Brighton Graduate Ch. 04

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This started with Walter attending a classmate’s graduation party. The classmate’s mother, Marjorie Slade is a beautiful black women with a classical dancer’s body. Walter spent that night (part1) and the next night (part 2) in her bedroom. In part three, they spent all day and night together at a cottage attached to the George Eastman House.


Marjorie woke him the next morning by softly taking his flaccid cock in her mouth. Walter opened his eyes and looked at the brown-skinned woman in the early morning light who was gently coaxing his cock with her mouth and hands. Then he realized he had not washed his cock after ravaging her ass last night.

“Ah…I have not washed yet.” He stated tentatively. Obviously he did not want her to stop. She a finger to her lips to silence him and she continued! He had seen movies about ass-to-mouth but this woman, who just a few days ago was a just his friend’s mother, was actually doing it to him. When he was hard she mounted him from the top.

She looked at him as she slowly rode. They fucked slowly and wordlessly while staring into each other’s eyes. Neither said a word as they took their time. He caressed her small brown breasts as she rolled her hips back and forth on his shaft. When she came it was without much noise—just soft moans of pleasure. Walter followed a few minuets later while softly kissing her. He never made a sound and Marjorie felt his warm cum gush, filling her with its warmth. She felt guilty because it was a unilateral decision to mount him, but she trusted him and herself. It was dangerous and foolish, but it felt great and it obviously gave him pleasure too.

As they lay there in the afterglow of this latest round of lovemaking, they giggled and teased each other about who cried out the loudest during last night’s orgasms. It was such a carefree time for Marjorie, where the pressures and worries of the world seemed in proper perspective after so many years.

“I want to thank you so much,” she sighed. She rolled next to him and ran her hand across his chest. “I just never knew this was what it was supposed to be like.”

“It’s not like I’m working hard at this,” he answered. “You know I’m enjoying it too.”

“You are working hard at it,” she giggled. “That’s why I need to get you into the shower before you start to smell.”

“I’m not the only one covered in body fluids.” She unraveled her self from him and got out of the bed. Pulling him up, she lead him to the bathroom. The shower was an old-fashioned chrome rain-head type hung over a very large claw-foot tub. He started the water as she arranged the shower curtain, then they both got in.

They took turns soaping each other up. Walter stepped back and enjoyed the sight of the white soapsuds sliding down her dark breasts, across her firm belly, and dripping from her dark bush. He slid behind her and used his course chest hair to scrub her back while his hands kneaded her soap-slick breasts. Although her breasts were small, there was just enough to be able to feel the weight of them in his hands.

Walter’s ever-faithful cock again rose to the occasion, and he shifted it so it rested against the crack of Marjorie’s ass. As it grew, she became aware of it and started to slid up and down against it.

“Oh, baby.” She moaned. “I feel it. You’re doing it to me again!” She leaned forward with one hand on the rim of the tub, the other holding her ass cheek aside. Obviously she wanted something in her ass again. Walter rinsed the soap from the areas, and put the head of his cock against her anal rosebud. He started to push into her.

“AAHHH!” Marjorie wailed in pain. Walter pulled back immediately.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “It’s so sore back there. I thought the itching was asking for more. It’s just too sore.” She turned to face the young man. “I’m sorry, baby. No more there today.”

“It’s alright,” he answered, caressing her. He turned her around and she was almost crying. He smiled at her and then kissed her deeply. Walter bent down and sucked her beautiful dark nipples in his mouth. Each one, in turn, hardened in his mouth. Scrubbing her pussy clean, he knelt down to eat her out, almost drowning when she leaned back and the shower water came cascading down her chest. Walter continued to lick her twat until she almost fell as she came on his face. He held her şişli escort up gently until she recovered.

“It’s your turn now.” she grinned at him. She caressed his young, pale body, sucking and nibbling on his nipples as she moved down his body. She carefully rinsed and caressed his manhood, stroking it with her hands. She turned them both around so the water was falling against his back. Then, kneeling down, she took him into her mouth. She looked down in awe at the sight of her black lips on his white cock.

Marjorie’s hands pulled on his butt, causing more of his shaft to disappear into her lips. Her fingers pulled his ass-cheeks apart, allowing the water to wash over his anus. As her lips reached the base of his shaft, her finger slid over his sphincter, pushing him to the edge. Walter grabbed the shower curtain rod and rose to his toes, and Marjorie knew he was right on the edge. Her finger slid into his ass, feeling his prostate. He screamed as she forced him to ejaculate into her mouth. She swallowed it without any hesitation, moaning her pleasure at the taste of his seman. Then she wiggled her finger against his prostate and was rewarded with another ejaculation, smaller than the first. She swallowed again and then released him from her mouth as she pulled her finger out of his ass.

He collapsed to a sitting position under the shower. She sat there and looked at him with a smile as she rinsed her finger off.

“I didn’t know men could be multi-orgasmic!” Walter panted.

“Well good,” she purred. “I feel like I’ve finally taught you something too.”

