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Charles’s First day of school was a huge relief. Having switched schools due to how the school itself treated him. Charles’s family decided to withdraw him from the school and have him transfer to another one. The new school was a decent size and had a big cafeteria. The school was rivals with the original school. One of his classmates inside his 4th block class made a comment saying “he’s switching over to the dark side.” Acting like he wasn’t eavesdropping Charles decided to say nothing. After transferring to the school he looked around and tried getting familiar with the school and where his classes are.

He chatted along with the three girls from the hallway on separate occasions asking them for help throughout the day. He still didn’t feel comfortable talking to them, but they seemed nice enough and Charles appreciated their help in telling him where to go. All was going well for the young school year for Charles and he was looking up for a good year.

It was Friday of the first week that really got Charles excited. He was early for classes today and was at his desk rummaging through his book bag for the right books. He noticed for the first time a very pretty girl to his right. She was a little shorter than him, maybe 5 feet 6 inches, and not much more than 120 pounds. She had long wavy brunette hair which hung all the way down to the small of her back. Charles stared at her in awe. He was brought from his gaze when he finally noticed her smiling back at him. Immediately he began blushing and turned away not knowing what to do. Unknown to him the girl frowned when he turned away, disappointed by his rude nature. Charles was still blushing but couldn’t bring himself to apologize due to his shy nature.

Feeling immensely embarrassed by what he’d done, Charles quickly got his things and left not even glancing at the girl and went to the bathroom. Again unknown to Charles, the girl waved goodbye to him but she frowned again feeling humiliated. The girl’s heart rose though, despite her rejection. Heading for class and throwing her backpack over her shoulder she smirked to herself, “perfect!” is all she said to herself.

Charles sat in his first class with butterflies in his stomach. His mind was only focused on the perfect picture in his mind, the girl, he had no idea what her name was, was his definition of beauty. The whole morning Charles couldn’t focus on anything else but that girl to most people that’s viewed as creepy but for Charles it was a normal thing. Charles suffered from a few learning disabilities and had a hard time picking up on cues that were often misinterpreted by his actions. Lunch came and went and he didn’t see the group of girls he’d been talking to earlier in the week. Before the second half of classes Charles went to his locker again.

Again the girl was at her locker, she was bent over, on purpose maybe? Charles could just barely see under her skirt, being the horny teenager he was he couldn’t divert his eyes from the spectacle before him. Her skirt nearly rode up to her butt but her panties just covered. The girl rose up quickly feeling eyes on her backside. She quickly turned to see Charles staring at her again. This time she waved again, making sure he saw. Charles blushed even more but from being caught looking at her inappropriately and didn’t really know what to do, so he turned around from embarrassment and stood still.

The girl smiled shyly and spoke, “Hi!”

“Um… s-sorry” is all Charles said.

“it’s OK, I get that a lot actually. My name’s Bridget, what’s yours?”


“Nice to meet you Charlie” she said with a wink and smile.

“Nice to meet you too i guess…” The bell rang signaling that lunch was over and classes were to start.

“I’ll see yeah ’round!” Bridget spun on her heel and walked down the hall, making sure her hips swayed overtly. Charles stared at Bridget again as she walked way.

Her long smooth legs caused his pants to tighten. Embarrassed, Charles hurriedly got his things and left for his last set of classes.

Again Charles had Bridget’s shapely body and face in his mind as he sat zombie-like in his classes. The rest of the day went by seemingly instantly as his mind was picturing the beauty all afternoon. He stopped by the main office and was given a padlock with a locker number to it. “We’ve gotten your locker situation sorted, now you wont need to carry all your books in your backpack” the lady behind the front desk said. Charles went over to drop off his books and again Bridget was there. She, again, was bent over showing off her long sexy legs standing in the middle of the hall looking at them. Charles soaked in the view and stood back.

He didn’t even notice when she turned around and stood up straight, she smirked to herself. “Up here…” Charles looked up to see Bridget smiling again. “Think you could help with my homework?” she asked.

“I don’t know…, what class do you have?” asked Charles.

“The usual, math, science, English, geography, and American history.”

“Okay…” said Charles not totally convinced she needed help considering it was the first week of classes.

“Okay great!” she chirped, “wanna come back to my place?”

“Um… I don’t know if i should…” Charles was sounding very unsure of himself and hearing Bridget’s offer.

