Brenda B Bunny

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Brenda B, Bunny

It was very early morning in the meadow. The sun was already merrily shining although the produce was still damp with dew. It appeared that this would probably be one of those remarkable summer days, Brenda happily sang as she worked because she felt like something magical was just waiting to happen.

Brenda was getting her weeding out of the way early. She liked the feel of the sun on her bare skin, so looking around to be sure she was alone she doffed her pinafore and blouse. That left her wearing only small white anklets and black patent leather Merry Jane’s.

She giggled softly as she busily pulled up carrots and beets, for dinner. She laughed aloud as she picked green beans and lettuce leaves. Carefully she started looking for ripe tomatoes. She loved ripe, rich, juicy tomatoes still warm from the sun. Brenda’s stomach growled at the thought. The rest of the laughter was because the leaves of the plants tickled her. She supposed if she were a real bunny that her fur would protect her. She sighed, but then the sun would be too warm and she would always have to wear the same color.

Suddenly she heard the rustling of leaves she started and tried to cover herself. The thought of her brothers or her mother catching her naked made her very shy. She heard a whistle and looking back saw him. It was Jack Rabbit and he was smiling at her and motioning her to come to where he was standing. He was shirtless in a pair of tight bright red Speedo’s. Oh my! He did look delicious. She could feel her heart racing but she shook her head no. This was not only a Wild Rabbit it was Jack the worst of the bunch. Every little girl Bunny knew that he was a dangerous Rabbit.

He motioned her to come closer again. While she kept saying no, her feet kept walking in his direction just so she could hear what he was whispering a little better she told herself.

“I know where there is corn ready to be eaten,” he said softly “and ripe tomatoes too.” He bit into one and she watched the juice dribble down his chin and onto his well-muscled chest. “Oh, My,” she thought Jack sure was a well-muscled rabbit. Her eyes against her better judgement traveled down his naked chest to those tight shorts and she gasped. He was again as big as five minutes ago, in fact she peeked again to be sure, part of Jack Rabbit was hanging below his shorts.

Suddenly she realized she was naked. What would her mother think of her? She hurriedly attempted to put on the clothes she had been holding all this time.

“To late you know Brenda. I already saw it all. Besides your titties are already Tunalı Escort hard and pointy they’ll show through that shirt. Where we are going is wet better save the clothes for later.” He reached and pulled his finger up her leg to her private bunny parts and brought it out wet. “See here,” he said as he licked himself dry. “Come with me and I will show you some of my rabbit magic.” She blushed but took her clothes off again except for her panties. She loved her new panties. They were white cotton with gambling lambs in pink all over them.

“Rabbit magic?” Brenda loved magicians. “What can you do?” she asked. He came closer and pushing his finger under her panties, he moved it gently around her aroused female pearl until moaning she dropped to the damp ground.

“Oh Jack that was really nice. What else can you do?”

He held out his hand and leaving her partially filled basket in the path, she followed him into the trees. They kept walking until they came to a secluded glen with a babbling brook which seemed to whisper sit, stay, play. He reached into the hollow of a large old tree and spread a soft blue blanket under the sky. He flopped down and invited her to join him.

She did. “What about the rabbit magic, Jack?” He smiled and taking her small white hand placed it on his rebounding cock. “This is little jack he spits magical crème if the bunny holding him treats him right. It can also fill a little bunny clean up and give her great pleasure. It can even turn her into a lady Bunny or even sometimes into a full-fledged rabbit. You would like to be a full grown lady Bunny wouldn’t you?”

Brenda thought and thought about that and said “No.” Lady Bunnies don’t appear to have much fun. I think that full fledged wild rabbits enjoy themselves more.”

Jack smiled and leaned over and kissed his virginal little bunny. She was going to be easy pickings. Good thing he was so late coming home he would have missed her and that would have been a loss.

Panting when he stopped kissing her she said, “Jack my tummy feels funny I think I should have ate breakfast.” She pointed downward “my unmentionable parts,” she blushed, “ are all tingly and warm what are you doing to me? Is this part of the magic?”

Jack being a wise older Rabbit knowing a sure thing when he found one, didn’t talk he kept kissing now her neck then her shoulder and then barely grazing across her left nipple tip. She jumped under his skillful handling. “Oh Jack that feels so good please do the other one.”

He being a reasonable rabbit he obliged and soon Tunalı Escort Bayan she was making deep throated whining noises and pushing her pert little nipples into his mouth as her hands crept downward and found his throbbing rabbit part.