They got out of the shower and dried each other off. They were very quiet as they dressed, helping each other and touching frequently. As they walked through the rooms cleaning up, they laughed at the evidence of their games: the outline of her body on the gloss finish of the dinning table, the dried sweat imprint of her ass on the kitchen counter, the twisted cushions on the living room sofa.

As they left the carriage house, there was a sense of leaving a fantasy world and returning to reality. She was very quiet as they drove away, and finally Walter was very concerned.

“Are you Ok with this?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” She answered. She bit her lip as she thought for a moment. “This whole experience has been a huge change in me. I can be a respected lawyer, the perfect hard-working, single mother. I’ve been doing it for years. Now I’ve discovered I can be a complete whore, and love it. I have taken your cock and your sperm in my mouth, my pussy, and even my ass! And screamed about loving it! Where is the professional in all that?”

“Do you think you’re the only one who lives those two lives?” I answered her gently. “In Victorian times, the most desired women were described as a ‘lady in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom’. I bet many of the people you work with have sexual lives that are far, far worse.”

“Do you think so?”

“At least you desire sex with a man.” I explained. “Some people are homosexual, others want to have sex with kids, or animals. A leather outfit and mild domination might be interesting, but pain is not a turn-on for me. I do not need to be tied up, whipped, or pinch to get off.”

“I know what gets you off,” she said, finally smiling. “I know you are right, but it is such a change in me, I feel like I’m loosing who I used to be. I guess I feel uncomfortable not knowing where I’m going.”

“Is this really about commitment and the feature of our relationship?” Walter knew this was a dangerous area to explore. He was not really ready to commit to one woman yet, but this woman was definitely special.

“Does that scare you?” She asked teasingly. “Don’t worry, that’s not the issue right now. I already resolved not to look too far ahead concerning a relationship with you yet. This is more about my relationship with me.” By this time she was just a few blocks from Walter’s house so she pulled into a convenience store parking lot and parked around the side of the store. She turned towards the young man.

“I need a little time to sort this out.” she said. “You have made me into a sexually depraved woman and I have loved every minute of it. I need to integrate that back into the other me. Can we leave it at that right now?”

“Sure. I won’t call you or anything.” Walter sounded very sincere. “Just let me know when, or if mecdiyeköy escort you want to se me again.”

“I know I want to see you again,” she told him. “I just need to figure me out.” She leaned over and kissed him goodbye with her sexy full lips. Then her tongue entered his mouth and threatening to tear out his tonsils as she reached down and squeezed Walter’s growing cock. He responded by caressing her small breasts as he returned her passionate kiss. Then suddenly she broke away.

“Oh God.” she gasped. “I need to get away from you! I’m ready to start all over again in the middle of the day. Please understand! I will call you soon.” She started the car and drove to Walter’s house and dropped him off.

In front of the house, their goodbye looked totally plutonic. Walter went inside and told his mother about his “work” as a sound assistant at Niagara Falls. Then he went upstairs and wrote down what he had told her so he would not forget. He then lay back, his mind going over all that had happened since he met Marjorie on graduation night. He was not sure himself if he wanted an emotional relationship with her. It obviously would not be a good idea. Her son Doug would want to kill him! He resolved to let her make the next move. He spent the rest of the day cleaning up around the house and generally being useful. Sunday he went to the boat with his dad. Monday he would start looking for a job.

He did not have long to wait. Monday night she called him, lonely and horny. By Wednesday night, the phone conversation addressed a more urgent need as she lay on her bed and he lay in the recliner in the den at 11:30 at night.

“Hello?” Walter answered.

“Hi handsome!” Marjorie replied, “I know you missed me as much as I missed you today. I just had to call you so I could hear your voice.”

“I’m so glad you did. I’ve been thinking of you.”

” Actually, I’ve been thinking of you making love to me. It’s all I could think about all day!” she said, letting him know how excited she was. “I can actually feel your fingers deep inside me, slowly stroking my G spot. Mmmm! I’m so very wet, baby. I need you so badly right now!” Her hand slid inside her nightshirt and down to the cleft between her thighs.

“Oh yes, baby! Are you playing for me right now?”

“Yes, my fingers are rubbing my clit as I speak to you. I’m dripping for you. Make me cum, baby!” Marjorie begged, a desperate sound to her throaty voice. “Ahhh, it feels so hot!” She closed her eyes as she imagined his tongue eagerly licking at her labia and clit. Her dark fingers spread swollen pussy lips so her finger could slide in rhythmically over her red clit.

“What are you wearing right now?” her son’s friend asked her.

“My black nightshirt,” she responded. “My hand is rubbing my clit for you.” Her body was already shaking with the need to feel the promise of release, giving her voice a detectable vibrato. “OOooo yeah!” She moaned softly. “It feels so good! I want you to eat me baby! I want to cum all over your tongue and face.”

