Brian Ch. 10

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Beth woke up the next morning and stretched. She looked around the cave and found that Brooke and Roger were sleeping in the back. Roger had his arm over Brooke with his hand cupped her breast. Beth looked at him and thought, “Wish that were my hands on her.” She absently brought her hand up and touched her own larger breasts and then placed her hand inside the wide sleeve of her tank top and squeezed her naked flesh and then pinched her nipple. She immediately felt her pussy start to cream and then remembered seeing dad enter into the cave last night with a huge hard on. This made her pussy cream even more. She hand dropped from her tits to her damp crotch and inside the legs of the shorts. She was naked under her shorts and her fingers found her prickly pussy mound and then her wet slit. She closed her eyes as she began to rub her hardening clit.

Her actions were not going unnoticed. Brooke had awoken at the same time and eyed Beth as she rose from her bedding. She watched her younger sister look around the cave and then at her and Roger. Brooke kept her eyes closed to just slits as she began to watch her sister looking at her. Then she watched her sister reach inside her shirt and start to rub her large mounds on her chest. Brooke’s pussy started to heat up to watch her sister play with her titties. Brooke sighed lowly and thought, “I wish I were playing were her titties. I would love to suck on them and bite her nipples.” She then watched as her sister dropped her hands to her lap and could tell that she was rubbing her pussy under her thin blanket. Brooke watched as her sister began to get herself off and moved her hand under her blanket and to her pussy. She found that her pussy was creaming heavily as she watched her sister start to get off.

The movement of her hand to her pussy caused Roger to stir and moan in his sleep. Brooke watched Beth turn toward them and remove her hand from her shorts and start to get up. She smoothed her shorts and tank top and quickly straightened her bedding and the walked out of the cave. Brooke looked over a Roger sleeping with an angry grin. “Thanks, asshole,” she thought and then started to get up herself.

Beth was really getting into the rubbing of her clit. She was thinking about her dad’s huge cock and what it would be like to have it inside her and she was thinking about her sister’s pussy. She wasn’t sure which she wanted most, but she knew she wanted both. Then just as she was about to crest in an orgasm she heard Roger moan in his sleep. “Thanks, asshole. And I was almost there,” she thought angrily. She watched the two sleeping figures for a moment and then stopped her fingers on her sensitive clit and decided she had better get up and get moving. She didn’t want to have Roger and Brooke hear her cum. She got up, straightened herself as much as possible and then straightened her sleeping stuff. Her dad was kind of fussy about having a messy camp. Army training and crap still ran through him. She straightened it as much as a teenager normally does, another words, it was semi smooth and at least not strung out.

Beth moved outside and then went to the potty that her dad had made for them. She sat there and let go a long stream of pee and then took a good dump not realizing how much she had to go. Then she threw dirt on the hole and moved toward the beach to wash and a quick swim. She slowly moved into the warm water and then dove under the waves to refresh herself. She swam of a few moments and then started toward the beached boat. As she started to climb aboard, she saw her dad on the small hillock on duty watching for their rescue.

Beth climbed into the boat and then proceeded down to the galley area to retrieve her diary. She needed to add to it.

Day 9 – fun in the sun

This morning started out okay and then Roger spoiled it. I woke up and saw Roger with his hands on Book’s tits as they were sleeping. I wish I had my hands on her tits. Then again I wish she had her hands on mine and more. I would love to bury my face between her legs and lick her all over.

This is weird, I am having wicked thoughts about my sister. I know this is wrong but can’t help it. I think she is beautiful. Well I saw dickhead’s hands on her tits and I started to rub mine. I started getting hot so I started to rub my kitty. I was so wet. I was just getting ready to cum when I heard Roger starting to wake up. I had to stop right before it happened. Dammit, and I was so close too. I was thinking about Book and about dad.

Last night was wild. I was laying there about asleep when I heard dad get up and move to the front of the cave. He must have heard something outside. I know he is worried and trying not to let us know but I know he is worried. I laid there awake for a while and then I saw him come back into the cave.

He must have been jacking off, he cock was still hard and he couldn’t get it back in his pants. He couldn’t see me because it was dark in the cave. But I could see him Gaziantep Escort just fine. His cock was sticking out of his pants and it was huge. I would like to wrap my hands around it to see if they would make it.