“oh come on, don’t be such a stick in the mud, it’ll be great i promise” Bridget said smiling. “l-let me send my mom a text so she knows then” Charles said nervously and pulled his phone out.

The two quickly got the materials they needed and Charles followed Bridget home to her place.

“Hi mom! I’m home!” yelled Bridget into the mansion.

“Is this really your place?”

“No, it’s Daddy’s,” skipped Bridget.

“It’s amazing…” said Charles.

“Thanks, let’s go to my room so we can study.” Charles was lost and stared at the giant house in amazement as he followed Bridget up the long elegant staircase and down the long hallway of the extravagant mansion.

The two spent the afternoon alone in Bridget’s room studying for the most part. Of course they chatted and were becoming fast friends. “So, it’s your first year here.”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Made many friends yet?”

“Not really. It’s only been a week. p-plus i’m not in any hurry to make a lot of friends. I just hope no one treats me as the outcast like everyone else did back at my other high school, that’s actually the reason why I left my last school. That and the school didn’t want to put up with my learning disabilities and address situation properly like they should’ve”

“Oh poor you,” sympathized Bridget, “hopefully you won’t be meeting people like that here!” Bridget began stroking the side of Charles’s head as if he was a dog. Charles enjoyed the feeling of Bridget’s hand caressing his face.

The two talked and studied the rest of the night, Charles having had dinner at Bridget’s before leaving for home. Over the next month the two had regular study sessions at Bridget’s. Charles made a few friends during the time, one was a guy and the other was a girl. But for Charles, Bridget was his best friend; he’d do almost anything for her.

In the middle of October things started to change for Charles. In their most recent study session the inevitable conversation occurred, they started talking about relationships. “So have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“I’d rather not talk about it” Charles said and gave a very sad expression on his face.

“Why not?”

“I just don’t want to, that’s all…” Charles said and looked down.

“You know you can tell me anything, right bunny?” Bridget said.

“well… sometime during my sophomore year, last year, there was a girl i liked who was inside my English class, and i asked her if it’d b possible to meet up. we agreed on Saturday the same week i biked up hill to the school to meet her. I waited 3 hours and she didn’t show up. i walked around the school 5 times and no one was there. then the following Monday i saw her in class and asked her ‘thought we were supposed to meet up’ and she looked at me and told me to my face ‘i didn’t wanna meet up with you cause i think your a creep but i didn’t wanna be rude and reject you.’ and i asked her ‘so you thought it’d hurt more to say yes and not show up instead telling me no?’ and she said yes. I literally grabbed my stuff and left and walked home that day. That was the only time i ever asked anyone out too…” Charles said holding back tears.

Bridget was left speechless on and rubbed Charles’s back and gave him a hug. “Aww my poor bunny… It’s ok, who needs a skank like that anyway? You can do so much better than her. Plus i bet she wasn’t pretty” Bridget said.

“She was really pretty”

“You don’t think I’m pretty?” pouted Bridget.

“I do, it’s just… you talked to me first, I can’t start conversations. Haven’t you noticed you’re the one always starting a conversation?”


“Well you have.” The conversation changed naturally, flowing back to homework and study and the two got back on track. By now though, Bridget had been adding more and more work to Charles’s load, which so far he hadn’t noticed

To test her project, Bridget left her work on her bed and made her way to her computer. Charles didn’t notice and she logged on and started chatting online with her girlfriends. Charles worked on the homework and studied hard, almost forgetting about Bridget in the process.

As the weeks wore on Bridget got away with less and less homework until mid-November she wasn’t doing any of it. Charles didn’t make anymore friends, just the ones he already had. His best friends ended up in a few of his classes, but most at lunch. Kaleb and Natalie were his best friends other than Bridget. He’d spend some time with them at lunch and had enjoyed their nice little circle with their friends. He’d often be doing homework though, or studying at lunch, whether it was his or Bridget’s or even one Ankara escort of Bridget’s friends.

During lunch Charles had nowhere to sit and saw Bridget. Bridget noticed and waved him over inviting him to sit with her. Charles sat down and Bridget stroking his face. “W-what are you doing?” Charles asked nervously. “showing my friends that your my bunny silly” Bridge said. Bridge leaned forward and kissed Charles on his cheek. Charles’s face turned red as his trey fell from his hands and processed what just happened. “d-d-did you just” Charles was babbling trying to find the words to speak. Bridge decided to begin rubbing her face against the spot where she had kissed Charles on his cheek. “Can’t i show affection to my cuddwy wittle bunny?” Bridge said in a childish tone. Charles sat there and said nothing. “They should just go out and get it over with” one of Bridget’s friends said. Bridget heard the comment and glared at her friend.

