Bukket Ch. 04

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They had said that they would come at 10 p.m. I was going to sign the contract. At 9 p.m. I closed the café and the store for customers but kept the lights on. I sat there trying to read a magazine. A car stopped in front of my house a couple of minutes after 10. This time there were three persons. There was Rob. Then there was the man in grey suit. He was still wearing the same grey suit. And the third person was a woman. She was dressed casually.

We sat in the café. The man in grey suit took out some papers from his briefcase. He gave one to me. I read through the legal gibberish. He helped me at times. All the time he kept writing on a pad. Finally when I was through, he tore the page from the pad and pushed it in front of me.

“This is the same thing in plain English,” he said. “It was important that you read the original contract. Now you can have a look at this. This sums up the whole thing in points. I must say that I had to use your full name. But this is a legal document. It has to be this way.”

I nodded and looked at the paper. I found the following text:

This is a contract between Mrs. Evelyn Dalehood and the F&F Corp. By signing the contract Mrs. Evelyn Dalehood declares and agrees to the fact,

– that she is going to take part in an adult show arranged by the F&F Corp. and that the theme of the show is bukkake where multiple male participants will ejaculate on her face and body

– that she understands that during the show she might need to undress completely

– that she would participate in this show in a location selected by the F&F Corp.

– that she would remain in that location for minimum thirty six hours

– that she would not be allowed to leave the location during the show

– that she would be expected to follow each and every instruction given to her without objection during the show

– that there would be a preparatory phase of three weeks starting from the day she signs this contract

– that she would follow any and evey instruction given to her during these three weeks.

By signing this contract F&F Corp. declares,

– that they will accept Evelyn Dalehood as the female lead participant in their next event

– that no physical injury will be done to her

– that the events organized by F&F Corp. will not leave any mark or sign on her body and face after the completion of thirty six hours

halkalı escort that she will be suitably compensated for her service

I gave out a long breath. “Compensated?” I asked.

“You can leave that to us,” said the man in grey suit. “We will let you know when the time comes. Please rest assured that it will be suitable to you.”

Suitable? I didn’t even think about money. It never occurred to me that I could earn money this way. This was a new direction to things and I was too occupied with other things to think about it now. So I asked another question,

“Preparatory phase?”

Now the woman answered, “Yes. It starts from today. If you sign it today, that is. We will ask you to carry out some regular menial tasks. No hassles. The only thing is, you can’t say no. That is, again, if you sign the contract.”

“Now, Evelyn, there is one last thing I have to say. This is the last point in the contract. You might not have understood the legal terms. So I would tell you in plain English. It says that once you sign this contract, you will have no right to cancel or even alter this contract. Your participation in this event can be ruled out only in the event of your demise or severe medical condition. But again in that case the F&F Corp. remains the sole agency to have the authority to decide if you are fit to participate or not.

“You must have also noticed the conditions during the preparatory phase and during the show. You will have to follow our instructions. Not following them will not be an option for you.

“Which means, that once you sign the contract, you are fully committed. You cannot walk away from this anymore. And also by signing this contract you will give up your freewill and will become a property of the F&F Corp. This remains till the show ends.”

The shock must have been visible on my face. He gave me a reassuring smile and said, “Please do not forget the fact that by signing the same contract the F&F Corp. promises to see to it that no physical damage of any kind is done to you.”

“Please give me a few minutes,” was all I said. I got up, opened the door and stepped into the street. The cool breeze was refreshing. I tried to measure up the situation.

If I sign it, they own me. If I sign it, I cannot say no anymore. If I sign it, I will be subjected to bukkake.

I was a jumble of mixed emotions. I never expected başakşehir escort to see a contract like this. Even I could understand that this was no regular porn show.

My God! What are they planning to do with me?

I was scared. I knew I was afraid.

At the same time I felt something stirring in me. A tingling of anticipation. The very thought that I would be completely powerless to resist sent ripples through my spine.

I walked in, sat down, took the pen and signed the contract.

Now I could not change my mind anymore. I have become a property.

The man in grey suit placed the papers back in the briefcase. He and Rob got up. He said, “We will wait in the car, while Tiffany needs to discuss some things with you.”

Both men left the house. The woman called Tiffany turned towards me and placed a bag on the table. She took out a few bottles out of it.

“Lotions, shower gels and shampoos,” she said. “You will use them regularly from now on.”

“I have my own…” I tried to protest.

“This is what you will use from now on.” There was a finality in her voice. Then she took out a paper. “Your diet chart. You will follow this from tomorrow.”

“Diet chart?” now I was really surprised. “What you want me to get skinny in three weeks?”

“Not skinny,” she said. “Look at it first. There is nothing to make you thinner. It’s the exact opposite. You are a curvy woman, Evelyn, and we want to keep it that way. This is to ensure that you remain exactly the way you are now. Most of the guys will find you mouth-watering,” she said matter-of-factly.

I blushed. “Anything else?” I asked to change the topic.

“Yes. I need your measurements.” She had already taken out a tape. “We will need to get some dresses ready for you.”

She measured me meticulously. At times it was embarrassing. I had never been measured like this before. But then she was an absolute professional and knew exactly what she was doing. Finally she shook my hand and left.

The three weeks were misery. Premonition and anticipation burned me simultaneously. I tried to watch the bukkake films twice. And still I could not watch it for more than ten minutes. It was like a red hot iron which I just could not hold on to.

How the hell was I going to survive a bukkake in real life?

And this was the thought that had taken away my kadıköy escort bayan sleep. Now I knew I was going to be a recipient in a bukkake and there was no escape from it. I will just have to go through it.

I was using the shampoo and the lotions regularly. I found them to be better than any brand I had tried earlier. After ten days my skin was glowing. Same had happened to my hair. I am a brunette and I never color my hair. I like the raven black look. When I was young, I used to have short hair. But then Alec liked long hair and I had simply let it grow and kept it long even after he left. In the last two years it had actually reached my waist. It was not easy to maintain and I had almost decided to cut it short.

But then I had gone to the video store. And everything had changed.

And now I was not allowed to do anything with it without their permission.

Finally the day came. I was informed that I would be picked up at the middle of the night; 2 a.m. to be precise. I was surprised but I didn’t say anything.

I was ready by 1. My heart had long since given up its normal beating. It was in full throttle now. I practically walked round and round in circles for the last one hour. I had dressed myself in casual as they had asked me to. I was wearing denim trousers and a sweater. At two I could not wait anymore and came out onto the street. I heard a car approaching. With trembling fingers I locked my house and to my great surprise an ambulance stopped in front of me.

A man stepped down from the front cabin and came towards me.

“Hello!” he shook my hand. “Get on to the back, if you please.”

Without saying a word I went round to the back of the ambulance. The door opened and I found a woman in a nurse’s uniform. I climbed in. The ambulance started.

“Hi!” she said, “Please lie down.”

“Why?” I couldn’t help asking.

“You are not supposed to know where you are going. I am going to put you in sleep.”

I did not make any effort to lie down. I said instead, “Why don’t you just keep the curtains drawn? I won’t be able to see anything that way.”

She smiled. “But still you would have some idea. I would give you a dose so that you would sleep for ten hours straight and wake up only after you have reached. Then you will never know if you are ten minutes away from home or ten hours.”

I could not think of a suitable reply. I conceded and lied down. I felt the needle pricking my skin. And then darkness enveloped me.

I woke up in a room which looked much like a hotel room. Only there were no windows. There was a clock on the bedside table. It said 3 p.m.

I had slept for 11 hours.

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