Business and Pleasure Ch. 03

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Arousing Awakening

On one of the biggest business trips of my life I had fallen asleep in my hotel room masturbating after having fooled around a little with Dani, the assistant to my Vice President. My sweats around my ankle and buzzed from a good bottle of wine, I slipped in and out of a haze dreaming of Dani.

I moaned the name again of this twenty-something, Rubenesque beauty. I could picture her beautiful smile from her round face, green eyes peeking out underneath those blonde bangs and the strong curves of her large body – full-chested and broad, sexual hips.

In my dreams I could smell her intoxicating perfume, I could feel her body press against me and feel her lips as they kissed me… wait, lips??? And, tongue??? I suddenly realized something was not as it seemed.

I attempted to rouse myself from a fitful sleep, prying my hung-over eyes open and realizing – this kiss, this body pressed against me and this hand moving my hand up and down on my cock were NOT a dream. No, Dani was right here in bed with me!!

“Dani! What are you doing?”

“Making you feel good, it appears,” she giggled as she nuzzled my neck. Her lips planted light kisses on the small of my neck.

“You’ve got to stop,” I exclaimed as I tried to get a hand in position to push her away, but one hand was trapped underneath her body and the other she held tightly around my ever-stiffening manhood.

She leaned back to look directly into my eyes – “Why? We fooled around last night?” She said it with a small pout and never stopping the movement of her hand guiding my hand up and down on my shaft.

“We both know this is a bad idea – it could cost us both our jobs and careers,” I said, trying to keep my mind straight through the lure of her cologne and her work on my private parts.

“Oh is that all,” she said with a slight purr, leaning in again to kiss my neck and slide her tongue over my skin up to my earlobe, “No one ever has to know,” she said in a breathy voice directly into my ear as her tongue slid inside, causing electricity to shoot straight down my spine into my crazed cock-head.

“Dani – Dani, please I can’t think straight like this…”

“Don’t, Ron, Don’t think,” she hissed into my ear, “I decided I wanted to make love to you and I poked my head into the room to find you jerking off and moaning my name. Sounded like an invitation to me.”

With that she nibbled on my neck behind my ear, causing me to moan a bit…

“But, what will Jayne think?” That caused Dani to huff and pull back from me.

“Fuck, is that all you can think about right now?” Dani’s face changed to a serious expression that told me she was finished playing games. She looked me in the eye. “Ron, I am here, in front of you, throwing myself at you and all you can think about is your job?” She nuzzled in again, pressing against me and causing her hot breath to tickle my shoulder. “Let’s worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Tonight, let’s just fuck.”

She started back to work on my neck and slid her fingers under my balls tickling them. “Tonight, I am here, it’s still dark outside and I promise no one will ever know we were together.” Her kisses now got serious on my neck, working her way to my ear again.

“You are so kind and so handsome; I just want to make you feel so good, Ron.” Her hand slid around my cock and started to work its magic again as her teeth caught my earlobe and her tongue swirled around me ear. I felt my resistance quickly withering away under the onslaught of sensations.

“I will do anything to make you feel good, and I mean ANYTHING, sweetie,” she said, nibbling on my neck again. She then leaned near my ear and whispered, “and I’m very, very good.” She notated that last statement with and evil giggle and a flick of my ear and all hope of keeping a clear mind was nearly lost.

In one last effort to avoid a potential company scandal, I managed to wriggle free and pull her shoulders back so I could look into her eyes. We stared at each for a few moments. “Dani, I can’t resist you anymore, we need to stop. I need your help.”

Her ‘help’ was to lift up and slowly draw her silver silk robe, slightly. I could not stop my eyes from trailing down to see the top of her lace bra. The robe slid open and I now stared liberally down where I had only stolen glances before. Dani noticed my eyes and reached for the lapels of her robe, pulling them open against the rope at her waist which held them in place. A white lace bra was gloriously presented to me with a shoulder thrust back to make her huge globes jut out all the more.

“Touch me, baby, don’t resist me,” she whispered, reaching with a hand to pull my hand to her breast, “I want you to touch me, Ron.”

I reached out, trembling a bit, all resistance washing away. she noticed my hesitance and pulled my hands to her chest. “It’s OK,” she purred, I want you to touch me, I like that you look at me. I’ve noticed it for antalya escort a long time.”

