Brittney and Jeff Ch. 01

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It had been a couple years since I last seen my sister. She had moved out of state to get away from her crazy ass babies daddy. And it looks like I got myself into the same situation as her with the mother of my child. Brittney had recently moved back to our grandparents house and we reconnected.

“This fuckin bitch took my kid and my house” I tell her. “She got a restraining order and I can’t see my kid or go home for three weeks. She said I raped her and strangled her” I tell my little sister while I’m sobbing.

“That fucking BITCH. How can they tell you that you can’t go to your own house when you OWN that shit” she says furiously.

“I don’t know but they did it. And even worse she is using all of my secrets against me” I tell her as I start to regain my composure.

“What kind of secrets.”

“I don’t think I want to tell you.”

“Well I can’t help you if I don’t know.”

“Well I’m kind of a perv sis. And I told her all my perverted secrets and she is threatening me with them.”

“Its okay brother. I’m a pervert too. It doesn’t affect your parenting at all. What kind of things are you into bro?” She says comfortingly. “Now you sparked my curiosity. I got to know. Tell me. Tell me.”

She brings a much needed smile to my face. “Well I’m kind of bicurious and I like to watch gay porn.”

“Oh big deal. I’m bisexual. And I think watching a guy suck dick is hot as fuck.”

“Really? Ankara escort She has always made me feel guilty about it.”

“Fuck her. She’s a bitch. Have you ever tried it?”

“No” I reply.

“Well you should at least once.”

I’m shocked at what my sister is telling me. And relieved. And… kind of turned on.

“So what else brother. I want to know. Tell me. Tell me.” She says in her annoying little sister voice.

“Well I like to wear girls panties. And fuck myself in the ass.”

“Well your g spot is in your ass so that’s no surprise there. And I bet you look hot in panties.”

“WHAT?” I say in a shocked chuckle.

“Ya brother. Your hot as fuck. Duh. Your flat little tummy and cute little bubble butt.”

“How do you know what I look like naked?”

“Well you haven’t changed since high school so I would imagine you still look the same. And yes I snuck some peaks at you getting out of the shower a couple times. So what.”

“DAMN SIS. I guess being a perv does run in the family.”

“Ya I’m sure it does. I never saw your cock though.”

“Good” I say. “Its small anyway.”

“I highly doubt that.” She says.

“Ya. Its not. I’m feeling a lot better now. Thanks for taking my mind off of everything. But I’ve got a raging boner now.”

“HAHAHAHA. Hey is that sex shop still downtown?”


“You should go put on some panties Ankara escort bayan and go jack off in the arcade there. Or maybe they have a glory hole. You can get your dick sucked.”

“What!! Really?”

“Yes. Now do as your little sister says” she states in a stern voice.

“Yes mistress.” I tell her as we both laugh.

“And call me when you’re done I want to know all the deets.”

“Okay sis.”

I slide my jeans off and stroke my hard cock a little bit. Then i go to my backpack and grab the only pair of panties i managed to grab when packing my clothes. A cute little pink thong with bows on it. It has three little ribbon like pieces of lace connecting the small bits of fabric. It looks sexy on my hips. I put my big balls through the crotchless fuckhole part of the thong. I love the way the soft fabric feels on the tip of my dick. I look in the mirror and think I do look sexy in panties. I rub my dick again then pull up my pants. Then strap on my boots. Hop on my bike and head downtown.

I enter the sex shop and walk around a little bit. Pretending I’m there for another reason than the arcade. I look at some dildos a little bit; then some movies. I kind of notice this black guy checking me out. I go to the counter and get some tokens. Then I head back to the arcade and pick out a booth.

I start browsing the video previews and stop on one that catches my eye. Its a cute twink Escort Ankara sucking a big dick with a petite blonde girl. I take my pants off and pull my dick out the side of my thong. A voice is at the entrance of the booth asking if they can join me. “I don’t think so” the nerves obvious in my voice. I start stroking my hard cock. The cute twink is now getting fucked in the ass while the blonde sucks his dick. Its not a big dick. About five in a half inches and not too thick. I wouldn’t mind riding a dick like that my first time.

Then i notice something out of the corner of my eye. Its the black guy from earlier. Without saying a word he reaches out and grabs my dick. I’m in shock. He licks his big lips and asks if he can suck my dick. His big warm hands feel good on my shaft. Much different than a woman’s hands. We just stare at each other for a moment as he strokes me. I don’t say anything so he proceeds to get down on his knees. His hands feel good. He slowly moves his lips towards my cock. He licks my balls all the way to the tip before engulfing all seven inches of me. Oh my god his mouth feels so good. He takes my thick seven inches like nothing. The pleasure. The excitement. The wrongness of a black MAN sucking me off is too much. The head of my dick doesn’t leave his mouth. This guy is good. I guess it is true. Men are better at sucking dick. And within a matter of seconds I blow my load down his throat. Spurt after spurt his mouth fills with my cum and he keeps sucking and swallows it all. Then he gets up and leaves.

Wow that was amazing. I’ve never came from a blowjob before. I pull up my pants and rush home to call my sister.

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