Brod: Elasticity Ch. 03

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Sarkopheros Says:

Huge penetrations, hyper cocks and balls, cervical penetration, cum inflation—all the Brod stuff you love is here!


I put my hands on her swollen belly and groaned, pulling my hips back.

Schlloooorph! My twenty-eight inch monster began pulling out of her, the pussy lips stretched paper-thin around its leg-thick girth, flushed an angry red. My hands sank into her sloshing yoga-ball-sized belly as I did so.

“Last of the control group,” said Nahid, looking down. She grabbed the tablet by its lower corners and began waving it up and down to throw some of the jizz off of it. Splorch! It landed on one of the women lying nearby. She moaned and shifted. “All data is accounted for,” said the doctor. I put my hands on my hips and looked around as she fiddled with her tablet.

Around the stage, fifty of the volunteers from a week ago were lying much as they had the last time. My cock pulsed in the air, still hard and ready. It and myself were caked in thick layers of my own spunk and their juices. They were mostly sprawled upon the lounges, massive distended bellies quivering with every breath, pinning them down with their mass, big as yoga balls. Some women rubbed their bellies, some tongues lolled out.

Every single pussy gaped like a cave, gushing my white sperm into pools rolling across the floor. The entire space reeked of sex—though of course not as strongly as a week ago, when I’d fucked a hundred women and then my staff. Granted, in the case of my staff, it was more that they jumped on me while I was exhausted, but that’s beside the point.

I leaned back against one of the stools. Thalita came up behind me and smiled, wrapping her muscly arms around me from behind and rubbing my cock with both hands. “Don’t worry, Broddy. You’ll have more pussies soon.” She lowered her voice, putting her full lips by my ear. “Then it’s mommy’s—”

“I am not calling you mommy ever again,” I sighed. It hadn’t been long since I’d regretfully called her that. But if you remember the first story in this miniseries, I was in great pain! I looked at Nahid. “So when do the treated girls come in? I’m still horny.”

She nodded toward the white room’s entrance. The door looked tiny in relation to the room. “Soon.” She grinned over at Yara, who stood nearby. “I can’t wait to see if this works.”

“If it does, this will be a game changer,” I said.

Yara nodded. “Yes, and if it works, we might be able to market your fluids for all sorts of purposes. I can think of three or four right now.”

Nahid shook her head. “Yeah, there’s that, but right now, I just want to see him rail those cocky little sluts from head to base!” Then she looked down at the massive purple dildo she had with her. You might remember this dildo—it was the same one cast from my cock that Jane had shown my clients in Breeding Osaka. “And this should be very helpful for the research.”

Thalita and Valeska looked each other and grinned. I didn’t know what to make of that. But I wasn’t thinking about any sly looks—both me and my cock were drooling over the prospect of more women arriving.


After a lunch break, the girls form the experimental group started to file in. Nahid had given them orange wristbands to easily tell them from the control group.

I sat up on the stage from the other day, my nuts hanging below my chair. Not just any chair—I must again reference Breeding Osaka. You may remember that I’d custom-built a sturdy wooden chair big enough for my frame, with a strategically-cut seat to let my monstrous nuts hang properly.

The setup today was mostly the same as in last story—except for a huge glass tank full of a clear liquid. It appeared to be around eight feet in height and four in diameter. It was connected to a hose which ended in a smoothly tapered nozzle. That nozzle looked suspiciously phallic. There was a switch at its base.

My cock jutted proudly forward, hovering in mid-air, pulsing, eager, bloated, and massive. Dollops of precum rolled from its tip. My monstrous nuts hung low, and I could feel my sperm churning as they sought a clear path to a womb. Thalita knelt next to me, rubbing my cock with both hands. Valeska was standing nearby.

“So what did you do to them, anyway?” I asked.

“We haven’t done anything yet,” said Nahid. She nodded toward the tank, her tits quivering. “Don’t forget that this is a test for what will happen if you’re secreting that stuff.”

“That’s all the precum you got from me?” I asked.

“It was a bitch to get into here,” added Valeska.

“That’s right, it’s all mixed up for use as super-lube!” chuckled Nahid. “I blended it just—”

Yara grunted. “You mean we blended it, Dr. Ghali.” Unfortunately, the trainer wasn’t wearing any costumes today. But she was sitting on one of the chair’s arms with her hand on my shoulder. And that position put her plush, toned ass next to my face. I turned my head to kiss it. Mersin Escort It was far too tempting! Then I grabbed a handful.

Nahid rolled her eyes. “Oh, please, I did most of the work, Dr. Andrade.”

