Breeding Lynn Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Old Enough to Breed

I had been watching TV late and was stretched out on my sofa that Friday night. I was just dozing off when my doorbell rang. I had no idea who it might be at my door at midnight. Looking out the peephole, I saw it was Lynn and quickly opened the door. Standing on my porch, Lynn was wearing only a thin white cotton nightshirt that just covered her crotch and she was obviously braless. I could tell she had been crying and asked her what was wrong.

She literally lunged into my arms and sobbed on my shoulders. I am so sorry to bother you so late, but I didn’t know where else to go, I don’t have any friends here yet, she sobbed.

No problem, I assured her. What’s wrong, sweetheart? I asked and shut the door and led her into the living room and sat her down on the sofa.

That bastard! she cried. That fucking bastard! That’s what’s wrong!

What bastard? I asked, figuring it was an argument with her spouse, so I sat down close to her and held her in my arms comfortingly.

She cried on my shoulder for about the next minute, and I caressed her arms and back to console her. I looked down and her nightshirt had ridden up just enough for me to tell that in addition to the fact that she was braless, she wasn’t wearing any panties either, as evidenced by the partial display of her thick bush. It must have been a hell of an argument, because she left her house like she was going to a come-as-you-are party.

I reached across her body to the end table and pulled out a couple of tissues and gave them to Lynn. She said thank you and began drying her red eyes.

Okay, what happened, Lynn? You can confide in me, you know, I said.

I know I can, she whispered and then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. You’re the best friend I have around here.

Tell me everything then, I said soothingly.

That bastard! she yelled again. We’ve only been married three months and that bastard is already cheating on me!

There now, I said and kissed on the forehead. How do you know?

Well, she said sniffling, I decided to surprise him and pick him up at the airport so he wouldn’t have to find a cab. The baggage area was crowded because the plane was an hour late. I spotted him coming out of the secure area into baggage but I was on the other side of the room. Before I could work my way over to him, I saw his whore for a secretary next to him. They were arm-in-arm and hugging and kissing. His hands were all over her! She must have gone with him on the esenyurt escort trip. The bastard must have been fucking her the whole time he was gone!

Lynn began crying again and I wiped away her tears and she continued. I slipped out of the airport without him seeing me and drove back home. My mind was reeling. I didn’t know what to do. I was like a zombie. I must have undressed myself and got ready for bed. I don’t really remember putting on my night clothes. I curled up on the couch and waited for him to get home. I waited and waited. Over two hours! Then it hit me. The bastard had probably taken her home and was dipping his damn dong into her one more time before he came home to me!

Oh, Lynn, darling. That’s terrible, I said trying to offer her some form of solace. I put my arms around her and squeezed her soft body into mine.

Then I whispered to her. You know what they say, don’t you? I paused for effect the said. They always say: Don’t get mad, get even.

You’re damn right! she said forcefully. Then it suddenly hit what I was hinting at. I drew her closer and rubbed my hand on the inner portion of her thigh. She looked down at my hand which was inches away from her inadvertently exposed pussy. Then she looked up at me and saw the tenderness and caring in my eyes as well as the desire in my face. She was taking the hint, because she shyly and innocently said, I’m ready. Really ready. But how do I get even? she asked coyly.

Easy, I said and I moved toward her and kissed her passionately on the lips. And she kissed back. We were entwined in a caring embrace for several minutes. I moved my hand over her naked thigh up to caress her warm and wet crotch.

Lynn spread her legs apart to give me full access to her hole of love. My finger stroked her moist clit. She shuddered with unquestionable passion. Then her body suddenly stiffened and she moved her legs closer together, my hand trapped in-between.

What’s wrong, dearest? I asked.

I want you, she answered. I really do. But I can’t have you.

Why not? I asked.

Because I’m in my period, she replied. It’s not right.

I laughed. When you love someone it’s always right, Lynn. And I do.

Do what? she asked.

I love you, I said and we kissed passionately again. She spread her legs apart once more. Her menstruating twat was mine, I thought.

I broke our embrace and stood up. Then I reached out my hand. Lynn took it and I lifted her off the sofa and we virtually floated dream-like toward zeytinburnu escort the bedroom.

I stopped her at the bathroom door. In here first, I said and she followed my directions without question.

