Business Connection Pt. 01

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My name is James, I’m a straight married guy, about 5-11, 190, shaved head, average amount of chest and body hair, all with an auburn brown tint, and I work for a manufacturing company that owns eight production facilities clustered around Chicago and two far-flung plants, in California and Massachusetts. I’ve managed the Massachusetts plant for two years and have taken on the mentorship of the new California plant manager, Steve, also married, who’s probably barely 5-10, about the same build – we’re both pushing ‘dad bod’ territory.

We’re about the same age, mid forties, he has two teenaged kids, and I have three in their twenties, so although we haven’t met formally, we hit it off pretty quickly during our Zoom training conferences, which I schedule with him every two weeks.

But as September approached, we were both looking forward to meeting up at our biannual three day trip to the Headquarters for strategic planning meetings with all the plant managers. The company is rather conservative, both fiscally and philosophically, so the experience is a ‘no frills’ bore-fest arranged by the three corporate vice presidents in the conference room of the largest plant. The company even requires the other plant managers to commute from home to the sessions every day, which generates a considerable amount of jealousy towards the Massachusetts and California plant managers, Steve and me, who are given the use of a nearby Airbnb for our stay.

I had figured out last year that the condo was owned by one of our corporate vice presidents, who was probably gouging the company to rent it. The only extravagance was the dinner provided at the end of the first day of meetings, but no alcohol was allowed for any company funded outings, and for the rest of the evenings, we were on our own.

It was my fourth trip, so I had given Steve the full lowdown on what to expect. We were fortunate to have arrival times at the airport within an hour of each other, so we arranged to meet at the car rental desk, where our shared company-arranged vehicle awaited. We tossed our luggage in the trunk and I took the wheel for our long ride to the Airbnb. Our conversation was easy and light; we joked about kids and both agreed that our wives would probably not miss us, with their own interests to occupy them while we were gone. We even commiserated on the rarity of ‘alone’ time with our wives, between parental demands and the effects of pre-menopause on our wives’ sex drives. It was a great opportunity to further cement our friendship.

The apartment was newly painted since my last visit, but was definitely showing its age. Furniture was dated, bathroom doors had to be leaned into to fully close and the air conditioning was noisy, but the shower had been upgraded to a full body spray, which made sense considering the VP who owned the place was a very large overweight guy. Only with this type of shower would all of him get washed!

After we inhaled the pizza we had delivered, Steve claimed the shower first and I hit the building’s fitness room down the hall for a treadmill session. When I returned, Steve was in his bedroom, door closed, so I jumped in the shower. My first experience with the warm shower washing all over me was stimulating in ways I never imagined.

I’m a ‘grower’ not a ‘shower’ and the jet spray hit me just the right way, causing my cock to spring to its full seven inches as I soaped up and leisurely massaged it for just a bit. Wanting to save my energy for a bedtime stroke session, I finished showering and stepped out, throwing a towel around my dangling, precum-dripping cock.

The bathroom had two doors, each one opening into one of the two bedrooms. I headed towards my room when I heard an incoming call vibration and turned to see Steve’s cell phone on the vanity, and a notification on it that his assistant plant manager was calling. I grabbed the phone, approached Steve’s bedroom door, and, as I knocked, the latch released from the striker, allowing the door to swing open. Now, the rooms are set up with the bed’s headboard along the wall next to the bathroom door, so my line of sight was diagonally across the bed from headboard to footboard, and what I glimpsed was a startled Sakarya Escort and shirtless Steve pulling the bedspread over his hard cock as he turned onto his side towards me so as to not pitch a considerable tent under the covers. But my attention was diverted to his laptop on the side of the bed nearest me.

Steve had apparently been watching porn, and I clearly saw an incredibly sexy dark haired woman straddling a very athletic looking guy with a shaved head. She was bracing herself as she bounced on his cock, which was fully engulfed in her hairy, wet pussy. And in that brief amount of time before Steve was able to reach over to shut his laptop, I saw the camera pan up toward the guy’s face, to where he was sucking on another guy’s hard cock!

I suddenly remembered why I knocked and stammered out to Steve that his phone was going off in the bathroom. A very red-faced Steve managed to stutter out an apology – not sure if it was for leaving his phone in the bathroom or for how I walked in on his jack-off session- and reached across the bed to take the phone. I retreated to the bathroom, pulling his door shut, trying to process everything I saw.

As I overheard Steve talking to his manager about some equipment failure issue, I was racing through options on addressing what just happened. If I said nothing and just went to my bedroom, Steve would be left embarrassed, maybe feeling a little ashamed, and definitely concerned about our friendship. I couldn’t let that happen, so, as I could hear his phone call end, I knocked softly and he invited me in.

I could tell that he was in emotional agony when he started talking as soon as I walked in.