“Then why did you ask me to double-check your numbers?” asked Yara, narrowing her eyes. “Why did you ask me to talk to my colleagues? I know you spoke with your own.”

Nahid was going to reply, but the platoon of women had reached the stage. I smiled down at them. I turned and glanced between Yara and Nahid. I asked, “So what potential side-effects are we talking?”

“On you or the girls?” asked Yara.

“Both. But you briefed me. I’m concerned about the girls,” I told her, wrapping my beefy arm around her waist.

“While it’s very doubtful, the girls might experience a permanent increase in vaginal turgor. They may also experience an increase in joint flexibility. It’s difficult to say without experimentation, but neither of us or any of our friends in the field believe it will harm them,” explained Yara.

“And considering that that protein cannon of yours keeps our purses as swollen as one of your harlots, I would never do anything I thought might jeopardize it,” added Nahid. “There might be effects when we start altering your organs to produce this fluid. You might experience some enlargement, but I doubt it will be drastic. As my snippy, flat little colleague said, we can’t know before we put the science on you!”

Yara just sighed and rolled her eyes. “Now, let’s see.” She brought her tablet up. “You want to say hello, Brod?”

I nodded and stood. “Ladies!” I said, grinning down at the crowd of nude women looking up at me. Many hungry eyes studied my cock. I saw tongues running over lips and little shivers of anticipation. “I’m happy to see everyone again. I ah … hell, you know the procedure, I don’t have to explain this. Who wants to take every last inch of my cock?!”

The crowd began to scream, filling the space with a surprising amount of noise. The girls bounced up and down in front of me, tits jiggling. Well, the ones who had heavy racks, anyway.

I looked at Yara. “So who’s first?”

“Anita Dawes!” she called.

I looked down as a white girl whooped. “Awh heels yeah!” That’s not a typo. It really did sound like she was saying “heels yeah!” Then she said, ” ‘Bout damn time!”

She began to walk toward the stage. Her wide hips rocked back and forth, her thighs and ass jiggling with every step.

“Mmmh,” I growled in my throat.

“You like her, don’t you, Broddy?” asked Thalita, getting to her feet.

“Her ass cheeks are like basketballs, of course he likes her,” muttered Nahid. “I couldn’t get employed by a civilized man who likes tits.”

I rolled my eyes. “Stop fishing for compliments. I love your tits, and you know that.”

Anita came toward me, grinning broadly. Like most of the girls that Nahid had chosen, she was blonde. Her long, golden-white hair was tied back in a thick braid. Her big blue eyes locked on me. I licked my teeth and looked her over.

Anita Dawes was quite appealing. I’m not sure if her ass cheeks were quite the size of basketballs, but they were very impressive. I reached around her, grabbing handfuls and pulling her toward me. Her thick thighs rubbed against my dripping cock. It poured pre down her stomach. Her legs pushed against my balls.

“I’ll show y’all how we ride bulls where I come from,” she said, reaching down and rubbing my cock’s crown, her big blue eyes looking into mine. Her mouth was bit too wide for her face, and she showed a lot of teeth when she grinned.

Yara turned toward the tank. “I’m sure your bull-riding is superb. But first, we need to administer the treatment.” She uncoiled the hose from the hook on the side of the tank and walked toward us with it. The nozzle was about ten inches long and two across. Had these girls not ridden my behemoth a week ago, that might have seemed like a challenge to them. While it wasn’t particularly accurate in its shape, its cylindrical form and rounded tip left little to the imagination.

“Is that the stretchy-stuff?” asked Anita.

“Yes, that’s the ‘stretchy stuff,’ ” repeated Nahid. Anita missed the roll of her eyes, but I didn’t. I shot her a glare. She shook her head and shrugged as if she had no idea what I was trying to convey.

“Bend over,” grunted Yara.

I sat. Anita draped herself over my lap, grinning up at me and wrapping one arm around my cock’s base. I wrapped one meaty hand around her ass cheek, sadly unable to reach with my other hand in this position. I pulled it to the side, giving Yara access.

Yara pushed the tip of the metal dildo-nozzle-thing up between Anita’s legs. She pressed the little button near the base. KLIK-SPLLLLRRRSCH! Precum gushed out and splattered.

“Ooh my stars!” panted Anita. “At least y’all heated it up!”

“Okay. I’m sticking it in,” said Yara. Her dark eyes locked on Anita’s Mersin Escort Bayan entrance, her free hand pushing the other cheek aside. She gave me a faint smile. I really wished she was in her Korra costume. On the plus side, her dark hair was styled similarly. “Here we go!” she pushed the nozzle forward. It squished as it pushed into Anita.

“Hmph! Nothing like yours!” she grunted.

