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Note: I realize that sex with a step mom is not incest, but the other part of the category is taboo, and I would suggest that step sex is pretty taboo.

Matt Davis was not looking forward to spending the summer before his senior year in college at his dad’s house. On the plus side, his dad lived in a big house on 10 acres of land, with a swimming pool, sauna, fitness room and game room. And he got along fine with his dad, Tom, who was seldom around anyway. But the house came with Susan.

Susan was Tom’s third wife, and while there wasn’t open hostility, Matt had never gotten on very well with her in the five years she had been his step mom. Matt’s mom had been wife

, and Matt had naturally not been thrilled when his dad remarried less than a year after their divorce. Matt had always felt like Susan was indifferent toward him. It wasn’t that she was mean or ugly to him, she just didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with him at all. Since he felt the same way towards her, they had a reserved, cordial, but cold relationship when they were around each other. Luckily they were almost never around each other.

But that was going to change this summer. Matt’s mom had sold her home and moved into a one bedroom condo, and his dad had encouraged him to come to his house for the summer. Tom was a successful, workaholic international banker. He had a motto, business is business, and business is everything. He led a cut throat, high stress work life, so much so that his doctor had frequently warned him to take better care of his heart. Which he always promised he’d get around to. He was unlikely to be home much, so it was going to be just Matt and Susan all summer.

All things considered, Matt could hardly complain. The house was big enough to avoid Susan. He was looking forward to a care free summer, hanging out by the pool, working out in the home gym, and having fun. For most of his life, Matt had been a bit of a wallflower, just another face in the crowd. Even at college, he had been known as a study nerd, spending more time in libraries than bars. But over the past year, he had suddenly come into his own, he had gotten three inches taller, his long-time face acne had cleared up, and hours spent in the gym had really paid off. He had gone from being unnoticed to being a bit of a hunk. The only hitch was that he had not mentally caught up to his looks. He was still really shy, really uncertain, and really inexperienced at dating. He had set a goal this summer to meet, date, and have fun with as many girls as possible.

Susan Davis didn’t really dislike Matt, she was just nervous about how Matt felt about her. She had started seeing Matt’s dad Tom before they split, though she wasn’t sure if Matt even knew that. But she had always felt like Matt had valid reasons to not like her. So her strategy was to be quietly cordial with Matt, and if he made efforts to have more of a relationship she would be willing.

When Tom informed her that Matt would be staying there all summer, it honestly filled her with a sense of dread. It had been easy to have a quiet, cordial relationship when he was rarely there, but it was inevitable they were going to be around each other a lot. And Tom spent a lot of time away on business, because business is business, so it would just be the two of them.

In fact, Tom wasn’t there when Matt arrived for the first time, so it was up to Susan to welcome him to the house with what turned out to be the world’s most awkward handshake. She had practiced her welcome spiel but she failed pretty miserably.

“Welcome to our home Matt, or I mean welcome home,” she said. “I ah, have a room, um, your room, set up for you. Did you get taller?”

Matt smiled at her nervousness. “Thanks Susan, I appreciate you being here to welcome me.” As he walked up the stairs behind Susan, he couldn’t help but acknowledge that while his dad might not be great at long term relationships, he did have good taste. Susan had a toned, athletic body that had all the right curves. She was 15 years younger than Matt’s dad, but only 15 years older than Matt. She was not so old that she didn’t notice that Matt had gotten taller, more muscular, and better looking since the last time she had seen him. Not that she was attracted to him or anything, just that she noticed.

Matt would be staying in an upstairs bedroom, and since the master was downstairs, that meant that Matt pretty much had free run of the second floor. He got himself settled in and had a restful night sleep in his new digs.

For the first few weeks, the going was a little rough. Susan wasn’t used to sharing the house, Tom wasn’t even there half the time, and she was unsure what was expected of her. Her interactions with Matt were pretty ice cold. From time to time she would ask if he had dinner plans, but he would always just mumble something about being busy, then he would either go out or eat mac and cheese or pizza, and typically would leave a mess in the kitchen. If they had any conversation at all, it was brief artemisbet yeni giriş and passing.