“James, I am so embarrassed. What I was doing was unprofessional, inappropriate…”

I interrupted, “Whoa, Steve, no, you’re fine. Hey, these doors don’t stay shut, and, well, if your phone hadn’t gone off, honestly…I was heading to bed to do the same thing you were, except I only have my tiny phone for porn!”

Steve took a second to get it, before a look of relief appeared on his face. “I guess we have a lot in common,” he laughed.

With the tension of the moment alleviated, I approached and sat on the side of the bed, offering my hand, asking, “We’re all good then?”

“We’re good!” Steve responded, his hand grasping mine firmly.

I then mustered the courage to ask, “So, the video you were watching…is it still on your laptop?”

“Uhhhh, yeah, it should be.”

“Can I watch it from the beginning? I liked what little I saw.”

I could tell he was a little uncertain about my request. Did I want to take his laptop to my room? But I didn’t expect his response, “Sure, I was going to cast it to the TV anyway, before you came in. Let me set that up!”

Steve opened his laptop, and the browser opened on a pretty popular porn site and one I like to sample. He apparently subscribed to the site and I watched as he logged in quickly, clicked on a link, fooled with settings and the TV remote for a minute, and brought onto the 52″ wall mounted tv the actors I had seen earlier.

It was early evening now, and the only light in the room was cast off from the TV. I was in a dark room, naked except for a thin bath towel barely clinging around my waist, lounging on the bed with a man whom I was certain was himself still naked under the bed covers, watching a video of two men and a woman erotically undressing one another. And there was nowhere I would have chosen to be at that moment.

As I watched the actors navigate a flimsy plot that placed them in a series of sexual encounters, my cock was growing to a hard throbbing erection, seemingly pushing its way out from under the towel. When the two men I had seen in action earlier in the movie started to slide each other’s briefs off, I felt my face flush and my balls tingle. I glanced at Steve and saw him shifting under the covers, apparently an effort to generate a little pleasurable friction between his cock and the sheets.

The only sounds in the room were the moans and sighs coming from the video, where the shaved headed actor had knelt down to suck the other’s cock, until Steve whispered, “Uh James, have you ever Adapazarı Escort done anything like that,” as he nodded his head at the TV, “or even this?” I knew what he meant by “this,” a stroke session with another guy in the room. Before I could answer, he went on, “…in high school, I had a friend who came out as gay to me…and sucked me off, but I didn’t, you know…I didn’t suck him… didn’t want send the wrong signal or mess with his feelings…”

“Oh, wow,” I said, “That sounds hot. But I get what you mean. I don’t know if I would have had your restraint!” I then got brave, letting my towel fall to the side as I slid my hand up and wrapped my fingers around my shaft, and confessed, “I never did anything with a guy, but in my more flexible youth, I sucked myself off a few times!”

That admission brought forth a low, sensuous moan from Steve, as he also slid his covers down to expose himself fully. My breath caught, my mouth got dry, and my pulse raced as I saw his shorter, but thicker cock, cut like mine, with a delicious looking head dripping precum. His hand cupped his big balls, and I mean really big, causing his cock to sway, the precum dripping on his soft, curly light brown pubes. I caught myself thinking of how his thick cock would feel in my mouth, how it would feel for his pubes to tickle my nose.

It seemed as if he knew my eyes were on his cock, as he slowly stroked and squeezed his meat. And I hoped his eyes were on my cock as I held it around the head, using my thumb to rub my precum all around my helmet. My suspicion was confirmed when he drew a long breath and whispered, “Man, you’re dripping wet!”

I answered, “Mmmmmm, I am…” and squeezed some juice onto my thumb, then raising it to my tongue, licking it, savoring my salty taste.

Steve and I were taking small steps toward something that would only happen if one of us took a big step. And at that moment, he took that leap!

He turned his body and skootched down the bed in one motion, until he was eye level with my cock. His right hand slid up the inside of my thigh, gently grazing my hairy leg. Then, looking up at me, he brought that hand over my balls and gently grasped the base of my cock. My heart was now beating so fast, and I could feel sweat break on my brow.

Waves of pleasure then overcame me as he began to stroke my cock, as only a man can. As more precum oozed from the tip, he leaned over and flicked his tongue out to catch it. My moans must have bolstered his courage as he then pulled my cock to his warm, soft lips and began mouth fucking me like I’ve never felt before. My hand slid over his T-shirt covered back, half to caress him and half to make sure he didn’t stop pleasuring me.

“Mmmmm Steve that feels sooooo goooood,” I sighed.

He stroked up my shaft, now slick with his saliva, and glided down with his lips, over and over, as my hips rose and fell in rhythm with him. His head rested on me as his tongue traced the ridge of my cock head.

“Man you taste sooooooo great,” he whispered between sucks. Then he our eyes met, he smiled, and said “But you already know that!”