KLIK-SPLLLRRSCH! I heard the slime gushing through the hose. I could see bubbles rising upward in the tank. The liquid wobbled and a pump at its base buzzed. I’m sure I would have smelled it if the room didn’t already stink of sex.

“That’s all his precum?” asked a girl in the audience, pointing at the tank.

Thalita heard her. She said, “I milked it from him myself! I’m very proud.”

“Jesus,” muttered another.

“Why is she proud?” wondered the lady next to her.

My cock pulsed, steamy-hot slime rolling down its sides. It crept over Anita’s back and soaked into her braid. Yara kept pumping enhanced precum into her. When Anita’s belly began to swell slightly, she stopped.

“Ooh. Oh wow! It’s all scintillating and tingling,” moaned Anita. She reached back between her legs to finger herself. “That is darn weird.”

I ran my tongue over my teeth, my cock pulsing more intensely the more I looked at her. I could smell her hot, wet pussy. I looked at Yara. “Is that it?”

“You can have her now,” she replied.

“Finally, I’m still horny!” I grunted. I wrapped one beefy arm under Anita’s chest and wrapped the other under her thigh and between her legs. It was an awkward position, but I only had to move her about five feet. She yelped as I picked her up, moving her body as if she were a doll. I grunted and tossed her onto the bed. Anita bounced on her back, her thighs splaying apart.

All she had time to say was, “Brod!”

I grabbed her thighs under the knees and shoved my monstrous cock up against her dripping pussy. I hadn’t even had a chance to see what it looked like. I didn’t know if it had hangy labia or if it was a more compact one or what. I just knew I needed it!

She howled as I shoved my cock forward, the cantaloupe-sized head meeting resist—

Wait. Squiiilsch! My cock shoved forward, and her pussy spread and stretched as promised … but it was a lot easier than normal. Her belly bulged even more as I shoved almost ten inches of my monstrous organ into her, its progress visible as it pushed upward, my own precum squishing around my glans.

“Fuck, it’s so easy!” I grunted.

“You’re saying … you can s-saaay haaaaaiiigh!” howled the blonde. Her toes curled, her mouth hung open, and she erupted. SKLLLLLLRCH! Her cunt gushed a mixture of our juices all over me, spraying my belly and chest, my arms and thighs. It was hot and slick. SKLLLLRCH! Another eruption of cunt-juice. Nahid sputtered behind me—apparently, Anita had impressive range!

I panted and shoved again. Blomp! Anita’s cervix dilated and yielded immediately! My head shoved up into her womb, twenty inches of dick disappearing into her, that vanilla belly stretching up toward her tits. And still she came! Anita tried to talk. “B-buh-buh! Brod! I waa-aaaauuugh!” Sklllrt-sklllrt! She arched her back.

“So that’s how you ride bulls!” cackled Nahid.

I grabbed Anita’s thigh and rolled her body, flipping her 180 degrees, my cock twisting inside her. I wrapped my meaty hands around her waist and began to pound her from behind, my thigh-thick cock pulling out and shoving in. SKLLORCH. SKLLORCH. Every powerful thrust sent a spray of steaming-hot pre outward, sparkling in the light. It rained down on the audience. Their dripping cunts created a nice pussy-fog around me that only made things that much better!

Anita’s feet bounced limply as she clawed at the sheets of the bed. Her fat ass rippled delightfully. My gigantic nuts swung, slapping her thighs.

My staff all pushed closer, leaning in to see it as it happened. I wonder what it looked like from the audience—four women, one in a lab coat, all leaning in to see the way I was penetrating a blonde. Seven inches were left. Then six. Then five.

“It’s really happeniiiing!” squealed Nahid.

Four inches.

“Looks like you’re not the only one that can take him anymore,” chuckled Valeska, looking over at Thalita. “Now everyone will have a Grand Canyon jizz-dump between their legs like you!”

Three inches.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, this way he can have more sex!” cooed Thalita.

Two inches.

Even Yara’s eyes got bigger and bigger the deeper I went. Nahid bit her lower lip.

SMAK! My pubes hit the back of Anita’s ass. My whole cock was inside her.

“Excellent,” murmured Yara, giving a genuine smile as she stood up straight. She turned that rare, bright grin to me. “This is going to advance our cause very seriously.” Yara laid against my sweaty back, wrapping her arms around as Escort Mersin much of my body as she could. “Mmmmhh. This is a good day. I’m going to be Korra tomorrow just for you.”

“Awh yeah! I told you I could do it!” hollered Nahid, jumping up and down and making her tits bounce furiously, jiggling in her tight top. SMAK! SMAK! Her tits clapped, and then schhrrip! Her top exploded and her tits rolled out like a fleshy caramel avalanche.