This last statement made me blush as my hand felt the firmness of these large glands. She smiled at me, again. “It’s ok, baby, I’ve always liked it and dressed to try and catch your eye.”

With that, the professional bond was broken and I studied the lace-covered breasts in my hand. They were larger than any I had ever felt before, much larger than my wife’s. And the forbidden nature of knowing these were attached to my employee sent a thrill through my body.

My gaze returned to Dani’s face, her hair now pulled back in a ponytail. I found myself not so much caring about the breast I held but more for the beautiful woman lying next to me. My hand slid from her breast over her shoulder, pulling her to me. Our lips met in what was first a soft, romantic kiss, then gaining in vigor as our lips met with more ferocity. Dani’s hand lightly manipulated me between my legs as my hand slid down to the small of her back, I wanted to hold this beautiful girl in my arms and kiss her passionately. She had offered herself to me and I intended to make this a special night for both of us. Thoughts of my wife, my job and any other consequences drained like the blood rushing now even more to my manhood.

I hugged her and moaned, “Oh God, I want you, Dani.”

“You have me,” she said into my ear and we pulled each other even more tightly together.

I lingered in that moment, loving the feel of her against me and smelling her, hearing her breathe. She leaned in to whisper to me – “Ron, do you want me to suck your cock, sweetie?”

I’m not sure my answer of “Oh God, Yes” was even necessary for Dani had released herself from my hug and was sliding down the bed towards my raging hard-on. Her lips kissed the purple head gently, sending electric waves up my spine. I arched my hips as this young assistant started to make out with my cock – giving it soft kisses up and down the shaft, tonguing the underside of the cock head and getting it slippery wet from top to bottom.

“mmmmm – your cock is beautiful, Ron,” she moaned looking back at me, “I love it.” I reached back and put my hands under my head — feeling my cock at full attention sticking out from my body. I closed my eyes to focus totally on the sensations between my legs as Dani took the head in her mouth for the first time.

She hummed lightly as she began to slide her head down slowly, causing very nice vibrations. I heard her lips smack as she slid back up and let me pop out of her mouth. She sucked in a strong of saliva and slid back down, lower this time. As she came back up and moved her head back down, we were now into the cock-sucking session. I opened my eyes as she began to quicken her pace. God, how I love watching a woman’s head bounce as they sucked cock. It’s such a feeling of power to be serviced this way, and I couldn’t help feeling powerful to have this young assistant taking care of me this way with no requests for anything in return. I know it sounds somewhat Neanderthal, but for the moment, at least, I had a mistress and I loved it!

I gazed down at her as her work continued in my crotch. My eyes trailed down from her blond hair to the silver silk robe she was wearing. She was lying on her right side with her back facing me. Her face was in my crotch with her right arm propping her up by my legs. The robe had slipped away from her left shoulder giving me a teasing glance at her bare shoulder and tan colored bra strap. The robe sloped down to her waist and then back up around the curve of her hip and ass. She had her legs tucked back towards me with her left ankle just over her right one. I could see a rose tattoo on the inside of her right ankle. God, she was so sexy to me.

Even if she hadn’t been sucking my cock right now I would still be aroused beyond belief. I reached up and tugged at the collar of her robe. “Take this off,” I asked and she complied, momentarily leaving my cock to adjust for the removal. I help my breath as the robe slid down her back and then fell onto the bed completely. My eyes drank her in. From head to toe she was absolutely the woman of my dreams. I had always hated those size zero curve-less models and now I was with a woman who was buxom and comfortable in her own skin.

She was also clearly comfortable in her sexuality as well, which was also extremely sexy. “You like?” she asked over her left shoulder.

“I like so much, Dani.” I reached and trailed my hand lightly down her shoulder.

“Ummm, I’m glad you like me,” she said so lightly I could barely hear. She reached back and loosened the rubber band in her hair and her blonde locks fell free. My heart skipped a beat at her beauty until my thoughts were interrupted by her mouth once again servicing my cock.

She moaned and hummed and began quickly bouncing her head up and down my tool. She had adjusted herself now to be able to use both hands serik escort on me, as well. Lying across my legs, her lower hand – the right one – able to slide up and down my shaft while the left hand teased my balls and inner thighs with her nails. I could feel the excitement brewing in me and I knew she would bring me to a climax soon.