Of course I would like to wrap my lips around it too. And then I would love to feel it inside me. I might even see if I could get it up my ass. I am getting so horny just thinking about it. But after dad went to sleep, I had to whack off three times before I could go back to sleep. I know I am weird but I can’t help it. I haven’t gotten laid since we left on the trip. And that wasn’t all that good. Phil was a bit of a disappointment. It was a wam bam. I had to bring myself off after he had cum.

I know Book is getting some from dickhead, but I am left to my own fingers. And I am horny. I have a hunk of a guy here and a hot girl to boot. And I can’t get laid. But then dad is the same way. Since we may be here for a while, Brooke has dickhead, and dad and I have no one. It might be wrong but I may have to think about this. I may talk to Book about it. Not sure.

Duh, just don’t know what to do. I can’t whack off for the rest of my life. We could be here for a long, long time. I miss my family. I want to go home. I want a Big Mac, fries, and a large Diet Coke. I want an ice cream cone. I want to get laid even if it is by Phil. I would rather find someone like dad. I wouldn’t mind it with Book, actually I would love it.

I remember what it was like the night of the big slumber party and my and Sarah. We did things, mostly fingers and kissing. But …. Anyway I would do more with Book if she let me. Well I haven’t gotten off this morning and I want to but I have to go get some more fruit, like there isn’t anything else to eat and then take my turn on duty. I also have to collect the fire wood for the signal fire. Just another day.’

Beth closed her book and put it back in her bag. She left her bag on the couch instead of putting it back in her hiding place. She moved out of the galley and then to the end of the boat and jumped into the water. After getting on shore she picked up a few pieces of driftwood that had floated up on shore and brought them to the fire. When she got back to the living area she found that everyone was awake and sitting around eating some bananas and other assorted fruit. They also had a type of fish that dad had caught during the early morning and it was still hot from the fire. Beth sat down across from Brooke and her dad. She tried to sit as lady like as she could be as she began to sit down her shorts legs opened enough for both her sister and dad to get a look at her bare pussy. She inadvertently caught them stealing a glance up her shorts. Brooke looked at her and smiled and then ran her tongue over her lips. Her dad looked at her and promptly stood up and said he had to go pee. Beth could see that when he stood up that something else was already standing up. Beth and Brooke both started to laugh at the predicament. Roger asked what was so funny and this only caused them to laugh even more.

After breakfast everyone moved off to do their assigned tasks for the day. Once that was over the only thing they would have to do is pull their shift on guard. During the day it was only a requirement for one person to pull guard at a time since everyone else was already up and for the most part was keeping watch. It was only at night the Brian had more than one person on duty at a time. This was just to make sure the other didn’t go to sleep and miss a chance for rescue. It was Roger’s turn at the guard shift this morning. Brooke and Beth moved off to gather the fruit for the evening meal and Brian busied himself making weapons, spears mostly and a crude spear thrower, and then to go spear fishing and setting the traps he made. Brian proved himself as a sustainer of meat for the group. There was always fish. He just wished he could provide some meat other than fish. He would love to have a Big Mac about now.

Brooke and Beth returned from their fruit gathering expedition. Brian made sure that they didn’t strip the nearest fruit trees from the area. He didn’t want to make it so that the group would have to move from their encampment because they stripped their food source. This made the girls have to move in a wider circle to take the choicest and ripest fruit to bring back to camp. It was hot and dirty work but they managed to get it done quickly. After the food was stored under a tarp from the boat, Beth asked Brooke to help her collect more wood for the fire.

Brooke looked at her sister and replied, “Sure, like there is something else we could do.” Brooke looked at her sister thinking, “I know what I would like to do to you if I could. I would like to part those legs of yours and bury my face. I would like to have that for lunch.”

Beth moved out down toward the beach and Brooke followed her. Brooke’s eyes stayed on her sister’s ass as she moved down the beach picking Gaziantep Escort Bayan up drift wood and the palm fronds lying on the ground. Each time Beth bent over her shorts would ride up her ass and show just a peek of her tight buns. Brooke had seen her sister in her thong bathing suit and even naked in the shower, however, it was sometimes what you couldn’t see that was the most erotic. Just seeing the gentle curve of her ass coming out of her shorts was more erotic than seeing her entire naked ass. Of course she thought she wouldn’t mind seeing her naked ass also.