Charles being the unobservant type never noticed the change in Bridget’s behavior towards her friends and him and thought their friendship was fine. They’d talked about relationships and he knew Bridget hadn’t had a boyfriend in a while now. She’d had quite a few, according to her, in middle and high school, but currently she’d been in a bit of a drought.

It was the end of school now on Monday. Charles was at his locker grabbing things for his study session with Bridget. He saw out of the corner of his eye Bridget coming his way. As usual he meekly smiled and waved to her. She smiled back and waved as well, “ready for some studying?” she asked.

“Yea sure.” The two talked for a bit before Bridget placed a hand inside Charles’s hand. This startled Charles and he jolted upright. He looked to Bridget and she smiled, “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Oh sorry,” said Bridget, hm maybe a little too far, she thought. She took her hand away and didn’t try again. The two got their things and left for Bridget’s mansion.

Just like the beginning of the school year the two friends went up to Bridget’s room. Charles plopped down on her bed while she sat at her computer, the first time she’d gone there first.

Charles noticed, “What’re you going to be doing?”

“Oh nothing, just going to chat with some friends.”

“Oh, okay… don’t do it for too long I actually need your help with some math homework.”

“No prob, it won’t be long.” Not too long turned into a marathon of girl talk. Charles didn’t notice at all, he was too engrossed in his studies. Looking up after a long session of studying, Charles saw that two hours had passed since they first arrived. He became agitated by Bridget now, “Hey Bridget, you’ve been talking like a hour or so, can you help me with some math problem i don’t understand….” Charles noticed Bridget’s reaction and stopped in his tracks.

Bridget whipped her head from her computer screen and stared at Charles. Seeing her glare Charles instantly shut up and coward away. Bridget smirked softly to herself and got up from her chair. Despite being nearly winter, Bridget was in a short skirt and t-shirt. Her rounded C-cup breasts strained inside her shirt and her nipples showed through. Charles saw her nipples and wondered if she was wearing a bra, having had sexual thoughts about his friend in the past.

She took a seat at the edge of her large bed and looked to Charles. “We were actually just talking about you.”

“You were?” asked Charles nervously.

“Yeah,” said Bridget edging closer to him, “so how’s the class work going?”

“It’s alright I guess…” Bridget edged closer, now just arm’s length away. She smiled as she edged closer again. Charles pulled away just slightly, enough for Bridget to notice. “What’s wrong?”

“just nervous… that’s all. I wasn’t expecting for you to be talking about me of all people” Charles said.

“You’re my bunny, You know i care about you a lot” Bridget said.

Bridget rested her hand on Charles’s thigh and gently rubbed back and forth on it. Having never felt the touch of a girl, Charles took a sharp breath and inhaled his breath and held it blushing a lot. “It’s okay…” smiled Bridget.

“No it’s not…” defended Charles meekly. Bridget frowned now. Her hormones were raging, and she was sure his were too. She’d been without relief in such a long time her patience was dangerously thin. “I don’t know what you want me to do…” Charles tried to steer the awkward situation to something else.

Bridget, at this point, snapped. “No! You little shit!!” Charles gave a confused look. He looked at Bridget and was shocked to see her angry for the first time in their friendship. “What?” he questioned.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” Charles couldn’t believe his ears, he’d never heard Bridget swear or yell, and now she was doing both; at him!

“W-what’s wrong?” He began feeling depressed.

“Oh shut the fuck up you little fucking shit!” Bridget barked again.

“what’s gotten into you??”

“What? you think you can just do whatever you want??”

“No I never said-” Charles said.

“Yeah you do, you little fucking shit!! Hearing you complain about, ‘oh poor me, I was bullied at my last school cause i have learning disabilities, boohoo’,” she mocked his voice, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” Charles felt very upset as to what was happening and began crying. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!!?!” screamed Bridget. Charles was crying to himself and felt afraid to respond at all, having never seen her like this. He tried as quickly as he could to stop crying but the tears wouldn’t stop. He looked up and saw a frightening look on Bridget’s face. She had this most evil smirk on her face. Charles tried to pull his wrists free but couldn’t. Bridget quickly showed Charles more of her strength when she slapped him “GET ON MY BED NOW!” she yelled. Charles quickly got up and scurried over to her bed in fear of making her more angry. Bridget pushed Charles on the bed and straddled Charles’s waist and sat there on top of him, pinning him on her bed. Charles was now clearly terrified of what was about to happen. He’d never had a girlfriend and didn’t think girls acted like this on a normal basis. He struggled with all his might to get free, but Bridget had him snugly between her thick womanly thighs.

