts restrained.

“Hey, girls.” Peter said as Jennie shut the door behind him.

“Hi, Peter.” They responded, almost in unison.

“Are you ready?”

“Are you?” Faith inquired with a wink.

“Let’s just say I hope you ladies are ready to bounce.”

The quartet nodded in assent, and Marie led the way to the living room. They had set Ankara escort up a few jump ropes, a weight bench, and two yoga mats; not much, but it would serve their purposes for the day. There was one comfortable armchair set up near the corner of the room, providing a grand view of the whole scene. He had asked Marie to set that up ahead of time. Peter sat down, and the girls lined up in front of him.

“What would you like us to do, sir?” Bridget asked politely.

Peter would never get tired of hearing that question. The ladies looked absolutely gorgeous standing in front of him in those ill-fitting bras—half-naked and totally open to auggestion. A smile crept across his face.

“Bridget, jumping jacks. Faith, grab that jump rope and come over here. Marie, Jennie, yoga.”

After barely a second’s hesitation, the girls swarmed to their positions. Bridget and Faith stood in front of Peter’s armchair (which he was thinking of as his throne), ready to begin. Faith held a jump rope. Marie and Jennie knelt on their yoga mats, practically at his feet. He was pretty certain they would have no need for the weight bench today.

“Ladies.” Peter said, “You may begin.”

Faith started jumping rope. Her boobs were astounding. They didn’t just jiggle—they bounced. He heard the light slapping of her tits against her ribcage, and it was music to his ears, supplemented by Bridget performing a very similar task on his other side. Bridget was the star of her volleyball team, and her body was beautifully built. Peter had always been impressed as to how she could haul those tits around with such speed and grace, but now here she was, hauling them up and down, up and down, up and down. Both Faith and Bridget’s bodacious boobs threatened to slip out of their bras, and Peter was excited at the prospect.

“Good.” he noted simply, before turning his attentions to his two other conquests.

Marie and Jennie had begun with a few simple stretches and yoga poses—although, to be honest, they could be doing literally anything in those bras and Peter would have been aroused. They were on their knees, sitting their luscious asses on their ankles behind them, and rolling their necks gently; it was a pleasant contrast to the vigorous exercise Bridget and Faith were undertaking. Ankara escort bayan Peter gawked at Marie’s melons and Jennie’s jugs as they transitioned into a “cobra pose”—lying on their stomachs, bending upward so as to give Peter a first-class view of their chests straining in their sports bra prisons.

After getting an eyeful of the girls doing their yoga, Peter returned his attention to Bridget and Faith. Their bouncing had slowed somewhat, and he could not shake the feeling that they had subtly moved backward in an attempt to put another foot or two of distance between him and them. Meanwhile, in his peripheral vision, he saw Marie and Jennie slacking on their yoga, doing poses that did not present their best assets to him. That simply would not do.

Peter had a plan in his back pocket that he had known if he should instate or not. There was one element that could be introduced here that would keep the tables turned in his favor indefinitely. It was time to inject some energy into this workout session.

“Ladies, I’ve been thinking.”

At his words, the girls slowed their workout to a pause. They turned to him, paying close attention. This would be one of the first times in a while he had said something to them that was not an order.

“And, you see, it might make more sense for me to have fewer close friends at this point. You know? I’ve been so busy, and unfortunately, not all of you will be making the cut.”

Jennie’s eyes widened. She understood before the rest of them. One by one, they all registered what he meant.

“It’s a shame, really. You’re all so beautiful and busty, but I guess I’ll have to choose who I stay with…and who I leave.”

Almost immediately, his girls took action. Desperation had overtaken the entire room. Bridget and Faith stepped even closer to Peter than they were before. Faith actually dropped the jump rope because it inhibited her standing right by the arm of his chair. She and Bridget began doing vigorous, enthusiastic jumping jacks, practically shoving their boobs into his line of sight. They decided to supplement their actions with words.

“How’s this, sir?” Bridget asked earnestly.

“Are these good enough, sir?” Faith inquired.

“I can bounce higher if you want!” Bridget Escort Ankara countered.

“Me too! Watch me!” Faith pleaded.

The girls took things up yet another notch, jumping even higher. Their tits now smacked them in the chin, but they did not seem to care. They now competed for his approval without shame, allowing their cantaloupe-sized endowments to wobble uncontrollably before his eyes.

“Are these good enough?” Bridget panted.

“These tits are all yours, sir.” Faith practically cried out.

Peter smiled and nodded his approval before turning his attention back to the two yoga mats. Jennie and Marie had pulled them closer to his feet, so the four young women had formed a circle around him. Peter’s eyes bugged out as he watched Jennie figure something out before any of the others—she reached behind her back to undo her bra.

Of course. The solution was so simple.

The other three girls saw what Jennie was doing and followed suit. Jennie wanted to stay ahead of the curve, so she flung her bra off and began shaking her titties wildly back and forth. This was not a yoga pose—this was a desperate effort to please. She blew Peter a kiss—anything to keep his attention.

That was hard for her to do when Marie had just shucked off her top, as well. Jennie’s best friend knelt on her mat, kneading her breasts in her little hands and jiggling them temptingly.

“You like these, Peter?” Marie asked, wiggling her chest frantically.

“Mine are bigger!” Jennie insisted, bouncing her butt up and down on the mat, causing her rack to move with her.

“Ours are the biggest.” Bridget said simply, leaning in as she continued her jumping jacks. Faith did the same.

Peter was awestruck at the eight huge, bouncing tits before him. His jaw dropped, and he once again savored his good fortune. This drug had been the best thing that ever happened to him, and the element of competition only made things hotter.

Marie and Jennie got off their mats and crawled closer to him on all fours. There, they raised themselves up by his knees and bounced their breasts with abandon, just as Bridget and Faith were doing.

Peter thought he might pass out. Marie lifted her right breast to her lips and gently kissed and licked her own nipple. The urge to begin titty-fucking was at its highwater mark, but Peter held himself back. He had big, big plans for that later. For now, he sat in silent rapture, enjoying a workout session that was really no longer about exercise.

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