By the time they had enough wood to last for quite a while it was around noon. The girls were hot and sweaty. They were covered in sand and they were streaked with dirt. The dropped the last load and put more wood on the fire. Their dad showed them how to put different kinds of grass on the fire to make it produce more smoke, making them now dirty, sweaty, and smell of wood smoke. With their chores done, there was nothing to do for the rest of the day.

Brooke thought with a wicked grin about a way to get her sister naked. “Hey, babe, why don’t we do to the water fall and cool off. I also need to clean up. I have sand and dirt and the smell of smoke in hair and everywhere. It is the everywhere that is bothering me. What to go?”

Beth’s heart skipped a beat when Book called her “babe”. “Sure, let’s go get our swim suits and head for the pool.”

“Baby, it I just going to be you and me. Why do we need suits? I have seen you naked. I have even touched your pussy. I think we can do without the suits, don’t you?” Brooke reached out and touched her sister’s face and gently caressed her jaw line. Beth’s pussy flooded her shorts and Brooke’s did the same.

The girls joined hands and then moved up the newly worn path heading toward the waterfall and pool. Once they got to the pool they moved to the rock ledge by the pool. Beth slowly started to wade into the water with her shorts and tank top still on. Brooke looked at her in a puzzled way. “Baby, aren’t you going to take off you shirt and shorts. I am going to take mine off and wash them. It is easier to wash if I am not wearing them.” Brooke reached down and gripped the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it over her head before Beth had a chance say anything.

When Brooke’s tits came into view Beth only stared at her. It was not like she hadn’t seen them before, it was just the shock. Beth watched as her sister slowly lowered her shorts and then stepped out of them. She turned and bent at the waist to pick them up and had her ass pointed directly at Beth. Could see her pussy lips as she bent over, a long slit that had a bump at the bottom. Beth took a quick breath when she got her first look at her sister’s pussy. Never before had she seen it up close.

Brooke turned to face Beth with a smile. Beth now could see Brooke’s tits and pussy mound in the buff. Beth’s mouth watered and she felt her face flush. She had seen women naked before in the gym and at school. But this time it was different, it was her sister in her face. Her pussy began to heat up and she felt it start to cream.

Brooke held her hand out to Beth as she entered the water slowly. Beth took her hand and brought her fingers to her lips. She looked Brooke straight in the eyes as she kissed her finger tips. Beth took the fingers into her mouth and ran her tongue over then gently tasting her salty sweat.

Brooke looked at Beth and said, “Baby, are you going to take off you clothes or do you want me to?”

“Book, would you take them off for me? I want you to take them off and I want you to take me.” Beth was slightly trembling as she stood calf deep in the water. She was not sure if it was the coolness of the water or the excitement that caused her to shiver. All she knew was that even though she was shivering, she was sweating profusely. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and on her chest. I drip of sweat began to run down between her tits and pooled in her navel.

“Would you? I really want you to do it. Please. Please, Book, please.” Beth was not pleading. Her legs were shaking as Brooke stepped forward until she was standing naked directly in front of Beth. Nothing was said, they just stared into each other’s eyes. It was Beth who broke the stare when her tongue nervously darted out of her mouth and licked her dry lips.

Brooke leaned in and pushed the hair away from Beth’s face with her hands. When her hands had pushed her hair back, she rested her hands on Beth’s shoulders. Brooke pulled her face toward her until their lips met in a tender kiss. At first the kiss was just lips to lips but the kiss lingered longer than a normal peck on the lips.

Beth pulled back and looked at Brooke. She brought her arms up and wrapped them around the bare back of Brooke and pulled her to her. Brooke felt the warm touch of Beth’s hands on the small of her back and lowered her hand until they rested Escort Gaziantep on Beth’s hips. Brooke pulled her forward until their pussy mounds rubbed together. Brooke shifted slightly to her lift and brought her bare thigh up between her sisters slightly spread legs. Brooke’s naked thigh rested against Beth’s shorts clad pussy. She felt the heat emanating from Beth and could tell that she was wet due to the damp spot that had formed in her crotch. As Brooke made contact with Beth’s pussy mound, Beth emitted a moan.