“Marjorie, you’re making me so hard!” Walter opened his pants and released his hard cock. “Oh yes, that feels better! I have my cock in my hand and I’m stroking it while listening to you. I wish you were here sucking this, baby! It’s so hard, and there’s pre-cum oozing from the tip!” He took a finger and rubbed the large droplet over the sensitive head of his cock, causing it to jump in his hand.

“I wish I was there, baby, licking that up. I so love the way you taste,” she whispered into the phone. She cradled the phone on her shoulder so she could use two hands. The second set of fingers moved past the ones busy on her clit, seeking her wet hole. She gasped as the fresh sensation sent electricity through her body. “Oh Baby, I can feel you deep inside me now!” she moaned. Her breathing was becoming more erratic, and Walter knew she was playing with herself even more. “I want to hear you cum for me, baby! Oh god! I’m SO hot!” Her fingers slipped in and out of her hot cunt, covered in juice.

“You are driving me wild! I feel my cock deep inside you, moving in and out, so wet and tight!” Walter told her, with his hand busy sliding up and down his throbbing shaft. “God, baby, it’s so hot inside your sweet pussy!” he moaned.

“Oh, I love to hear you moan, and the sound of your heavy breathing in my ear. I’m so close now baby, please…don’t stop!” she pleaded. “Oh yes!” she cried out as another spasm ran through her excited body.

“I’m fucking you harder; so deep I can feel my balls against your ass. Your hot insides are squeezing my cock every time I slide in you,” he tells her breathlessly, as his panting forces her climax to the very edge.

“Ohhhhh… I’m right there! Do you want me to suck my fingers for you? Do you want to hear me suck them for you?” she moans into the phone. “They’re so wet; covered with my juices!” she tells him.

“Oh God, yes! Please suck them for me. Tell me how they taste!” Walter begged her, listening eagerly. She took her fingers from inside her pussy and placed them deep into her mouth, enjoying the sweet flavor of her own juices.

“Mmmm….God, baby they taste so very good!” The erotic sound of the sucking transfers over the phone and Walter is further excited by this older woman. “Do you want to taste me, baby?” she teases.

“Oh yes, I do! I love the way your pussy tastes; so very sweet! I wish could eat you all night!” he tells her, with the strain of his passion in her ear. “Oh God…I’m cumming for you baby, are you ready to cum with me?” he asks urgently.

Deep convulsions ravaged through her lean brown body. “Yes! Cum for me NOW!” she yelled, as the climax claimed her; the spasms forced her thighs tightly closed around her hand as wave upon wave ripped through her. She moaned loudly into the phone as it sipped from her shoulder and rested on the pillow next to her head.

Walter grunted loudly, contained his noise to not wake anyone in the house up. His cock exploded, squirting streams of cum over his hand and stomach. “Oh God, baby…that was so good!” he moaned into the phone, so sated and exhausted.

“You’ve done it again,” she said into the phone after she retrieved it. Her voice was relaxed and in a sexual high from the climax. “I’ve never had phone sex before. Playing on the phone with you is so very exciting!” She paused to lick her fingers loudly. “I wish you were here to finish licking me clean,” she purred teasingly.

“If I walked over now, someone would find out,” he cautioned. “Doug is home at your house and my mom and step-father are here. Are you ready for that?”

“Right now, I really don’t care,” she moaned sadly. “But I would care in the morning. I am thinking about it though.”

“The other problem with me coming down right now is I wouldn’t stop with licking you clean.” It was Walter’s turn to tease her.

“What would you do?” she asked, getting excited all over again.

“I would start by licking your wet pussy clean. But I know how wet you get when you are excited, and by now the juices have run down the crack of your ass. Touch your ass and see if I’m right”

She spread her legs with her knees up and reached down to run a finger down her crack and over her anus. “Oh baby,” she groaned with desire. “You are so right.”

“And you know I like to lick your ass, so my tongue would have to clean off your butt-hole,” he continued. She was such a multi-orgasmic woman when he was with her, he wondered if she would even be like that on the phone. “What would you do when my hands spread your ass cheeks while I slide my tongue into your ass? Do you like how that feels?”

“Oh, you nasty boy.” she panted, but reached down and touched he anus with a finger. It was wet and hot, and her finger slid in with just a little push. She moaned in response. Instantly he knew what she had done and encouraged her.

“Slide that finger in and out of your butt,” he told her. “Pretend it’s me rubbing your clit and my tongue screws your ass. You’re my anal slut and I’m your personal ass licker.” That just sent her over the edge again and she screamed through clenched teeth, hoping her son did not hear her.

When she recovered from her second orgasm, she thanked him and promised to call tomorrow. Wednesday night she was just as horny, and came twice again. By Thursday, she had a plan when she called him.

“Doug leaves for a basketball camp Friday morning.” she told him breathlessly. “Can you come over in the afternoon?”

“What time?” he asked. It wasn’t like he would be doing anything else. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

“I’ll leave the sliding door to my bedroom unlocked. I will try to get home by 4:00 but you can come in and make yourself at home. Just don’t waste any of your delicious cum. I want it inside me.”

“I’ll be there when you get home.” he promised.

Continued in Brighton Graduate

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