Valeska burst out laughing. “Yeah, you did it, all right, Nahid! Ahahahah!” She slapped Thalita’s back. “Look at her! What a stupid cow!”

A bunch of the girls in the audience also started guffawing as Nahid tried to put the halves of her shirt together, her monstrous foot-diameter tits refusing to cooperate. “Orospu çocuğu!” she growled.

Of course, I was too busy to pay attention to the tittylanche. My nuts gurgled and sloshed as they slapped Anita’s thighs. My entire cock was inside a woman that wasn’t Thalita! It felt incredible!

As much as I loved Thalita and her powerful body, it was a new sensation to be gripping a pair of soft, big hips like Anita’s while gooey heat surrounded my entire cock from glans to base.

Every square inch of my sensitive, torrid cock was caressed by silky, slick, feverishly-hot flesh. Squilsch-squilsch-squilsch. It felt like cupfuls of juices were spraying out with each thrust. I leaned my head back and moaned, my eyes closing halfway. The blessed, sacred sensation of a woman’s steamy-hot, slick, dripping pussy, wrapped all the way around my cock from stem to stern.

“Look at him!” said one of the girls down below.

“Forget him, look at her! Her belly’s like … a fucking xenomorph!” marveled another.

Their words echoed, muffled, as if in another room. I looked down. Anita’s whole body bounced up and down with each thrust, my monstrous organ lifting her off the bed each time I slammed it home. SMAK-SMAK-SMAK! Her fat ass slammed against my pubes and belly, jiggling and rippling wildly, moving like Jello. Anita’s head bounced against the bed, her body almost completely limp, her eyes rolled into her skull, her tongue lolling out.

SKLLLRRRT! SKLLLRRRT! SKLLLRRRT! Her pussy began to quiver and erupt again, squeezing my cock, but providing too little resistance to hamper my ravaging fuck. I don’t think her cunt had stopped quivering and erupting at any point—this newest squirting was only an intensifying of her constant orgasm.

I pulled back, almost a foot of leg-thick phallus becoming exposed, dripping with shining layers of pre and feminine nectar. GLIIRSCH! I rammed forward, stretching her all at once, her breasts lifting away, her head bobbing, strings of drool falling from her lips.

We were both shining with sweat. I could feel beads rolling down my forehead and back. I could see how her ass gleamed. Droplets of perspiration flew into the air as I pounded her.

Yara came up beside me and put her hand on my shoulder. “Brod, turn her over.”

I did just that, grabbing her thighs and easily flipping her body over. I didn’t stop pounding. My monstrous erection was stretching her womb up, past her ribcage, up over her chest. A condom of her own pale flesh.

The audience gasped. Yara grinned. Nahid yelled, “Hooo we did it!” And even I had to pause for a moment just to stare. I could actually see the pulsing of my cock as it bobbed slightly under the flesh. Anita regained her wits just long enough to gasp at the sight before collapsing again.

I grunted and began to pound her cunt once more, the bulge retracting and pushing up. My heavy nuts swung, slamming into her massive ass, careening off. SMACK! They kept bouncing, spanking her until her ass was red, my cock pounding into her soft body, under her plush belly.

Then I felt my balls tightening. I felt the rumble. I heard the KLLLLORSCH of countless sperm mobilizing.

I felt the stretch in my cock’s throat. I felt cups of jizz moving along. And then my cock recoiled. GLOOOOOORCH! A massive rope of spunk exploded inside her. Her belly bulged out at the tip of my cock. It began to expand rapidly, bloating to the sides. SPLOOOOORCH! Liters of jizz blasted out of my fleshy cannon. I groaned and closed my eyes, not even thrusting. I was just enjoying the feeling of pumping jizz into a woman whose pussy could handle my entire cock. BLOOOORCH! BLOOOORCH! My cock bucked like a cannon, kicking against my body. My breath came raggedly, my chest heaving.

I felt the muscles under my taint contracting as they propelled all that sperm down my cock’s throat, so much jizz it was audible flowing. GLUUUUURCH! White droplets of sperm sprayed out, raining down on the crowd. I heard them crowding closer, and in my peripheral vision I could see many with their tongues out.

SKLOOORT! SKLOOOORT! “Aaugh. Yeah,” I grunted. Anita’s belly grew bigger and bigger, bulging like a time-lapse pregnancy video. It rose up, up, my cock’s form disappearing. It spilled to the sides. Her head lolled to the side, eyes still blank. I knew she was enjoying it, though, because I could feel her pussy rippling, and I could see the way her hands were working as I filled her belly with a deluge of spunk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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