Watching Charles struggle was turning Bridget on immensely and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to control herself if he kept it up. Charles eventually stopped moving and submitted to the feeling of Bridget’s warm thighs pinning him down. “Good boy” Bridget said.

“Uuuuugggghhhhhh!!” grunted Bridget; her excitement was getting the better of her. “OH GOD!!” She just had to rearrange herself. Charles watched as Bridget’s hand went to her short skirt. From his angle it almost looked like she was readjusting herself, but that’s not right… She lifted slightly and then sighed. When she sat back down that’s when Charles noticed something odd on his chest, I must be imagining things… he thought to himself. He looked up to Bridget and she was smirking. A look of horror fell on Charles’s face. This isn’t right… Bridget kept her gaze down at Charles and then slowly grabbed the bottom of her short skirt. Being the horny teenager that he was, Charles watched Bridget’s hands as they slowly pulled her skirt up looking on terrified.

Nervously he peered under Bridget’s skirt until her pink panties were revealed. Charles was left speechless as he saw a pair of balls and a cock-head peeking out the top of her panties. Bridget quickly put her hand over his mouth and grinned hugely, “Quiet now Charlie! I haven’t had a boyfriend in such a long time!” she said too calmly.

Charles made whimpering noises and squirmed as best he could but he couldn’t manage anything. Bridget kept talking to him calmly about what she was going to do to him, “you’re such a pathetic boy, being used by a girl like me…” she started rocking back and forth on his chest and she moaned quietly, “mmmmmm!” she hummed, “that feels so nice!” Charles let out a faint moan into her hand. “someones enjoying themselves”

Eventually Bridget got bored and held him down while she got her toys. Her nightstand wasn’t too far and she got some handcuffs. In moments Charles’s ankles and wrists were cuffed, now even if he wanted to, he couldn’t leave. Now in complete control Bridget got off him and watched as he struggled on her king-sized bed. He wiggled about trying to get free, still scared. “Oh shut up,” she said and went through her nightstand again. She pulled out a ball gag, in the shape of a penis of course, and wrapped it around Charles’s head securing it tightly. “Ah! Much better!” Charles began biting on the gag, but now it was absolutely hopeless, no one could hear him now, well except for Bridget.

Admiring her little trap, Bridget undressed her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Now just in her panties and t-shirt, Bridget climbed back on the bed, “mmm, I’m going to have so much fun with you!” she said cheerfully, “you have no idea!” Charles looked up to her pleadingly. “Ha! Your thick puppy eyes aren’t going to sway me! Like I said, I haven’t had a ‘boyfriend’ *Bridget putting air quotations* in a long time! Plus, you’re fresh meat!” With her little spiel over, Bridget began sliding her panties down her long smooth legs. She threw them onto Charles’s face and laughed sadistically as he tried to struggle away from them.

Now naked below the waist Bridget grabbed her cock. At eight and a half inches long, it was actually slightly bigger than Charles seven. And was a bit thinner too, not by much. “Look at that,” she smiled, “She’s happy!” Charles stared at it mesmerized and nodded. Bridget slowly slid her hand up and down her cock and moaned quietly, “God, it’s been so long!” She played with her cock for a few more moments before shedding her t-shirt. Sure enough she wasn’t wearing a bra. Charles couldn’t help himself as he tried pulling his hands towards Bridget and took in Bridget’s glorious hourglass body. He was in Ankara escort bayan so many mixed emotions; he was horny, confused, scared, frightened, and exhausted. Not really sure where to look, Charles stared at Bridget’s perky C-cup breasts. Her nipples were achingly hard and she flicked them, sighing and giggling while doing so. Charles’s eyes inadvertently went down to Bridget’s cock and stared at it watching it twitch.

