Bringing Back My Laptop

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It was a Friday night. I was sitting on my desk chair with my legs spread, sliding a monstrously big dildo in and out of my pussy.

In front of me was my laptop. Although it was an old one, it had brought me a lot of pleasure throughout the years. I loved this laptop. I needed it.

One of my favourite porn video sites was displaying a video of a threesome. Two pretty girls were sucking some guy’s large cock, and they were smiling at it.

I was just taking out my dildo to have a taste of it, when the screen of my laptop got stuck. In shock I put my giant dildo down on my desk. What was happening? The video stopped!

Still naked, with my pussy dripping on my desk chair, I called a friend of mine, a computer nerd. Well technically he wasn’t just a friend; a year ago when we had both been single for too long, we decided to help each other a bit.

“Josh? I need your help!”

“Calm down, Angie. What’s the problem?”

“My laptop suddenly stopped when I was watching this video!”

I heard Josh gasping. “What kind of video?”

“It just stopped! And it won’t continue!” I hoped that avoiding the subject would work.

I could imagine Josh having a big smile on his face. He sighed. “Have you tried escape?”




“Control, alt, delete?”

“YES! You’re not helping me.”

“Hush, hush, lady. I thought I helped you more than enough a few summers ago.”

There was an awkward silence. Josh was right, but I still didn’t know how to fix my beloved laptop.

“So what do I do now?”

“You take it back to the store.”

“No! I can’t! Not like this!”

“Like what?” I heard Josh laughing. “If you don’t take it back to the store where people can help you with it before the power goes off, I’m afraid you will lose your laptop.”

I thought of all the files I had on my laptop. Special videos, the most surprising, artistic and horny pictures I had found on the net, my own, self-written stories. My whole life was on my laptop.

“Okay, I will. Thank you Josh.”

“You’re welcome,” he said in an overly enthusiastic tone.

“BYE Josh!” While he still was laughing, I turned off my phone.

Sadly, I wiped off my wet pussy with a tissue, put on some clothes and made my hair look neat again, then I was off to the store.

While taking the subway, I thought of what I had to do. I would just walk in the store, pick a service member I did not care about seeing the porn on my screen, tell what was wrong, they would fix it and I would be happy again. I tried not to focus on my embarrassment. I had to be rational; I probably wouldn’t have the person helping me ever again.

When I walked to the information desk, there were three staff members behind a large counter. One of them was a totally hot boy. He had dark brown hair, a boyish face and must have been only a little over eighteen. I would not go to him. There was also an old man in a neat suit, which I wouldn’t dare to enlighten with my problem, and an ugly, hairy man. The latter was perfect.

I stood in the line of the ugly almanbahis adresi man, even though the other lines were smaller. In front of me was a family which hopefully would be gone by the time it was my turn; behind me there was an old lady.

When it was my turn, and I was removing the laptop from my bag, one of the kids of the family came back. He had a package in his hand with a toy in it.

“Spongebob still has a security sticker,” the little boy said.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I must have forgotten to take it off,” the ugly guy said, “I will help you with that.”

Then turning to me, “If you don’t mind, my colleague over here will help you.”

The hot, dark-haired man smiled at me while I gave the ugly man the angriest smile I had ever given.

“Can I help you, ma’am?”

“My laptop has broken down,” I said in total despair.

Reaching for it he asked, “Now let’s see, what were you doing at the time it broke down?”

I though of myself with my legs spread, furiously inserting my favourite dildo in my pussy.

“I was watching a video,” I said, while turning the laptop screen to the staff member.

“What kind of video was… Ahh, I see.” His breath stopped, he stepped forward a little and he turned red.

“How long have you been watching… these kind of videos?” While he was speaking to me, he kept his eyes focused on the computer screen.

“Errr…” Now it was my turn to turn bright red. I felt as if all customers around me and all staff were listening.

“For like two hours,” I lied, they were at least three. When you have a masturbation session, you might as well do it good.

The boy looked at me in shock. “Two hours?!”

His facial expression turned from fascination to contemplation.

“There’s a small chance we can save your laptop. In simple words, we can give it a kind of ‘shock therapy’ so that it will start running again and this video can be finished. After that, we can put it in to a special post-traumatic stress mode so that it will revive.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“Would you like to come with me to the storage room? This will take a while and I need some more information from you.”

“Sure,” I said, and I followed him. To reach the storage room, we had to walk all the way through the store. He was carrying the laptop, with naked tits and a big cock all over the screen, and I was following him; I felt really embarrassed. Hopefully this would be over soon.

At the end of the store we entered through a door that led us into a hall way. At the end of the hall way, there was a grey entrance.

Behind the entrance there was a big storage room with boxes containing technical stuff scattered all over the place. We sat down on a pile of boxes, in the middle of the room, that were a little lower than the rest.

“Sorry that the lights aren’t working,” he said, “but I thought it better to do this here than in the store.”

He plugged a tiny machine into one of the holes in my laptop. As I didn’t understand any of the technical stuff of machines and such, I had no almanbahis adres clue as to what he was doing.