“You’re wet down there Jack, did I do that to you?” He said, “Yes, would you like to taste it as I did you?”

“Uh Huh,” said the little bunny. She wiggled lower and opening her mouth stuck out her tongue and licked. He groaned and she pushed forward and his tip was inside her mouth. It felt big, hot, soft, and wet. He tasted like a sharp radish early in the morning without the salt.

“I like that Jack can I have some more?”

He nodded, “all you want Brenda.” Putting his hands into her hair, he showed her what to do. She was a natural soon he was pushing against her throat and his balls were nestled up under her chin.

He reached and tilted her head a bit and managed to moan “Swallow now”

She did and he watched as the head of his bunny bopper pushed into her throat. He watched it move up and down. It made him so hot he had to do multiplication tables backwards to keep from ruining his good time.

Oh, Brenda, that’s so good. She had learned to breathe on each out stroke and was enjoying herself tremendously. Jack moved one hand down to her nipples and started to pull and twist them and each time he caused her a little pain she sucked harder. He groaned and said “ Now, Brenda Now,” and he filled her sweet virginal bunny mouth with gulp after gulp of Jack Rabbit crème. Which she swallowed and licked until there was no more and then she licked him clean including his bouncing bunny balls.

Pulling her head free, she blinked as she started to remember where she was and what she had been doing. She was slightly disappointed in the end result she still felt more tingly and wanting then pleasured she asked, “Is that all sweet Jack?”

He pushed her down wormed his way up between her wide spread bunny legs, wishing he had a camera. She was quite the sexy thing spread out in white anklets and Merry Jane shoes red-gold hair tumbled everywhere.

“No Brenda Bunny now it’s my turn.” He licked out with his hot tongue and wiped up a bunch of her honey sweet juices. He used his hands to pull her tighter and hold her open and went to work. He wanted this bunny uncontrollable when he took her virgin barrier and made her a Wild Rabbit. Jack had deflowered enough bunny girls that he already knew this one was a natural and he had plans for Brenda. Big plans!

Soon Brenda was whimpering and Escort Tunalı pulling Jack as close as she could get him as wave after wave of pleasure cascaded through her body.

“Oh Jack should Bunnies feel this good?’

He looked up at her from between her wet legs and smiled, “Oh baby, bunnies never feel this good. You’re a natural born wild rabbit. I want to take you home right now and make you my rabbit .”

Brenda shivered all over, wishing he would go back to licking her center of pleasure but liking what she heard.

“What would we do Jack. How would we make money?”

Jack smiled, “Let me show you what wild rabbit girls do best.”

She nodded and he said, “This will hurt for a minute but then it will be soooo good.” Trust me Brenda baby?”

She nodded again, he took his wild rabbit bunny bopper, and shoved hard and quick into her wet hot center. She screamed once and then an orgasm bigger than any she had ever felt overpowered her. Jack thought her muscles would crush his bunny bopper before he could pull loose and coat her with his crème.

He replaced his softening bunny bopper with his fingers and she came for him twice more. This rabbit baby was a natural. She was going to make him a fortune. He closed his eyes picturing her dancing on stage in her white anklets, merry Jane’s, hair in twin ponytails and nude everywhere. People would go nuts for this fresh piece of meat.

He moved to her head. “Clean up your rabbit baby, make him hard again so I can take you to paradise.

She opened her mouth like a bunny born to suck cock and did as bid. He reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a wide gold necklace. Brenda bunny didn’t know it was an electronic collar and giggled and kissed him when he put it around her neck.

“This makes you mine bunny.” He was hard again so he pushed her up on her hands and knees and said, “You’ll like this.” He shoved in deep and using his fingers pulled and twisted first her nipples and then her clittie. She seemed to flourish on the pain so using his remote he set her color off and she came screaming in climax. Yep! This bunny was a gold carrot find.

He could hardly wait until he had her trained for using her other opening he bet she would be unbelievable.

Brenda Bunny never went home that night and it was over six months later that someone wrote the Bunny family and told them she was dancing in a dive on Chicago’s east side. Almost four months pregnant and being pimped out by a Wild Rabbit named Jack. They went to get their baby but Brenda had learned a new way of life and refused to leave her wild rabbit. She also found that while Jack was good, there were lots more bunnies to fondle and fuck. Brenda wanted to meet them all. She was a good bunny gone bad.

The moral of this story is Be careful whom you follow into the forest. They may not be your friends.

© 4-11-04

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