A loud groan from Bridget caught Charles’s attention and he looked up. She had a wicked smile which frightened him further and rightfully so. “So I’m going to be nice to you for your first time. I’m usually not, I actually like you, it’s a shame that it’s come to this,” she said with authority. Bridget edged up Charles’s torso. He tried to wiggle away, but just didn’t have the strength anymore. “Ooohhh!” cooed Bridget, “I love a fighter! It makes me so hot!” As she edged closer up Charles she grabbed her cock and began stroking it slowly.

“Mmmmmm, that feels sssssooooo nice! I haven’t felt this good in such a lllloooonnnnggggg time!” By now, Bridget sat on Charles’s chest, with her cock and balls dangling just above his face. She stared into his eyes as she jerked her feminine cock ever quicker. Precum leaked out of her cock periodically. She used it to lube herself and stroke herself quicker still. Charles looked up at her whimpering through the ball gag giving puppy dog eyes as she inched closer to her orgasm.

It wasn’t long before her hand was flying along her cock. She gently grabbed her large ball sack and massaged the gems inside as her moans grew louder and louder, “oh baby!” she moaned. Charles was completely and utterly powerless under Bridget and all he did was watch in as his ‘friend’ stroked her cock. Her movements quickly became erratic and hectic and he was confused on what to feel as she was probably going to do.

Charles’s fears were well placed as Bridget lifted her light body just a bit and moaned to herself, “oh my god! Oh my god!! Oh my god!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! SHIT! SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIT!!” Bridget threw her head back and pumped herself furiously as her first four volleys shot up high before falling back down and landing on Charles’s aroused face. The first warm loads didn’t register at all and he sat there motionless until Bridget’s next set of moans woke him. He squirmed with all his effort and really only made a mess of the whole situation. His efforts caused Bridget to buck and send more strings of cum every which way. Bridget gasped and gasped until her orgasm finally stopped. The last few throbs ended with her white cream dripping out the tip of her spent penis.

Charles was completely aroused, covered in semen and confusedly horny as well. Bridget dismounted Charles and smiled at him, “Mmmm, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. It felt great!” she said with a smile. “And guess what? There’ll be a whole lot more where that came from and there’s nothing you can do about it. Would you like to know why?” Bridget asked and Charles shook his head no, “It’s because you can’t go to anyone about this, not other students, teachers, the principal, even the police. Do you know why?” She waited again, and again shaking his head no, “It’s because I’ve got all of them wrapped around my finger as well! Isn’t that just great!” she smiled.

Charles’s eyes closed as he realized how deep in trouble he was in and began crying. Surely there was something he could do! He tried thinking but was too occupied by Bridget’s movements, unsure of what she might do next. She came over to him with her semi-hard cock just inches from his face. “Now if I take this gag off are you going to yell?” Charles shook his head, ‘no.’ “Good, otherwise I’ll have to do some more bad things to you,” she said confidently. Bridget unhooked the penis gag and pulled it off Charles’s face. True to his word he didn’t yell, but he did ask, “Why?”

“Why not?” was the answer he got.

“No really, why? I thought we were friends”

“Because I can!” she cheerfully smiled, “plus it makes me so horny seeing my victims squirm! Plus we still are friends, even if I’m being more forceful”

“Okay… but what are you really trying to gain from all this?” he asked.

“Well for one, I don’t have to worry about school work, grades, or college! It’s all taken care of!”

“So you’re doing this just for the fun of it basically?” asked Charles worriedly.

“No not quite, I still like you though” was all she answered back. Charles felt horrible, he transferred to another school trying to get away from his past and now his best friend, or so he thought, was one of them trying to haunt him. He began tearing up from how stupid he felt for getting himself in this situation.

“Don’t cry about it too much, Besides your still my bunny” said Bridget and handed him a tissue, “clean yourself up and get out.” Bridget went to unhinge Charles’s cuffs and sat up and cleaned himself off. “i’m not going” Charles said. “what?” “i’m not leaving” Charles looked at Bridget and leaned in and kissed her deeply. Bridget pushed Charles off of her. “what are you-” Bridget tried speaking but Charles kept kissing her deeply. “why are you” “i don’t want this to stop” Charles said and looked deeply into Bridget’s eyes. Bridget looked back and could tell Charles was serious and also knew his hormones were raging at this point.