Steve then rose up, and I helped him pull off his T-shirt. He moved between my legs and began sucking my balls as he ran his thumb over and around my head. I felt him cup my balls, then slip a finger under them as he plunged his mouth down and began sucking faster. His finger began playing with my tight butt hole. I so wanted to feel him push it in, that I stopped rising to meet his mouth and instead tried to open my butt to him. Despite my efforts, he just kept massaging my hole…which felt just fine! I felt his tongue and lips working the sweet spot just below the ridge on my head over and over, then felt his tight lips glide dooooown my shaft…then uuuuup…again and again.

“Steve, I’m getting close!” I moaned, as my hand settled on the back of his neck, gently guiding him to keep up his cocksucking.

Steve responded with loud moans as he gently stroked and twisted his hand up and down my shaft, his tongue slurping and lashing my head. Waves of pleasure washed over me as suddenly I exploded, cum surging into Steve’s mouth, over and over.

Steve’s Serdivan Escort sucking slowed, as he drew the last drools of cum from my cock, then rested his head on me and swallowed. I stared at the ceiling, and gasped, “I have never felt anything like that!”

He turned and laid back on the bed, his body next to mine, as his breathing slowed, and he whispered, “That was better than I ever fantasized, James!”

Turning on my side, I reached over, caressing his inner thigh, and told him, “Mmmmmm, let’s see how much better!” I kneeled between his legs, slid my hands up, over the tops of his thighs, over his stomach, gliding through his chest hair, to his hard nipples. As my arms stretched, I lowered my head and buried my face in his crotch with his hard cock just barely brushing my cheek, and I inhaled his scent. I smelled his aroma, a mix of soapy clean from his earlier shower and a manly musky scent, a little like mine, but still different, and full of the heady essence of …SEX…

Intoxicated by the scent, I began kissing Steve’s skin, his soft pubes, down…to his soft, impressive balls…licking one…down…then up…down…nuzzling it with my nose…as my fingers played with his nipples…eliciting sighs, moans from my sexy friend. He tasted delicious as I licked under his balls…then up, between them…up his shaft, sooooo slowwwwly, the tip of my tongue zig zagging over his thick hard cock, until I finally reached the head. I flattened my tongue, using it to caress just below his cum hole, as I looked up to see his response. Steve’s head was back, eyes closed, mouth opened, the look of pure pleasure on his face.

He gently started caressing my arms, giving me goosebumps. My tongue danced around his cockhead, finally finding what I sought – his salty thick precum…mmmmmmmmm…sooooooo tasty…I teased his cock with a few more flicks of my tongue until I finally decided it was time to do what we both desired at that moment…

I opened my mouth and surrounded his cockhead, tasting him…suckling just the head…then slowly drawing more in. My right hand slid down Steve’s chest, my fingers playing with his soft curlies, then wrapping around the base of his beautiful man meat…and slowly stroking up…to meet my mouth. I twisted his cock just a bit, in the opposite direction of how my lips circled his throbbing head…my tongue swirling around the ridge…as he moaned…his free hand clenching at the sheet by his side. I sucked…and stroked…faster…over…and over…then slowed…my hand stroking up to the head as I let it pop from my lips. I squeezed more precum to the tip…and french kissed it… savoring it…then dropping my mouth over Steve’s fat cock…suckling it… entertaining the thought, mmmmm I wonder how it would taste fresh from his wife’s wet pussy…then realizing, tonight it’s alllllll mine…as I took as much of it as I could deep in my mouth…then stroking up, following my lips back up…then down…over and over…

I became aware of Steve’s hand on my head, a gentle suggestion not to stop. His hips began rising to meet my mouth on each stroke…his moans getting louder…deeper…until he let out a raspy whisper, “I’m cummmmmminnnnngggg”

My hand cradled his balls, as I took him deep again…and felt his cock spasm, and explode…filling my mouth with hot, thick cum…I struggled to take it all in, not wanting any to escape my mouth…tasting his salty sour seed…as he shot more…and more…his cum oozed from the corners of my mouth…I struggled to swallow…then suck…and swallow…until finally he stopped, his cock twitching once more…as I suckled his head…and let it escape my lips.

I licked up and down his shaft, capturing every drop of his elixir, before my eyes met his, and I saw his satisfied smile spread across his face.

“James…oh James,” was all he could manage, as I collapsed at his side, my hand resting on his chest. “James, that was unbelievable!”

“It was, my friend, yes it was,” I whispered, unconsciously licking my lips, and tasting his cum again.

“Did you like it?” He asked, making me wonder if he meant the taste of his cum…or the whole experience.

“Yeah, I loved it…All of it,” I answered.

“Me too, my friend,” he said, grinning, and closing his eyes.

We were both wiped out, emotionally drained, physically spent. Simultaneously, we grabbed the sheets, pulled them over us, and closed our eyes, drifting off together.

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