Brothers’ Love Ch. 02

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Kara practically ran out of her graduation, eager to find her family amid the crush of bodies in the street. Relatives from near and far had come to celebrate her graduation, and there would be a huge party that night in her honor. Kara, however, was more interested in the after party. She and her brothers were getting in a taxi at midnight to head out on a week-long cruise, a gracious graduation present from her brothers and their friends, under the guise of welcoming her to their prestigious college. As far as most people were concerned, her older brothers were going along to keep her out of trouble. In reality, they were the only trouble she would be getting into for the next week.

A month ago her brothers had seduced her, taking her virginity and introducing her to the world of sexual pleasure. They’d had a few nights together before their parents came home from a vacation and the three had separated to their different rooms and waited for any time alone. Such time was scarce in the weeks leading up to Kara’s graduation, but they had the cruise to look forward to. Her parents had no idea what kind of cruise it was, and even Kara was missing some details, but her brothers had assured her that she would love it. And she trusted them implicitly.

Her thoughts were on the cruise as she scanned the massive crowd, looking for the twin ponytails of her older brothers. She found them in the center of a huge group of people, talking animatedly with relatives with their hands in the pockets of their tailored suit pants. Grinning from ear to ear, she pushed through the crowd and made her way toward them, trying to catch their eyes. Suddenly, a lithe form blocked her view of them.

“Lookin’ good in that gown, Kara. Your tits really fill it out nicely.” Ken sneered, looking down at her. Kara glared at her ex-boyfriend, wishing she could get away with punching him squarely in his pathetically small dick.

“Leave me alone, Ken. I left you alone after we broke up, just return the favor.” She tried to step around him, but he moved to stay in front of her.

“Yeah, that’s the thing. You were pretty upset when I dropped your ass, and then you just walk away. What’s up with that?”

All Kara could do was stare up at him. She wanted to boast about the orgasms her brothers had gifted her with, the confidence she had found in her own abilities to give pleasure, and the plans the three had made to make the most of their summer. But she couldn’t say a word of it without tearing their world apart, and she didn’t want to do that. Ken stared at her, obviously waiting for an answer.

“Don’t you have a family to burden?” Matt’s voice was angry and cold, and Ken jumped as it thundered around he and Kara. As the younger man turned to face Kara’s brother, Paul slipped around him to take her hand and pull Kara back to the knot of their family.

Once İkitelli Escort his sister was safe, Matt lost interest in Ken and walked away, his hand finding the small of his sister’s back as they finished making their way back to their family. She only had time to smile at her two protectors before she was swept into the crush of relatives, hugs and congratulations flying. She took special joy in hugging her brothers, pressing her body tightly against theirs in full view of others without anyone caring. It was a rare moment and she knew she would not get many in the future. Her brothers obviously took the same pleasure, and she felt both of them harden against her thigh as they hugged.

“Well, that ceremony has me starved. Let’s grab something to eat before we head back to the party.” Her father announced, throwing one arm around his wife’s waist and the other around his daughter’s shoulders.

The relatives chattered about who would take which car, and she was vaguely aware of being led to the family car and squished into the back between her brothers. Her focus narrowed to the warmth of their legs against hers, and she tuned out everything else as they stopped for food, drove home, and prepared for the party. Even as she was in her room dressing, she could think of little else but getting through her party and into the taxi that would take her and her lovers to a week of pure sexual pleasure.

A knock at her door finally startled her out of her tunnel vision, and she jumped up to answer it. Matt and Paul stood outside, grinning at her.

“Mom and Dad wanted us to come give you a pep talk about having a great summer and making the most of your last summer as a young adult, before joining the real world blah blah blah…” Matt said, stepping into the room. Paul followed and closed the door, locking it behind him. With a motion of his hand, Matt had Kara on her knees as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his already swollen cock.

She slid her lips over it, grateful that she hadn’t put on lipstick yet. His organ was heavy and flavorful in her mouth, and she held it on her tongue as she sucked greedily. Her right hand slid into the darkness of his slacks to fondle his balls, and she slid the head of his cock down her throat as she moaned. Holding him there, she worked the muscles of her throat to massage the head, backing off long enough to breathe. She was aware of Paul giving his portion of the pep talk, covering the sounds of Kara’s wet sucking and Matt’s heavy breathing. Without warning, Matt grabbed the back of Kara’s head and fucked deep into her mouth. She felt his cum squirting against the back of her throat, and she swallowed eagerly. Her only regret was that she hadn’t gotten a taste of it, his load shot too far back. Matt obviously read her expression, because he drew his cock out as İkitelli Escort Bayan the last load emptied into his little sister, spraying it across her tongue.