After a moment, the video on my screen started rolling again. Two tiny girls with big round breasts were licking a guy’s dick and playing with each other’s nipples.

“And now?” I asked.

“Now we have to wait until the video finishes so that we can plug it into special mode.”

Did I get this right? We have to watch the video finish? This must be the worst day of my life, I thought.

Since the guy was watching the video, I decided to do the same. One of the girls lay on her side on a big bed now, so that the guy could fuck her from behind. The other girl was lying beneath them on the bed, taking the guy’s balls in her mouth.

My body got warm, my arm pits got sweaty and my clit started to tingle. I realised how horny I was. I was looking forward to being able to finish masturbating, but the video information indicated it would last for another 20 minutes. How was I going to last through this? I decided to take better notice of the staff member.

He was watching the porn with his eyes almost piercing the screen, his legs spread apart a little and his back curved. Would this be his usual position for watching porn? The thought of this hot guy alone at his place, with his cock in his hand, entered my head.

I felt as if I going crazy. How was I going to get less horny?

The guy stretched one of his legs and although the room was very ill lit, I could see a massive boner poking against the fabric of his pants.

He caught my gaze, and he looked me in the eyes, as I stared back at him.

Coming closer, he moved one of his hands and positioned it behind my back. One knee touched my leg as he came closer. Finally he kissed me.

Although I was caught by surprise, I kissed back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck while he moved the hand behind my back to support me and put his other hand on my face.

He slowly pushed his body against me and I gave in and lay down. He gestured with his hand that there was no box to support my head, and we had to move down a little.

“Careful,” he said in a soft, masculine voice.

As he lay on top of me, he gently pushed his boner to my pussy. I pushed back. We went totally wild. He grabbed and cupped my breasts while I pulled off his jacket and started undoing his tie. He unbuttoned my blouse while pushing his cock to my body and dry fucking me.

While witnessing the horniness in each other’s eyes, we pulled off our clothes. He had a muscular, but boyish body, with a flat tummy and a large erection that got even bigger when he saw my thin, feminine body naked.

I spread my legs far apart for the second time that day and called him with my lustful smile. He practically jumped on top of me again, lifting himself with his legs and making a gesture with his cock as if he really wanted to enter my opening now. I stopped him, holding his massive cock in my hand.

“Wait a second,” I said, while reaching for a condom in the pocket of my jeans. “Do you mind?”

“No,” almanbahis adres he said in a voice that was hoarse from horniness.

While holding this stranger’s cock in my hand, I slid the condom on.

He gave me a devilish smile and finally put his cock in my pussy; I was so wet, he could easily slide in. With the first movements of his lower body he opened his mouth a bit, closed his eyes and threw his head back.

I let out a suppressed moan in his ear.

“Are you okay?” His voice sounded masculine even though he whispered.

“Yeah…,” I gasped, as he was fucking me, “very okay.”

While watching me with lust in his young eyes, he continued pumping his rock hard dick in and out. Every time he pulled out, I could see his stick glistening with moisture from my vagina, and every time he stuck it in again, my body went up a bit. Harder and harder he rammed his cock inside my body.

In my mind there was just this horny boy and his erection.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned, “fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me.”

“Oh yeah,” he gasped.

With his eyes fiercely focused on mine, he sped up the pace a bit. The rhythm of him fucking me increased more and more. As he was fucking me, his giant cock was completely sucked in by my pussy and his balls slapped against my ass cheeks.

I felt my feet tingle and straightened my legs to govern the chill that was running down my spine. I was making so much noise it was almost as if I were screaming. I so very much wanted to come; I pulled him against me, widened my legs even more and wildly shook my upper body.

As he put in his erection at a steady, hard pace, I felt my orgasm hit. My clit felt as if it were contracting, my back curved and I screamed in pleasure. Finally I was coming; four hot waves of orgasms shock through my body.

Then he fucked me with his back a little straighter. He gasped louder, pierced his nails in the boxes we were laying on and bit his lip.

He started fucking me harder again, at an angle, as if my pussy was sucking on his erected cock. I felt his cock clinching, and as he was coming and shooting his load of sperm, he growled. He lifted his head and gave me a good look at his fat neck. He kept thrusting his lower body as a big smile rose on his face.

As we were getting ourselves dressed again, we heard a voice come from the hallway.

“Matt? Are you finished helping that lady?”

We were ready just before the other staff member walked in the storage room. It was the ugly guy.

“Yeah, just have to insert one more cable.”

All three of us looked at my laptop. Luckily it no longer displayed the porn video, the screen was empty now.

“Okay, you fix that, then I’ll take her to Information to pay,” the ugly guy said in a commanding voice, “it’s closing time.”

When I was standing at the information desk again, I was the only customer still in the shop. The staff members were closing down the computers and a concierge was wiping the floor.

The hot guy showed up again, with my laptop under his arm.

“There you go. All fixed,” he smiled at me. He gave me a little note with a hand scribed number and ‘Matt’ on it. “And if you ever have problems again, give err.. us a call.”

The ugly guy gave him a weird look when he saw the note.

“I will,” I said, smiling at him, “thank you for everything.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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