“what do you mean by that” Bridget asked. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I’ve just been too shy to do anything about it. but since you went this far with me i want to show you how far i’m willing to go… for you” charlies confessed. Bridget looked at Charles and took in a sharp breath as the cool air touched her naked skin when Charles got down and looked at her cock and began stroking it and was determined to make her hard again. Her cock grew harder as Charles kissed Bridget and she was nearly at full length.

Without any hesitation Charles grabbed Bridget’s meaty girl cock and stroked it quickly fast. “Mmmmm, that’s it” moaned Bridget. Bridget closed her eyes and tilted her head back A sharp gasp soon followed when Charles open his mouth and take Bridget’s cock all the way to her pubic bone, no problem. “Ooooohhhhhhhh bbbbbuuuunnnnnnyyyyyyyy…” shuddered Bridget. Charles looked up into his friend’s eyes as he did the most submissive act. His actions were slow, enough to get his captor’s cock slick.

Charles began to twirl his tongue swirled and wrapped, and flicked at Bridget’s mushroom head eliciting moans of approval. However Bridget wasn’t in this for the foreplay, she wanted to cum! Charles watched in fear as Bridget grabbed his head with both hands and literally face-fucked Charles

It didn’t take long for Bridget to cum, just two minutes and she was gasping for air. She began to tremble and her legs went weak as she screamed out, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Five warm jets of cum shot out of her throbbing cock and filled into Charles’s waiting stomach. Like the good slave that he was, Charles suckled on Bridget’s cock. she was rather pleased with her predicament, some boy was being submissive and kept sucking on her cock and was allowing both his and her own hormones to flow and enjoy the moment

Bridget got up from her relaxed seating and her cock popped out from Charles’s mouth. He turned to see her walking and noticed her cock standing straight out. He swallowed nervously and was slightly aroused seeing her arousal. Bridget was expecting and hoping for this reaction and she smiled upon seeing it. “What’s wrong Bunny? Never seen a girl excited?” she cupped her breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other and playfully swayed, “Yeah…”

“Don’t you think that’s hot?”


Bridget caressed her crotch again, “Mmmmm,” she moaned, “Isn’t it sssoooo hot how you can see how horny I am?” Charles was too scared to respond not sure what exactly was going on, Bridget kept walking towards him slowly while she questioned him. She pouted, “You don’t think I’m hot?” she began to fake cry. The two were nearly face to face now. She grabbed Charles’s arm gently and pulled it to her groin. “No I do think you’re hot, I think your very beautiful” He gasped at her strength and did nothing to resist. His arm provided only submission to her and she giggled quietly watching him submit. She kept rubbing his hand over her crotch and moaned. Closing her eyes she tilted her head back savoring the sensations of his touch. Charles also showed slight signs of enjoyment too.

Just like that, Bridget snapped back and replaced Charles’s hand back to her erect cock. “Mmmm, that’s better,” she sighed. An smile fell on her face as she stroked Charles’s hand ever quicker along her hardening shaft. “Look how happy she is!” Bridget remarked. “she so happy i know” said Charles. Charles looked down at Bridget and stared at her crotch and began rubbing it voluntarily.

Soon Bridget was kissing Charles deeply and was moaning and her erection was aching to be released. She couldn’t deny herself any longer and Her cock stood proudly in front of her. Bridge was lying down on the bed naked and grabbed Charles’s hand again. She easily made Charles’s hand into a fist and began pumping herself with his hand, “Oooohhhh that’s sssooo good! You sure do know how to please a girl bunny.”

Charles was mesmerized by what he was doing and felt good when his own erection was aching. He tried to hide it but when he saw Bridget’s face he knew she knew what was going on. “Mmm, is someone else enjoying this too?” As quickly as she said that Bridget placed a hand to Charles’s jeans and felt his bulge. “We’d better get you out of this!” With swiftness, Bridget yanked down Charles’s pants in no time. His boxers bulged out obscenely and she smiled seeing his discomfort.

Charles walked forward to Bridget cupped her hand near his cock but she wasn’t having any of it. He groaned in pleasure as he felt Bridget’s soft hand on his member. She stroked him teasingly and ever so slightly dropped his Escort Ankara boxers down. Caught in the moment, Charles didn’t even realize Bridget pull his boxers down and off releasing him. The cool air felt nice on his cock and he looked down to see his hand wrapped around her cock while her hand was wrapped around his.