As Brooke shifted her body to mold against Beth, Beth’s thigh slipped between Brooke’s open thighs. Her leg moved forward until it rested against her naked pussy. Once her leg was nestled between Brooke’s legs, she began to move them slightly back and forth. Her movements caused the now puffy pussylips to separate and her inner labia were rubbing against Beth’s thigh. As she moved back and forth, her thigh became wet with the slick juice from Brooke’s overheating pussy. Now it was Brooke’s turn to moan.

As they looked into each other’s eye, their lips again moved forward until they touched. When they met they kiss with much more passion. It became a duel of tongues as they fought it into each other’s mouth. First Brooke took the aggression and forced Beth’s lips apart and then pushed her tongue inside her mouth. Her tongue danced with Beth’s and tried to touch everything in her mouth. Beth then pushed her tongue into Brooke’s open mouth and pushed deep inside.

Both girls were getting hotter and hotter as they stood in the calf deep water kissing. Brooke was totally naked and Beth was still in her shorts and tank top. Brooke pulled back from Beth so they both could get their breath. The kissing, even though breathing while kissing, was making them short of breath from the intensity. Brooke took the loose hem of the tank top and began to pull it up Beth’s body slowly exposing her muscular body. Slowly, inch by inch, the material exposed the strong abdomen of her sister as she looked down at their entangled bodies. The material stopped momentarily as the hem caught on the swell of Beth’s breasts and Brooke brought her hand around to the front to lift the material over Beth’s large tits. Her hands had to reach out and touch the tender mounds as the materials cleared the underside of her titties. As the hands touched her lower portion of her titties, her nipples became even harder under the material. They were already hard eraser points but the touch made them even harder. They were so hard, that there was pain to them. Good pain but pain nonetheless.

When Brooke’s hands touched the bottom swell of her breasts, Beth moaned and pushed her thigh harder against Brooke’s hot pussy. Her thigh was not starting to drip the flowing pussy juice from Brooke’s cunt, all over her upper thigh and then down her leg toward back of her thigh and onto her knee. They were both moaning slightly as Beth force her leg harder into Brooke. Her clit was rubbing along the hot thigh pressed into it. Brooke’s clit was large and was fully exposed against her thigh and Brooke knew if it kept up she would cum.

Brooke cupped Beth’s tits and then lifted the material over her breast. As the material drug along the naked flesh it rubbed along Beth’s hard nipples. This only added to the feeling she was having in them. Now they were hurting and only Brooke’s lips would make the pain go away. The material cleared her hard nipples and the cool air on them made them painful. She had never had her nipples hurt as bad as they were now. They were so sensitive that even the breeze made them ache.

Once cleared of her titties, Brooke quickly took off the top and threw it over her shoulder to rest on the shore where her clothes lay. Beth now stood before her clad only in her tight shorts. Her breasts were gently rising and falling as her ragged breath filled her body. Brooke turned and brought Beth’s naked tits until they were nipple to nipple with hers and then kissed her again, but hard and with more passion. Brooke’s hand moved to Beth’s tight little ass and pulled her hard to her. Their thighs slide into the each other’s vee at the joining of their thighs. Beth’s large tits flattened against Brooke’s medium sized melons. Both their nipples were extended and extremely sensitive.

Brooke felt the hard points of Beth’s nipples poking into her tits. Brooke gently turned her body side to side to cause them to rub nipple to nipple. Brooke’s tongue was deep in her sister mouth and her thigh was rubbing hard against the pussy mound. Brooke could feel the material become wetter and wetter as she rubbed the hot pussy. She could feel Beth’s had clit against her thigh. She could tell that Beth was getting hotter and hotter; it wouldn’t take much to push her to orgasm. She didn’t have to wait long.

Beth suddenly arched her back and brought her mouth away from Brooke’s probing tongue. “Book, I am cumming. Oh, God, I am cumming. Hold me, hold me! I am cumming”, she moaned. Beth dropped her head to Brooke’s shoulder as her body shook with her orgasm. If it were not for the hands on Beth’s ass, she would have fallen into the water. Brooke held her tight against her and still moved her nipples across Beth’s and her thigh still rubbed against her hot pussy.

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