Their relationship took a sudden change after Matt came home late one night from partying with friends. He was pretty wasted and was sitting out back by the pool smoking a joint when Susan walked up beside him, surprising him.

“Oh, hey, ah Susan, I was just ah hanging out here by the pool,” he stammered, hopelessly looking for somewhere to hide the joint.

“I see that,” she smiled, and to his surprise, she reached over and took the joint out of his hand. Further shocking him, she took a long slow drag on the joint before passing it back to him.

Matt sat there dumbfounded for a few moments, before he finally cracked a smile. “I guess if I’m busted you’re busted too huh?” he said.

“I suppose so,” she answered, sitting down in a chair beside him.

They sat there and smoked the joint together, and then they started to talk. Susan had not smoked weed in a while, and it went straight to her head along with the wine she had had earlier. So they were both toasted and they talked about anything and everything. They talked about Tom, mostly about him working too much, and how if he didn’t ease up some he was going to drop dead of a heart attack. They talked about college, and how things had changed since Susan went. Matt talked about his plan to do some extensive dating over the summer holidays, which seemed to interest Susan quite a bit. Before they knew it they were laughing and making inside jokes together, including coming up with names for each other. Matt decided that he would start calling her Suemom because step mom didn’t seem right, and she decided she would call him Mattyboy, which he wasn’t crazy about but she thought was hysterical. Before they even realized what was happening, several hours had passed, they had become friends, and the Cold War was over.

Over the next several days, Mattboy and Suemom settled into a fairly comfortable and somewhat playful routine of sharing the house. Matt got better about cleaning up after himself, and Sue got used to having someone else in the house. Tom eventually made an appearance, and having him around helped to make things easier. They actually had a sit down dinner together, the three of them, and it was overall very pleasant. Susan had begun to be more talkative, especially after a glass of wine, and Matt had to admit that he could see other reasons why his dad had picked her for wife
. She was sharp and funny. After a little more than a week, Matt and Susan had developed a chummy kind of connection, not really a mother son type relationship, but maybe more like a wiser, older aunt. Matt had become so comfortable, in fact that he let it slip on his way out the door one night that he was heading out on a hot date.

“Oh really,” Susan chided, looking him up and down. “Are you going dressed like that?”

Matt blushed and looked down at himself, and noted that he was dressed in his usual t-shirt, wrinkly shorts and flip flops. Not willing to admit his shortcomings, he mumbled something about it being a casual party and left for the date.

Which didn’t go well. He felt pretty under confident when he knocked on the door, but when his date gave his casual look a look of casual disdain, he fell behind the 8 ball and never did catch up. By the time he dropped his date off a few hours later, there was little chance of a second date, much less a goodnight kiss.

On his way home Matt became fixated on the idea that Susan had thrown him off his game with the comment about his clothes, and that it was her fault that the date had gone south. He had reached a boiling point by the time he got home, but he never got to vent it, because Susan had already gone to bed.

The next morning he walked downstairs and into the kitchen, and Susan was there having coffee. His dad had left for the office at his usual 6 am.

“So how did the date go?” Susan asked.

He glared at her for a second, and then he suddenly reached a eureka moment that suggested she was probably right. “Not great, I think you might have been right about me being underdressed.”

Susan nodded. “If you don’t mind, I have some suggestions,” she said. “Your dad has some clothes that would probably fit you, and I think they might work better for next time.”

Matt groaned. “I doubt there will be a next time with that one, but I’m willing to try something new.”

Susan popped up and practically dragged him into her bedroom, where she had already set some clothes out. Matt was a little hesitant at first, but eventually he picked out an outfit and went into the master bathroom to change. Looking at himself in the mirror, he had to admit that a crisp collared shirt, a nice pair of khaki shorts, and a decent pair of shoes had transformed him into a new man.

When he came back out, Susan dog whistled and clapped.

“Ok, ok, I have to admit, this does look a lot better,” he said.

“Sometimes it is just having the confidence artemisbet giriş that you look good,” she said. “And trust me, you look good.”