Charles didn’t say anything and let Bridget stroke his cock

“You ok bunny?” Bridget asked intrigued. Charles knew there wasn’t much he could say, his cock was doing the talking, he was obviously aroused. A sharp moan escaped him when he felt Bridget tug on his cock. She led him to her bed and sat him down. He looked up to see a smiling Bridget before him, “Now what can we do to help our little problem?” she asked him. He looked to her throbbing cock, then to his. “I think we should have some fun!” Bridget closed in on Charles and pushed him onto his back. Her leaking cock pressed into his shirt and could feel the hot sticky dampness soak through.

Charles wasn’t sure what Bridget was doing since he was so preoccupied with her ragging hard on pressing into him. He failed to notice her and then slide back down so they were face to face. He now got a better look at Bridget’s breasts, in the past he would’ve loved to have seen them, Charles moved his hands out and began feeling them and squeezing them. Bridget kept smiling down at him and he smiled back nervously. “Ah there we go! Finally something a little positive!” Bridget smiled again and worked her way down Charles’s torso. She planted a soft, surprisingly soothing kiss to the head of Charles’s cock. He moaned with no control and wondered what was going on, this feels rather nice… he thought.

Her lips on his cock were too good to be true but he couldn’t deny the pleasure and rested his head back in satisfaction. She kept teasing him, never venturing any further than the tip of his cock. Her lips were so good, the soft warm wetness. He shuddered a few times when her tongue flicked across his opening. “Mmmm, that’s my boy!” she moaned. Charles was moaning wildly. “B-Bridget…. your mouth feels so good…I think i’m gonna cum” Charles moaned.

Charles was so relaxed by this point he didn’t notice Bridget preparing herself. All the while she was servicing Charles; she was applying a generous amount of lube to her aching cock. With a pop from her lips, Bridget pulled away and smiled down at her new boy toy. Charles opened his eyes after he noticed that the warm wetness was gone. He saw Bridget smiling down at him. He looked down to her crotch and saw her erect eight inch cock glistening with lube.

His eyes were glued to Bridget’s cock. the tip of Bridget’s thick cock was firmly against his virgin anus. Charles was really nervous and Bridget could tell and tried getting Charles to relax. “hey hey… it’s OK bunny… really” Bridget said and began rubbing Charles’s head. “you gotta relax for me, ok? if you don’t relax it’s really going to hurt you” Bridget said. Charles took a few deep breaths and tried relaxing but he couldn’t relax enough for Bridget to fuck his ass. Bridget looked at Charles worried if he might not be ready for this. Charles closed his eyes and kept taking a few breaths trying to relax.

Bridge entered his ass slowly and took his virginity. The pain was nearly unbearable as her cock penetrated the weak boy, “Oh god yes!!” she moaned, “such a nice and tight boy pussy you’ve got!” Charles whimpered and whined each inch Bridget pushed into him, “Shhhh, Shhh Shhh it’s OK bunny it’s’re taking my cock really well right now” she cooed as the last few inches buried inside him. Her barren crotch nestled up against his butt cheeks and she sighed. Bridget brought her breasts to Charles’s face. “bunny, suck on my breasts while i fuck you ok?” Bridget said. Charles involuntarily pulsed his rectum around Bridget’s cock and she giggled and moaned at the wonderful feeling, “Ooohhh! Keep doing that!” He didn’t what she meant and his body kept making the pulses. He was completely confused at himself; here he was lying on his back with his best friend embedded inside his asshole. And none of that was the best part; the worst part was his cock was achingly hard. The pain in his asshole was subsiding but it still hurt like hell. He was sweating profusely, trying to relax, but he knew the more he resisted the tighter his asshole would be.

“MMM!! Such a nice boy pussy! And you’ve got such a big boy down here too!” Bridget grasped Charles’s seven inch cock and gently stoked it with a few fingers. loud gasps escaped Charles and he felt so confused about all this. Bridget smiled at him seeing his precum ooze out his tip. Charles was trying so hard to not moan out loudly from the pleasure he was feeling. Bridget pushed her breasts into Charles’s face so Charles could calm down. Charles began sucking on Bridget’s nipple gently and began relaxing.

“ooooohh bunny you feel so amazing. your ass is nice and tight. i honestly have no idea how long i’ll be able to last fucking this nice ass” Bridget pulled out and gasped at the amazing suction Charles’s rectum was giving her. She almost popped her load right then and there, but she held herself just long enough to stop it. Charles leaned forward and kissed Bridget deeply on her lips. “I don’t want this to be rough but i want you to feel good” Charles said.