“I know how much you like to taste it.” He said, fucking her mouth slowly as she swallowed the last bit of his seed. Her throat burned a little, but she was too reluctant to lose the cock in her mouth and just put the sensation out of her mind. When Matt finally pulled out and tucked himself back into his pants, Kara almost tried to follow him. Paul grabbed her, pulling her towards him and laying down on top of her, his pants already off. He pushed her white sundress up and untied the halter top, folding it down to free her large breasts. Matt began his portion of the pep talk as Paul ripped her panties away, lining his cock up with her tight opening and thrusting inside without a word. He growled softly in her ear as she tried to put her arms around him, and she lowered them back to the floor. His hands closed over her wrists, pulling them over her head as his movements became harder. He was barely lifting out of her body, more rocking against her than thrusting, trying to minimize the sound of their fucking against the floor.

His breathing was heavy in her ear and he worked his hand in between them to put his finger over her clit, driving her wild the moment he made contact. She bucked up into him, an orgasm overtaking her faster than she could have imagined. Her body tightened around him even further, and Paul buried his face in her neck as he came with a feral growl. Kara’s mind was fuzzy as she recovered from the orgasm, and it took her a moment to realize her brother had never put on a condom.

“You said we needed to start using protection.” She murmured, pulling her arms free of his hands and putting them around his neck.

Paul kissed her neck, then her jawline, then her lips, slipping his tongue inside for moment before pulling back to look at her.

“Consider this a last hurrah before that starts. Besides… I like it.” He kissed her again, grinding into her and holding his cum deep in her body. She kissed him back, content to trust him and enjoy the sensations. He tweaked her nipples as they lay on her bedroom floor, Matt still giving his pep talk even as he knelt beside Kara to join his brother in playing with their sister’s sizable breasts.

They pinched and pulled, twisted and flicked the tiny buds until she was moaning in anticipation, then Paul pulled out and both brothers moved away from her. She whimpered as her brother’s seed spread down her thighs.

“The hornier you are tonight, the better. We’re going to start this week off right, Kara. So clean yourself up, get dressed, and remember that tonight is a night for celebration.” Paul said, pulling his pants on and tucking his shirt in.

“We intend to celebrate Escort İkitelli as much as we can.” Matt said, squatting down next to his sister as she sat up. “Now, listen to Paul and clean yourself up.”

Kara knew what they meant, and she rose up on to her knees, holding her dress up with one hand as the other dipped between her thighs to gather as much of Paul’s cum as she could. Looking from one brother to the other, she brought her hand to her lips and slid the sticky fingers into her mouth. With slow, deliberate motions she cleaned Paul’s fluids from fingers, her tongue darting between the digits to ensure she got all of it. Again and again, she thrust her fingers deep within her pussy to gather her brother’s cum and bring it to her lips. She could see the men hardening in their slacks as she ate the cum, and she couldn’t help but smile. The flavor permeated her mouth and she moaned slightly as she sucked.

Soon her fingers were coming back clean of cum, yielding little flavor. Hoping to seduce one or both of her brothers back into her eager body, she leaned back slightly and began to finger herself with the occasional venture up to her clit. She had only been going a few moments when Matt spoke up.

“That’s enough, Kara. Go wash off in the bathroom and get dressed.” He sounded angry, but she knew the edge in his voice was desire.

Though tempted to disobey, knowing it would force Matt to move close enough that she had a better chance of seducing him, the sound of someone coming up the stairs drove her into her private bathroom. Just as she closed the bathroom door, with a quick backward glance to ensure that no tell-tale signs of their actions had been left behind, there was a knock at her bedroom door. She heard one of her brothers open it and give some explanation to the relative outside, then three sets of footfalls thundered down the stairs. She pouted as she dressed, both because her brothers hadn’t succumb to her a second time and because they had left her so quickly after.

Objectively, Kara knew that she and her brothers could not act as normal lovers so long as people were around that could catch on. But objectivity did little to soothe the ache she felt alone in bed at night, or when her brothers went out to pick up some girl or other for a date. She had no claim to them, not really, other than the sexual pleasures they had promised her in return for her service to them, but some nights and, increasingly, some days, she longed for a more stable bond than the one they now shared. Their familial ties were strong, but she wanted still more. Despite all the cleverness and cunning she had worked so hard to develop of her life, and the social skills she was supposed to be such a master of, she could think of no way to encourage such a bond in her brothers. She had a plan, but it was littler more than vague ideas. Her real hopes were pinned on the two weeks they were going to be spending together on the ship. If she could think of nothing in that time, she had a feeling that she would never have her way.

And that, as anyone who knew her could attest, was something she just would not stand for.

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