Bubble Wrecker on Thursdays

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These 2 old guys owned a big Spanish architectural home. I cleaned their pool Thursdays. I once carried a yellow container of chlorine by a sliding glass door and saw them doubling up on a younger cross dresser. One of them had their cock on his tongue and the other was pounding his wobbly bubble ass with a red thong pulled off to the side not to obstruct the animalistic thrusting. I watched the fem’s ass jiggle as he moaned with his mouth cock-filled. Nobody noticed me.

I was a 24-year-old pool maintenance technician. I went home and shaved my entire body in a hot shower. I ran the mobile shower head and sprayed between my thighs. I imagined being molested by the two old men. My erection turned hard, but I left it alone. I only been fucked a handful of times and gave up on women that year.

The following Thursday I shaved my body like a peeled potato. I put on a thong and twerked my medium sized bubble ass in the mirror. The 2 old men usually stayed inside when I worked. But one in a purple bathrobe, as he smoked a joint in the corner of the fence. He said, “You do good work.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

I always worked the pool at 3:30PM, which seemed to be a busybody time for them. They never seemed to enjoy their yard then but there was evidence their yard was of frequent use. Everything was clean, and things always moved: pool towels, ashtrays, magazines pinned down with stones, binocular locations, and one time there was a tub of organic coconut oil.

I pulled up in my white pool truck about 4:30PM. I wore jeans and a white t-shirt. Underneath was a tiny black thong from Victoria’s Secret. I had no plan. But for the first time I heard splashing. My cock swelled up as I carried a 5-gallon chlorine container Anadolu yakası escort and a gallon of acid. The splashing stopped when their side gate squeaked. My 150-pound, brown eyed and haired, 6-foot, slim body came around. Both men naked in the shallow end paused and looked at me. I saw a half filled fifth of Vodka on the patio table with a pitcher of orange juice. I smelled the sweet California marijuana.

“Well hello there,” the Santa Clause looking one said.

“Hey guys,” I said.

“You are later than usual, we didn’t think you were going to show,” the Vincent Price looking one said.

“Sorry about that, I started late today,” I said.

“No worries, do you need for us to get out?” Santa said.

“The pool looks great,” I said. “Just going to test it quick.”

I could see the Vincent Price look alike with glassy eyes trying to move his mouth to form a sentence which came out. “You’re welcome to have a drink and come in, I mean if you are done with your pool schedule.”

“This is my last,” I said.

Vincent said, “My name is Chuck.”

“I am Chris,” Santa said. “And you are?”

“I am Kevin,” I said. “Thank you for the drink.”

“Cups over there,” Chris said. “Hey, can you hand me the remote.”

I handed Chris the remote and his cock was huge, semi hard, parallel to the pool surface like a great white shark. I made an effort to leer.

“Its 8 inches, they use to call me the Bubble Wrecker,” he said.

“Impressive,” I said. I grew dizzy and turned to fill my red cup with vodka and orange juice.

A blast of air came from a speaker bolted to the patio ceiling. A soft techno song blurred out. The beats thumped my body under my clothes Escort Maltepe like a new pulse. The first 3 sips burned with the orange’s acid and the vodka’s alcohol. I finished the cup in two minutes and poured another. The two men tossed a tennis ball to each other in the shallow end. Both of their cocks: semi hard just splashing the surface like dolphins.

“There is a joint on the table,” Chuck said.

My ritual of pot smoke and 3 drinks lasted about 25 minutes. It was four techno songs later, which all kept the same pounding beats. The men continued to play catch as I paced around in the shade and flipped through some upscale real estate magazines. I took off my shirt and slid down my jeans. With a red filled cup and my body draped in a thong, I descend naked as a Jay-Bird into the sunlight. The bleached patio burned my feet as the Atlantic Ocean Breeze whipped my thighs and hair strands.

“Damn,” Chuck said.

Chris fumbled with a small capsule on the pool deck, rocketed something from his fingernail up his 76-year-old nostril. “You want to see the Bubble Wrecker?” His cock grew more like 9 inches, hard as stone and cleared the pool surface.

I finished my drink, walked to in the shallowest part of the pool and bent over placing my elbows on the hot cement. The pool water surface shimmied several inches below my bare white ass. I closed my eyes and listened to him break through the water like Godzilla as he descended onto Tokyo.

“Chuck doesn’t fuck but sure enjoys getting sucked.”

“I am here,” I said.

Chris did not fondle my ass, nor spank my cheeks. I felt my thong being peeled off and pulled down to strangle my outer thighs until it broke apart. It felt like a soft forearm Kurtköy escort bayan sliding between the top part of my cheeks. He groaned. His breathing increased. His hard cock bounced my lower back and upper ass.

“The Bubble Wrecker is in effect, yo!” Chris said.

The water splashed the side tiles and spayed my neck and chin. The tips of my fingers were interrupted by a purple yoga mat. I lifted them and my palms landed on a cold soft cushion. Chuck’s smooth tan cock smacked my forehead. I opened wide. And he slid it in.

I felt the Bubble Wrecker violate and pinch the inner part of my ass. It jolted me. I grabbed the back of Chuck’s ass to ground myself. In doing that his cock slid further in my mouth. It was a pretty good slide. I held the base of it with my fingers and tasted the salt. He moaned when I kissed the mushroom of it. It was a lot of fun. I sucked it to the back of my throat and kissed the mushroom again. He moaned.

“You love daddy’s cock,” Chuck said.

I felt the Bubble Wrecker’s pressure. His meaty cock poured in me invading my entire ass. He kept it still. I lost track of Chuck’s cock as it spilled out. I sucked several spots of his nut sack and softly masturbated his wet dick back to the top of my tongue.

“Tight pussy right there, yo,” the Bubble Wrecker said.

Wrecker’s cock slid playfully stinging my insides like a proper dad’s spanking. He owned it all between my cheeks; rocking their flesh like washing machines. Chuck was watching my ass getting pounded. And his hot white load splattered across my brow. I put him back in mid gush and swallowed good.

“Clean my fucking pool after I fill this pussy good,” Wrecker said.

I would have laughed but his U-Boat size cock flooded my ass with lava and we both screamed the ducks back into the clouds.

The pool water washed the sticky coat off me as I dressed and poured the chemicals in.

“See you guys next Thursday?” I said.



The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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