Matt tried on several of the different clothes that Susan had picked out, and he had to admit they all looked good. Susan was very complimentary, and he kind of enjoyed the attention she was giving him, checking him out every time he changed clothes. There were a few times when he changed his shirt without leaving the room, and he couldn’t help but sense that she was ogling him. It was weird in a way, what with her being his step mom, and being older, but it was still intriguing to imagine that she might think he was attractive in a way.

Susan did think he was attractive, in a lot of ways. She couldn’t believe this was the same scrawny, pimple faced kid she had seen a year ago. He had grown up in all the best ways. Young, lean and muscular, and attracting her eyeballs in unexpected ways. She had to remind herself a few times that she was married to his dad. Of course his dad was seldom around, either working from 6 am – 7 pm, taking multiple night business trips, or entertaining clients at dinner or on the golf course.

Later that day Matt was out by the pool, catching some rays, when Susan came out to join him, dressed in a thin, full length cover up. As she came over to sit down in the chair beside him she shrugged the cover up off to reveal her stunning figure in a red bikini.

Somehow Matt’s brain shut partially off, in that his mouth loudly proclaimed the word “Wow” without thinking of the implications of it.

Susan smiled and blushed and tried to make light of it by a nod and a wave. Meanwhile Matt’s brain went into damage control mode. “I mean, like wow, that’s a great bathing suit there,” he stammered.

“Thanks, your dad bought me this one and a few others about a month ago, I’m just getting around to wearing them,” she said. “He still hasn’t seen any of them.”

They sat soaking up the rays, occasionally chatting about different things, before Matt mentioned that he was going to be going out on another date that night.

“Hopefully it will go better than the last one,” she smirked. “Where do you get all these dates?”

“Everybody does the dating app thing these days,” Matt said, showing her his phone. “This is the girl I’m going out with tonight.”

Susan looked at the picture and nodded her approval. “Looks nice,” she said.

He showed her how to scroll through different pictures and select potential dates, and she flipped through looking at all the girls on the app. He explained that generally the first date was just to meet for a coffee or a beer. Dating had changed a lot, she thought.

Matt jumped in the pool and Susan was still looking at the app, and she was checking out Matt’s profile. She noticed, with a bit of a shock, that Matt had set the upper age limit for his potential matches at 40 years old, which was 3 years older than Susan was. He was actually seeking women that were older than she was! She watched him swimming around in the pool, young and energetic, and she couldn’t help but feel a little tinge of excitement that a hot young stud like him would be interested in someone her age.

Later that night, Matt came bustling down the stairs dressed in one of the new dating outfits Susan had helped create, leading her to give him a highly complimentary look.

“Looking mighty date worthy there Mattyboy,” she said. “I think this girl might be quite impressed.”

As Matt smiled confidently and walked towards the door, Susan reached out and stopped him.

“One more thing,” she said. “Breath check.”

“What? Matt replied.”

“Give me a breath check, I can’t have you going out on a date with bad breath,” she said.

“Ah, ok, thanks,” he said. He leaned in close and blew softly into Susan’s face.

“Ok, I think you’re pretty good,” she said, blushing slightly from being so close to him.

“Thanks” he grinned, partly from her blush and partly from his own.

The “breath check” became a part of the routine when Matt went out on dates, which was about three or four times a week. He actually looked forward to the opportunity to lean in and breathe softly on her, there was definitely some sexual tension there, at least in his mind. She kinda liked it as well, and would sometimes even send him back to brush his teeth again just so she could enjoy his warm breath on her face again. Sometimes she actually thought about what she would wear for breath check–something not slutty or revealing, but just somewhat alluring. And just the right amount of perfume. Getting his mouth lined up with her nose meant that they would get into a position where their lips were very close. Over time, they got closer and stayed close longer for the pre-date breath check, it almost became a game to see how close they could come without touching. Until one day they got so close that they actually did end up bumping lips together.

They both said “oops” at almost the same time, put artemisbet güvenilirmi their hands to their mouth and then they both got giggly for a few moments.