But even with my brain in a weakened, aroused state, I couldn’t take my eyes off that big, muscular back. I reached to stroke her soft skin, and slid my hand down to her hip. I pulled her towards me, causing her to adjust her body back towards me, giving me a brief peek in between her thighs. I could see a hint of wetness on her panties and could smell her sex in the air. I reached for her again and slid my hand down her thigh, then back up the inside. She squealed lightly into her cock-filled mouth as I lightly grazed her private parts from behind.

I reached for her again and she moved her right leg forward, causing her to rest slightly more on her ass with her lower body and opening a door for me to reach between her legs. I did just that, sliding my hand over her hip and touching the hot, moist center of her sexy crotch. She moaned loudly as I touched her for the second time tonight.

I began to work my hand back and forth across the silk, massaging her vaginal lips eliciting a slightly more vocal moan, with a needful manner onto my cock. Her head started up vigorously and her hand worked me up and down in a frenzy. I slid my hand down again and was able to slip a finger inside the leg band of her sexy panty and found the wetness of her pussy. She gave a low roar to let me know her approval along with a muffled “mm hmmm” to let me know I had found the spot.

“Oh God, Dani, you are so sexy, you are going to make me cum.”

That caused her to pull off my cock as if to catch her breath for the final assault. Her hand kept working as she moaned “Yes, Ron, cum for me, baby. Cum in my mouth.” With that she was back down.

Her head moved side to side each time her lips worked their way back up. My cock was soaked from top to bottom and the pleasure too much, I could hold out no more and I moaned myself as my cock covered her tongue with semen. I emptied myself into her mouth as she suctioned my

cock, not letting go.

I sighed as my orgasm subsided and lay back on the bed. She moved her body so she could face me with a huge smile.

“God you’re beautiful,” I said again, looking into her eyes. She leaned forward and kissed me, filling my mouth with the remains of my cum from hers.

“You are beautiful, too,” she whispered as she kissed my neck.

I gently pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply while pulling her into my body so we tightly came together. I wanted this woman – not just to fuck, but now to show my appreciation in a long, tender session of love-making.

I rolled her on her back and searched her eyes. Without speaking we told each other that our connection right now was spiritually deep and we wanted more, I took each of her ankles in my hands as I spread her thighs wide apart, openly displaying her waiting vagina and the thin wisp of blonde hair that made a trail down to it.

I turned my head to the right and kissed the inside of her left ankle. Her eyes closed in lust as she waited for my kisses to trail down her leg. I watched her lock her hands together over her head with her right hand holding her left wrist above her blonde hair. My lips found their way to her to her calf. Her head turned to left and her lips parted slightly as I reached her thigh.

The scent of her sex was powerful from my vantage point now and I could see the flower of her vagina at full, moist attention, awaiting my arrival. I released Dani’s ankles and slid in between her thighs. I heard her make the most delicious sighs as I kissed her most private areas.

I kissed the folds of vagina and slid my tongue to open them up. I tasted her tangy juices and was pleased to be rewarded with a moan. I hungrily began to lap at the ever increasing flow coming from her.

“Oh Ron,” she whined in a high pitched squeal.

Her hands grasped my hair and air escaped her in a gasp. Sensing I was hitting paydirt I dug deeper with my tongue, moving my face in circles as her cum covered my cheeks.

“YES!” She exclaimed loudly as her thighs locked around my head. Dani’s legs were powerful as was her grip, she pulled my face into her as her thighs locking me in place. Her hips began to gyrate back and forth as she gave short noises of pleasure.

“Yes… Yes… Yes…” she said in ever increasing intensity.

“YES RON!” And with that cheer my face was vice-gripped by her hands and thighs as her hips bucked against me. Her orgasm coated my face in a layer of her juices. I felt her thighs shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm continued to roll through her.

Just when I thought I might not ever escape for a side escort breath, her orgasms subsided and she finally released me to freedom.

“Oh baby,” she said with a sexy smile as I peered over her pubic bone into her eyes – “Come here big boy.”

