Britt’s Neighbor

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After a frustrating day at work, Britt decided to relax in a nice hot shower, then go to bed. As the hot soothing water trickled down her tender naked body, she began to think of how wonderful it would be to make love to her boyfriend again. Britt didn’t want him back, as he had left her for another woman, and broke her heart. She merely wanted to feel a man’s body against hers again. To feel wanted.

Her shower ended, and she gently toweled herself off, the bathroom filled with fog from the hot water. She stepped out of the shower and went to her bedroom, where she brushed her long, brown, wet hair and stared into her own big brown eyes in the mirror, wandering why a girl as cute as she was, was so utterly lonely.

Britt dried her hair, and then unwrapped the towel that covered her naked, curvaceous body. The sudden rush of cold air against her warm skin gave her chills, and goose bumps formed on her skin, and her tender nipples became rigid, almost painful. She quickly jumped in bed, after turning out her lamp, and got comfortable under her warm, soft blankets.

Her cute face rested gently against the pillow, but in her mind she could not clear out the thoughts of the day’s work. The next day would be filled with more anxiety, problems, issues. She buried her face in the pillow, and tried to clear her mind, and let the realm of sleep overtake her. After two hours of this her mind was so tired that sleep finally came, and her unconscious journey to the next day began. Britt began dreaming.

I had watched her before, from next door. She looked so good walking down the sidewalk. I enjoyed watching her butt after she passed me…. Her feminine body mesmerized me. Her long brown hair almost seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. Her beautiful smile and bright shining brown eyes always hypnotized me, so much so that I bungled every chance I got to talk to her. I wanted Britt so badly, but I didn’t think I would ever have a chance with her. Tonight, I got so horny and I saw her come in late from work. I opened antalya escort my window, and to my astonishment there she was, in all her naked glory, drying her hair in her room. Wow, I thought to myself. She is a work of art, a masterpiece of womanhood. Then I noticed her window was cracked.

As I watched her sleep, my cock throbbed in my pants. I needed to get a closer look- her window was open. Perhaps she wouldn’t wake up if I was very quiet.

I slowly began to open the window. The cold wind whipped up, and blew her curtains about. I quickly slipped inside her warm room, and waited. The wind didn’t wake her. Now was my chance to get a closer look, and maybe even pleasure myself without her knowing. I sat in a dark corner of the room… even if she woke up she wouldn’t know I was here. My heart raced with adrenaline, this was such a thrill being so close to her sleeping, beauty, and yet so far away. She suddenly turned over in bed, and her blanket moved, exposing her left breast. I gazed at it, studying every curve, every gentle feature of her tender breast. Then my hand got busy- my cock was throbbing.

I wanted to cum while looking at her naked, it would be such an awesome thrill. As my stroking became more intense, she turned over again, and I thought for a second she had heard me. Then Britt moved again, this time she flipped onto her back, and I saw her naked legs. Suddenly, she pushed her blankets off, and the glorious nude Britt

was all mine to see.

Britt made noises in her sleep, and her legs spread open… as I looked to take in the sight of her pink, tender pussy, she began rubbing it with two fingers…. from what I could see she was still asleep. Her fingers rubbed her hard clit around in circles… making her legs squirm on the sheets.

This I thought, was a golden opportunity.

Britt’s mind was at ease, after sleep took over, but her dreams began to be sexual. Her fantasies hadn’t been exercised in a long time, not since the asshole left her. Subconsciously, fethiye escort her fingers found their way to her clit, and she started feeling long overdue pleasure.

I watched her rub her clit for a while… I could hear the juices filling up her pussy, and running onto the sheets. Her fingers were smacking against her wet clit, and the sound

of this made me crazy inside. I had to fuck her… NOW. I got closer, and I could smell her pussy juice in the air. My cock begged to be impaled into her.

I got closer, and my fingers reached up her leg, and joined her fingers. Her clit was so hot, and the juices were very slippery. I touched her only long enough to get my fingers coated with her pussy juice. Then I brought them back to my mouth, and began to suck. Her juices tasted so good in my mouth. By now, I thought to myself, she must be aware of my presence…. She must want a secret midnight fuck, if nothing more.

Britt woke up feeling her own fingers caressing her needy pussy. She lay motionless in bed, and fingered her clit, waiting for her orgasm to come, so she could resume her much needed sleep. Suddenly, she felt a finger, not hers, touching her wet pussy. her mind raced. “What the fuck do I do???” She asked herself.

She carefully opened her eyes, just enough to see out of them. She saw a stranger, a shadow standing at the foot of her bed, his hand in her crotch. She could not see his face in the darkness. But his finger felt good. It had been a long time since she had a man.

After tasting her, I decided it was time to indulge my tongue in her pleasure. I leaned down, my chest in between her legs, and laying on the mattress, my arms resting underneath her thighs. I knew now that she was aware of my presence, and did not seem to care. I pulled myself close to her, it was like I was embracing her hips, and hugging her loins. I gently kissed her wet, soft pussy lips, and enjoyed her flavor as I licked my lips. Then I eased my tongue in, searching in kaş escort the moist darkness for the tender yet hard lump of her clitoris. Once I found this, I started to massage it with my tongue.. pink against pink, the tiny bumps and taste buds of my tongue stimulating her and sending chills all over her body. I teased her very cruelly…. I would lick the tip of her clit, lick around it in circles… and then suck on the tip, and when it was in my mouth, I hurriedly flicked the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue. This made her almost uncomfortable.

This was very intense for her and she began to squirm around on the bed, trying to escape my mouth. As she neared orgasm, her thighs would quiver against my shoulders, and her breathing became heavy and shaking. When this happened, I stopped licking her clit, and moved down deeper in her pussy. My tongue slipped into her untouched hole… the flavor of her juice inside was more tangy than her clit, and I loved it. I made my tongue rigid, and began to bob my head back and forth, fucking her hole with my wet tongue.

I returned to her clit, satisfied with the taste of her vagina. Her clit was sucked, and my tongue flicked the tip once more, and I kept this up until her thighs quivered, and her hips thrust forward, her ass coming up off the mattress, one of her hands grabbed the back of my head, and pushed my face into her pussy. Her orgasm lasted a good two minutes, and my face was very sticky from her pussy cum.

At this time my mind got the better of me… I thought, I better get out of here, before she knows who I am. I want to keep myself a stranger to her…. I got off the bed, and quickly ran to the window. She lay on the bed, expecting my cock to slide into her at any moment, but it did not come. My escape into the cold night was successful, and I closed the window behind me.

Back in my house, safe from being discovered, I lay in bed, my mind racing, wondering what it would have been like to fuck her. But alas, it was not meant to be. This was only a chance encounter. Once in a lifetime. I had better be happy with what I got.

I lay in bed. Her flavor and scent fresh on my lips and chin. I slowly stroked my cock, and tasted her on my lips…

Tomorrow it will be interesting to see her outside. 😉

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