Sweat was already building up on Bridget’s make-up encrusted face. She was really having a difficult time controlling her cock. Every so often she’d have to stop her pumping just to contain herself. One particular plunge was almost too much, but she held back. Bridget stayed buried inside Charles until the feeling subsided but then she stayed there longer just in case.

Each plunge produced a thin glob of precum from Charles and Bridget couldn’t help herself stroking his big cock. “Such a big boy for such a big slut!” the pain was starting to subside now and he was getting used to Bridget’s girth. It was actually starting to feel pleasant, which he didn’t mind.

Bridget noticed how Charles’s demeanor changed gradually from a unrelaxed mood to a very relaxed and submissive. She could still tell he was giving into his emotions but she was slightly surprised by that. All of this thinking had relaxed Bridget enough to finish the job. Before getting back into it Bridget grasped Charles’s throbbing cock and began stroking him. Gently at first but soon she was stroking him with a purpose. Charles fought hard trying not to moan.

Feeling like Charles was relaxed enough now; Bridget began pumping her meaty cock in and out of his almost painfully tight ass. She smiled hearing his moans of pain and pleasure, “that’s a good boy! Take my meaty cock!!”

Bridget’s bed started to shake under her penetrations. Long deep thrusts filled Charles’s little hole causing him to squeal like a little girl. Bridget began upping her thrusts until she was gliding in and out of his tight little hole as if she’d been doing it all her life.

“Fuck!! This is too good!! UUUUUHHHHHHH!!” Bridget slammed her hips as hard as she could and embedded her meaty cock inside Charles. She spewed her salty seed, shooting six volleys before collapsing on top of Charles. Charles wrapped his arms around Bridget’s neck and wrapped his legs tightly around Bridget’s waist and clung tightly to her and having naked girl on top of him, pulling her body into his body and began submitting to her more.

Bridget rose from Charles’s body, “I usually spray myself onto my new comers first, but your ass was just too good to pass up!” Charles laid there, confused and still guiltily horny.

Bridget, as swiftly as she entered Charles, pulled out. Her softened cock glistened with lube and cum. “Clean me up,” she demanded. In a moment, Bridget pinned Charles down with her thighs and her limp cock probed his lips. She pushed her hips forward trying to get him to open his mouth but Charles was hesitant. “You do know, the longer you wait the more time it’ll give me to recover and do this all over again…” she smirked. “I don’t mind that at all” said Charles. “What?” Bridget was caught off guard by this comment. “I don’t mind if this happens.I want to go out with me. I’ll give into you completely. You can do whatever you want to me whenever you want to me. You can embarrass me, humiliate me, fuck me in public for all i care” Charles said.

“So you’re telling me you want me to go out with you and in return you vow to be my bitch for the rest of your life?” asked Bridget. Charles nodded. “Deal”

Charles began to reluctantly opened his mouth. “That’s a good boy!” Her cock slipped right past his lips and modestly filled his mouth. “You better work that tongue of yours,” Bridget demanded again. Again, reluctantly Charles obeyed and swirled his tongue around Bridget’s mushroom head. “Mmmmmmmmm…” she had to close her eyes, feeling the warmth of his mouth and began to hump his face.

Charles knew that having Bridget’s cock in his mouth wasn’t the end of the world. The salty taste of her cum was no welcome treat, let alone having a cock in his mouth. It did feel oddly arousing to have her warm appendage in his mouth. He tried not to think of it as a cock, but a large soft clit.

Soon that soft clit was becoming hard again. Quickly, he cleaned up the remnants of Bridget’s orgasm in hopes of her pulling out and letting him leave.

To his surprise Bridget did pull away, “Mmmm, that was good. I don’t want to spoil myself any more so that’ll be all for now.” The weight of the bed shifted as Bridget jumped off, bent over, presenting herself, and pulling her panties and shorts back up. She slapped her ass, “Maybe one day you’ll get to hit that! Now then” Bridget got up and placed a collar around Charles’s neck. “Since your my pet now you live here with me. I’ll have my dad explain something to your mom. Now go get me something to drink” said Bridget.

Bridget returned to her computer, laughing at all the missed texts. She sat back down, typing away and giddy with excitement for the coming days.

That night, Charles was incredibly horny; he masturbated furiously before he was satisfied. he thought about Bridget and her cock.

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