Dani’s beckoning finger drew me up on top of her and she kissed me deeply, tasting her own juices from my lips and tongue…

“mmmmm,” she purred into my mouth as she reached between her legs and aimed my cock at her glistening pussy. “Make love to me, Ron,” she whispered as I slid inside of her for the first time.

My cock easily entered her moist tunnel and I slid fully into her. I had to admit, it had never felt quite this good. Her pussy was tight and held me with a firm grip. I kissed her again as I moved my hips away and then slid back to meet her again.

I looked her in the eye – “Oh God you feel amazing,” I whispered just before our lips met again. This wasn’t just a ‘fuck’ now, this was me wanting to share a deep moment with another human being – for something spiritual to pass between us. I wanted Dani to remember this moment forever.

“Oh Ron, yes, you are amazing,” she said – obviously knowing flattery to a man in bed was always a good way to encourage performance.

I reached for her hands above her head and took them into mine, we stared at each other as I moved myself in and out of her. Neither of us said a word, we just enjoyed the feeling of being connected as one.

That moment was broken by Dani’s eyes closing and another moan from her beautiful lips.

“Go faster, baby,” she moaned, “you feel so good.”

I picked up the pace and began to assault her pussy with more vigor. I slid my legs outside hers, squeezing her thighs together to give my cock an incredible massage in and out of her pussy and between her thighs.

“Oh, Baby…,” Dani purred with a smile, obviously loving the feel of being tightly wrapped around my manhood. “Oh yes, Baby,” Dani moaned again as her hands reached for my ass and began to pull me inward each time my ass pulled back. She wanted me deep inside her and I could feel my explosion growing.

“Oh, Ron, I dreamed you’d be like this,” she whispered again, making me wonder how long she might have been planning this.

Feeling my temperature rise, I struggled to ask her a question – “Dani, are y-ou on-on the p-p-pill?”

“Haha,” she let a laugh go forth that acknowledged she understood what was going on, “Yes Ron, I’m not ready for any babies… you can cum in me, baby.”

“Oh God, yes,” I howled, “I’m so close.” She hugged me tightly and slid her legs back out to open herself wide and pull me in tight.

“Yes, baby, cum in me, cum for me, baby.”

I pushed myself deep inside of her, holding my breath then letting it out in a long burst as my cock let loose inside of her. I could feel the cum drain from my balls into my young assistant. I imagined that it must be the largest load I had ever deposited into a woman and I was grateful for her choice to have contraceptives in place.

“Dani, that was amazing,” I smiled at her with a deep admiration.

“I enjoyed it, too, baby,” she said as I collapsed on her in a heap and then settled beside her with my head resting on her chest. Both of us wet with perspiration.

I started to speak again but she ran her hands through my hair and “shushed” me, prodding me to take a short nap as I soon would have to get up and get ready for a very important day. Soon I was asleep beside her, sexually satisfied for the first time in years.

As I slept, I didn’t see Dani watching me sleep as she continued to gently work her fingers through my hair. She soon extricated herself from under me and searched the balcony in the emerging sunrise to find my cigarettes. She came back inside and lit a smoke in my non-smoking room, sending out a long stream of grey smoke from her lungs.

She slid back beside me in bed, enjoying the elation of a post-fuck cigarette.

Just then my iPhone beeped next to her on the nightstand alerting anyone in ear shot that a text had come in. Dani looked at me to see if the noise had awakened me and seeing that it hadn’t she reached for my phone, from which I had long removed the password so my administrative assistants could work my phone for me whenever necessary.

Dani felt a bit of my cum trickle out of her as she pulled the phone up and settled back into bed. She saw the text was from my wife.

“How was your travel? Did you make it ok? How was your first day?” My wife and I had struggled but she still tried to be a good, concerned wife.

Dani eyed me one more time for safety and then responded to the text.

“Travel was great,” she typed, “My staff is doing an amazing job taking care of me.” She hit send and smiled to herself as she sat the phone back on the nightstand.

I awakened a bit as she slid back in beside me in the bed and pulled my head onto her chest. I reached around her to hug her tightly and dozed again. Dani felt one last trickle between her legs and dozed herself, knowing today it was her legs that I had been between and my wife was hundreds of miles away. That made Dani dream of what she and I could do together next.

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