I maneuvered her next to the commode and lifted her nightshirt off over her head. Then I turned her around facing me and gently lowered her until she was sitting on the stool. I dropped down to my knees in front of her and pried her legs apart, giving me an unobstructed view of her hairy sex organ.

I spotted the draw string as she watched me. Then I took hold of the string and took out all the slack, applying just enough tension so she could feel it, but not enough to withdraw the tampon.

Lynn reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy wide apart to where it was laid bare and open to my lustful eyes. Slowly, incredibly slowly, I began pulling the blood soaked tampon out of her aroused cunt. Lynn threw her head back in lustful ecstasy, feeling the object being slowly removed from the most private recess of her body. Her body trembled as the tampon finally slipped out of her cock cove. She was completely lost in the most aroused moment of her young life.

I dropped the tampon into the toilet and then reached up and cupped her dainty breasts. She let her breath escape and her head dropped down to look at me.

Piss for me, I said. I want to watch you pee-pee. I smiled lovingly at her and she quivered with lust and unbridled sexual desire.

I squeezed her titties harder, and she began to piss. I watched the warm golden liquid flood out of her pussy mixed with the menses coming from her fertile uterus.

When she finished, I reached for a wash cloth and ran warm water on it, then I cleaned the remnants of her discharge off her hirsute pubis.

Then I stood up and announced that I had to piss too. I looked deeply into her eyes and said, spread your legs further and I’ll pee between them. She obeyed. And I pulled my sweatshirt off over my head. Then I slipped out of my sweat pants exposing my abnormally long flaccid cock to Lynn for the first time.

Her beautiful green eyes got as big as saucers.

HOLY SHIT! she gasped. Then the young girl who had been raised as a devout Catholic exclaimed: Mary Mother of Jesus, forgive me for what your poor innocent servant is about to do. Lynn reached out with both her tiny hands trembling in fear and she firmly grasped my massive manhood. She pointed my dick between her legs and I started taksim escort bayan to pee.

Lynn couldn’t keep her hands steady. So I was alternatingly pissing in the bowl and pissing on her tantalizing young body. When I finished peeing, she shook it gently a couple of times to remove the last drops.

I looked down at her in all her glory and asked. Have you ever sucked a big cock before?

Of course not! she giggled.

Well, guess what? I asked.

I’m about to, she answered and giggled again.

That’s right. And it gets longer and harder when a pretty girl puts it in her mouth, I said.

Lynn raised my cock upward with both hands still firmly grasping it. I moved in to straddle her legs and the head of my penis pushed up against her luscious lips. Her tongue darted out and she licked off the last remaining drop of urine. Then she opened her mouth as wide as possible and guided the head of my cock into her oral opening.

I moved forward emphatically and thrust several inches into her lovely mouth. She gagged at first. Then her head started bobbing up and down on my cock and she also began caressing my big ball sac.

She was a great little cocksucker, despite her inexperience and immature years. She was getting more aroused and sexually excited by the minute and was really beginning to enjoy her work. I groaned loudly with pleasure. My cock was responding the stimulation and was soon at its fully erect length. Lynn’s mouth was stretched to its limit as my hard cock had swollen in thickness as well.

I clutched the sides of Lynn’s head firmly and held her rigid. Then I begin to face fuck her. Slowly and gently at first, then more rapidly and with less concern for her comfort.

Soon nearly half the length of my dick was going down her pretty throat. She gagged painfully as I forced more man meat into her tiny mouth and then just as quickly pulled back. I was getting close as I rammed my tool in and out again and again.

Lynn sensed what was coming or cumming as the case may be. She was jerking my cock with one hand and had the other clamped on my balls.

I’M CUMMING! I yelled and Lynn screeched. I pulled back so just the head of my cock was left in her mouth and my semen poured out in large gobs. Near the end, I let go of her head and she jerked back causing the last load of cum to splatter onto her chin and dribble down on her gorgeous tits. Lynn swallowed the creamy load in her mouth.

We both were immobile for a few moments, catching our breath and regaining our bearings.

Then Lynn looked up at me and smiled. I love you! Are you ready to fuck my cunt now? she asked alluringly.

And I knew at that instant that I had finally found a true slut who could and would satisfy my every perverse need.

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