“I guess that might be the best way to make sure I pass the breath check,” grinned Matt.

“Yeah, except that I didn’t actually have a chance to breath in,” laughed Susan. “I guess I need to check again.”

Matt stepped back in close and started to move his face closer and then they both started laughing again and fell back away from each other.

“Ok, ok, I got it this time,” Matt said, taking in a deep breath. He stepped back close and they leaned in together, and this time, Susan’s lips lightly brushed up against Matt’s as he breathed out on her, an undeniable soft kiss.

It was a soft kiss, but it was undeniably electric, and they both blushed a little before they had another nervous giggle and Susan proclaimed that his breath had indeed passed the breath check. But after Matt walked out the door, he felt like his heart was leaping out of his chest, and back in the house Susan had to sit down to quell the butterflies in her stomach. It was a colossal, misguided, dangerous mistake, and all she could think about was doing it again.

Matt was also thinking it was a big mistake, as he reviewed it in his head for the 100th time, while his date was rambling on about something he had not been listening to since she started. He was nodding periodically to her, but in his mind, he was thinking about what it would feel like to have his lips on Susan’s for a much more extended period. How they would lean together slowly, meet lips softly, and then melt into each other, arms wrapped around each other and lips and tongues going crazy on each other. It was about this time that he realized that his date had asked him a question, that he had no idea what she was even talking about, and that this would probably be another one date experience. Oddly he was more interested in creating the circumstances for the next breath check.

Which he managed to arrange just two nights later. He was giddy and excited getting ready for the date, not for the date, but for Susan giving him the pre-date check. Usually she caught him in the kitchen on his way out the door, but this time he couldn’t find her right away, and when he eventually found her in her bedroom, she acted more distant and reserved.

“Hey, I need a pre-date check,” Matt said. “How does I look?”

Susan smiled and nodded. “Look great, I think you’re ready,” she said.

“So how about a breath check?” He asked timidly.

Susan seemed reluctant but nodded assent, and Matt moved closer. On the one hand, he sensed that Susan seemed pretty reserved, less willing, and might not want to revisit the full kiss breath check. But on the other hand, he had been thinking about this moment for two days. He was practically shaking with anticipation. He decided to just do it, and leaned in and gave a short, soft kiss, followed by a breathy follow through that sort of made it seem like he was really doing it for the breath check.

Susan smiled weakly and gave him a thumbs up, and he grinned back at her and set off on his date. After he left she let out a long slow breath. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do the full breath check kiss, she had thought about it a lot as well. She was just worried about where this was all going.

Matt was worried about it too, but his hormones were not paying any attention. He immediately planned another date a few days later, and this time, the breath check kiss was more relaxed, more expected. They both subconsciously arrived at the justification that the kiss was just for the breath check, nothing else. But as it became more routine, and more relaxed, the kiss also started to last a little longer. It was like every time, the length of the kiss was extended by 1/10th of a second. And there were a few times when Matt failed the breath check, on purpose, and had to go back for a second review. Matt found himself obsessing all day about the pre-date check, reliving previous moments and thinking about how long he should try to make the next breath check last. Meanwhile, Susan went from moral wrestling matches about what was happening to more planning on what to wear and how much perfume to use.

They were also getting along famously in general. What had been a Cold War had turned into a friendly camaraderie. They played billiards in the game room (Susan won) tennis together (Susan won) had swimming races (Susan won) and played chess (Susan won). They spent a lot of time sunbathing together out by the pool, and that was one competition that Matt won. Matt tanned much more easily, and he enjoyed teasing Susan by holding his arm up to hers to show the contrast.

They also talked quite a bit while pool lounging, and the most frequent topic was Matt asking for dating tips, since he could never seem to get past the first or second date with girls. Susan coached him on how to talk to girls, how important it was to ask them questions and not talk about himself, or be nervous and not talk enough. One warm summer afternoon they were sitting by the pool drinking beers and Susan pretended to be a date for real life practice. After a lot of laughter, trial and error, he eventually started getting better at date communication.

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